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  2. Ken Burns' Vietnam

    Speaking of Iran-Contra, I believe Oliver North modeled himself after Lansdale, and called himself, "Lansdalian". I don't remember the years, but didn't Lansdale manage to move 1 million+ vietnamese from the north to the south, to create a whole bunch of chaos? I don't suppose the program has mentioned any of that.
  3. The Three Prior Plots to kill JFK

    Paul, the best I can do is to give you my opinion that the exiles involved in the tactical team were told that a. JFK had to be eliminated ASAP to kill the backchannel talks with Castro that were about to get underway and might have well booted the Russians out of Cuba, removed the trade embargo and restored Cuba to essentially a socialist state of neutrality like India (JFK was the only US leader of the era who understood and could accept anti-colonial positions of neutrality) and b. they were fed a line about a patsy being in place and other plans in progress for the assassination to trigger an attack on Cuba. Some of that may well have been true and aborted with Oswald's unplanned capture - I've commented on that before - or it may all have been a line of BS fed to them, not that unusual since promises were often made to surrogates (sometimes the CIA officers themselves believed them). I can tell you that Martino among others in later years made remarks indicating he felt that they might well have been manipulated.
  4. The Stamp on the Military ID card

    Vintage 3-D Photos of LHO and Friends. I apologize for my last three posts, which I deleted, that were long explanations of a large set of puzzles that pertain to the pair of nearly identical photos on Oswald’s DD Form 1173, and the phony Alek J Hidell SSS card, the Backyard Photos, and Oswald’s Stereo Realist camera. My photos did not show up on these two posts - drat! I think I’ve got my photo links working now, but rather than posting my copious supporting puzzle material that led me to the 3-D stereo photographs below, I will simply post the photos here so you can see them, and I’ll supply my supporting material on a new thread so as to not divert this thread. The first set of photos below are CE133A on the left, and 133C on the right, and they are in SUPER 3-D. I simply sized the two photos in accordance with puzzle instructions, and rotated them 88 degrees as per the instructions. One can see deeply down the side of the house. The stairs are practically in one’s face. And Oswald’s 3-D head is thrust toward the viewer. We are apparently seeing the body of Wesley Frazier with Lee Oswald’s head attached, and the chin is that of JFK. I’ll make this argument elsewhere. Since the Backyard Photos and the photos from the 1173 card are part of the same cluster of ICO anagram puzzles, I'm including the BYP here but am not intending to go off topic. Many of the Stereo Realist cameras had a double exposure function, and those that did not could be retrofitted. Even if Oswald’s Realist had no double exposure function, it would have been easy to accomplish other ways. The camera would have been mounted on a tripod, and tilted 88 degrees. These photos are meant to be viewed with a Stereoscope. Note: For viewing with a Stereoscope, the two sets of images need to be about three inches apart. This means that, say, Oswald’s eyes on one photo should be close to 3 inches from Oswald’s eyes on the other photo. I don’t know how they will show up on your monitor, but do what ever you need to do to comply with the 3 inch requirement. Without a card in the card holder on the Stereoscope, one might be able to view the stereo images directly on one’s monitor - I can. By bringing the stick that carries the card holder close to the monitor, some of you may be able to get a good focus. If not, you’ll either have to cut off the stick, or print out a 7 inch wide copy of the photo pair and put it in your card holder. Once you start asking around, you’ll probably find that many of your friends and relatives have a nice vintage Stereoscope in their closet. The cardboard ones you can buy on line for $3.95 are junk. The 3-D from the SSS card and the 1173 card is very tame in comparison to the BYPs, and it only involves the chin area. I'll say that again, it's the chin area that was made 3-D (probably by Nagell), not the entire head! And the top set of two photos are there merely for comparison - they are not 3-D. With a Stereoscope, look from the bottom set to the top set and notice the somewhat subtle yet obvious difference. 3-D on the bottom set, no 3-D on the top set. Keep comparing the two sets and you should get it. The chin 3-D is subtle, but it is definitely present on the lower set of two photos. It’s my current belief that we are seeing a composite photo with “Lee’s” (Igor’s) face, “Harvey’s” ears, and “JFK’s” 3-D chin. As before, I’ll make this argument elsewhere. Beg, borrow, or steal, a Stereoscope, and I think you’ll be both surprised and puzzled. Please let me know if my photos did not post - I can see them. Tom
  5. Today
  6. Nix film fakery? How done?

    Ferrie's accepted alibi for 22 November is that he was in a Louisiana courtroom on business for G. Wray Gill, Carlos Marcello's attorney. I'm not sure if there's an official record showing he was there. I was more interested in how this unidentifiable figure, which is visible in other Nix copies, seems to move in this copy and not in others - but maybe it's an illusion and maybe mere fakery. Maybe it's just trees and leaves in the background.
  7. As usual... self-appointed critics jab-jab-jab and run... yup... now I'M giggling....
  8. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    I like a lot of what you said here , Jason. It will be interesting to see what the upcoming documents show. I'm starting to look at the radical right a lot more and incorporate them into the mix. I read Caufield's book last year and have some others on deck to look at and consider.
  9. Ken Burns' Vietnam

    Here's another critical viewer, concerned over Burns' downplaying (or ignorance) over the crucial misrepresentation of the Tonkin Gulf incidents. https://www.counterpunch.org/2017/09/19/getting-the-gulf-of-tonkin-wrong-are-ken-burns-and-lynn-novick-telling-stories-about-the-central-events-used-to-legitimize-the-us-attack-against-vietnam/ A useful distinction is made - namely Burns sees himself as a storyteller not a historian - but this program is being presented as a history. Re: Lansdale - his career after 1963 is tracked in Sterling and Peggy Seagrave's book Gold Warriors. Lansdale joined other CIA veterans in creating off-the-books ventures, and was a founding member of what would become known as The Enterprise, exposed during Iran-Contra.
  10. Oswald’s Proficiency in the Russian Language

    Mathias, You provide an excellent overview above. Thanks! Regarding Oswald's exam score on the Department of Army's Russian language proficiency test, Lt. Col. Alison Folsom provided a breakdown of the results for the Warren Commission. There were three components to the exam, suggesting that this was a comprehensive test. Oswald's scores were as follows: understanding (-5), reading (+4), writing (+3), with the composite +2 indicating that Oswald answered two more questions correctly than those that he missed on the exam. So, the young man scored better than 50% on this challenging exam. Another factor needs to be considered, based on Col. Folsom's testimony: Oswald was also administered tests in cognitive abilities in English, including reading and vocabulary; arithmetical computation; and pattern analysis. His scores on these tests were all rated as “poor.” Oswald was even administered a “radio code test,” in which Lt. Colonel Folsom indicated that Oswald’s score was in the bottom, or the “lowest” in results. For those who claim that Oswald had an innate intelligence that permitted him to learn Russian by self-study and "immersion," how can one explain the all-around negative scores he received on basic cognitive abilities? The Warren Commission interview with Lt. Colonel Allison Folsom may be read at the following site: http://www.whokilledjfk.net/oswsald_learning_russian.htm
  11. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Agree with a lot if this. But I dont think Oswald shot at Walker.
  12. Ken Burns' Vietnam

    Joseph McBride has posted on Facebook his response to Ken Burns. He's not happy about painting JFK as just another Cold Warrior. Clearly Burns has not read Newman, or if he has he dismisses it, preferring public statements by our leaders rather than their behind the scenes actions and words. It's another rewrite of history. I agree that the footage is interesting to watch.
  13. The Three Prior Plots to kill JFK

    Larry - could you address a point I keep making on various threads with no response? Backdrop - Cubans and their American handlers were hopping mad at JFK, though their real target was Castro. They wanted Castro out, dead or alive. Why would they, if they were behind the assassination of JFK, think that killing JFK was their best option? Wouldn't a failed attempt, perpetrated by a Castro sympathizer be good enough?
  14. Ken Burns' Vietnam

    I had 6 brothers who served as enlisted men in the 60's through early 70's. 4 Navy and 2 Air force. All the Navy brothers did West Pac Tours in Viet Nam war combat waters. Again, mid-to-late 1960's. 4 brothers did their 4 years. Another one stayed in the Air Force for 5 or 6 years and another one stayed in the Navy for 20 years retiring as a Chief. The Chief was in Aviation mechanics? Although not sure if that is the proper name of his field. He had to help keep the aircraft carrier Jets going and that was some hot and heavy duty during actual bombing and attack runs. He did "5" Pac Tours. All during and after Viet Nam times until 1980. He was gone so much from his family it cost him his marriage and in other ways was also a big sacrifice. I got my draft notice in 1969 the day I turned 18. I went by bus with 400-500 other shocked young men out of Salinas Calif. at 4:30 in the morning to the induction center in downtown Oakland and after all the testing I was given a deferment for my severely bone deformed feet...seriously, they looked like ham hocks. I didn't feel that bad about this. My family had already provided our military with 6 honorably serving brothers and everything I sensed about Viet Nam was not good. Actually, I felt I was given a break. I mention this background story to frame a very brief and general personal experience recounting commentary regards the Viet Nam war through the eyes and voices of family, close friends and even classmates who were actively involved in combat duty there. Their views as enlisted men on the ground and in nearby coastal waters versus the high position officers and policy men is still worthy enough to mention IMO. As I recall, nobody that I knew who served in the war could ever seem to get a handle on exactly why we were in Viet Nam outside of "maybe" that blanket "Domino Effect" communist fear thing. And it seemed most came back disillusioned, ( some even bitter ) although maybe 20% still had that unquestioning duty and military pride mind set. And after all that confusing death and destruction they come back here to what? Massive and continuous war protests and race riots? RFK was being shot, MLK too. What depressing and anxiety feeling times those were in all those respects. Oliver Stone embodied these returning vet sentiments. His reflection comments on his personal serious combat service experiences in Viet Nam are a very compelling and thought provoking read. When I watch this Ken Burns Documentary series I will be juxtaposing what Burns says about the War and the enlisted men who served there versus what I heard all through that time first hand via my brothers and friends and classmates who were actually there. Another point; Looking back, it was clearly the poorest kids from our middle California area that made up the huge majority of ones that couldn't get out of the Viet Nam war draft or went in the military voluntarily because they knew they couldn't get deferments - for post secondary schooling or otherwise. Conversely, almost every better off kid I knew in school never had to go into the military, especially during Viet Nam times...for various reasons, most of which seemed very vague to me. But I felt back then and still to this day that the Viet Nam war was a blatant exercise in economic discrimination in this way. Just another of it's tragic flaws.
  15. Oswald’s Proficiency in the Russian Language

    Paul, I've posted about this before. Oswald's Russian was already quite good BEFORE he went to the USSR. This link is also very interesting: http://www.dliflc.edu/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Generic-Fam-Guide-MC-CBu-updated.pdf The target level of foreign language tests in the US military is L5/R5. So if Oswald got about 50 percent of the questions right, that means he reached level L2/R2. And without instruction that is EXTREMELY difficult, especially considering the difficulty of Russian. I'm sure he received extensive training.
  16. The Three Prior Plots to kill JFK

    Hello Michael, if you compare the backgrounds of both Oswald and Gilberto Lopez you'll find striking similarities: Report post Posted September 2 Sandy, yes, I think that is possible, at least in the case of Lopez: "Like Oswald, Lopez was also of interest to Naval Intelligence. Also similar to Oswald, Gilberto Lopez made a mysterious trip to Mexico City in the fall of 1963, attempting to get to Cuba. Lopez even used the same border crossing as Oswald, and government reports say both went by car, though neither man owned a car. Like Oswald, Lopez had recently separated from his wife and had gotten into a fist-fight in the summer of 1963 over supposedly pro-Castro sympathies. Declassified Warren Commission and CIA documents confirm that Lopez, whose movements parallel Oswald in so many ways in 1963, was on a secret "mission" for the US involving Cuba, an "operation" so secret that the CIA felt that protecting it was considered more important than thoroughly investigating the JFK assassination. Our high Florida law-enforcement source confirmed that Lopez was an asset for another agency, though he did not say whether Lopez was a "witting" or "unwitting" asset)." --> Ultimate Sacrifice, page 305 "Oswald was linked to Lopez via Informant reports of a visit by Oswald to Tampa and someone with its small Fair Play for Cuba Committe chapter, the same Group Lopez visited on November 17,1963, the day before JFK's Tampa trip." --> page 307
  17. Nix film fakery? How done?

    Two of Ferrie's friends testified he'd been in Dallas the day of the assassination? Is that true?
  18. Oswald’s Proficiency in the Russian Language

    Sorry, Paul You offer no documentary evidence, no eyewitness evidence, and no quotes to back up your conclusions. By contrast, my article includes forty-one footnotes. Get a life, and get to the sources!
  19. Oswald’s Proficiency in the Russian Language

    Sandy, Lee Harvey Oswald was unusually intelligent. His cousin, Marilyn Murret, told the WC that young Lee would "read Encyclopedias the way other people would read novels." Lee was self-educated from a very young age, being a latch-key kid, and having nothing else to do except read. However, he dropped out of high school to join the Marines. Marine buddy Nelson Delgado told the WC that he remembers that it was January, 1959, when Lee Harvey Oswald decided to help Fidel Castro and the Cuban cause (like many other young Americans in 1959, including Harry Dean, Gerry Patrick Hemming, Loran Hall, and Frank Sturgis). At first Lee decided to learn Spanish, so that when he got out of the Marines at the end of 1959, he would travel to Cuba and help. Nelson himself was a native Spanish speaker, so he attempted to help Lee learn Spanish. He said that Lee was a very fast learner. However, by February, 1959, Lee decided to learn Russian, instead. Naturally, Nelson could not help Lee with this project, so he felt left out. Nelson didn't understand why Lee wanted to learn Russian all of a sudden. But he did remember that Lee was always on Marine Base (at El Toro, California) and did not leave base with the other Marines on the weekend (except one time, when they went to Tijuana; Lee never went again). Lee spent all his time listening to Berlitz Language tapes, and reading Russian magazines and newspapers. Some of the Marines were miffed as Oswald for standing out that way, so they complained to their CO. The CO questioned Oswald, and then decided that if a US citizen wanted to teach himself Russian, then he had every right. And he permitted Oswald to continue to study Russian on his own. Near the end of summer, 1959, Oswald decided he was ready for a Russian test, and so he asked his CO to set up a Russian test for him -- which the CO did. Oswald didn't pass the test -- his grade was about 50/50. By the end of 1959, Lee Oswald had decided to move to the USSR, and without surrendering his US passport or US citizenship, entered Russia on a temporary permit. By allowing himself to become immersed in the Russian culture, from late 1959 to mid-1962 -- Oswald used the most important strategy for learning any foreign language -- immersion. After 2.5 years of speaking no other language than Russian -- within a fully adult Russian working and living community -- Lee Harvey Oswald had an impressive command of the Russian language. This was despite the fact that Oswald was a high-school dropout. By contrast, the wealthy Ruth Paine studied Russian grammar in classrooms from high-school through college, and she told the WC that she could not carry on an ordinary Russian conversation with a native speaker. This -- by the way -- is the norm. Until we actually immerse ourselves in a foreign language for some period of time, then our conversation in that language sounds as amateur as travel-book sentences. So -- Oswald's mastery of the Russian language was due to his immersion in the language 1959-1962. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  20. Oswald’s Proficiency in the Russian Language

    Sandy, Thanks very much for this posting and for providing the link to the article. Actually, I started a thread on this topic back on September 14, and there were thoughtful responses from users Ron Bulman and Jim Hargrove. The matter of Oswald's proficiency in Russian touches on nearly all aspects of the profile of Oswald as originally formed by the Warren Commission. Reams have been written about all aspects of Oswald and the JFK assassination. But an essential event that helps to unpack this controversial life was when Oswald was discharged from the Marines and left for the Soviet Union in 1959. What was the true intent of the "defection"? A knowledge of Oswald's Russian language proficiency sheds light on that essential question.
  21. The Stamp on the Military ID card

    Test Photo:
  22. Toronto Film Review: ‘Chappaquiddick’

    Yes, this is what retired NYPD Detective Rothstein told me. I shall add this: About 30 years ago, my NYC stockbroker, Richard Stoyeck, told me that he had recently attended the Forest Hills Tennis Match that attracts celebrities from around the world and as he rounded a corner of the structure where it was being held he suddenly came face to face with Senator Ted Kennedy who was walking alone towards him. He said that Kennedy's face turned totally white with shock, apparently thinking that he was about to meet his end in the same way that his brother, Robert, had. The moment ended with each passing the other without greeting.
  23. Mr. Walton... You have anything to rebut the work of Mr. Hume? You have anything that disproves his theories? How well versed are you at anagrams - enough so to speak intelligently about it and how it relates to spy craft? IOW Michael... laughing at what you don't understand is both demeaning to the person and indicative of the openness of your mind to new ideas... Lifton was met with the same silliness when the casket charade was being unearthed.... until he was proven correct. Forgive me if indeed you've studied spy craft anagram communications and can explain how Tom is wrong... or are you of the opinion that the CIA/KGB and every other Intel agency on the planet do not use anagrams?
  24. What I find truly hilarious - and probably the most unintentionally ironic posts of late here - is how Jim Hargrove is having a hard time keeping up with Tom Humes' funny ICO secret code posts. As if! OMG really and truly so funny. I'm giggling even as I type this.
  25. Toronto Film Review: ‘Chappaquiddick’

    So what you're saying, Doug, is the drive off the bridge was an elaborate conspiracy to do Ted Kennedy in?
  26. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Jason, In addition to the books by Caufield and Hosty, I can recommend several others to support a Radical Right CT. 1. Treachery in Dallas (1995) by professor Walt Brown. 2. Who Was Jack Ruby? (1978) by Seth Kantor. 3. From an Office Building with a High Powered Rifle (2010) by Don Adams 4. There's a Fish in the Courthouse (ch. 44, 1971, 1987) by Gareth (Gary) Wean *** 5. Power on the Right (1973) by former-FBI agent William Turner And of course the Lopez Report (2003) and the Simpich eBook: State Secret (2014). *** NOTE: The CT by Wean makes H.L. Hunt into the leader of the Radical Right, with General Walker at his side. Here's a summary link: http://www.kenrahn.com/JFK/Critical_Summaries/Articles/Wean_Chap_44.html Regards, --Paul Trejo
  27. Ken Burns' Vietnam

    Ron, if lost, remember that Prouty cited Lansdale as Allen Dulles' s protege, noting that Dulles's backing got Curtis LeMay to promote Lansdale to Air Force general. However Lansdale may have regarded Kennedy, it's always been "Dance with the one(s) what brung ya." Kennedy didn't give EGL the Vietnam ambassadorship, and Mongoose foundered under uncertain policy control. Lansdale's zeal for a Castro assassination couldn't have helped in the last days of Mongoose. Lansdale may even have been shunted aside by JFK and RFK as a part of the Dulles-LeMay gang. How did LeMay, two years older than Lansdale, hang on at JSOC while Lansdale was retired from USAF, if not by power of reputation? Kennedy should have packed off LeMay with Lemnitzer, but the PR angle on losing two seasoned Chiefs would have been bad. It might have happened had Kennedy won in 1964.
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