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  1. As well, he had worked under William Harvey in the 50's. Harvey, in my eyes, has blood stains on his hands. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, Shackley was station chief, and Harvey sent three commando teams into Cuba, fully convinced that the US was going to invade. During the Operation Mongoose days, when the US government was diddling with the mob, Shackley was JMWAVE's station chief. After that failed, Shackley went to Laos and helped ruin that civilization for the foreseeable future. He also recruited David Sanchez Morales in that venture. All in all, there is a good chance that Mr. Shackley had a lot to do with some very bad deeds.
  2. He was the station chief at JM/WAVE, I believe. All of the CIA's red flags, in regards to possible assassination guilt seem to come from the Miami station...ie David Morales, David Atlee Phillips, and that ilk.
  3. No way is Garrison a better communicator than our current chief. Trump slays Twitter.
  4. Well, I know from the notes of BIllings that they were looking for the guy with a scar over they eye. I'd figure that he is talking about the same person here. Although, I could definitely be mistaken. I will add this: Garrison had a way with reporters. I like the guy.
  5. 14:40...Morales?
  6. Reference to tonight? If they don't win tonight, they won't win 6 or 7 either. Believeland is everywhere 😏
  7. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=60422#relPageId=47&tab=page Was Loran Hall proven to be full of lies or something? His testimony in the HSCA is full of nuggets of interesting stuff.
  8. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=60422#relPageId=15&tab=page Loran Hall saying he was threatened by Bradley via the lady Hall used to verify that he(Hall) was in California on 11-22-63
  9. Mr. Caddy, I thank you for all the interesting articles that you link on this site.
  10. Hello Tom, Sorry, I got jumpy. Wrong people. Found his brother though, and sister, as of 9 years ago.
  11. Alvin James Odom is the director William Odom gm They own Apex Golf Properties.
  12. Bill Odom is the general manager at Pharaohs Golf Club in Corpus Christi currently. As a golf pro, this might be one time I could be useful. That is, if he could provide any insight. Not the right family...I think.
  13. If it were a well organized coup, then I'd say the CIA(high elements of anyways) would have to be in on the planning. As well as many high ranking military officials. Thing went off with what, 3 total deaths "officially"? Attempting to overthrow a government is a serious task. Actually overthrowing the United States of America's government would take an all hands on deck approach. Nothing happened after. No mass protests, no riots with hundreds or thousands of deaths. Tip your hat, they succeeded. But tip your hat knowing it was not the work of a talented few. It took excellent teamwork
  14. So, if Harvey flew to Dallas after the assassination, because he was called in, that call would have been made within a couple hours of the shooting. Anything past 4:00 pm Dallas time is the 23rd in Rome. I'd assume any assistant would be using their current time(Rome) when reviewing schedules. Why call the Rome station chief into Dallas?
  15. Did it say what time he departed? Early morning? Post assassination?