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  2. WHY WILES’ “PROOF” OF FERMAT’S LAST THEOREM IS JUST A “MATHEMATICAL PARADOX” (and why the great Carl Gauss was right ) I don’t like to waste neither my time, nor yours. I’m not a “crankpot”, but a serious physicist. All my papers are based on classical physics and quantum mechanics, the most sound theories of physics, all experimentally proved. You can disagree on my results - of course - but my method is correct. The first person that can prove me I’m wrong – if he/she can –wins a 4 days FREE stay at Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni Hotel (Como Lake). http://www.villaserbelloni.com/ I already chellenged 50 (but the number will be extended) university full professors (in physics/mathematics) to find an error in my thesis. None of them could reply. “Cranckpots” don’t put at stake their money, I do! So, please, read carefully what I’m writing, it’s worth it! Also because the main CONCEPT is very easy to be understood even by a high-school student , no complex or “strange” equation. The point is that we can summarize the truth about Fermat’s Last Theorem (that I tried to show in my last papers) https://www.academia.edu/34567537/As_Fermats_Last_Theorem_Can_Be_Solved_Like_Pythagorean_Theorem as follows: Wiles’ famous “proof” of 1995 is just a “mathematical paradox”, because FLT – as the great Carl Gauss suspected (but without deepening his assertion) – can be both “proved and disproved”. I very simply tried to prove why Gauss was right, whereas Wiles/Fermat were wrong. The point is that the solution of FLT ( a^n + b^n = c^ n) is coincident with the old Pythagorean theorem, namely a^2 + b^2 = c^2, n index cannot be larger/different than 2, and this is the CORRECT premise/assumption by Pierre de Fermat. And yet, Pythagorean theorem refers to the PHYSICAL MEASURE of rectangular triangles, to calculate/measure hypotenuses. It was discovered by making physical measurements of physical triangles, by ancient land surveyors, mathematicians, etc. The point is that NO theorem/algorithm involving the measurement of a physical/geometrical entity can be performed through integer Z numbers only. Any physical measures of physical entities always need REAL NUMBERS! Please, read the list of the 17 most important math equations by Ian Stewart https://i.pinimg.com/originals/25/6a/45/256a453c8ff909eb47eec42bf57019c1.jpg All of them are related to a physical phenomenon, all of them need real numbers (or sometimes complex numbers = again a real + imaginary number), all of them involve (from logarithms to E = mc^2, from calculus to Maxwell equations, from Fourier transforms to wave equations, etc.) the measurement of a physical entity. Only as an APPROXIMATE way of simplification (for elementary/middle school children) we use to describe Pythagorean theorem through integer triples: 3-4-5, 5-12-13, 8-15-17, etc., as the ancient Babylonians and Greeks were doing, instead of using triples of real numbers, such as: a = 3.7, b= 4.4, c= 5.7 etc. Thus, the correct way to describe Pythagorean Theorem is through REAL NUMBERS, such as in the trigonometric identity: sin α^2 + cosα^2 = 1, where sinus and cosine are of course REAL NUMBERS, not integers. So, the error by Fermat and Wiles was in not realizing that the premise/assumption of proving a physical/geometrical theorem involving PHYSICAL MEASUREMENTS through Z integers only - and not through real R numbers - is FALSE/INCORRECT. That’s the reason why Fermat’s Last Theorem is someway “half-true/half-false”, it can be both “proved and disproved” as the great Gauss was suspecting, and I showed. Proving FLT just through integer numbers is like proving calculus (which by definition needs infinitesimals (dx)) through just integer numbers, it makes no sense, it could be just a “mathematical paradox”. So, Wiles’ “proof” of 1995 is just a “mathematical paradox” But what is more exactly a “mathematical paradox”? It is a FALSE/UNPHYSICAL - “purely mathematical proof” - of a phenomenon linked to the PHYSICAL WORLD, that “forgets” a physical and necessary parameter/assumption/premise. For instance, ZENO’s paradox of Achilles and tortoise’s motion, in a purely abstract mathematical way (through infinite series) is a mathematical paradox, because it “forgets” physical velocity (v = s/t) of Achilles and the tortoise, and examines only mathematical spaces. But this leads to a paradox, because the steps by Achilles, in a “purely mathematical way” – without any connection with time and velocity - can be interpreted as both an infinite series converging to 1 (1/2 + ¼ + 1/8…+ ½^n) , so Achilles will manage in reaching the tortoise, AND an infinite series diverging to infinity ( = ½ + 1/3 + ¼ + 1/5 + …1/n) and this way Achilles NEVER reaches the slow tortoise. And also, BANACH-TARSKI paradox, “forgets” that in our physical world points and segments ALWAYS possess physical dimensions/sizes. And so – by setting the false and unphysical premise/assumption that points have no dimension, you can derive 2 IDENTICAL SPHERES from 1 = the mathematical “miracle” of multiplication of spheres! And also, you can mathematically “prove” that a few centuries ago Earth was overpopulated by TRILLIONS of inhabitants, through the mathematical paradox of ancestors. As any of us has 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great-grandparents, etc., you can calculate that in the past, in just 10-20 generations, our Earth was overpopulated thousands, millions, etc. times more than today. It is a mathematical paradox that “forgets” the empirical/physical and necessary premise that we are all RELATED to other persons, the more we look back to the past, the more people and their families were related each other, we all have common ancestors. So, Fermat and Wiles “FORGOT” that it is impossible to measure physical/geometrical entities through integer Z numbers only, we need R REAL NUMBERS. Any physical objects are made up by atoms, whose sizes can be measured just through REAL NUMBERS, and this is well known by calculus and quantum mechanics. Sorry for Wiles, he didn’t prove anything, he just described a mathematical/unphysical paradox. Please, show me that I’m wrong, if you can. I admit my mistakes. I offered a FREE 4 days’ stay at Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, (Como Lake) to the first person proving that we can measure physical/geometrical entities (including rectangular triangles) in our real world ONLY through integers, and WITHOUT real numbers. I think I’ll have to wait for a long time…. Alberto Miatello September 24, 2017. p.s.: please, don’t tell me that other mathematicians used abstract algebra to prove their theorems. I showed here https://www.academia.edu/34326285/ (see section 4) that Grigori Perelman used Ricci-flow with surgery to prove the “Poincarè conjecture”. But his proof is totally sound and correct, as it is based on physics (Ricci flow is an operator that was derived from heat equations, 2nd law of thermodynamics, etc.) and it is topologically undisputable. On the contrary Wiles “proof” is totally unphysical, simply because Fermat’s Last Theorem was unsound (half-correct = index 2, and half-incorrect = “solvable” just through integer Z numbers, and not through real R numbers) False mathematical “proofs” are unphysical, they are just “mathematical paradoxes”.
  3. Walter Jones has come a long way since Freedom Fries. And Charles Grassley...who knew? I wish them luck. Two senior Capitol Hill Republicans plan to introduce a congressional resolution calling for full disclosure of U.S. government records related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C) and Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) will introduce their JFK resolution before the end of the month, according to Jones. http://www.alternet.org/two-top-republicans-call-full-jfk-disclosure-charles-grassley-walter-jones
  4. JFK Lancer Conference 2017

    The first time I ever dared to post about the assassination on line it was on Jeff's website. I was paranoid about doing so, wondered if the Government would come looking for me for dissention, Mc Adams couldn't believe I was afraid of doing so. On 11/22/13 I posted this link while Jeff spoke. He let it stand. Thanks for the encouragement Jeff. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=have+you+ever+seen+dallas+from+a+dc-9+youtube&qpvt=have+you+ever+seen+dallas+from+a+dc-9+youtube&view=detail&mid=B353DC4B74B0E7301A83B353DC4B74B0E7301A83&FORM=VRDGAR https://us.macmillan.com/theghost/jeffersonmorley/9781250139108/ https://www.amazon.com/Ghost-Secret-Spymaster-James-Angleton/dp/1250080614 Glad to see him speaking again.
  5. Oswald’s Proficiency in the Russian Language

    Mathias, Here is my opinion. (1) The link with Kostikov sounds like an after-thought to me -- a lucky break for Guy Banister (who supplied Oswald with the data for that "Resume" which Oswald took to MC). 1.1. Because the "Resume" failed to work to get Oswald his instant Visa into Cuba, the Cuba Consulate Clerk said he might get it quicker if the Soviet Embassy approved. So, Oswald rushed to the Soviet Embassy to put on a good show. 1.2. As we know from KGB agent Oleg Nechiporenko (Passport to Assassination, 1993) he and Kostikov thought that Oswald was a mental case. Oswald had wept, kept coming back, brought a pistol, and all these drama queen antics. 1.3. But Oswald had no idea who he was talking to. He had no idea that Kostikov was a KGB assassin. 1.4. Anyway, Oswald went back to the Cuban Consulate and said, "The Soviets said it was OK." So the clerk called the Soviet Embassy and asked if it was OK, and they said, "Absolutely not!" At that point, the Cubans basically threw Oswald out. 1.5. But on the very next day -- notice how quickly -- some middle-level person in the CIA, probably David Morales (Simpich, 2014) -- impersonated Lee Harvey Oswald by using the Cuba Consulate telephone to call the Soviet Embassy. This was the most wire-tapped phone in the world at that time. 1.6. The intent of that phone call was to get it on record that Oswald had spoken to Kostikov. It was now official. (Except that the CIA emergency translators knew within 15 minutes that the speaker was not Lee Harvey Oswald! It was an impersonation! So the CIA started a top-secret Mole Hunt (Simpich, 2014)). 1.7. My point is that David Morales did not EXPECT that Lee Harvey Oswald would speak with Kostikov -- but some lower-level CIA person told Morales, and then Morales took it upon himself to link Oswald with Kostikov in the official records. 1.8. IT DIDN'T WORK. A Mole-Hunt started instead! 1.9. So, the net effect was that the Kostikov connection did not have the impact on the JFK assassination that David Morales and the Radical Right were hoping for. 1.10. When we read James Hosty's book, Assignment Oswald (1996), we see that he makes a big deal about Kostikov -- exaggerating this alleged connection between Oswald and Kostikov. He claims he knew about it back in October 1963. So, in my opinion, this makes James Hosty part of the conduit of information from David Morales. He sure didn't get that data from the heads of the CIA, because they had a top-secret Mole Hunt going on for this topic (SImpich, 2014). (2) According to Volkmar Schmidt -- Lee Harvey Oswald told him that he was outraged at the way that JFK mishandled the Bay of Pigs. He expressed real hatred, said Schmidt. We have Schmidt on YouTube, and he also told this to our Forum member, Bill Kelly, here: http://jfkcountercoup.blogspot.com/2008/01/volkmar-schmidt-interview.html (3) In my CT, Clay Shaw is a money-man. He supports the Radical Right in New Orleans with money and lawyers when they need it. Since Jim Garrison connected Clay Shaw with Oswald in Clinton, Louisiana, we have him very close to the Guy Banister framing of Oswald. 3.1. Since Clay Shaw was a data provider to the CIA overseas, and to the FBI domestically, he was very much able to convince Oswald that he could get Oswald a full-time job in the CIA if Oswald would play ball with Guy Banister. I think that was Clay Shaw's biggest contribution. 3.2. That charade was in support of David Ferrie, Fred Crisman, Jack S. Martin and Tommy Beckham, among others. It worked, IMHO. 3.3. In addition, Clay Shaw would give Oswald a little money now and then, to keep him happy. This is what Tommy Beckham said (Mellen, 2005) (4) Oswald's switch from Marxist to Right-winger was something he toyed with from childhood. Both of his brothers were in the military. Oswald had no father figure -- only his brothers -- and so he chose the military early in life. His mother refused to let Lee join at age 16, but she let him join at 17. 4.1. It is virtually impossible for any Marine to be a genuine Marxist. What would be the point? 4.2. When Lee joined the Marines, he was not a Marxist -- he was a MARINE. 4.3. Lee was allowed to take Radar Training. The only explanation is that he scored high enough on an IQ test. 4.4. Lee let the whole Radar position go to his head. Also, he made few friends, because of his atrocious social skills. 4.5. According to Nelson Delgado, Lee Oswald in January 1959 only wanted help Fidel Castro -- like Nelson himself, and many other patriotic Americans. He asked Nelson to help him learn Spanish. 4.6. In my CT, there was nothing Marxist about this desire to help Castro in 1959, because the News Media did not know in 1959 that Castro was going to become a Communist. 4.7. According to Nelson Delgado, sometime early in 1959, Lee Oswald began to teach himself Russian. Sometime during the year he decided to study PRAVDA newspaper. 4.8. In my opinion, it was DURING 1959 that all of his childhood reading of Karl Marx came RUSHING back to him. He then decided to become a Marxist, with his whole heart. 4.9. By the end of 1959, Lee Harvey Oswald had hatched a plan to get into the USSR by any means possible, so that he could see with his own eyes if all the glorious propaganda about the USSR was true. Was it really a worker's paradise? Would it be heaven on earth? 4.10. So, Mathias, my answer is this -- Oswald turned from a moderate rightwing Marine into a Marxist in 1959. 4.11. Then, Oswald lived as a Marxist from 1959, to 1961. Sometime in late 1961, he decided that the USSR propaganda about Russia was all baloney, and he was glad he never surrendered his USA passport. 4.12. Oswald asked the USA State Department to help him get out of the USSR, and the USA State Department was happy to help. 4.13. That is when Oswald turned from a Marxist back into a moderately right-wing Southern boy, ready to go back home. 4.14. But life in the USA was much harder than life in the USSR. Lee could only get a pitiful paying minimum wage job -- and Marina Oswald was very disappointed in this result. (In the USSR, Lee lived better than the average worker. In the USA, Lee lived much worse than the average worker). 4.15. Over the course of his full year of failures in the USA, Lee Harvey Oswald grew from a moderate right-winger, to a Radical Right winger, because he hoped to get a full-time job as a CIA double-agent super-spy. This boy was still quite immature, though his second baby was on the way. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  6. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Jason, Here is my opinion, by the numbers: (1) It may be an exaggeration to say that the Minutemen were the "weaponized faction" of the John Birch Society, if by that we mean some official faction. 1.1. Certainly it appears true in the abstract, that is, the dogma of the JBS, that Washington DC was basically Communist-controlled, was identical with the dogma of the Minutemen. 1.2. Yet I find nothing in the leadership structure of the JBS that controlled the Minutemen. Just as Robert DePugh failed to control the Minutemen from his headquarters in Missouri, so also Robert Welch could have no direct command and control over the Minutemen local chiefs. 1.3. True, the JBS was the intellectual beacon of the Minutemen. They were the brains, in that sense. But they gave no ORDERS. That's a crucial difference. 1.4. So, I say that ROGUES in the JBS were involved with ROGUES in the Minutemen (and in the Dallas DPD, Sheriff's office, Postmasters office, Dallas FBI and Dallas SS) to kill JFK. 1.5. It is a mistake, I think, to paint with too broad a brush. Let us stick with the empirical data -- we have DALLAS MINUTEMEN, led by General Walker (according to James Hosty), and they are the most likely suspects in the DALLAS assassination of JFK (according to ATF agent Frank Ellsworth, Harry Dean, Jack Ruby and others). (2) Many Minutemen were also members of the John Birch Society -- because that Dogma fed their obsession with weapons. But the organizations were sharply distinct. The BIrchers that I knew as a kid in Southern California in the late 1960's and early 1970's were always professional men, homeowners, family men, dentists, lawyers, small businessmen and their wives. I doubt if many had weapons. It's a different breed. (3) I realize you have no CT today. I was speaking allegorically. I am encouraged, however, that your data processing of current FOIA releases of FBI data has so far suggested (however prematurely) a Radical Right CT. 3.1. I strongly suspect that no Minutemen in Dallas would have lifted a finger without telling their leader, General Walker. One must recognize how far UNDERGROUND General Walker had fallen after he was released from the Insane Asylum to which JFK and RFK had sent him following the Ole Miss riots of September 1962. 3.2. The Minutemen were largely composed (as many Radical Right groups are composed) of former Military personnel. This means that they were accustomed to following ORDERS and respecting their local LEADERS. Walker was the most Radical AND EXPERIENCED leader that they knew. He was a hero of World War Two and the Korean War. He had seen one heck of a lot of battles and fallen soldiers. He had studied war since childhood Military School before West Point and then 30 years in the US Army, most of those years in WAR ZONES. 3.3. I agree heartily that the CIA is obsessed with USSR-Cuba during the JFK administration, and that to know who killed JFK we must look at the domestic arena -- which was the duty of the FBI. It is in FBI records (which you are now processing) that we will finally learn who killed JFK. Please carry on and keep us apprised. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  7. Frank Sturgis on two Oswalds
  8. Pixel Counting Biometric Comparison of Oswald photos H&L critics on this forum do go on and on with their attacks, but they sure don't have much luck explaining how “Lee Harvey Oswald” went to school in New York City and New Orleans at the same time, or New York City and Fort Worth at the same time, or how he happened to be aboard the USS Skagit and in Taiwan at the same time he was being treated for VD in Japan, or how he visited the Bolton Ford dealership in New Orleans while he was in Minsk. The sheer amount of evidence supporting John Armstrong’s work is just overwhelming. As one example, a couple of years ago on another forum, a Dallas attorney named Drew Phipps, familiar with facial recognition techniques, did a detailed series of posts he titled: “Pixel Counting Biometric Comparison of Oswald photos.” Mr. Phipps measured, in various pictures of “Oswald,” the ratios of the distances between a number of different facials features in photos. He described his analytical method as follows: The ratios I will use are: “pupil-to-pupil / width of eye” (called P/W hereafter), “pupil-to-pupil / length of nose” (called P/N hereafter), “pupil-to-pupil / nose-to-top-lip” (called P/L hereafter) and “pupil-to-pupil / earlobe-to-earlobe” (called P/E hereafter). The use of ratios (instead of actual measurements) will make it unnecessary to know more about the distance from lens to face, or the type of camera, etc., since the proportions of the face of the same person should stay the same regardless of those other factors. In his series of posts, Mr. Phipps went into considerable detail about the photos he was using and how he made and interpreted his measurements. I think you have to be a member of the forum to be able to see the actual graphics but the written descriptions of his work, and his conclusions, are visible to non-members. At any rate, here are Mr. Phipps’ final conclusions. Visual Conclusions: Unless there is something terribly wrong with my methodology, (or my spreadsheet skills), or the photos are simply too low resolution for a significant biometric comparison, there is some evidence that there is more than one individual here. If I had to clump the photos in two different piles, it looks to me like photos 1, 2, 3, 9 and 13 are the same individual, and photos 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, and 12 are the same individual. I realize this is not the same narrative as "Harvey and Lee". It is still my opinion that it is far more likely that the paper trail of discrepancies surrounding Oswald is the result of deliberate tampering with his records (in an attempt to catch a mole, or deceive a communist spy organization). But the biometric discrepancies are starting to make me wonder. CLICK HERE to see Mr. Phipps’ study.
  9. JFK Lancer Conference 2017

    For those interested, we now have the detailed JFK Lancer conference schedule with speaker times posted at the link below. Also, we are happy that Jim Jenkins will be joining us to participate in a session with Mike Chesser which discusses a new examination of the X ray materials from Bethesda. http://jfklancer.com/Dallas2017/2017welcome.html#schedule
  10. Wecht, CAPA Challenge Warren Report Defenders Sabato, Shenon http://capa-us.org/wecht-capa-challenge-warren-report-defenders-sabato-shenon/
  11. Yesterday
  12. Oswald’s Proficiency in the Russian Language

    Paul, what you've written makes a lot of sense. But I have some questions: - There may have been other patsies, but to my knowlegde none of them was linked to KGB terrorist Kostikov. John Newman thinks that this made Oswald "toxic" and that this was an integral part of the plot. What do you think of that? - What exactly did Oswald say to Volkmar Schmidt about the Bay of Pigs? - What role does Clay Shaw play in your theory? - When and why did Oswald make the switch from Marxist to right-winger?
  13. And once again, rather than leaving it strictly to McAdams I would offer my extensive Nagell research and analysis with a large quantity of related documents (many of which you will not find elsewhere) available on CD from JFK Lancer: http://jfklancer.com/catalog/CDrom.html I'd love to see somebody actually study it and engage in a dialog - I can assure you it will give you a more comprehensive exploration than what you see from McAdam's.
  14. Ken Burns' Vietnam

  15. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Jason, I can certainly see your points, they may be true. I think it's also possible that one poker player doesn't know the identity of the other players, and doesn't want or need to know. Especially if representatives and layers are used. Self preservation and plausible deniability. No connecting points. But ultimately, I suppose anything is possible. Cheers, Roger
  16. Paul - you may want to start here if you want to learn just about everything there is to know about the Nagell story: http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/nagell1.htm Disclaimer - I am definitely not a fan of John McAdams but am merely posting this for educational purposes.
  17. 1. I just described how I'm following the evidence like for example, DJ's "Oswald wasn't in MC" story. I took that info, which was well-written BTW, and looked at other evidence and decided that there's a preponderance that Oswald was set up to take the blame. But for the HL story, you're asking me to - as you said "why don't I just admit that it may be true" - believe in something that doesn't exist. That's the same thing as asking me to believe Santa Claus exists, or god, or the devil, or UFOs. 2. I think I'm about as well-versed with the evidence on this case as anyone else on this forum. Keep in mind too that I DO believe that there was a conspiracy to murder President Kennedy. I'm not a lone nut believer - far from it. If Oswald had lived and if there had been no interference at all from the powers that be - if he had truly been able to secure an all-star team of lawyers to defend him fairly - then based on what we know today I find it impossible that he'd have been found guilty of killing Kennedy and Tippit. Further, I believe that something happened along the way and he was NOT supposed to have lived until Sunday, 11/24. But those two additional days he was around revealed quite a bit - he denied the BYP's were fake (and even had the wits to describe how); he said he was a "patsy," a word that I'm guessing no one else who worked in the TSBD even knew the meaning of; he made quite a mysterious call to John Hurt; and so on. I'm sorry but I can't help it if my "ring of truth" bell goes off like a five-alarm bell does when it comes to this HL story. But if YOU think the evidence DOES prove in your mind's eye that there was a clone that looked like LHO and this went on from '53 until one of them was murdered in Dallas, then that's your right to do so.
  18. New Book!

    Another update: FYI---it appears that the copier/scanner being used by UC-Berkeley to scan my paper FBI files has the ability to immediately email those scanned documents (converted into a PDF file) to anybody. Consequently, it is possible that I will start uploading into Internet Archive the first paper files starting within the next 2 weeks. The boxes containing files related to white supremacist persons and organizations will be the priority. Among the items to be scanned are the following: FBI FILE NUMBER SUBJECT PAGES WS1 Los Angeles 105-1515 Christian Anti-Jewish Party (JB Stoner) 69 WS1 San Francisco 100-19053 Christian Nationalist Crusade (5/43 – 3/56) 643 WS1 San Francisco 105-1535, #120 Christian Nationalist Crusade 10/19/54 summary report 97 WS1 WFO 100-25634 Christian Nationalist Party (Gerald LK Smith) 4/52 – 10/62 448 WS1 HQ 56-2335 Cole, Arthur Bruce (Chairman NSRP) 70 WS1 Los Angeles 157-9494 Cross and the Flag (Christian Nationalist Crusade) 22 WS1 NYC 105-14566 Cross and the Flag 3/55, 5/55, 3/64 (Christian Nationalist Crusade) 94 WS1 HQ 105-75278 Dupes, Neubert aka Ned Dupes (NSRP National Chairman) 126 WS1 Jackson 157-93 former NO 157-44 Klan Infiltration of Law Enforcement 195 WS1 Los Angeles 157-759 Lynch, Charles Conley (aka Connie Lynch) 1146 WS1 Jacksonville 157-760 Lynch, Charles Conley (aka Connie Lynch) 11/21/63à11/20/65 130 WS1 Jacksonville 157-387 National Christian News (Oren Fenton Potito) 623 WS1 HQ 62-43818 Smith, Gerald L. K. (1/46 – 10/48) 519 WS1 HQ 62-43818 Smith, Gerald L. K. (11/41 – 8/45) 505 WS1 HQ 62-43818 Smith, Gerald L. K. (3/42 – 6/42) 259 WS1 HQ 62-43818, #965, #983 Smith, Gerald L.K. Smith – (12/48 and 8/49) 21 WS1 NYC 100-19707 Smith, Gerald L.K. (12/41 – 11/43) 434 WS1 San Diego 105-134 (1A) Smith, Gerald L. K. (GLKS pubs) 214 WS1 HQ 157-1310 Taft, Dewey McKinley 101 WS1 Atlanta 157-48 Xavier, Peter L. 302 WS2 HQ 157-2905 American Royal Rangers (4/65 – 7/66) 264 WS2 Atlanta 100-4976 Christian Anti-Jewish Party (JB Stoner) (7/52 – 6/54) 303 WS2 Birmingham 100-4314 Christian Anti-Jewish Party (JB Stoner) (9/52 – 12/62) 264 WS2 Baltimore 157-865 COINTELPRO—White Hate Groups (2/67 – 6/77) 109 WS2 Baltimore 157-865 (incl 1A file) COINTELPRO—White Hate Groups (9/2/64 à 11/30/66) 358 WS2 Birmingham 157-835 COINTELPRO—White Hate Groups (9/2/64 – 7/15/65) 220 WS2 Cleveland 157-513 COINTELPRO—White Hate Groups (12/65 – 12/66) 188 WS2 HQ 157-9, #1- #63 COINTELPRO—White Hate Groups (9/2/64 – 3/5/71) 190 WS2 HQ 157-9-2 & 157-9-3 & 157-9-4 – misc COINTELPRO—White Hate Groups – GA (9/64 – 1/67) 28 WS2 HQ 157-9-4 – misc serials COINTELPRO—White Hate Groups - AL (10/64 – 11/64) 14 WS2 Jackson 157-640 COINTELPRO—White Hate Groups (9/64 – 5/66) 190 WS2 Knoxville 157-301 COINTELPRO—White Hate Groups (9/2/64 – 12//17/65) 88 WS2 Los Angeles 157-1448 COINTELPRO—White Hate Groups (6/16/66 – 12/23/66) 119 WS2 NYC 157-1259 COINTELPRO—White Hate Groups (9/2/64 à 7/19/76) 280 WS2 Philadelphia 157-1663 COINTELPRO—White Hate Groups (10/65 – 9/76) 191 WS2 WFO 157-770, #1 COINTELPRO—White Hate Groups (Clayton Tabbutt) 3 WS2 Jackson 157-3484 Nix, Deavours (Klan Bureau of Investigation) (7/65 – 1/67) 220 WS2 San Francisco 100-44218 NSRP (7/58 – 4/64) 250 WS2 Chicago 105-2437 Realpolitical Institute (Eustace Mullins) (12/54 – 10/67) 215 WS2 Detroit 157-5671 Statecraft - NYA newsletter (C.B. Baker) (3/70 – 7/71) 201 WS3 Dallas 157-50 American Nazi Party (1/64 – 2/64) 131 WS3 HQ 105-70374 American Nazi Party (Rockwell) 1/62 -- 2899 WS3 Los Angeles 105-6273 Anglo-Saxon Christian Congregation (Wesley A. Swift) (12/29/58-2/5/69) 47 WS3 Philadelphia 157-1542 Burros, Daniel (ANP) 106 WS3 HQ 157-3323 Burros, Daniel (ANP) 153 WS3 HQ 157-560 Butterworth, Herbert Wallace aka Wally (3/19/62 à 1/2/66) 210 WS3 Philadelphia 157-341 (I kept 25pp) Butterworth, Herbert Wallace aka Wally (10/20/61 à 7/20/65) 25 WS3 Los Angeles 105-6272 Comparet, Bertrand L. (12/29/58 à 7/30/64 25 WS3 San Diego 105-348 Comparet, Bertrand L. (2/14/56 à 7/4/75) 245 WS3 Jackson 67-30 (misc 1966 serials) Eastland, James O. (Eastland contacts with Shelton/Bowers) 10 WS3 HQ 157-3118 Fleming, Floyd H. (American Nazi Party) 76 WS3 HQ 105-10315 Georgia Tribune (E.G. 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  19. A Couple of Real Gems from the "Harvey and Lee" Website

    Jeremy, that was sublime. You always know when Hargrove is rattled because he does the info dump shuffle. And this in response to a post ridiculing their habit of lengthy info dumps when they are cornered. They can't stop themselves! Armstrong is sat reading this now, pulling his hair out, and wondering why his runner boys haven't switched to Taiwan yet. It's not been mentioned for over 20 pages now, whereas the school records have been overplayed... "TAIWAN you imbeciles!" He's now screaming at the screen! "Info dump covering EVERYTHING and then move to Taiwan. I'm disappointed in you Jimbo: you're losing it!" Because Hargrove normally knows how to play ball, how to change the pace, to spread the game out, to move the ball from one wing to the other, to play it up-field and swing it about so the opposition doesn't know where he'll be popping up next. He never scores a goal. That's not his intention. He just wants to wear the other team out so that they don't score any. But he's getting old. And the slick artful passes of yesteryear are now just a big hoof down the pitch hoping it will do some good. It's nothing more than a sophisticated LN machine with the ultimate intent of highlighting Oswald's guilt. It is an extremely dishonest version of DVP...that makes money!
  20. Jim - why is the cover of the book using the same Oswald for the photos? They certainly look like the same person to me. Shouldn't one of the photos depict the clone?
  21. The verdict on Jeremy's little 4-act, two-man play: Bravo!
  22. A Couple of Real Gems from the "Harvey and Lee" Website

    Yes, I had one who once went to Stripling too. He says that the FBI never came to the school. Is he a l.i.a.r? He knows all about my antipathy to the H&L story and he was keen to help me with it. He categorically states that not one law enforcement officer of any kind entered the building that day. Because that destroys the H&L narrative I have to believe him. Alas, in the real world us anti H&L folk don't enjoy the fortuitous coincidence of having a key researcher who was also a long term friend of a key witness that destroys your narrative. You wouldn't accept it anyway, and rightly so. If by pure coincidence Greg had had a long term friendship with a 'witness' somehow involved in the H&L tale, and that that witness knew all about Greg's opposition to it, would you accept his testimony if it didn't fit with your theory? Would you not see a conflict of interest?
  23. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Hi Paul, 1> I see the Minutemen as the weaponized faction of the John Birch Society. Don't you agree the JBS has a more coherent leadership structure, and even a marginally more mainstream intellectual appeal? I mean even today the JBS has a website and some name value. All the FBI field reports I read always say that 90% of Minutemen are also JBS, but fewer JBS are Minutemen. In the states where the KKK is strong, there is a further cross-pollination between these three groups according to FBI teletype traffic. On November 22, 1963, numerous FBI agents started tracking down their known local Minutemen/JBS/KKK aggressors and bombing suspects to report whether or not they were in Dallas that day; they were the assumed conspirators at hour 1. 2> So, I kind of see the Minutemen as what the gun nuts in rural Missouri and South Carolina do after the slightly more dignified JBS meeting. As you say, my read is that they are largely cellular in leadership approach and activities. I see that some chapters have regular shoot outs and weapons purchases, while other chapters only have meetings. 3> I have no evidence to support any kind of CT and that isn't my goal as I'm in data processing mode. However, at this point I would say it's more likely that the Radical Right killed JFK (even with a small group of violent Minutemen) than it is the CIA killed JFK. I studied the 9-11 crime when I worked for a major defense contractor and here's the tough truth - this was no globally sophisticated and wealthy effort of conspiratorial masterminds. It was modestly funded (high 6 to low 7 figures), using minimally trained operators, and a very risky and half-baked plan - that happened to work in large part because of incompetent government bureaucracy at multiple levels. So, while I agree Walker is perhaps the leading maximum leader of any reactionary conspiracy, I wouldn't rule out the possibility that a small band of modestly funded Minutemen no-names executed the crime ... counting on Walker-Hunt to cover them up in Dallas as promised. I believe guys like Byron de la Beckwith, Joseph Milteer, and Sam Bowers are violent and lawless to a frenzied degree because they believe their world is coming to an end. The CIA, by contrast, knows their budget and their world lives forever. Killing JFK is a desperate deed from desperate minds. regards Jason The denial of the Dallas office (Hosty?) that the Minutemen exist is of course suspicious and perhaps even fraudulent:
  24. The H&L critics, of course, continue to heap scorn on the two Oswald concept, and, as always, seem unwilling or unable to discuss the actual evidence for two Oswalds. For example, “Oswald” simultaneously attended PS 44 in NYC and Beauregard JHS in New Orleans; and the year before he simultaneously attended school in New York and Stripling school in Fort Worth; his own half brother told the WC pictures of “Oswald” did not appear to be his brother; he both did and didn’t shoot himself in the arm while in the Marines; he sailed the high seas and was stationed in Taiwan while simultaneously being treated for VD in Japan; he appeared at a truck dealership in New Orleans while he was living in Russia; he associated with Marita Lorenz and other anti-Castro Cubans in Florida while living in the USSR; as an adult he changed height nearly daily from 5’ 9” tall to 5’ 11” tall; he both did and didn’t have a valid Texas driver’s license; he associated frequently in Dallas with Jack Ruby while simultaneously living in New Orleans; he appeared at least four times at the Sports Drome rifle range while demonstrably somewhere else; he appeared at places such as the Irving Furniture Mart while working at the TSBD—and on and on. None of the H&L critic want to debate the above evidence here. They just pretend Greg Parker can explain everything—but not here where we can actually debate it.
  25. I'd be interested in replies from the H&L critics
  26. Wow, Mr. B., I only read a few lines, but that must have been a lot of work! Can we discuss some evidence now? Why don't some of you folks explain why a 5' 9" Oswald was carrying a DoD ID card of a 5' 11" Oswald with what appears to be a Russian passport picture of "Oswald" pasted over the original mug shot. Why would that be? What was wrong with the original picture? Here's a post with all the details.
  27. A Couple of Real Gems from the "Harvey and Lee" Website

    Brilliant Jeremy!
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