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  2. Warren Commission doubters W.C. member Richard Russell said: "They [the FBI] have tried the case and reached a verdict on every count." Russell then wrote a letter of resigna­tion from the Warren Commission to Lyndon Johnson, which the President refused to accept. W.C. member Hale Boggs said, "We have not been told the truth about Oswald." Boggs and Alaska Senator Nick Begich vanished when their small plane disappeared in the Alaska wilderness during a routine flight from Anchorage to Juneau.W.C. member John I. McCloy told the HSCA in 1978, "I no longer feel we had no credible evidence or reliable evidence in regard to a conspiracy...."W.C. member Senator John Sherman Cooper never agreed with the "single bullet theory," and expressed doubts to fellow members.The two W.C. Commission members who remained committed to the conclusions of the Warren Report were, not surprisingly, former CIA Director Allen Dulles (who attended more WC meetings than any other member), and Gerald Ford, a man described by Newsweek the "CIA's best friend in Congress."After leaving office, the man who created the Warren Commission, President Lyndon Johnson, expressed doubts about the Warren Commission's conclusion for the remain­der of his life. On one occasion he told his aide, Marvin Watson, that he was convinced there was a plot in connection with the assassination and "felt the CIA had something to do with the plot." Lyndon Johnson was correct, but it has taken JFK researchers nearly a half-century to arrive at the same conclusion.
  3. McCully was not on the front steps, a FBI agent 'advised' her to say this. I spoke with her daughter just over a year ago.
  4. Thanks to Malcolm Blunt. Scans by me. The following two docs have annotations next to the draft document. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vMO3Z6t32QeiyJu4SZOrsmoy10AVY4Xi/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1q68xfFyJurmrb-LgFyQzzCJtwjCMKqGE/view?usp=sharing And no doubt there is more once you start digging. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1VRW5qQuUKeU6Emw6w6oyMjOxKY7Qwtms?usp=sharing
  5. Wow! Most and probably all of the names above (except for John and Mary and Grace herself) are surely the brothers and sisters of Grace Blair (who became the wife of Emil Gardos). If any of these people lived in NYC, especially in Manhattan near 77th and Second Ave. around the time Emil and Grace lived there, we may well have found the anonymous caller! I'll start working on this tomorrow. Megathanks to all for some real research here!
  6. This should get you started. LBJ...1. Doubted the SBT. (Phone call with Russell) 2. Connected the assassination in his mind to Kennedy's actions in Vietnam and Cuba. (Various comments from 1963 to 1973). McCloy... 1. Doubted the SBT. (Notes on draft of Warren report) Russell... 1. Doubted the SBT. (Phone call with LBJ) 2. Expressed outrage when he realized no transcripts were created in which his doubts were recorded. (Numerous articles and statements by Weisberg.) Boggs... 1. Doubted the SBT. (Newspaper article?) Cooper... 1. Doubted the SBT. (HSCA testimony) Ford... 1. Suspected Oswald was under the influence of someone, but stressed that the WC couldn't find any evidence of just who this was.. (Numerous interviews and articles over the years, including, as I recall, his HSCA testimony...and the intro to a limited edition WR put out shortly before his death).
  7. DJ, According to Paul J, Tibor Kajan's "Circus Maximus" was published in 1962 in Berlin. Otherwise, you ask some fascinating questions. I'll try to do some digging tomorrow.
  8. The picket fence has been torn apart by tourists and then replaced many times since 1963. As far as the book store...when Gary Mack was still alive, and a member of this forum, people used to attack him and claim NO conspiracy books were allowed in the book store. So I made a point of writing down what books were available in the store every time I went there, and report back on this forum. It was true that the books were mostly LN books. But there was usually one or two "safe" conspiracy books, e.g. Real Answers by Gary Cornwell, included in the mix. I was there again on the 23rd but forgot to check this time, in part because the current curator, Steve Fagin, appears to be a bit more open-minded than Gary (to the point even of having Cyril Wecht speak at the Museum), and had in fact made an appearance at the CAPA conference the day before.
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  11. Last but not least.... https://drive.google.com/file/d/12_RY1gCeKH2beGqLSySuJNSugJlWIRvu/view?usp=sharing is a link to an article from MADISON WISC describing how LEE OSWALD, LIFEGUARD saves a child from drowning in 1961 while Harvey is in MINSK.
  12. A thought.... the address is much more Jewish than Hungarian... Ruby made a few comments along those lines... I wouldn't put too much stock in that address as being too meaningful.... Again... If Grace and Emil leave the country without John... who is AMALIA GARDOS living where Emil lived?
  13. Many thanks to everyone here for the advice. I visited Dealey Plaza today at high noon. It was almost surreal to observe Elm Street from the Grassy Knoll. Does anyone know if the wooden pickets on the old fence by the parking lot behind the concrete wall on the Knoll are the originals from 1963? The distances along Elm Street (from Houston Street to the overpass) were shorter than I imagined. BTW, I noticed that the museum book store across Houston Street from the TSBD was selling only false history books-- Case Closed, Reclaiming History, etc. Not a single copy of Rush to Judgment, Crossfire, Destiny Betrayed, or any of the good stuff. It was irritating. I resisted the urge to scold the store clerk for the terrible selection of JFKA "history" books offered to the local tourists.
  14. I'll do you one better, Jim: your latest book is my favorite book of all time, while Destiny Betrayed is up there, too: https://vincepalamara.com/my-top-25-plus-favorite-jfk-assassination-books-favorite-dvds-and-more/ It was correspondence with Doug Horne (and Dr. Aguilar) and James Douglass that set me straight. That was an embarrassing few months. My heart never left, but my head was all messed up haha
  15. The 1940 census for Ironwood, Gogebic Co, MI:GARDOS, Emil age 34 b. Hungary, occupation Pressman/Newspaperwife Grace age 29 b. WIson John age 1 b. MIThey listed their residence in 1935 as Manhattan, NY I should add that this is listed in genealogy.com under the FRED & NAOMI BLAIR entry
  16. Is it possible he had this book all along - that he never BOUGHT it but had it as a family heirloom? And what about AMALIA GARDOS? Could that be EMIL's sister taking care of JOHN when Grace and Emil leave? (It's Grace {Fred BLAIR's sister} Gardos btw, so AMALIA is still a mystery) EDIT: IS AMALIA Grace's middle name? Furthermore, the town where JOHN GARDOS was born in 1940, is literally on the Michigan/Wisconsin border... And finally, Fred BASSETT BLAIR's mother's FULL NAME was - Mary AMALIA/AMELIA BASSETT So Grace BLAIR marries Emil GARDOS yet we have an AMALIA GARDOS living at 217 E 86th - same address as Grace and Emil.... 217 E 86th and 325 E 92nd (Pic's apartment) are only blocks from each other with PS155 Yorkville Community School also just blocks away.... (Pic claimed that Lee went to a nearby school but did not like it - he seems to have been off by a street as PS155 is east of 1st on 88th.) Who, exactly, was AMALIA GARDOS? Mr. PIC - No, sir; my mother did. I think this is a public school in New York City located on about 89th, 90th Street between Third Avenue and Second Avenue. Lee didn't like this school. I didn't much blame him.
  17. It's a truly historic disgrace for the GOP, the Gas-lighting Old Party. They're all staying carefully on message with their false narratives -- i.e., that the articles of impeachment aren't based on clearly established evidence of Trump's extortion scam in the Ukraine, (and blatant obstruction of the Congressional inquiry) and that his impeachment is merely a partisan attempt to reverse the results of the 2016 election. The conduct of Trump and his GOP Goon Squad in Congress this week (and in the mainstream media) is simply nauseating-- unwatchable. My question. Why are so many people in this country willing to lie and enable Trump's sociopathic, blatantly illegal conduct? It's hard to believe that these are some of the same dishonest GOP goons who spent years "investigating" the Clintons-- including Kenneth Starr's five year, open-ended "White Water" investigation, Benghazi-gate, Email-gate, etc.-- and impeached Bill Clinton for trying to cover up details of a private, consensual sexual affair that had nothing to do with affairs of state! The best article I have read all year about the absurdity of the Trump GOP in 2019 was a piece published by Amanda Marcotte at Salon.com entitled, "How the GOP Trained Their Base To Ignore Trump's Criminality." It should be required reading in classrooms across the country. https://www.salon.com/2019/02/20/numb-to-corruption-how-republicans-trained-their-base-to-ignore-trumps-criminality/?curator=MediaREDEF
  18. This something Sandy fished out of ancestry.com some time back. Grace is 9. Fred Blair is going under the name of Caroll. She has about 5 sisters. Sandy was not able to find much of any thing on the siblings. Whoever the mysterious caller was, she would have to have known the Gardos prior to 1949-50. I have found nothing connecting the Gardos or Fred Blair to 77th Street and 2nd Avenue. Grace Blair in the 1920 United States Federal Census Name: Grace Blair Age: 9 Birth Year: abt 1911 Birthplace: Wisconsin Home in 1920: Fond du Lac Ward 8, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin Street: Street 52 Residence Date: 1920 Race: White Gender: Female Relation to Head of House: Daughter Marital status: Single Father's name: John A Blair Father's Birthplace: Minnesota Mother's name: Mary A Blair Mother's Birthplace: Wisconsin Able to Speak English: Yes Attended School: yes Able to Read: Yes Able to Write: Yes Neighbors: View others on page View others on page Household Members: Name Age John A Blair 53 Mary A Blair 46 Clemence A Blair 23 Isabelle Blair 21 Clarence Blair 21 Hazel Blair 19 Naomi Blair 17 Caroll Blair 13 Edward Blair 12 Amy Blair 10 Grace Blair 9 Madeline Blair 6
  19. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm doing a full-page sidebar for the upcoming issue of garrison and it concerns Warren Commissioners who expressed doubts later. I was wondering if there was a single place where someone has these instances listed, or if maybe I could get some assistance by those posting them here? Though LBJ is not a commissioner, per se, I would also like to place his more ambiguous statements into the sidebar. Thank you.
  20. I was blocked on The Deputy’s Film Facebook page. Surely I was successfully disproving or putting dents on Craig’s fake claims. Craig was a huge xxxx. This is a page on his claims. Enjoy. https://jfkassassinationfiles.wordpress.com/2018/03/29/roger-craig/amp/
  21. I guess Hefner was lucky. They shot Larry Flynt. Of course Hefner, unlike Flynt, didn't offer a million dollars in the 1970s for information on the JFK assassination. Flynt was shot in 1978 during the HSCA investigations. Not a good time to be dangling a million dollars for someone to talk.
  22. It certainly is an inside baseball level of understanding. The comment was mostly directed at the guys here who are still at only the MSM level. The bulk of the MSM, to use the onion analogy, is the visible outer skin, which is both thin and breaks apart in your hand. The second layer you have a few in the MSM that comprehend that something is wrong, but can’t get too deep without boring the audience (Hannity, NY Post, WSJ, Daily Mirror in the UK.) Maybe Jimmy Dore and Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone from the Progressive side fall into this category too. The third layer is the Alt-Media journalists doing real investigative work. John Solomon (Epoch Times), Sarah Carter (Wash. Times, now independent), Luke Rosiack (Washington Examiner) come to mind. The deepest public layer (fourth) includes a few journalists, but mostly researchers who are talking to real whistle blowers, agency insiders, and those doing deep dives on names that suddenly become public. ie. Who is Vindman? Where did he work? Where did his brother’s work? Do they show up in PACER queries (Federal court filing database; some state.) The point was that anyone getting their information from the MSM is missing 95% of what is going on, and that is also publicly available. If the fourth layer has 100% of the information, Solomon, Carter, etc. can write a story that articulates only 50% of what is known while adhering to normal journalistic standards. By the time it gets to Hannity, only 50% of that (25% total or 50% x 50%) is presentable without losing the audience with too much info. The MSM takes out everything else that does not support their narrative, leaving the masses, and some of our esteemed commentators here on this forum thread, with only about 5% of the truth to work into a cogent counter-argument. Of course, if we were arguing on a Reddit Political forum or got into an impromptu classroom argument, the MSM narrative defenders could be dismissed as uninformed novices with respect to Deep State type machinations throughout the past 100 years. That none of the MSM narrative defenders are uninformed novices is insightful and entertaining.
  23. WHO WAS THE ANONYMOUS CALLER TO MRS. JACK TIPPIT? According to the agent in charge of the New Haven FBI office, the anonymous caller “KEPT REPEATING THE WORD BROTHER IN LAW,” almost certainly a reference to Grace Blair Gardos’s brother Fred Blair, also a proponent of communism. Is it likely that a neighbor or casual acquaintance of Emil and Grace would have known the couple’s relation to Fred Blair? Using powerful electronic databases and the internet, it’s easy now to find a few relatively obscure newspaper articles disclosing the relations, but it would hardly be common knowledge in NYC back then. Who would have known about Fred Blair and his relation to Emil Gardos? One decent guess would be a family member. I’m going to try to find out if Grace Gardos had a sister. It would be interesting to see if a sister or another reasonably close member of either Emil or Grace’s family lived anywhere near 77th and Second Ave. in NYC. That might go a long way in making an informed guess about the caller. Also, a fellow for the NYC Public Library sent me a note saying that my question asking where John Gardos would have attended school had been referred to another department, so things there are still moving there, hopefully.
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