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About Me

I am a 40-year-old disabled male (Cerebral Palsy & Hydrcephalus) and I was originally not expected to live due to my birth circumstances (three months' premature and, of course, the CP & Hydrocephalus).  Doctors had advised my parents to put me in an institution if I did live because I wouldn't know anyone or be able to do anything and wouldn't live past my 5th birthday.  

Well, I'm glad to say that I'm still here!  God knows more than doctors know (but, of course, He gave them their knowledge) and I still feel like He's got great things in store for me.

I'm currently in a band and I play electric lead guitar and I have many musical influences.  I'm also in the process of attempting to put together a drum kit that I've always loved:  Elvis's drummer, Ron Tutt's blue sparkle Ludwig double-bass drum kit.  A friend of mine in Texas has put together this exact kit to a "T" and it's gorgeous!!  Another friend from TN actually owns Ronnie's actual drum kit that he played from 1974-1977 when he was Elvis's drummer!!

Here's the drum kit that I want to replicate: