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13 hours ago, Bart Kamp said:

What, exactly, does Kamp purport to "show" regarding Calvery's skirt in the Darnell frame he posted?  Did he choose a frame in which Pirouetting Man (trying to wave Baker up the steps) is blocking most if not all of Calvery's dress from the camera's view? -- T. Graves



It's another person, not a skirt -- B. Kamp


Another person?  

Really, Bart?

Question:  Is it Calvery's skirt or your "other person" that can be seen at the very beginning of this clip, you know, before Pirouetting Man starts pirouetting counter-clockwise, and Calvery's skirt is more visible (with a dark-colored horizontal stripe or "pattern element" in it, btw)?


--  Tommy :sun

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