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  2. Larry, I have no doubt that the physical documents reside at the museum, but where are the pdf files that were created? Steve Thomas
  3. Bill, Mr. DULLES. I think that would be useful. I would like to know that. I would like to know where they got this address also. Mr. REVILL. It would have been the same day because this was made within an hour---- The CHAIRMAN. I think that is all. Thank you, again, lieutenant. Mr. REVILL. I will attempt to find out on that address, and I shall let Mr. Sorrels know, with Secret Service. It's Dulles, not Rankin who keeps pushing Revill where he got this address. Is Dulles concerned that Revill knew about a connection of a Harvey Lee Oswald to Elsbeth St, and how Revill would know about that? Just about the time when Revill would have revealed when he obtained this address, he is cut off. Warren Commission Document# 948 is a memo from Sorrels to Inspector Kelley dated May 19, 1964. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=11344#relPageId=2&tab=page In that memo, Sorrels says that Revill contacted Sorrels (it does not say how this contact was made), and said that Revill told him he got the 605 Elsbeth address orally from Bob Carroll. As the driver of the car that took Oswald from the Theater to the police station, Carroll allegedly looked back over his shoulder and read the address off a Dallas Public Library card that had been removed from Oswald's billfold by one of the officers in the back seat. Carroll allegedly said that he misread the number as 605 instead of 602. This is six days after Revilll's WC testimony, and one month after Bob Carroll told the WC that no mention of an address had been made in the car transporting Oswald to City Hall. Detective Bob Carroll's testimony before the Warren Commission April 3, 1964 http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/russ/testimony/carroll.htm Mr. BELIN. Did he give two names? Or did someone in the car read from the identification? Mr. CARROLL. Someone in the car may have read from the identification. I know two names, the best I recall, were mentioned. Mr. BELIN. Were any addresses mentioned? Mr. CARROLL. Not that I recall; no, sir. In their after-action reports filed with Chief Curry on December 3rd, neither Caroll (DPD Archives Box 5, Folder# 2, Item# 73), nor Detective E.E. Taylor, Special Services Bureau, Narcotics Section (DPD Archives Box 5, Folder# 2, Item# 81) make any mention of giving Revill Oswald’s address. http://jfk.ci.dallas.tx.us/box5.htm K.E. Lyon, who was also in the car transporting Oswald to City Hall in his report: Box 5, Folder# 2, Item# 78 makes no mention of obtaining Oswald's address A copy of the Library Card can be found in CD 5, page 492. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=10406#relPageId=497&tab=page The Library Card does that does exist in the official records as shown above is in the name of Lee Harvey Oswald, but when the police arrived at Beckley, they were looking for someone named Harvey Lee Oswald. The housekeeper, Earlene Roberts testified to the Warren Commission, that, Mrs. ROBERTS. Well, it was Will Fritz' men---it was plainclothesmen and I was at the back doing something and Mr. Johnson answered the door and they identified themselves and then he called me. Mr. BALL. What did they say? Mrs. ROBERTS. Well, they asked him if there was a Harvey Lee Oswald there. Mr. BALL. And you didn't have that name you didn't ever know his name was Lee Oswald? Mrs. ROBERTS. No---he registered as O. H. Lee and they were asking for Harvey Lee Oswald. The police had been dispatched to N. Beckley at 2:40 PM. Steve Thomas
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  5. Chief Jesse Curry said that the Dallas police did not know about the defector Lee Oswald living in their midst until after the assassination. It is not credible. The CIA and the FBI knew that he was living there. So did the Cubans in New Orleans. So did the Odio family and their friends and allies living in Dallas. Yet there is no official DPD record or testimony admitting that basic fact. It is not credible.
  6. Here's an important addition to bullet point #7: Revill said he got the list on 11/22 of TSBD employees that he gave to Gannaway, led with the wrong address of "Harvey Lee Oswald" as "605 Elsbeth" - this address came from from Detective Carroll or Detective Taylor or other "officers involved in the arrest". The list names a number of people as not in the building! Even Dulles claimed he wanted to know the story on the Elsbeth address - which was probably parked in the Army's "Harvey Lee Oswald" intelligence file for some time - and Revill could have got it from Army Intelligence either before or on 11/22. Revill's response for Dulles and the WC on 5/19/64 was that he got it orally from Carroll, who misread the 602 Elsbeth address on LHO's library card when he looked at Oswald's wallet from "back over his shoulder" - Carroll was sitting in the front seat, so it's at least credible. But note how the "Harvey Lee Oswald" is also in there - and that was the Army's file on him. Carroll did not "misread" that - there was all kinds of info in the wallet, none with that name! Also note how the WC refused to address the "Harvey Lee Oswald" on the list, only the "605 Elsbeth". Detective Carroll was with Gannaway's criminal intelligence unit, and also came up with the pistol allegedly Oswald's at the theater. An addition and correction to bullet point #7: Molina was accused by Gannaway's team during the night of Nov. 22 of associating with Communist and subversive elements and indicated that Molina was a friend of Oswald. Molina knew who Oswald was, but had no relationship with him. One spooky fact is that "Prayer Man" was standing next to Molina in the notorious photos. Was Molina being intimidated in some way? I earlier said Molina sued the police - he sued the Radio Station WRR for false statements made by the police - but I see nothing showing he sued the police themselves. Bullet point #11 Stringfellow mistakenly identifies Oswald as being arrested in the balcony. Was this a slip by someone who couldn't remember what he was and wasn't supposed to know? Many have pointed to this as evidence that another man looking like Oswald was apprehended in the balcony and taken out the back door - as witnessed by hobby store owner Bernard Haire - and the man in the balcony was the man who was chased by Johnny Brewer into the theater. Brewer exchanged words before he began his pursuit with 2 unnamed IBM employees who frequented his shoe store in the weeks before 11/22 and would "kill time and lounge around", who were listening to the radio reports of the Tippit shooting right before the Oswald sighting. Brewer had known them throughout the time of his employment - he began working there in August 1962. Were these IBM employees part of the operation? This Stringfellow ID of "Oswald arrested in the balcony" is the opening of the Criminal Intelligence file maintained by Gannaway. For whatever reason, Gannaway ordered a string of interviews on or about Feb. 17, 1964 - probably at the request of the Warren Commission. Ticket taker Julia Postal heard about the announcement of JFK's death on the radio - which was at 1:30 - "just about the time all chaos broke loose". Moments later, as her boss was leaving the building, the Oswald figure entered the theater with Brewer in pursuit. After Postal called the police, the dispatcher told Jerry Hill and others at 1:46 that the suspect was "in the balcony". Bob Carroll of Gannaway's Special Services Bureau gets Oswald's gun inside the theater, who hands it over to an insistent Jerry Hill - who calls in the report to the dispatcher that Oswald was captured at 1:51.
  7. As one can see from below: https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/alex-jones-on-the-kennedy-murder-a-painful-case
  8. Why is it when answers to direct questions or responses are asked for the subject is either ignored or changed? Specifically regarding the Mutual Defense Agreements the unindictable, pardon dispensing, omnipresedential, lilly white rose in the Oval Office enjoys with a half dozen or so felons and another two dozen subjects in the Russian conspiracy bit? How about the money expended in organic searches, never mind the ridiculous 40k number for Facebook?
  9. Steve, I'm not sure those guys in your photo look like Marines. They look more like men from the Turkish Brigade in the Korean War. The Turks were a cruel people and were remembered by the Koreans after the Korean War without fondness. I heard many stories about the Turks in 1967 and 1968. Stories of their cruelty and treatment of the Koreans. This was 10 or 15 years after they left Korea. I probably need to look that up, the time the Turks left Korea. However, they could be Marines. In reviewing things for those comments I made earlier, I ran across those kind of photos similar to the one you showed. What you are looking at is soldiers wearing the M-1938 Leggings from WWII and the Korean War. As far as I know these were not worn after the Korean War. So, I guess amend what I said to Jim Hargrove to mid to late 1950s. The system of blousing boots became standard in the Army after the Korean War and replaced this leggings system. In the Marines they simply did without leggings or blousing boots after the Korean War. When I first entered the Army those times describing WWII and the Korean War were called the "old brown boot" Army by the men who served during those times. I served with men who at that time were senior NCOs and had fought in WWII and the Korean War. The WWII guys were old. Really old to us who just entered the Army. They were in their late 30s and early 40s and looked so old to us kids. I remember fondly, one old NCO who claimed to have served in WWII with "Archie" Murphy. Of course, he was referring to Audie Murphy, the most decorated man in WWII. However, they knew the Army and Army stuff from A to Z and you could learn a lot from them if you listened. The Viet Nam war was fought by kids or young men 17 to 26 years old. If you go to the Oswald 201 file and look at the Michael Paine Army photos mixed in with Oswald's photos, you will see what GIs looked liked form 1953 and afterwards to 1963. The Ridgeway cap was standard for the time of 1953 to 1963 and was replaced by the Viet Nam era Army baseball cap. However, by that time, 1953, leggings were out and bloused boots were in.
  10. Whitaker worked at the Rouge and had no connection to SS100X. He may have heard Vaughn Ferguson, who was with SS100X after the assassination, talk about his experiences when Ferguson came to Dearborn. I cover this in my ebook Midnight Blue to Black: https://www.amazon.com/Midnight-Blue-Black-Presidential-Assassination-ebook/dp/B07KRW1B5L/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=midnight+blue+to+black+pamela+brown&qid=1571539977&sr=8-3
  11. Chuck - congratulations. I know how difficult chemo can be, having just watched my girlfriend go through 18 weeks for peritoneal stage 3B.
  12. I think Alan Dulles was the mastermind of the Big Event. And, that was why LBJ put him on the WC. LBJ knew that Alan Dulles knew what to keep secret and how to keep it secret. Dulles was the only one on the WC that worked full time on the WC. Most had full time jobs and worked on the WC part time. Dulles, in essence , controlled the WC. Charles Cabell , who worked for Dulles in the CIA, was a general in the Army Air Force and could have had a rapport with other Generals such as Lemay or Lenmitzer. On a personal note, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Bladder Cancer in the Fall of 2017 and had 6 cycles of chemo ( which killed the cancer) and then had major surgery. So far, my cancer has not returned. I echo Jim's point on health insurance. If I had to pay for my chemo and/or surgery out of my own pocket, I would be broke. For instance, I know (through my health insurance "Explanation of Benefits" ) my chemo cost $20,000 per cycle and my surgery cost $44,000. And, there were/are much more costs that my insurance also covers.
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  14. It should be pretty easy to resolve whether they are at the Sixth Floor Museum, just contact the archivist. And as far as we have seen in recent years the only restriction on access would have to be something established by the owner during the grant of transfer.
  15. I posted this days ago. To me its probably the best article there is on the so called FB angle and it specifically deals with the MSM accusations. https://consortiumnews.com/2018/10/10/the-shaky-case-that-russia-manipulated-social-media-to-tip-the-2016-election/ Second, how can you possibly say that the FBI played a crucial role in beating HRC, and ignore what they did with the Steele Dossier and trying to get people close to Trump interested in the so called HRC emails? Third, what Trump has tried to do through people like Barr, and unsuccessfully Gowdy, is trace the beginnings of this whole Steele Dossier, Russian collusion angle which began before the election. Mr. Wheeler has posted some really interesting stuff about this that you will not get from the MSM. And when I say MSM, I also include the so called liberal blogosphere. Which has become the MSM online. They invested tons of credibility in this Russian collusion idea also. Here is a pretty good article on the whole can you indict a sitting president issue: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-russia-indictment-explainer/can-a-sitting-us-president-face-criminal-charges-idUSKCN1QF1D3
  16. The sample range will grow larger as I continue on. I believe you used 18.3fps(average) for Z, I will stick with 15.6fps (average) which is quite close to its factory spec. The progressive frame count from my sync point (Z435) to the end of Bell is 81 frames. 81/15.6 = 5.19sec.
  17. Then why did the Russia-hacks-DNC story only make two 24 hour news cycles over the last 5 months of the campaign, with nothing on that matter over the last 70 days? The Obama administration denounced Russia for interference in the US election on Oct. 7 and that item never made the news cycle. The Mueller investigation didn't start until after Trump fired Comey -- the guy who installed him in the White House! If "the establishment" wanted Clinton to win why was she hammered relentlessly for two years over her nothing-burger e-mails? Trump openly solicited Russian interference in the 2016 election. He's openly solicited Ukrainian and Chinese interference in the 2020 election. Team Fascist wants to call this fake news... The only journalists and analysts you credit are those who feed into your confirmation bias. Those who claim The Deep State was out to sabotage Trump's campaign couldn't "deep analyze" their way out of an open paper bag.
  18. Anthony, Back in 2008, when the Dallas Morning News made these available online, I went through them pretty extensively. You can find my analyses (pl of analysis?) here: New Dallas Documents Online In the end, when the News was trying to decide what to do with these documents, I urged the News to donate them to the Mary Ferrell Foundation where they could be scanned and made keyword searchable. Instead, it's my understanding that they were given to the Sixth Floor Museum where they remain locked up. (Gary Mack and I went round and round about this. He assured me they would be accessible). Steve Thomas
  19. John, I respect the work you do, and not having been in the military, I would defer to your knowledge about how some things work, but in researching U.S. Marines 1950's - Images, I ran across several pictures of Marines with their boots "bloused" - like this one: https://macaudailytimes.com.mo/this-day-in-history-1950-pyongyang-taken-as-un-retreats.html It looks like sometimes they did, and sometimes they didn't. Steve Thomas
  20. Are those particular files physically accessible to researchers?
  21. Honestly guys - believe what you want to believe. Good luck to you. The establishment beef with Trump has been based on foreign policy, specifically his opinions on improving relations with Russia. No lie or slander has been out of bounds in an effort to prevent a policy of rapprochement. The New York Times and Marco Rubio have been leading the pack on these efforts, and their sources and methods have often lacked simple journalistic ethics. Anyone can write a report or make an assertion - the devil is in the details, as you should know. The professional journalists and analysts who have broken down the details - rather than simply take everything at face value - have clearly demonstrated that the establishment line is a pack of lies.
  22. I wondered a little bit about the "dragging guns up the mountainside" reference by Oswald in his conversation with Priscilla Johnson. I asked myself why Americans would be doing the manual labor. These references might explain it a little bi, and lend some credence to what Oswald was saying: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taiwan "During the Second Taiwan Strait Crisis in September 1958, Taiwan's landscape saw Nike-Hercules missile batteries added, with the formation of the 1st Missile Battalion Chinese Army that would not be deactivated until 1997." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Taiwan_Strait_Crisis "Twelve long-range 203 mm (8.0 in) M115 howitzer artillery pieces and numerous[quantify] 155 mm howitzers were transferred from the U.S. Marine Corps to the Army of the Nationalist China. These were sent west to Kinmen Island to gain superiority in the artillery duel back and forth over the straits there." Steve Thomas
  23. Yep. That's correct. It appears that sometimes they rolled their trousers up. In this familiar photo look at the way the trousers and boots are worn. Marines did not blouse boots until their regulations changed in 2003. So any photos of the 1950s or 60s should reflect that dress code of unbloused boots. I have no idea why they dressed that way, but they did and nobody in the Army could change that when Marines visited or were stationed at an Army post. Your points on the HSCA are well made. Particularly, Warren Commission Exhibit 918. "Oswald did not sail from Yokosuka, Japan, on September 16, 1958. He remained aboard NAS, Atsugi as part of the MAG-11 rear echelon." A bit of naval jargon to confuse the issue and make you think he is on a ship. "remained aboard NAS, Atsugi". Doesn't this suggest a ship. NAS actually is Naval Air Station, Atsugi and not a ship. By saying "remaining aboard" suggests a ship and not a land, Naval Air Station..
  24. So you think the Zapruder gap is Z435 to Z469 (34 frames), with the Bell gap being 29 frames? If Zapruder was 18.3 FPS then this makes Bell about 15.6 FPS, which seems fairly close to the quoted rate for Bell's camera you mentioned in an earlier post (i.e. 16 FPS). By contrast if Zapruder was running a bit slower at say 17.3 FPS, then this section of Bell would have been 14.8 FPS. With Zapruder at 17.3 FPS, that makes the Wiegman film about 30.1 FPS between Z295 and Z447. This is all within acceptable boundaries I would say, both in terms of the cameras and also my study of the Wiegman timing anomaly in section C of the handbook. As always though, there are margins for error, so an extra frame or two here or there will change the ratio dramatically as 29 sample frames is quite a small range.
  25. Ernie, Thank you for clarifying this. I have been staggered in the past by the amount of work you put into compiling these records. What a monumental undertaking! Steve Thomas
  26. So, David, you'd be pretty sure that the head shot we see in the Zapruder film came from the direction of the South Knoll, correct? It certainly looks like that to me. Just to add another thought to what you're saying to Ron, in the instant before the explosive head shot, JFK's face was pushed down and forward by an almost simultaneous shot from the rear. This would have made the entrance of the head shot bullet higher on the forehead than it otherwise would have been, but still consistent with a shot from the South Knoll.
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