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  1. A proposal presented to the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States of America to murder their own citizens to gin up a war is "...simply a contingency planning study by a staff group with no operational connections to anything. " "Other than that, Mrs. Kennedy, how did you enjoy your visit to Texas?"
  2. Far be it from a JFK neophyte like myself to question any details of the assassination as stated by Mr. Kelly, but I would take issue with his criticism of the British model of county sheriff systems. Despite possible corruption -- which is rampant in any law enforcement agency, regardless of the system -- it remains the best method for law enforcement. Elected sheriffs who depend on voter goodwill for their continued employment, are a lot less likely to abuse or even murder citizens than non-elected, non-accountable municipal police forces, which came into being only because sheriffs were reluctant to bust heads during labor strife in the 19th century. The first municipal police departments were funded privately and composed of thugs who shoot first and ask questions later. Not unlike today.
  3. Joe, I appreciate your perspective on this. I think it's an important one with which I agree and can sympathize. I have a 28-year-old son who is permanently disabled with bipolar disorder (I suffer the chronic pain, but it's in the foot). Anyway, I think you make great points to which people who have not had to deal with these issues have no clue . My son's condition kicked in high gear around age 21, so I spent the first 48 years of my life blind to them as well. Thanks for posting. I hope your condition improves.
  4. I was watching cable news this morning, something I gave up about a decade ago because of the inanity, but find myself recently drifting back toward (for some odd reason). Anyway, as it relates to Kremlingate, heard many Deep State "experts" on TV and Twitter citing the "trail of Russian bodies" connected to this case as proof positive that something nefarious was/is afoot. Interesting.
  5. In "Family of Secrets" Russ Baker details how Bradlee and Woodward were both ONI. "What's the old saying, once ONI, always ONI..." I find it difficult to believe anything either of them ever said. I kind of believe Watergate was another coup by the intelligence community, just too soon after JFK to get so messy about it again.
  6. A hundred years ago, men could have their women institutionalized for nagging.
  7. Nor do I. I believe I have seen it done in the past. Can't imagine it not being on this site, or perhaps ROKC.
  8. A woman has been identified on the steps, wearing dark clothing, standing in front of the Prayerman figure, which makes his body appear to be wider than it is. Her head comes up right under His arms. Her leg can be seen on the steps below Prayerman.
  9. Been in the newspaper business for 30 years. If I sent Ike Altegens out to shoot the president and he came back with eight frames, I would have fired him on the spot. Once the film is loaded into the camera, it is gone. No reason not to shoot everything.
  10. This could still happen. I'm not hopeful, but it's about the only hope I have remaining for this administration.
  11. I believe the president-elect is briefing intelligence officials about what the Russians did or did not do as we speak. Maybe we will see the evidence soon.
  12. Any damage done to the party was done by the Clintons. They and their DLC mob are the ones who sold out the American working class to Wall Street for short-term, personal political gain. And their people still lead the party.
  13. Thanks for posting. Was experiencing the same issues.
  14. Andrew Prutsok is a journalist with 30 years of experience in the newspaper industry and is currently publisher of the daily Norwalk Reflector in Norwalk, OH. His interest in the JFK assassination goes back decades