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  2. David Morales

    Ron, With all due respect, you did talk about de Mohrenschildt in your previous post, this thread. By the way, did you catch where I suggested that virulently anti-Communist (but still rogue) Morales might himself have been manipulated by the Ruskies (or pro-Castro Cubans, for that matter)? -- Tommy
  3. Richard, Thank you for your response. I figured the package would have advertising all over it, but I guess not. Steve Thomas
  4. Michael, If we're talking about the same "Woman in White" (she's even wearing a white headscarf), you do realise, don't you, that on the steps she has her left arm wrapped around "Big Girl's" (our Gloria Calvery's) right arm, and that she's physically urging her (i.e., "Big Girl") to walk up the steps with her, but "Big Girl" is still talking with that guy who is "bald on top" but has hair on the side (Lovelady?)? In other words, you do realize, don't you, that those two women are very likely work colleagues in the TSBD, and that they were correctly by Sandy and I in that color Z-film frame that Sandy posted, above? Note the barely visible black horizontal line in "Big Girls" skirt while she's on the steps, and the fact that she still has her dark-colored headscarf on? -- Tommy
  5. Roscoe White

    Rich, Leaving the credibility of Gordon Arnold aside for the moment (e.g. that the man he encountered started out as a DPD officer, but over the years became a Secret Service agent, and later on he became a CIA agent), I wasn't talking about Gordon Arnold. I was talking about Lucian Sarti. You said that Lucien Sarti shot from behind the fence of the grassy knoll. That's the CT I'm wondering about. I know the old story told by Gordon Arnold -- but he never mentioned Lucian Sarti in his interviews (that I ever saw). Yet you somehow are certain that Lucien Sarti was the first person that Lee Bowers saw. Are you now saying that Gordon Arnold told you personally that Lucien Sarti was the first man behind the picket fence? Regards, --Paul Trejo
  6. Roscoe White

    I don't think there is much debate over Lee Bower's under oath, WC testimony of seeing two men in the area of the picket fence ( although 15 feet apart ) on 11,22,1963 just before everything broke loose there. Bowers was clear that these two men were not dressed like railroad men. He clearly described one man as younger appearing and wearing a plaid shirt or coat versus the other man being older and heavier and wearing a white shirt and dark pants. Exactly the same "plaid shirt" description that Julia Ann Mercer gave her police interviewers that same day regarding seeing a younger man wearing this same type shirt while leaving the stalled Dealey Plaza plumbing truck and carrying a rifle case up the grassy knoll toward the general area of the picket fence, an hour or more before the motorcade. One could dismiss these two matching male, age and clothing observation testimonies in the same area and only 1 hour apart by two separate eyewitnesses as coincidence or even made up. My common sense doesn't make that easy to do so. How many of the male bystanders in Dealey Plaza wore plaid shirts that day? One? None? Maybe Billy Lovelady? And as I have mentioned before, of all the people wanting to get a view of JFK's motorcade through Dealey Plaza that sunny day, who in their right mind would choose a viewing location behind a view obstructing fence in the dark shadows of overhanging tree branches, AND standing in shoe dirtying mud in a tight space between car bumpers and the fence, when there were so many open view dry areas to do so? We know from several eyewitness accounts of fresh muddy shoe prints , mud on a car bumper and cigarette butts that someone was in this location at least while the cars were parked there that day. That action is so illogical it's ridiculous. Only covert security might position themselves in such a damp, dirty and difficult view area contrary to those chosen by two hundred other motorcade viewers in the Plaza. It's hundreds of illogical actions like this related by witnesses to the event or illogical interactions with the main suspects by other witnesses that FORCES a rational thinking person to conclude something other or much more than the WC "Lone Nut" finding.
  7. David Morales

    I don't think Morales was rouge, he followed orders imo. I've read he was rabidly anti communist. DeM is a subject not directly related to the Morales discussion.
  8. And you do realize, do you not, the large number of things that would need to be FAKE---and the number of LIARS that would have been required---in order for these words to be true --- Oswald Didn't Order A Rifle? But because the postal workers didn't specifically remember the WHOLLY MUNDANE AND ORDINARY act of handing a box to a post office box owner (an event that occurred EIGHT MONTHS prior to the postal workers being asked about it), you think that proves "Oswald Didn't Order A Rifle"??? Incredible! I would have been shocked if anyone had specifically remembered Oswald picking up the rifle package when the clerks were asked about it EIGHT MONTHS later. Why on Earth would any postal worker recall such a routine event amid the thousands of other packages that those postal workers had handed out over the counter in the course of their daily duties? Do you think YOU could remember such a routine event eight months later? "Despite over forty years of allegations by Mark Lane and other conspiracy theorists, if there is one thing even a child should walk away from this case knowing for sure, it's that only one rifle was found in the Texas School Book Depository and that rifle, a Mannlicher-Carcano, serial number C2766, was bought and paid for by Lee Harvey Oswald." -- Vincent T. Bugliosi; Page 794 of "Reclaiming History" (2007)
  9. OMG, here we go again, : its a moot point that no one noticed because all reasonable people buy the paperwork.. Larry, if you do no know, DVP was a zealot for RH even before it came out and the terms he uses above are right out of that book. The fact is, that the vast majority of the public does not know all of the problems with the transaction, which David Josephs has just listed another one. The MSM and Bugliosi have always used this rifle transaction to pin the crime on Oswald, even though Bugliosi knew there were serious problems with it. But like a prosecutor bent on conviction, in his book he ignored them. Knowing that most reviewers would not know about them. David brings up a very valid point about the FBI and the post office informants. And let us not forget, even after the assassination no one recalled the very large box being delivered to the post office or being given to Oswald.
  10. Oswald Didn't Order A Rifle. That's why no one in the Post Office said he picked it up over the counter with the notice in his post office box, Because the Rifle Wouldn't Fit In The Box. It didn't happen. It's been argued to death previously here and elsewhere. The Warren Omission story of it has fallen apart. David is putting further nails in the coffin of this unproven lone nut Theory.
  11. Thanks Krishna: Not surprising. I may have to dig into that a little more. There is evidence of extinctions in isolated places a million years ago. I think that human hunters could have easily hunted those grazers to extinction, especially where they could not easily move to another area. The ability to flee is one key to survive intrusive elements like that. The human line likely transitioned from hunted to hunter more than a million years ago. I still like Wrangham’s ground-sleeping hypothesis for Homo erectus, which puts the control of fire at around two million years. The second stone tool culture (or third, depending on if the first qualifies) is when craftsmanship began, I would think that the cognitive ability to hunt, as well as a running ability probably previously unachieved, made Homo erectus into a formidable hunter. It would not have been Homo erectus that may have driven those savanna animals to extinction, but a descendant. Those 400,000 year-old spears are some of the best evidence of the human hunting prowess back around the time of that African extinction. Good stuff, and thanks for finding it. Best, Wade
  12. Roscoe White

    Maybe not. Arnold was in the military and shipped off the next day, not heard from for years. Shut up. No FBI or Warren Omission interview or statement. More believable to me than Judith. Some still believe Ms. Oliver credible and listen to her songs and prayers. Zapruder heard a shot come over his shoulder too but that was ignored as well. I've tried to argue what I thought was logically with McAdams years ago on JFKFacts. Like butting your head against a wall, worse than paul t or dvp. An obstinate oaf. Banned from this site before I joined. Disgraced and fired from Marquette University, as a Professor, with a degree from Harvard. That's something you really have to work hard or be Totally Ignorant (incapable of a Harvard Degree?) to accomplish. Look around the USA. Professor's don't get fired. http://www.prouty.org/mcadams/ Quite possibly a latter day financed operative of what ever Operation Mockingbird is called these days. https://www.bing.com/search?q=operation+mockingbird&form=PRUSEN&mkt=en-us&httpsmsn=1&refig=9e79fe1eddb74c95bbd7e1ec30a49ffa&sp=1&qs=LS&pq=operation+mock&sc=8-14&cvid=9e79fe1eddb74c95bbd7e1ec30a49ffa
  13. Roscoe White

    He doesn't care where you got it. If it contradicts the Warren Omission or LHO doing it on behalf of Walker all you will get is Bologna.
  14. Roscoe White

    The Arnold story is right up there with Beverly Oliver and Judy Baker. Just another charlatan and faker trying to inject himself into the story. http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/arnold1.htm
  15. That GIF is interesting because there's a lot of different people moving at different speeds - some are running, some walking briskly. I'm sure that anything is possible - I can imagine the all in white woman seeing the shots down there, panicking or being blown away (no pun) and then hurrying back to the entrance. If you watch the GIF right at the very end you can see she's sort of hurrying up the steps - not galloping two at a time, but hurrying up. So I can imagine her seeing the murder, hurrying back hysterical, seeing Lovelady there - maybe saying "OMG they shot him!" then hurrying to go back into the building. Another thing too is this definitely happened way after the main caravan has left Elm Street because there's no cars going down the street and the two press cars are just sitting there. But the woman in white in the Z film has to be the same woman in white on the steps.
  16. David Morales

    Ron, With all due respect, have you ever considered the possibility that it was the KGB that didn't want (probable long-term KKB "illegal") GdM to testify? -- Tommy Could the KGB have participated with (or manipulated?) "rogues" like Morales?
  17. Roscoe White

    Paul, I just told you where I got it. Witness Gordon Arnold. Don't tell me you think he's lying.
  18. David Morales

    Imagination's not necessary on this part. It's not drama, it's History most people are unaware of or ignore. From what's known Morales retreated to his Arizona ranch by the Mexico border, spent a bunch on security equipment but wasn't worried about Mexicans. He went back to Washington, got sick, came home, had a 'heart attack" like many other potential witnesses for the HSCA in 1978, was surrounded by security in the hospital until he died. Multiple men in black suits and sunglasses attended his funeral. We would know more about De Morenschild's death but Bill O'Riley heard the shotgun blast from the front steps and just left, or ran, or lied about it all. And Gaeton Fonzi's attempted investigation was stymied. How convenient the 7 (?) upper level FBI agents under subpoena at the time died. And the recalled Roselli ended up cut up in a oil drum floating off the coast of Florida. Then or before Sam Giancana, also subpoenaed, gets shot in the back of his head while cooking eggs in his Chicago basement apartment and multiple times around his mouth, a mob warning for others not to talk. While being guarded by US/State/City law enforcement.
  19. Michael, I've watched that gif many, many times, and I've peered at Altgens 6 practically like the guy looking at one of his own mysterious photos in the great film "Blow Up." In fact, it was I who was able to identify assassination witness Peggy Burney (and child) in said photo, and was able to prove that she was standing on the island in said photo, not down the street on Elm. If you will find the names Templin and Brandt on Don Roberdeau's "revised" map of DP, you'll know right where Sandy and I "have" Calvery, right between Roberdeau's (misidentified?) "Burney" and his correctly identified "Templin." So, now that you know exactly where we believe Calvery was standing during the motorcade (with Hicks and Reed and one or two other ladies), how many feet from the steps would you say she was? One-fifty? Two-hundred? Close enough to get there in 20 seconds? 25? -- Tommy
  20. But it's a red herring, Lawrence. Whether or not Oswald's gun packages drew the attention of anyone at the Dallas Post Office is a moot point. Why? Because all reasonable people who aren't prone to shouting "It's all fake!" every time they turn around realize that Lee Oswald did order the rifle and the revolver via mail order in early 1963, and Oswald did receive those weapons in the mail. In addition to the large amount of paperwork that exists to link Oswald to those two guns, there's also the fact, of course, that Oswald was photographed with both weapons in late March of '63 (just days after Klein's and Seaport shipped the guns to LHO). So, do you think the backyard photos are all fakes too---despite the clean bill of health the HSCA gave them, and despite the fact that Marina Oswald has never ever backtracked on her testimony that she, herself, took pictures of her husband while he was holding each of those weapons in the Neely Street backyard? (Or do you think the guns he posed with were NOT the C2766 Carcano or the V510210 Smith & Wesson?) But just how much alleged fakery is too much alleged fakery for a reasonable person to stomach in this case? Or is there any limit at all?
  21. It is not hindsight. The record from 1962-63 shows the FBI had extensive sources within the Post Office. Surveillance on Oswald and Marina (PO Box 2915) would occur because of the Soviet/ left wing activity associated with the mailbox, not because of suspicion of a "violent or a potential assassin." The future assassination does not come into play. Chapters 14-16 of Newman's "Oswald and the CIA" touches on a number of the issues associated with surveillance of Oswald and the US Postal service: "The early 1960s were tense years in the US-Soviet Cold War, and the Soviet Embassy in Washington was enemy territory as far as the FBI and CIA were concerned. That embassy would have been among the highest priority targets of the American intelligence community, and the embassy's mail would have been carefully watched - especially mail to and from Soviet citizens in America." Again: December 31, 1962 Marina writes to the Soviet Embassy and includes new mailing address PO Box 2915, Dallas.

    Here you go. One version: http://www.reformation.org/kennedys-first-marriage.html
  23. Bart doesn't think there was enough time for Gloria Calvery to get back to the steps and be talking to Lovelady at the time we see Baker running across the extension. Bart claims she had only 20 seconds to do so. In another thread I told Bart that I'd heard that the time lapse was more like 30 seconds. I then did a simple analysis showing that Gloria could easily have made it to the TSBD steps by the time we see her there. Which Bart just ignored. But beside that, we have this photographic proof that Calvery and her friend, Woman in All White, indeed did have time to return to the steps: Last year we did a thorough search and found only one woman in the TSBD area wearing all white, including a white scarf. There she is above, first as a spectator as shown in the Z-film (inset), and then on the TSBD steps in Darnell. She can be seen in the Darnell film pulling on the arm of the woman next to her as she continues walking up the steps. Not surprisingly, the coloring of this other woman's clothes matches that of the large woman standing near Woman in all White in Zapruder... the woman Tommy and I had earlier identified as Gloria Calvery. As for whether or not Lovelady left the steps before Gloria arrived, the fact that he remains facing the road makes me think that he did not leave the steps. The reason I've written that he left the steps is only because Frazier testified that he did. Reading everybody's testimonies lead me to believe the following: Shelley left the steps first. He was followed by Lovelady, Pauline Sanders, and probably also Sarah Stanton. For some reason Lovelady returned to the steps before going far. Meanwhile Shelley bumped into Gloria Calvery on the concrete island and the two of them returned to the steps. But it's possible that Frazier was wrong and that Lovelady did not leave the steps. In fact, this is a strong possibility if Frazier revealed this only later, in his WC testimony. Because he may have participated in the BIG LIE, that Shelley and Lovelady left the steps, only to return in the west door to be seen there by Victoria Adams. It's possible that Gloria returned to the steps without Bill Shelley, and he returned later. And that's why we don't see him in Darnell.
  24. How did Hosty expect to talk to Marina?

    Interesting, Steve. George deM is one of the remaining mysteries of the assassination, imo. However, if George deM was giving Hosty information, why didn't he tell him that the Oswalds left for NOLA after the attempt on Gen. Walker? Hosty seemed to be clueless about that...
  25. How did Hosty expect to talk to Marina?

    Paul Trejo said, "Marina Oswald is an open book -- if only readers choose to believe her. Her WC testimony is self-consistent, without any contradictions, and she never changed any aspect of that account to this very day. The main trouble is, that many readers fail to read her WC testimony carefully enough -- if at all. " Could not disagree more. Marina was keeping lots of secrets. Some of them we still don't know. Garrison wanted to treat her as a hostile witness. Even the WC became exasperated with her inconsistencies. Agent Hosty told me that he thought Marina was a sleeper spy. I have seen nothing to contradict that possibility. Hence, my blog, marinaenigma.blogspot.com
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