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  1. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    A quote worth bringing into this thread.
  2. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Jason, All the Racist and knob headed rightist factions in Texas and the south did is create noise to obscure the plot before, and leave a dusty trail behind , after the assassination. Your documents prove that over and over again.Oh yeah, they murdered a bunch of journalists an others who were unfortunate enough to know something of the truth, and were courageous enough to speak the truth.
  3. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Jason, you have moved-on to, just like Paul Trejo, making bogus claims of fact, cherry-picking, as much as is necessary, and beyond, to bail out your bogus theory. Trejo claims that CIA operatives and agents, including E. Howard Hunt did-it. He just claims that they weren't on the clock at 12:30 PM on 11-22-63; it's absurd. Hunt was William Buckley Jr.s boss when they were both CIA and worked in Mexico City. Buckley was The Godfather to Hunts Children. Buckley was a founding member of the Young Republicans For Freedom, the Radical Right group who were the young Turks of the Eastern Establishment. They orchestrated the assassination.
  4. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    That's fine, Paul Trejo provides no evidence or documentation but that suits you fine. More bizarreness.
  5. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Mainly, because I agree with Paul B's point that you and Trejo have gone way too far with your insinuation that it is the two of you against everyone else. Everyone else hardly agrees on much at all, except conspiracy, which you and Trejo agree with. It's bizarre, and annoying.
  6. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Jason, you preach straight from Paul Trejo's tired worn-out boring and annoying claim to know what everyone else is thinking. You've repeated that lament a number of times in your last few posts.
  7. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    That's just a bunch of convenient talk, speculation and denial.
  8. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Just more of the same. Everyone else, besides you and Paul are a bunch of commie pinkos. It's old, worn out and ridiculous. You use lots of "they" "them" and make vague references to what "everyone but you and Paul" are claiming. It's pretty sad and pathetic.
  9. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    I agree that Hunt, Morales, as well as the Radical Right YAF were involved. That is the Northeast Establishment connection. Hunt,, Morales and Buckley were CIA.
  10. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Jason, Paul holds a number of these people as culpable, like E H Hunt, Morales and Phillips, he just calls them rogues, so he can be in denial of involvement of intelligence agencies and the fact of a coup de ta. I'm not sure how close you are to Trejo with that but you could clarify that.
  11. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Jason, you seem to hold the exclusive contract in maintaining Paul's obscure claims. He never provides evidence or documents, only his opinion. Yet, you demand documents from everyone but your compadre.
  12. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Jason, Mr. Brancato is correct You and Trejo incessantly rely on false claim about what others here think to distinguish yourselves. It has gotten very old, and you are relatively new here.
  13. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    The Dallas right and racist elements if the south played a passive role, ignorant of the facts of the plot. They were to create noise and flood all channels, of rumors and expectations of the plot, such that it could not be detected, amidst the din of speculation, fear and indeed, hope of an assassination, and it would be difficult to uncover after the assassination due to a surfeit of leads. The Radical Right, like the the Young Americans For Freedom, E. H. Hunt and William Buckley Junior purveyed the approval and cover from the Northeast establishment and brought in their own CIA experience and expertise. Jason, you documents, the ones I've read, testify to what I just stated. The JBS, KKK and southern leadership councils, provided smoke and mirrors, and disposed of witnesses, journalists and evidence, after the fact. That is all.
  14. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    I've come to the conclusion that Paul Trejo thinks he is some kind of genius of great proportions. He has to paint everyone else into marginal spaces, in his own mind, to perpetuate his psersonal myth, about himself, to himself. It's rather perverse and indecent. I wish the wagon waould finally come for him. It's a good thing children don't frequent this forum.
  15. Jack T. Martin

    Agreed, Paul.
  16. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    The question is, is your thesis relevant? So yes, if it disspells your myth, Paul Trejo, it is relevant. You seem to think that your myth has become fact.
  17. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    "Texas Titans, selfish MIC Oligarchs and Old Money," = the Bush "Dynasty".
  18. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    JFK had a true "World View" and was a friend of the world. If that excluded Texas Titans, selfish MIC Oligarchs and Old Money, who had in-mind the "enslavement of half the world" (JFK's words), then yes, Paul Trejo, JFK's view was one-sided, ignoring a handful of bastards whom you appear to admire.
  19. Time Team

    I found a Time Team Fans Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/376406515870431/?multi_permalinks=842076552636756&notif_id=1507679304829120&notif_t=group_highlights
  20. I recently discovered the British TV series "Time Team". It is fantastic series. If an EF Archaeology forum was created and Time Team video links were hosted therein, preferably from a better source than YouTube, it could be a place for interesting discussion. While the YouTube videos do contain decent commentary in the discussion area, it is still YouTube and those discussions do devolve a bit. EF would be good place for such discussions.
  21. John T Martin

    The coincidentalist in me wonders how he, on a boat from the USA to England, ends up being declared dead, and subsequently buried, in a Greek port; on January 17, 1964. His papers lie in a Houston, Texas univiserity. His background is odd. It would be interesting to see his US book-tour schedule. Please forgive the off-topic poke. cheers, Michael
  22. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    George, that's what I am seeing. One step from endorsing the JFK assassination itself. I've felt the same vibe from Trejo as well.
  23. John T Martin

    Tom, do you have any interest in this fellow? (I've had a CT'er's curiosity about him, but no place to offer it, I figured I would insert a blurb here) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/T._H._White White died of heart failure on 17 January 1964 aboard ship in Piraeus (Athens, Greece), en route to Alderney from a lecture tour in the United States.[2] He is buried in First Cemetery of Athens. In 1977 The Book of Merlyn, a conclusion to The Once and Future King, was published posthumously. His papers are held by the University of Texas at Austin.[12]
  24. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Jason, you are really sounding like you are a pickle from the same jar as Trejo. One of his many, but noteworthy, put-offs, is lumping everyone that doesn't buy his bunk as a CIA did-it CT'r. Feel free to grate your fellow forum members if you want to, just letting you know in case you missed it.