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  1. If it were a well organized coup, then I'd say the CIA(high elements of anyways) would have to be in on the planning. As well as many high ranking military officials. Thing went off with what, 3 total deaths "officially"? Attempting to overthrow a government is a serious task. Actually overthrowing the United States of America's government would take an all hands on deck approach. Nothing happened after. No mass protests, no riots with hundreds or thousands of deaths. Tip your hat, they succeeded. But tip your hat knowing it was not the work of a talented few. It took excellent teamwork
  2. So, if Harvey flew to Dallas after the assassination, because he was called in, that call would have been made within a couple hours of the shooting. Anything past 4:00 pm Dallas time is the 23rd in Rome. I'd assume any assistant would be using their current time(Rome) when reviewing schedules. Why call the Rome station chief into Dallas?
  3. Did it say what time he departed? Early morning? Post assassination?
  4. Bumped. Bumped because I now sense a theme on these boards that has been fairly constant for the past decade. Finger pointing and hostility are much more important to some people than actually coming up with the truth. I lurk on here and read a lot in hopes of furthering my understanding of past events. I have found that the past few months, what happened in this thread happens to almost all the threads. People with some serious agendas resort to childish tactics in an attempt to get people to believe their version of true history. Sincerely, Jeff. A guy who wants to read things without having to rifle through all the bickering. P.S.- This is probably the hardest thread to read on these boards.
  5. I have been trying desperately, albeit on a small scale, to get people my age and younger to understand what happened on that November day. Youth today does not understand, or even care, about the gravity of Kennedy's assassination. It was a power play the likes of which have not been seen in our borders before or since. They showed us all, each and every one of us, what they can do if we try to stop them. I remember Prouty said something in regards to the masterminds wanting Johnson to see exactly what happened to Kennedy as a sign to him of what could happen to him. Well, it worked for all of Americans, for we all got to witness it. If we think about possible solutions, what could they be? Nobody has had to pay the piper yet for the crimes that have happened, and continue to happen.
  6. I will be getting this as soon as it is possible.
  7. So, after the Secret Service bungled their main objective(keeping the president alive) and disregarded their own policies and regulations...I.E. not travelling adequate speed for a convertible, letting windows be open along the route, coming to a near stop after drawing fire...they decided to kick it into hyper-drive once Jackie decided she couldn't be separated from the body? I guess the SS agents present knew they had screwed up pretty big, like Custer big, but I find this to be odd. Didn't they also immediately start wiping down the limo of all the blood and brain matter at Parkland? Their actions come off as illogical, and that usually indicates something funky afoot. I agree Mrs. Kennedy was most likely in a state of extreme shock, but convincing her that it would be illegal to remove the body of her husband for the sake of a better chance at finding out who, what, and why quickly, should not have been impossible to the point where they drew their sidearms in some dramatic fashion. The first hours after a crime like that are crucial. Why would any agent of our government, especially law enforcement allow the victim's body to travel half way across the country during the opening hours of investigation? No matter who that person was, that shoots giant red flags all over the sky in my eyes.
  8. Yeah the more I read, the more I became skeptical of the veracity of the text. Still though, very interesting and eye opening, even if only half of what is written in there is true.
  9. "...a) met Howard Hunt and Jean Claude Perez (Chief of ORO) in Madrid; went to the Caribbean with Laszlo Varga, Lajos Marton, and Buscia; c) went to New Orleans and met with Carlos Bringuier; d) went to Dallas and met with General Edwin Walker; e) went to Lake Pointchartrain and helped' train anti-Casto Cubans. It is known, in any event, that during this period he had many contacts with anit-Castro Cubans. It is also known that he visited Spain in July, 1963."- on page 14. Well, that seems a bit concerning...
  10. Well, I'd then be inclined to believe that she was not being completely honest in her letter. The first thing I thought while reading this was, if the IRS had to produce his tax returns, then the FBI would be up a certain creek without proper paddling equipment, and would then have to at least acknowledge LHO's status with them in some capacity. She sounds like a lot of people in the public eye...say you want one thing, but do things that bring about the opposite.
  11. Did anyone from the ARRB tell her that if she had signed off on the tax records release, it could have forced the FBI to release the documents she was requesting? Seems like that may have been the play the ARRB was trying to make.
  12. Thank you, Steve. I know this is off topic of the thread, but this is a person that got a good look at, talked to, and even, if my memory serves correct, looked at cars in a parking lot with, someone that should ignite a lot of interest. His testimony is in the WC. Why was there no follow up? Where were the others later on...Garrison, HSCA, and investigators/researchers/journalists that believed that there was most assuredly a conspiracy? I could be mistaken, and there is some follow up, but I have never read it. "He had on a sports shirt and sports pants. But he had dirty fingernails, it looked like, and hands that looked like auto mechanic's hands. And, afterwards, it didn't ring true for the Secret Service. At the time we were so pressed for time and we were searching. And he had produced correct identification and we just overlooked the thing. I should have checked the man closer, but at the time, I didn't snap to it." Someone that gets a good look at another man's hands probably got a good look at his face, skin tone, noticeable scars, accents, eyes, shoulder width, and a hundred things that I am probably missing. It surprises me that the three tramps got so much attention in the 60's, but a police officer that spoke to a man that was posing as a Secret Service agent in close proximity to a spot that a lot of individuals thought shots were fired from, wasn't questioned more. Again, I could be way off here, for I am but a novice.
  13. Does anyone know if Joe Marshall Smith was ever questioned at length after the Warren Commission? Shown pictures of possible people that could have had phony SS credentials?
  14. No, I did not. I then never thought of it again until yesterday. It does have me thinking though... So a guy walks into a theater without paying soon after the President of the United States gets shot, and right after a fellow officer had been gunned down, and that was why Dallas police showed up in full force to the theater? Wow. Don't break laws in Dallas. --I know what probable cause is. I was confused by the statement that the concept of probable cause wasn't around. I was reading plenty of cases where convictions were overturned based on lack of probable cause in the 40's. I get confused easily though. My bad.
  15. I don't want to sound like an idiot, but the concept of what? I was just wondering. I read your statement and then fell into a rather boring rabbit hole of reading court decisions regarding violations of the fourth amendment. Now my eyes hurt, I feel illiterate after reading lawyer speak, and I am more befuddled than when I started. -A long time ago, when I was in high school, I asked that same question about LHO ever being formally arrested. And if so, for what?