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  1. Hi there Eddy, At the moment, I am of the mind that some folks were playing dirty tricks on James Jesus Angleton. These people, I theorize, were trying to keep JJA off guard, off balance and chasing his tail in order to keep him from detecting the real plot. I am thinking that one leg of the plot came through a stove-piped channel, from the Eastern Establishment, down through the pipes in order to avoid the CIA Chain of command, but still use CIA assets and resources, through guys like Hunt and Liddy, and with DAP taking an active part when things needed some TLC. I believe LHO had to have gone to MC at some point, and evidence was generated for that at some point, in case it was needed. As it comes to us, the MC venture can be said to be false, even if LHO happened to be in MC somewhere in that timeframe. I don't believe that Sylvia Duran met the DPD LHO. The purpose of the manufactured evidence was, along with the DAP/LHO/AV Dallas meeeting, done in order to keep the Anti-Castro Cubans convinced that a plot was underway that would lead to the invasion of Cuba. The evidence of MC was buried, not to avoid WW3 as is often said; but to double-cross the Cubans. That is kind of where I am at at this point Eddy, Cheers, Michael
  2. I found this: http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/russ/m_j_russ/hscadurn.htm (Duran) here: http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/russ/wit.htm#s (all/many testimonies of witnessses)
  3. I had suggested this, months back, in another thread. If an exclusive subforum could get back a number of collegiate and esteemed researchers, segregated from rabble such as myself, it would be a great thing. IMO.
  4. Tim Grats Threads revolving around Tim Gratz brought out some of the best researchers and debates, back in the day. I'll post some of the best of those here. Of course, if Mr. Gratz is not comfortable with the angle taken herein, I would be glad to break it up. Sorry for the bump but it was pointed-out to me that just reserving a bunch of posts that I can fill-out, in the future, is unfair. So this gets bumped when I add "top-ten" lists as I go.
  5. I'll plead guilty to debating the debtor, at times, instead of the data, or facts. Among others, I see Larry Hancock as master of sticking to the facts in a debate. I will pay more attention to his debates. Cheers, Michael
  6. Thanks for this Douglas!
  7. Cuban Connections
  8. Intelligence agencies threads Photo archive of Intelligence assets and agents http://spartacus-educational.com/CIAagents.htm From this thread
  9. Wikipedia, like Paul Trejo, serve a great purpose. You get a story knowing that you have to break it down, discard the parts that don't work, and rebuild it with new parts. Studying ancient history is far easier on Wikipedia because the sources are so few in number that you quickly become farmiliar with them, you quickly get an idea of their reliability, and you can easily verify the attribution easily (because they are known, and so few). Regarding the JFK Assassination, the WCR serves a similar purpose as Wikipedia and Trejo. Regarding real-time contemporary news, it's very difficult.
  10. The above link is broken. This one should get you there http://spartacus-educational.com/CIAagents.htm
  11. Dead, missing witnesses threads