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  2. Early reports by radio KLIF; There are 3 seperate reports that refer to the incident below, each report gaining more information, which I have combined into one line; A 25 year old man, who panicked upon hearing the shots, ran, snatched up a little girl, was the man first chased by police and arrested. He fitted the earlier Police Department description of 5'10" 165lbs. He was taken to Police Headquarters. ***They initially said Field & Elm, but obviously meant Houston & Elm*** I know of no little girl snatched up by a man, but we do know that John & Faye Chism were there with 3 year old Ricky Chism ****Field & Elm was very close to the area 24 year old Oswald allegedly boarded a bus**** The Chisms were held for 12 hours
  3. Here's an e-mail exchange I had with Dale Myers on April 19th and April 20th, 2019.... Subject: J.C. Brewer and the Tippit radio report Date: 4/19/2019; 5:05 PM EDT From: Dale K. Myers To: David Von Pein ----------------------------- David, I was alerted to this thread and found your comment: “...Such information is also not available in Dale Myers' exhaustive book on J.D. Tippit's murder, "With Malice"....” to be incorrect. My work on this issue was quite exhaustive and appears as endnote No. 617 (pages 738-739 of the 2013 Edition of “With Malice”) which I’ve pasted below for your convenience. Please give credit where credit is due. Dale ============================ "With Malice: Lee Harvey Oswald And The Murder Of Officer J.D. Tippit" by Dale K. Myers (2013 Edition); Endnotes on pages 738 and 739: “[617] 7H2 (WCT [Warren Commission Testimony] of Johnny Calvin Brewer, April 2, 1964) [Note: The exact time that Brewer heard the radio broadcast on the shooting of Officer Tippit is not known, although it was very likely broadcast at about 1:31 p.m. over KBOX radio. There were five major radio stations covering the Dallas area -- WFAA (570 AM), WBAP (820 AM), KRLD (1080 AM), KBOX (1480 AM), and KLIF (1190 AM). All of them routinely monitored the Dallas police radio. A review of archival recordings made by the four [sic; actually five] radio stations show that neither the shooting in Oak Cliff nor its location was broadcast until after Oswald was arrested at 1:51 p.m. However, the archival recordings of two of the radio stations – WFAA and KBOX – do not cover the entire assassination period. The WFAA recordings begin at 1:47 p.m.; KBOX recordings begin at 1:35 p.m. A 1:59 p.m. KBOX report from newsman Sam Pate repeats information known to have been previously broadcast, including a report about the Tippit shooting (“Moments ago a police officer reported to have been shot down at Tenth and Patton in the Oak Cliff area. Several squads of police, approximately twenty men, ordered to the Oak Cliff area. A late word shows that the police officer was dead on arrival at Methodist Hospital.”). This KBOX report on the Tippit shooting was probably broadcast earlier on KBOX shortly after 1:31 p.m. when it was reported over the Dallas police radio that Tippit was DOA at Methodist Hospital. During a 2005 interview for The Sixth Floor Museum, Brewer said that in addition to hearing a report about the Tippit shooting prior to Oswald’s appearance in front of Hardy’s Shoe Store, he also heard a radio report that the President had died. (Interview of Johnny C. Brewer, The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, November 21, 2005) In his 1964 Warren Commission testimony, Brewer said that the president’s death was only a rumor. (7H2) Texas Theater ticket-seller Julia Postal was more specific about the timing of Oswald’s arrival at the theater. “I was listening to KLIF [on a little transistor radio], and I was down in the little box office, and they kept saying that Parkland hadn’t issued an official report, that [President Kennedy] had been removed from the operating table, and everyone wanted to surmise, but still hope...” (7H9 WCT of Julia Postal, April 2, 1964) According to Postal, they had just announced that Kennedy was dead when Oswald ducked into the theater. (24H221 CE2003, p.50, Affidavit of Julia Postal, December 4, 1963) KLIF archival radio recordings show that at 1:27 p.m. KLIF announcers began reporting the “strong rumor” that the President was dead. The official announcement came eight minutes later, at 1:35 p.m., nearly simultaneous with the Dallas police radio call for all units to report to the library at Marsalis and Jefferson – the call that was no doubt responsible for the police activity that drove Oswald to seek refuge in the lobby of Hardy’s Shoe Store and moments later, the Texas Theater. A KLIF radio log entry suggesting that the Tippit shooting and its location were broadcast shortly after White House press secretary Malcolm Kilduff’s 1:33 p.m. news conference on the president’s death, as reported in the 1998 edition of this volume, is misleading. A review of the actual recordings shows that newsman Roy Nichols’ brief report (“...there was a shooting a moment ago of a police officer in the 500 block of West Jefferson in Oak Cliff and he was dead on arrival at Methodist.”) wasn’t broadcast until 2:02 p.m. (KLIF, Dallas, Radio Log, November 22, 1963, Reel No.5, p.8, Entry #23, “Report of shooting of Police Officer in the 500 block of West Jefferson in Oak Cliff a few minutes ago.” Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library, Ann Arbor, MI)]” [End "With Malice" Quotes.] ============================ DVP's E-Mail Reply To Dale Myers.... Subject: Re: J.C. Brewer and the Tippit radio report Date: 4/20/2019; 1:11 AM EDT From: David Von Pein To: Dale K. Myers ----------------------------- Hi Dale, Thank you very much for the information regarding Johnny Brewer and the Tippit radio broadcasts that appears in Endnote No. 617 of the 2013 edition of your book, "With Malice". What I should have said in my Internet post on this matter is that the topic concerning Brewer and the radio stations isn't covered in the 1998 edition of "With Malice", which is the only edition of your book that I currently possess. I don't have the 2013 edition at the present time. The excerpts you have provided via your book's extensive Endnote #617 contain a lot of useful information on this topic. And I was very happy to verify that my own research that I've been doing this week (while utilizing the resources in my own audio/video collection) has been very close to perfect when it comes to some of the specific timestamps of the various radio bulletins that were aired on several of the Dallas-area stations on 11/22/63. Per the figures in your endnote, I hit some of them right on the nose---even though I had no access to any kind of "Radio Logs" for each of the stations. I'm very pleased about that. And I'm pleased to now have a second source (the endnote in your book) with which to verify some of those timestamps. Thanks again, Dale. I appreciate it very much. Regards, David Von Pein [End E-Mails.]
  4. This is fantastic. And so many of them are posting a direct link back to K&K! Have you detected a big uptick in visitors to the site yet? I wonder if Tom Jackman had anything to do with this.
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  6. I take it then that you haven't looked into it Let me know what you find if you do, they might recall what station they were listening to
  7. This is all over the media now. It made the LA Times, The Daily Beast and SF Chronicle today.
  8. Jim - That's superb! Glad to have been a tiny bit of help. Mr. Caddy - That must have been horrifying to hear. Do you ever feel afraid about what you know?
  9. It wasn't a female "officer". It was, as I said earlier, a female telephone operator at the Dallas Police Department. KLIF gave the name of the operator too---it was a "Mrs. Cripton" (sp?) or something similar to that. And she got that description, quite obviously, from her own police department. It was the official APB bulletin that went out over the air to all DPD officers at 12:44 or 12:45 PM CST. And, yes, it's a description that very likely originated (at least in part) with Howard L. Brennan. (The part about the "30-caliber rifle" didn't come from Brennan, however, since Brennan didn't know beans about rifles.) That detail probably came (originally) from Howard Brennan too. (Just as he says in his 11/22 affidavit.).... https://3.bp.blogspot.com/s1500/Howard-Brennan-Affidavit.gif Yeah, I agree, that one is strange. KLIF's 1:08 PM description of the SAME suspect suddenly changed to "approximately 5 feet, 8 inches tall, about 160 pounds". I haven't the foggiest idea how the President's killer managed to shrink two inches and lose five pounds in just five minutes (from 1:03 to 1:08). So, Cory, does this slight "description" discrepancy mean that I'm supposed to toss aside all of the other evidence in this case that clearly indicates that Lee Harvey Oswald was a double murderer on 11/22/63? Heaven help all reasonable people if that is what you're suggesting. Because the "bad memory" explanation makes by far the most sense (in my opinion).
  10. I have no idea. I now have a distinct feeling that my previous hunch is accurate about you, Tony..... "I hope you're not hinting at the idea that Johnny Brewer really didn't listen to ANY radio broadcasts on 11/22 and that he just LATER made up a story about listening to the radio bulletins before spotting Oswald near his store. Tell me you're not travelling down that bumpy road, Tony." ~sigh~
  11. Related Topic.... Julia Postal's December 4, 1963, affidavit is quite an interesting document too. In it, Julia says: "At approximately 1:30 PM or a little later I was working in the ticket office at the theater. I was listening to my transistor radio, and KLIF had just announced that President Kennedy was dead. I had just seen a police car go west on Jefferson. As the police went by, a man ducked inside the theater. .... I stepped from the box office to the front and looked west. When I turned around, Johnny Brewer, Manager of Hardy's Shoes Store, was standing there." The above details would seem to buttress and corroborate the testimony and statements of Johnny Brewer as well. By the way, KLIF officially announced the death of President Kennedy at precisely 1:35 PM CST (which would have been two minutes after Assistant White House Press Secretary Malcolm Kilduff had made the official announcement of JFK's death from Parkland Hospital). So Julia Postal's estimated time for when that event occurred was just about spot-on perfect.
  12. There were several people crowding Brewer's transistor radio for more than an hour; Mr. BELIN - I want to take you back to November 22, 1963. This was the day that President Kennedy was assassinated. How did you find out about the assassination, Mr. Brewer? Mr. BREWER - We were listening to a transistor radio there in the store, just listening to a regular radio program, and they broke in with the bulletin that the President had been shot. And from then, that is all there was. We listened to all of the events. Were these other potential "Oswald" witnesses investigated?
  13. David, thank you for noting yet another "strange coincidence" with the clock. I shall add it to my JFK collection. Now, assuming you are right about the broadcast at 12:54 who was the female officer and where did she get this info? I doubt Howard Brennan was so astute. Then, explain who added slender build and on what basis. Then, explain the basis of the 1:08 description. I find it odd when weighing credibility of witnesses you tend to give far latitude to some and none to others. What FACTS make you give Brewer wide latitude here. In other words, a judge uses facts to weigh witness credibility. What facts make you feel it was just a oops bad memory blunder? Thank you.
  14. Joe O'Donnel claimed to see a photograph of a small wound in the right forehead, but he may not a very credible witness. Another witness - Quentin Schwinn - told Doug Horne in 2010 that, like Dennis David, he was shown a photograph by William Bruce Pitzer which depicted JFK, lying dead with a small wound in his right forehead. A sketch reproduction of what he claimed to see is on page 43 here: https://midnightwriternews.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Washington-Conference-Sep-26-2014.pdf Doug's discussion of Quentin Schwinn: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svDEw3Jgkw8&t=106m22s
  15. I can't see how it makes much difference, since Brewer obviously already knew that information himself. I hope you're not hinting at the idea that Johnny Brewer really didn't listen to ANY radio broadcasts on 11/22 and that he just LATER made up a story about listening to the radio bulletins before spotting Oswald near his store. Tell me you're not travelling down that bumpy road, Tony.
  16. Two neurologists - Dr. Michael Chesser and Dr. Joseph N. Riley - said that the lateral skull x-rays show a small hole in the forehead with the edges of the bone pushed in. Chesser examined the full-quality originals, while Riley only had copies online. http://www.kenrahn.com/Marsh/Autopsy/riley.html http://assassinationofjfk.net/a-review-of-the-jfk-cranial-x-rays-and-photographs/
  17. What's your take on the above statement? It was after the police arrived, during the "chaos" that Postal heard on KLIF that Kennedy was dead (assassinated) Mr. BALL. And did you find out that he had died here? That President Kennedy was dead or---- Mrs. POSTAL. No, sir; I didn't. Mr. BALL. You didn't hear that? Mrs. POSTAL. I was listening to KLIF, and I was down in the little box office, and they kept saying that Parkland hadn't issued an official report, that he had been removed from the operating table, and everyone wanted to surmise, but still hope, and it was after this that they came out and said that he was officially dead. Mr. BALL. But, you didn't hear that when you were in the box office, did you? Mrs. POSTAL. Yes, I did. In fact, I was just about----it was just about the time all chaos broke loose. Did she mean she told Brewer that Kennedy had been shot?
  18. I guess he wasn't a witness but, 1. Asst./acting press secretary Malcom Kilduff on 1/22/63. Say's President's Physician, Admiral Burkley said right through his head, then point's to his right temple. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=malcolm+kilduff+announcement+of+jfk+death&&view=detail&mid=45CD23340249C2039DE645CD23340249C2039DE6&rvsmid=BD58295FCA3C912555A1BD58295FCA3C912555A1&FORM=VDQVAP (last 30 seconds but watch the whole thing, another longer version shows Kilduff visibly shaken before it starts) 2. The KLIF reporter Tony Krome linked says Burkley says right temple. 3. James Jenkins, there assisting Humes on 11/22/63, At The Cold Shoulder Of History. 4. Dennis David, at Bethesda on 11/22/63, picture in William Pitzer's office 3-4 day's after the assassination, to the ARRB. 5. Mortician Tom Robinson, putting wax in the wound. Not sure if these are the five you are talking about, seems maybe I've read of another or two. In addition to Chambers, doesn't Mantic and Chesser conclude such regarding Scientists as well a Horne of the ARRB?
  19. According to Dallas Police Detective Don Stringfellow of the Criminal Intelligence Section, in his memo to Captain W.P. Gannaway of the Special Services Bureau dated November 23, 1963, "Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested in the balcony of the Texas Theater." https://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth191000/m1/1/ According to the Dallas Police Homicide Report on J.D. Tippit, "Suspect was later arrested in the balcony of the Texas Theater" https://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth191000/
  20. Caro thinks the Best and the Brightest has held up over the years? This is why I say that Caro is Establishment all the way. In my last PPoint, called Vietnam Declassified: Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, I show with new evidence why Halberstam is not just wrong, but I actually think he either lied, or knew the info he was getting was false but accepted it anyway. It is one thing to make a mistake. We all do. But then you are an alleged chronicler and you get something the exact opposite of how it happened, then there is a problem there. That betrays an agenda. Halberstam's agenda was that he was a hawk at the time JFK was trying to get out. Halberstam wanted more direct American intervention, not less. Just as his idol Jean Paul Vann did. Halberstam was so rabid that JFK tried to get him rotated out of Vietnam. The NY Times refused. So Kennedy is killed. Halberstam, Sheehan and Vann get their wish of direct US intervention and loads of it. It turns into an epic disaster. In other words Kennedy was right and they were all wrong. Does Halberstam admit any of this? Try and find anywhere that he does. The Best and the Brightest is over 600 ages of filler nonsense, you will not find Halberstam fessing up to his past hawk days or Kennedy's withdrawal plan. Halberstam was a cover up artist, plain and simple. At Gary Aguilar's December salon up in San Francisco I said this in public and I stated I would say it if Halberstam was still alive and even in that room, and dare him to sue me. Interestingly, after I made that address, Jonathan Marshall, one of these parapolitics/deep politics Peter Scott fellows, said with typical arrogance words to the effect that I was saying Kennedy was a peacenik. No Mr. Marshall. I was just presenting the newest facts on the matter. If you don't like them that is your problem. Kennedy was not going to be stupid enough to repeat the experience that he saw the French humiliated with. I don't think that takes a lot of insight. But I will say this, what LBJ did takes lot of ignorance and stubbornness. And that part if pretty obvious.
  21. And yet we know for a fact that KLIF definitely did broadcast a "description" of a "suspect" (in the Kennedy murder), and KLIF re-broadcast that description at least three times before 1:10 PM. And yet Julia apparently heard none of those re-broadcasts, even though she WAS listening to KLIF. Or are you going to LIMIT it to a description of TIPPIT'S killer (from Postal's POV)? Even though Postal was obviously NOT (in her mind) limiting any "description" of the suspect to JUST the shooting of the police officer.... MRS. JULIA POSTAL --...so, I told Johnny about the fact that the President had been assassinated. "I don't know if this is the man they want," I said, "in there, but he is running from them for some reason," and I said "I am going to call the police..."
  22. There are even more witnesses to this right forehead or right temple wound. If you collect them its about five I think. PS I made a mistake, its Tom Robinson not Charles Robinson.
  23. Damn Mr. Caddy, that's pretty deep. If your posting this did Hunt tell you anything about the JFK assassination worth killing over?
  24. Gene, I beg to disagree with you about McCord. I fail to see how a guy like that deserves a measure of respect. I look at McCord as one of these extreme right-wingers who would do almost anything Helms wanted him to do. No matter if it broke the law or not. As I wrote in my obituary, McCord even lied about his role with Phillips in the anti FPCC campaign, and this was just a few months before he died. To his own minister! As one can see by reading Jim Hougan's Secret Agenda, or my article, it is quite difficult to explain his behavior the night of the break in any benign way. And does anyone who is a security consultant not sterilize the hotel rooms, and then leaves the hotel keys with the burglars? The strongest evidence of this I think is Angelo Lano's testimony for the Nixon Library interview. He goes even further and says that Schoffler, the cop, was tipped off. I did not go into that but Jim Hougan has a fascinating appendix in his book on that issue. If you have not read Secret Agenda, then you really should.
  25. Julia Postal was listening to KLIF She said to the police when she phoned them; I said I hadn't heard the description. All I know is, "This man is running from them for some reason."
  26. Washington Metropolitan Police Detective, who was a Military Intelligence Agent assigned from the Pentagon to the Police Department, wanted me killed in the early day of Watergate for several reasons, one being he feared that I knew too much because of Howard Hunt might have told me about the Kennedy assassination. After I turned down the overture from Kalmbach and Dean during the July 4, 1972, holiday weekend to pass "hush" money to the defendants , I have reason to believe that assassination was re-considered but passed upon. -------------------------------- AFFADAVIT 1972 CONSPIRACY TO ASSASSINATE DOUGLAS CADDY, Original Attorney for the Watergate Seven I, Robert Merritt, attest to the following facts regarding my involvement with the Watergate attorney Douglas Caddy, who represented the burglars known as the Watergate Seven. On Saturday, June 17, 1972, five burglars broke into the Democratic National Committee offices in Watergate and were arrested at 2:30 Watergate Exposed 6 A. M. by Washington, D.C. Police Officer Carl Shoffler. At the time the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department employed me as a Confidential Informant and assigned me to work directly with Officer Shoffler. Two weeks before the arrests at Watergate I provided information to Shoffler about the planned break-in of the DNC that I had obtained as a Confidential Informant from a highly unusual source. By using this advance information, Shoffler developed a successful triangulation strategy that in effect set the burglars up in a form of entrapment. The Watergate scandal thus began and ultimately forced the resignation of President Nixon. Shoffler came to my apartment in Washington, D.C. late in the morning of the day of the events at Watergate and exulted in having made the arrests. He told me that he had secretly telephoned the Washington Post soon after the arrests to tip the newspaper off to what had occurred. He then demanded his special birthday present from me, which I was only too happy to perform. (First meeting) Three days later, on June 20, 1972, Shoffler showed up at my apartment with his supervisor, Police Sgt. Paul Leeper. They asked me if I knew someone by the name of Douglas Caddy, who lived at the Georgetown House, a high-rise apartment, at 2121 P St., N. W., which was directly across the street from my apartment. They told me Douglas Caddy was an attorney who was representing the Watergate burglars and that Douglas Caddy was a communist and pro-Cuban and was a leader of the Young Americans for Freedom. They wanted me to establish a sexual relationship with Douglas Caddy to find out how Douglas Caddy knew to show up for the arraignment of the burglars after their arrest. They asserted that Douglas Caddy had to be in on the conspiracy with the burglars and that in the past he had been shadowed when he frequented a leather-Levi gay bar in Greenwich Village in Manhattan. Shoffler and Leeper related that Douglas Caddy had been working as a White House attorney in a sensitive position. They claimed that I was butch enough to entice Douglas Caddy, a masculine gay guy, into a sexual affair to obtain the information they wanted. They told me that this was the most important thing that I could do for my country and that I would be well-paid if I undertook the assignment. Their initial offer was $10,000. I asked Shoffler about who it was that so desperately wanted this information from Douglas Caddy and he said that it was Prologue 7 from very high up sources in the Department of Justice and the U. S. Attorney’s office. I did not commit to doing the assignment. Two days later, on June 22, 1972, which was my birthday, Shoffler came to my apartment to give me my birthday present. He spent the entire day with me. Afterwards, when we were relaxing in bed, he gently tried to persuade me to cooperate with him and Leeper regarding the Douglas Caddy assignment. I emphatically told him “No.” I didn’t know Douglas Caddy and I didn’t know how to get to know him and I was bothered that undertaking the assignment could lead to the destruction of another gay person who apparently was still in the closet and merely attempting to represent his clients. We talked about the break-in and Shoffler told me straight out that the burglars were hired indirectly by one of the 100 families of America, which Shoffler named as the Kennedy Family. Shoffler said, “The intention of the Watergate break-in was to destroy the Nixon presidency. President Nixon was guilty of nothing in its planning.” Shoffler said that there were hidden motivations involved, such as the fear of law enforcement agencies that their turf would be reduced by President Nixon through a scheme known as the Houston Plan, the CIA’s concern that President Nixon planned to reorganize the intelligence agencies and their operations, and the Defense Department’s opposition to Nixon’s new China policy. I asked Shoffler if he was angry at me for refusing to take the Caddy assignment and he smiled at me and said he was glad that I didn’t. (Third meeting) In the March 1973, nine months after the initial overture and a month after the first Watergate trial ended, I met with Shoffler and Leeper, FBI agents Terry O’Connor and Bill Tucker and their FBI Agent-In-Charge, whose name escapes me. Leeper did most of the talking. He again tried to persuade me to take on the Douglas Caddy assignment, making an initial offer of $25,000. I refused outright. The group then said that I could be paid as much as $100,000 if I took the assignment but I still refused without providing any explanation. Once it was understood that I would not accept the offer, Leeper declared that the least I could do was to spread the rumor around Washington, D. C. that Douglas Caddy was gay in an effort to force him to come out of the closet. Their intention was to defame Douglas Caddy. This was the last attempt to persuade me to take the Douglas Caddy assignment. The group departed angrily, with the exception Shoffler, who secretly winked at me as he went out the door. Watergate Exposed 8 DISCLOSURE OF SECOND MEETING On June 17, 2009, 37 years after Watergate, I notified Douglas Caddy, now an attorney in Houston, Texas, of a well kept secret and informed him of a new Watergate revelation. (Previously I had disclosed to Douglas Caddy that there had been two meetings regarding the Caddy assignment as discussed above.) I then informed Douglas Caddy that there had been a second meeting about the Caddy assignment. It took place on June 28, 1972, with Shoffler and four others agents who were never introduced to me. I am quite certain that these agents were from either Military Intelligence or the CIA. I know that they were not FBI agents from their manner and the special type of assignment they asked me to do regarding Douglas Caddy. Shoffler and these agents met with me in my apartment at 2122 P Street, N.W. Douglas Caddy did in fact live across the street from me in the Georgetown House at 2121 P St., N.W. One of the agents, whom I will never forget, had two plastic bags, one containing two small blue pills and another that had a laboratory test tube with a small gelatin substance that was approximately ¼ inch in diameter. He referred to it as a suppository. The assignment was to become intimately acquainted with Douglas Caddy as quickly as possible. The exact description of the assignment was to engage in oral sex with Douglas Caddy and in doing so I was suppose to fondle his balls and ass, and at the same time insert the small gelatin like suppository into his rectum, which would have caused death within minutes. If there were any delay in the lethal process that would prevent me from leaving fast from his presence, then I was to take the small blue pills, which would have caused me nausea, providing me with an excuse to leave for home immediately. The agents told me that Douglas Caddy had to be eliminated without fail. My first reaction was that they were “nuts.” But then Shoffler pulled me aside and whispered that this was a very real and serious situation and the decision was entirely up to me. The agents were planning a pre-arranged way for me to meet Douglas Caddy, which they did not disclose at the time. I asked the agents what the reason was that they wanted for me to go to this length and why they and the government were taking such a risk. I was told that this matter involved a high national security situation that they were not at liberty to disclose. The Prologue 9 agents stated that their orders did not allow them to know the answers and that they were only following orders from their superiors who sometimes did not know the answers either and merely implemented instructions from those above. However, from the agents’ comments I inferred that because Douglas Caddy was gay, that was reason enough. The agents informed me that I would be well taken care of for this assignment. They also said that I would never have to worry about anything for the rest of my life. I was totally repulsed by the entire assignment and proposition. After I emphatically refused, the agents swore me to secrecy and left. Only in July of 1986 when I was subpoenaed by Shoffler to testify before the grand jury in the Lenny Bias case in Upper Marlboro, Maryland did he ever discuss this subject again. At that time he said, “Butch, I am glad that you did not go through with that Douglas Caddy assignment because I found out that those two little blue pills would have caused your instant death.” I regret that I never disclosed these facts until now. I suppressed this information out of fear for my life. Some of the background information in this affidavit about my relationship with Shoffler as a Confidential Informant was disclosed by Jim Hougan in his 1984 best-selling book, Secret Agenda: Watergate, Deep Throat and the CIA (see pages 320-323). Some was also disclosed in the Watergate Special Prosecution Force Memorandums of its two interviews of me and one of Officer Carl Shoffler in 1973. This sworn statement is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God. I, Robert Merritt, swear in this affidavit that the facts are true to the best of my knowledge under the penalty of perjury. Robert Merritt Subscribed and sworn to before me on the 28th of July, 2009, to certify which witness my hand and seal of office. Notary Public in and for the State of New York Ricardo S. Castro Notary Public, State of New York No. 01CA5041272 Qualified in Bronx County Comm. Exp. 08/29/09 7/29/09
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