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    A Question For James Gordon

    Bart, All I see on this forum from you is a couple of years barking and kicking people around. I really don't know what the history is, but, is this forum so awefully offensive, to you, that you can only see fit to come here and act Edited by Admin and this member dealt with
  2. Michael Clark

    One Question re: Two Oswalds

    Mark, in the last 10:00 minutes of this video, during a Q&A, one can see that the consensus for two Oswald's is expanding, going back to his time in Russia.
  3. What does a good FOIA request, that will likely get you what you are looking-for, look like? Likewise, what does a bad or ineffective FOIA request look like?
  4. Michael Clark

    James McCord Jr.

    I though James McCord Jr. should have an entry in the JFK section; if only a link to the Watergate forum thread...
  5. Michael Clark

    James McCord Jr.

    To be sure Paul, I am not entertaining the idea that McCord killed Hoover. Honestly, I have a hard time imagining anyone doing such a thing unless they say they did it and described how it went down; it's just a failing of my imagination. For example, in basic terms, I find James Files believable; I only discount his culpability based on the opinions of more Savvy researchers and commentators who seem to have a knack for idendifying prevaricators. I can imaginine Hoover being killed as an operation that doesn't include faces or names. Further, the chicken and the egg could go either way here, with the Watergate op being spurned into action by the death of Hoover. By my comment above I am only noting the possible relationship between the two.
  6. Michael Clark

    James McCord Jr.

    McCord subject of investigation out of Manhattan field office in March of 1963. Posted for the purpose of locating McCord through this period. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=15376#relPageId=2&tab=page
  7. Michael Clark

    James McCord Jr.

    In relation to the above, we can see from the following 1959 travel order that location 15-20 was part of those 1959 orders https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/104-10124-10043.pdf I posted those travel orders in a thread requesting information on known CIA travel location codes, which I will link here in hopes that someone may have more information on those codes.
  8. Michael Clark

    James McCord Jr.

    I certainly took note that Hoover Died on May 2, 1972, and the purported first Watergate break-in happened later that month.
  9. Michael Clark

    Why wasn’t “Oswald” followed in Mexico?

    LILYRIC- One of three photo surveillance sites under the LIEMPTY umbrella project, the only one of the three that photographed license plates of all vehicles entering the compound. LILYRIC was a 3rd story apartment across the street from the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City, south of the LIMITED installation. The other two photo sites were LIMITED and LICALLA.
  10. Michael Clark

    James McCord Jr.

    Regarding the document, above, which claims that McCord was assigned to Frankfurt from June, 1962, to June 1964. The document linked below comments on McCords assignment for the same time period, but the location (15-20) is redacted. Yet, in the next note, comments are made about his performance in "Frankfurt,". So, the question is, if he was in Frankfurt for those 2 years, why redact the location in one instance, and not the other? My tentative conclusion is that Frankfurt is not the redacted location where he was assigned for 2 years, and location 15-20 is not Frankfurt. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=53786#relPageId=2&tab=page
  11. Michael Clark

    If Oswald Was "Prayer Man" ...

    Bart, I always go quickly to your posts to see if you offered anything, on this forum, that is interesting, congenial, scholarly, thought-provoking or constructive. I always come-away disappointed. Cheers, Michael
  12. Michael Clark

    James McCord Jr.

    Jefferson Morley states, matter-of-factly, that Oswald was trying to infiltrate anti-Castro groups in the summer of 1963. https://www.history-matters.com/essays/frameup/WhatJaneRomanSaid/WhatJaneRomanSaid_6.htm From the above link....: "George E. Joannides (pronounced “Joe-uh-NEE-deez”) .......... His personnel file showed that he served in 1963 as the chief of the Psychological Warfare branch of the CIA’s station in Miami. He had a staff of 24 and a budget of $1.5 million. He also was in charge of handling the anti-Castro student group that Oswald had tried to infiltrate in August 1963. They called themselves the Cuban Student Directorate and it was Joannides’s job to guide and monitor them. Under a CIA program code named AMSPELL, he was giving $25,000 a month to Luis Fernandez Rocha and Juan Salvat, the Directorate’s leaders in Miami. That funding supported the Directorate’s chapters in New Orleans and other cities." ---------------------- I have been compelled into this search by the notion that LHO was trying to infiltrate Pro-Castro groups, via James McCord's operation with that same goal. Morely's assertion seems quite different but I am not sure that it really matters. Morley is saying that Oswald is trying infiltrate anti-Castro groups. A main point that I am offering is that Oswald was not being sheep-dipped, but that he was was a CIA operative. If Oswald was the "marked card" or " barium meal", who was the target of his operation? I have been leaning towards Phillips and Hunt using a second Oswald to keep Angleton off-balance, confused, and his back against a wall through this period. Angleton is trying to figure-out who, within his agency, is counter manipulating the identity of an Oswald, through the use of the Oswald double. It is interesting that Morley and Newman, the intrepid reasearchers who interviewed Jane Roman, have this different take on which group LHO was tasked to infiltrate.
  13. Michael Clark

    James McCord Jr.

    Thanks Jim.
  14. Michael Clark

    Plot or Blot?

    The word in question is heard at 5:06, in the video. Karl. I think "blot" makes the most sense. Without reservation, I am hearing "blot". In the context of the next sentence, "blot" makes even more sense. Kennedy did not want another mark against him. Mark, blot, score..... etc.
  15. Michael Clark

    Fire Me?

    E Howard Hunt is said to have been his ghost writer. Howard Roman is also suggested. Husband of Jane Roman
  16. Michael Clark

    James McCord Jr.

    Summary of employment upon retirement. It notes that 2 years of service were overseas. As noted in an above post, he was assigned from June of 62 to June of 64, in Frankfurt Germany. I have seen nothing yet that substantiates John Newman's claim that McCord headed an FPCC infiltration program. I have not seen John's footnote on this yet, I've only seen footnotes on that claim referencing John Newman. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=51439#relPageId=1&tab=page
  17. Michael Clark

    James McCord Jr.

    On MFF I can see this entry for a document, but I cannot get to the document. There is reference to a news story which I will look for. 15. JAMES MCCORD MAY HAVE DELIBERATELY BUNGLED THE WATERGATE BREAKIN ON THE ORDERS OF TOP CIA OFFICIALS WHO WANTED TO EXPOSE THE WHITE HOUSE PLUMBERS IN RETALIATION FOR PRESIDENT NIXON ALLEGEDLY TRYING TO USE THE AGENCY FOR POLITICAL PURPOSES...]. Record Number: 104-10123-10365 Record Series: JFK Agency: CIA Agency File No.: 80T01357A Originator: OPEN From: UPI To: [No To] Date: 05/09/1975 Pages: 1 Subjects: KANSAS CITY STA; MCCORD, JAMES W; NEWSPAPER ARTIC; SSCIO; WATERGATE; Document Type: PAPER - TEXTUAL DOCUMENT Classification: UNCLASSIFIED Restrictions: OPEN IN FULL Current Status: OPEN Date of Last Review: 04/11/1994 Opening Criteria: [empty value] Comments: JFK44 : F11 : 1994.04.11.09:45:24:250007 : NEWSWIRE COPY OF STORY PUBLISHED BY UPI REPEATING ALLEGATIONS PUBLISHED BY KANSAS CITY STAR.
  18. Michael Clark

    James McCord Jr.

    House select Committee on Intelligence Document. States that James McCord Jr. Was stationed in Frankfort, Germany between June of 62 and June of 64.. States that E. H. Hunt was stationed domestically in a similar period. Both notations specify where Hunt and McCord were stationed in November of 1963 and that neither were in charge of Mexican operations at the time of the Kennedy Assassination. Also mentioned are William Harvey, Sam Giancana, Robert Maheu, Johnny Roselli. Dulles approved a Castro operation . $150,000 was approved for an anti Castro operation in May, 1962. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=15347#relPageId=2&tab=page
  19. Michael Clark

    James McCord Jr.

    CIA program HT AUTOMAT Keywords: HT AUTOMAT, AQUATONE, OSI, James McCord Jr., Dr. Herbert Scoville, R. C. Swendiman ---------------------------- From "The Almost Classified guide to CIA Front Companies": Perkin-Elmer (CIA Front Company) Based in Norwalk, Connecticut. Manufactured camera system for project Oxcart, the CIA's SR-71 program and U-2 photography, Project AUTOMAT. ------------------------------ https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=53772#relPageId=2&tab=page ------------------------------- https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/document/cia-rdp61s00750a000500090038-5 ASSIGNMENT OF PERSONNEL: PROJECTS AQUATONE AND HT AUTOMAT Document Type: CREST Collection: General CIA Records Document Number (FOIA) /ESDN (CREST): CIA-RDP61S00750A000500090038-5 Release Decision: RIPPUB Original Classification: S Document Page Count: 1 Document Creation Date: December 9, 2016 Document Release Date: March 12, 2001 Sequence Number: 38 Case Number: Publication Date: July 30, 1957 Content Type: MF File: Attachment Size CIA-RDP61S00750A000500090038-5.pdf 40.97 KB Body: Approved For Release 2001/3G/8SE lA-RDP61 S0075OA000500090038-5 1t!DLE VIA TALENT TCS-1723-57 Copy-Lof. C .lUi. 957 MEMORA1]JM FOR: Project Director ATTENTION 25X1A9a SUBJECT : Assignment of Personnel: Projects AQUATONE and HT AUTOMAT 25X1A9a 1. As a result of the recent assignment of on indefinite TDY to NSA, this Office has decided on a realignment of responsibilities relative to OSI participation in Projects AQUATONE ------------------------------ (Note: below, I deleted and added ".pdf" in the following link so it does not automatically show as a document) https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP61S00750A000500090038-5.pdf
  20. Michael Clark

    James McCord Jr.

    Paul, I searched Scott and McCord, and found something in which you might be interested. Also, curiously, and very speculatively, I was, earlier today, looking into Oliver North, for the first time. See Jack Crichton, in bold, below. Whether or not they knew about Iran-Contra, Cheney and Rumsfeld were on the COG planning committee at the time of Iran-Contra. There is no such obvious link between COG planning and Watergate, but the involvement of COG personnel in Watergate is nonetheless striking. James McCord, one of the Watergate burglars, was a member of a small Air Force Reserve unit in Washington attached to the Office of Emergency Preparedness (OEP) that was assigned “to draw up lists of radicals and to develop contingency plans for censorship of the news media and U.S. mail in time of war.” [8] His unit was part of the Wartime Information Security Program (WISP), which had responsibility for activating “contingency plans for imposing censorship on the press, the mails and all telecommunications (including government communications) [and] preventive detention of civilian ‘security risks,ʼ who would be placed in military ‘camps.ʼ” [9] In addition, John Dean, perhaps the central Watergate figure, had overseen secret COG activities when serving as the associate deputy attorney general. [10] In the case of the JFK assassination, I wish to focus on two men who functioned as part of the communications network of the Office of Emergency Planning (OEP), the agency renamed in 1968 as the Office of Emergency Preparedness (to which McCord was attached), and renamed again in 1982 as the National Program Office (for which Oliver North was the action officer). [11] These two men (there are others) are Winston Lawson, the Secret Service advance man who from the lead car of the motorcade was in charge of the Secret Service radio channels operating in the motorcade; and Jack Crichton, the army intelligence reserve officer who with Deputy Dallas Police Chief George Lumpkin selected the Russian interpreter for Marina Oswaldʼs first (and falsified) FBI interview. [12] http://www.voltairenet.org/article187504.html
  21. Michael Clark

    James McCord

    There is a thread on James McCord Jr. In the JFK Assassination forum.
  22. Michael Clark

    James McCord Jr.

    McCord, Danny Casolero, E Howard Hunt, Watergate, mentioned in this document.
  23. Michael Clark

    Danny Casolaro

  24. Michael Clark

    The FBI and the Promis affair: part 1