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  2. I’d like to see how her books sell compared to other pro conspiracy books.
  3. When this incident started to leak out two years ago - that the Republican presidential campaign was subject to extensive surveillance by agents of the state based on unverified opposition research funded by the Democrats - it appeared a major political scandal. The details are actually far worse than anticipated, not least the extremely flimsy standards by which domestic surveillance could be initiated, a situation which the intelligence mavens insisted could never happen. Still no word on what motivated Mifsud’s interaction with Papadopoulos. If it turns out to have been at the initiative of someone like Halper, then any notion of a good faith predicate - the current fall-back - is null.
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  5. This is what I said in an earlier post: "“Its parity to the US dollar underwent a devaluation, however, from $1 = 4 old rubles (0.4 new ruble) to $1 = 0.9 new ruble (or 90 kopeks).” I didn't mention, but Jim Hargroves did that the new ruble conversions take place after January, 1961. Therefore, they would not apply to January, 1960. If you look at the statement, 1 dollar equals 4 rubles. Therefore one ruble would be worth 25 cents in the US in 1960. That is the standard that should have been used. 5000 rubles from the Red Cross in 1960 becomes $1250 in US dollars. 70 rubles becomes $17.50 and 700 rubles becomes $175 in US dollars. It doesn't matter what goes on in 1961. So, Mark and I are both wrong. Now, maybe I can go back and work on that Russian timeline.
  6. John K, I don't know whether the city government would do that. I would think the School Board or a similar institution would be where to look for older records. Where, I lived the county school board keeps the records from schools in the district. I know this to be true since I have a sister who worked at the school board as a counselor. She was able to go back and look at my school records of the 1950s. Let's hope they don't purge records after a certain number of years like the medical profession.
  7. Thanks David, I don't see anything at this point that is in need of fixing. Correct me if I am wrong, the first good record you have for Harvey is in July 7, 1947. You have him at the Benbrook school in September, 1947. Actually, the 1947-1948 school year. That corresponds to what I have been researching. If Harvey was in the 1st grade in 1947-48 he would have been 8 years if he was born in 1939 as was Lee. Compulsory attendance was country wide for 6 year old childern to attend the 1st grade. Either Harvey skipped those two years as a truant or he went to school somewhere else for 1945-46 and 1946-47. That's what we are working on by trying to find the school records of John Gardos, also born 1939, in the years 1945-46 and 1946-47. This wouldn't necessarily prove John Gardos is Harvey Oswald, but it could be an indicator that he might be. I'm trying to build a set of circumstantial evidence that might lead to a reasonable conclusion that John Gardos is Harvey Oswald. There is a lot of problems for that, but I haven't at this point found any evidence that will rule that out. For various reasons, I think Harvey was maybe a few months younger than Lee. This is based on their service records and promotions. Lee's promotion record puts him at a guess about 3-6 months older than of Harvey. If not older than Harvey, he succeeded in joining the Marines at age 16. It is my contention that Lee joined the Marines some months before Harvey.
  8. Paul: When I was researching my Osborne story who alias was John Howard Bowen, I did some research on career criminal John Caesar Grossi who worked with Oswald at Jaggers-Chiles-Stoval. Was interested in Grossi because one of his many aliases was John Bowen. Ordered a copy of his prison record from Leavenworth prison where he was doing time for auto theft. James Earl Ray did time at Leavenworth in the 1950s but am not sure if they were there at the same time and knew each other. His prison record indicated that he mailed a check to F. Ryder at 305 E Cason St. Irving Texas. The 1954 Irving City Directory shows that Homer Ryder lives at that address, and the the 1940 US census states that Homer had a daughter named Fleta and son named Dial. Looks like there is a connection between the bogus rifle work and Oswald's friend at JCS. I tracked down Grossi's son, John Bowen and interviewed him. He continues to use the Bowen name even though he knows his father's name was an alias. He did not have much contact with his father as he lived in Canada while Grossi remained in the US. One thing he did tell me was that Grossi, who was also a talented commercial artist, got the job at JCS through someone, whose name he does not know, who had tried to help Grossi abandon his criminal ways in his teens. 1940 United States Federal Census Name: Homer R Ryder Respondent: Yes Age: 43 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1897 Gender: Male Race: White Birthplace: Illinois Marital Status: Married Relation to Head of House: Head Home in 1940: German, Richland, Illinois Street: Claumont RFD 1 Farm: Yes Inferred Residence in 1935: Rural, Richland, Illinois Residence in 1935: Rural Richland Illinois Resident on farm in 1935: Yes Sheet Number: 8B Number of Household in Order of Visitation: 152 Occupation: Laborer House Owned or Rented: Rented Value of Home or Monthly Rental if Rented: 5 Attended School or College: No Highest Grade Completed: College, 1st year Hours Worked Week Prior to Census: 40 Class of Worker: Wage or salary worker in private work Weeks Worked in 1939: 16 Income: 370 Household Members: Name Age Homer R Ryder 43 Magdalena Ryder 38 Fleta Ryder 16 Issa Phene Ryder 13 Marcella Ryder 10 Mardella Ryder 5 Fern Ryder 3 Dial Ryder 2
  9. Thanks John... and if you see anything that needs fixing please feel free to email me... I haven't worked on it for a while... As to the "mental testing" this was relayed to us by a woman claiming to have been their housekeeper in NYC... Louise ROBERTSON (I suggest going to Baylor's site for John's notebooks and download those that are most needed... I have scores of them now... here is the one for Louise: http://digitalcollections.baylor.edu/cdm/ref/collection/po-arm/id/18246) On Nov 27th she presents herself to the FBI and tells this story of MARGE hiring her to clean their apartment (amazing right? she is ALWAYS complaining about money yet has a housekeeper who just happens to live literally around the corner from 825 E 179th. https://www.google.com/maps/dir/825+East+179th+Street,+The+Bronx,+NY/2039+Southern+Blvd,+The+Bronx,+NY+10460/@40.8437413,-73.8847891,148a,35y,331.5h,42.28t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x89c2f4897dd3a6f3:0x77d590bf0e5635ae!2m2!1d-73.8857213!2d40.8449435!1m5!1m1!1s0x89c2f4897d72136f:0x4535ad7a2c3f1fbd!2m2!1d-73.8852334!2d40.8449063!3e2?hl=en She claims they spoke of testing Harvey at the Jacobi Hospital in the Bronx... she claims they spoke before they left for North Dakota at the end of the summer 1953... One BIG problem.... Following several years of construction, Van Etten Hospital opened in September 1954 with 500 beds, named in honor of Dr. Nathan B. Van Etten, a well-known Bronx practitioner with deep concern for the sick poor. About one year later on November 1, 1955, Jacobi Hospital, opened its doors for pediatric and infant care, with 898 beds
  10. Jim, I checked the email this morning and have received David Joseph's timeline. It is a marvelous piece of work. A lot of hard work and time went into that. I know since I did a time line of Oswalds in the military and started another for in Russia. I will go back to my military timeline and see if I can add more to it. Since my blunder with the rubles conversion I haven't done much on Russia. There is something wrong with that business of the ruble conversions and I think I will go back and revisit that. Earlier I asked a question why Marguerite decided to stay in NYC for a year or two more after she left the Pics. Somebody said this was because she wanted him mentally tested.
  11. What McCullough did with the atomic estimates on Hiroshima was just a disgrace. Recall, JIm Douglass opens his book with a comparison of Truman with JFK. And how this guy is then asked to speak at the JFK fiftieth in Dallas, I mean, go figure. Jeff, Naples is extraordinary. One of the best kept secrets in America. The east coast answer to Santa Barbara.
  12. I have been going through earlier posts looking for information regarding this letter from a lady in New York. I can't find the original one. Could someone re-post the story of the letter and it's contents again?
  13. No one should use the words history and truth in a sentence about this film. I actually reviewed the book along with the film.
  14. Doug: As Professor Jonathan Turley notes in this piece, what is in the DOJ report depends on which web site or cable channel you read. Here is his analysis: https://thehill.com/opinion/judiciary/473709-horowitz-report-is-damning-for-the-fbi-and-unsettling-for-the-rest-of-us
  15. https://www.cnn.com/2019/12/08/opinions/linda-ronstadt-mike-pompeo-trump-comments-drexler/index.html?fbclid=IwAR2uCLe58cdaQnVObSKS6Tr03ySLEL0ZDJVWxCIm8ZrEXSupOJFzrHkVruY#
  16. But if they did not ask Stone for his permission to use him in their/her ads.... That could be a bit of a problem, no?
  17. Trine-Day has been very committed and active in supporting her story. They brook no objections to it and have been aggressive in helping with her conferences and overall marketing. That certainly has to be a significant factor, her visibility definitely increased when she was signed by them.
  18. Could someone here please share their take on how they think Judyth Vary Baker has gotten so much media coverage mileage ( for years ) out of what the majority of JFK truth seekers in the research community deem as a totally non-credible, mostly made up story about her and Lee Oswald? TV and radio show appearances, book deals, conferences, meetings with Oliver Stone ... it's a remarkable marketing achievement for someone who is constantly trashed by more credible JFK researchers as a self-promoting nut case. What is the key to so-called nut case Baker's success in her fairly long term media coverage durability? Does Judyth Vary Baker have some big bucks backer and maybe her own marketing team and a publicist?
  19. Jim: Am not suspicious of Ramaz but John B suggested that Harvey may have attend this school and this is why I suggested locating their yearbooks or ask for a student list. You make a good point about the Gardos being communist would most likely not send their kid to a religious school but I sent them an email yesterday asking for this info anyways. If they refuse to provide info about their students they may provide guidelines for requesting this info from a school.
  20. David Talbot wrote on Facebook yesterday: What a great article in today's NY Times about the sick relationship between two New York celebrities -- Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani. Trump has the schoolyard bully's knack for attracting men so hungry for the media limelight that they're willing to sacrifice all self-respect to be around him. Once hailed as "America's Mayor," Giuliani has been reduced to running sleazy errands for Trump in swamps like Ukraine and endlessly shilling for him on TV. One of the many cringe-in...ducing anecdotes in this NYT article -- which demonstrates the best of the Times team reporting -- reveals how Mayor Rudy rushed onto Trump's campaign plane in October 2016 while it was held on NYC's La Guardia Airport tarmac. Giuliani was late for the flight, which was taking Trump and his entourage to a fateful debate with Hillary Clinton, because Mayor Rudy was one of the only prominent Republicans still willing to cover for Trump after the "Access Hollywood" videotape had gone public, with Trump bragging about his sexual crimes. Giuliani had been racing from one TV news studio to the next, explaining away Trump's predatory boasts as "locker room talk." It was the moment when Giuliani revealed that he was so greedy for media attention and proximity to power (even Trump's coarse throne) that he was willing to completely debase himself on national TV. It's been all downhill for Giuliani from there, as this Times article demonstrates. And how did the Bully-in-Chief thank Giuliani for taking not just one, but many bullets for him following the "Access Hollywood" bombshell? Here's how the Times tells the story: When Mr. Giuliani boarded the plane (at La Guardia), spent from his labors (in defense of Trump), he strode down the aisle a conquering hero, swapping high-fives. The he settled across from Mr. Trump. Everyone could hear what the candidate said next. "Man, Rudy," Trump said, "you sucked. You were weak. Low energy." Mr, Giuliani slumped in his seat, one witness said. The plane grew silent. But by day's end, Mr. Giuliani was back in front of the cameras, claiming victory for Mr. Trump in the debate. (End of story) Yecch, as the old Mad magazine would've said. Trump and Giuliani are the most notorious products of New York City's twisted and tacky celebrity culture. They inevitably became entwined in their mutual lust for 24/7 media attention. Neither man truly exists until TV lights are turned on. Theirs is a poisonous embrace, but they deserve each other. And now they're about to go over the waterfall in a barrel together. See More nytimes.com The Indispensable Man: How Giuliani Led Trump to the Brink of Impeachment Rudy Giuliani didn’t get the job he expected. But as unpaid personal counsel to the president and for-profit peddler of access and advice, he got the spotlight.
  21. Pompeo: 'I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated, we stole' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfrhATD4nM0&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR1ceCEV_NIQEvZAWI80sGVnCTyLbwq-37sAj9GK3WQ5VP_Doqd6WHllJZs
  22. Jim, It might be a good idea to also check for the year 1945 when John Gardos was nearly 6 or already 6 depending on this birthday. He might have been eligible to go to the 1st grade in 1945. Schools were usually close to where someone lived in NYC due to a large population in fairly small areas. Another school close to 217 East 86th Street, Yorkville, NYC is PS 527 at 323 East 91st Street NYC. This school, PS 527, appears to be in the same age range as PS 151. This is a new school in an old building. This is based on the following: keep in mind that the zone for the school goes from 1st to 3rd, starts on 85th street. so not all of it is way east and up. 2-2-2016 12:09pm log in or sign up to post a comment Where is that school? 2-2-2016 11:59am log in or sign up to post a comment I don't know that one. 2-2-2016 12:00pm log in or sign up to post a comment I'm on the UES for yrs. where is that? 2-2-2016 12:01pm +1 like log in or sign up to post a comment ditto, maybe it's new? 2-2-2016 12:01pm log in or sign up to post a comment 91st between 1st & 2nd. next door to east side middle. 2-2-2016 12:02pm log in or sign up to post a comment In the old Our Lady of Counsel school building 2-2-2016 12:03pm log in or sign up to post a comment Isn't that near the marine transfer station? 2-2-2016 12:01pm log in or sign up to post a comment it's on top of it 2-2-2016 12:02pm And, Our Lady of Good Counsel School, OLGC About this result https://www.olgcschool.org/ Your connection to this website is secure. Learn how Search works OLGC Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic School, established in 1957, is a parish elementary and middle school with approximately 400 students in ... This may not have been a school in 1945.
  23. I'm here in Naples now. Second week of December and we are hunkered down in 82 degrees and a little breeze. Best spot on the map if you ask me...
  24. PS 151 school is close to the Gardos' address: Today the school is for pre-school to the 5th grade. It looks like a building that goes back to 1945, but was it a school at that time. This is info on the history of PS 151: "PS 151 Yorkville Community School is a warm school with strong leadership, a cohesive staff, and lots of parent involvement. In a city thats divided by race and class, the school has a healthy mix of children who live in luxury high-rise buildings, expensive brownstones, modest five-floor walk-ups and public housing. The vibe throughout the school is cheery and laid-back. Parents pick kindergartners up from their classrooms, easing the transition to big-kid school. Students address teachers and staff by their first names. (The principal is called Miss Samantha.) Large classrooms with high ceilings in the 100-year-old building are arranged so kids have lots of opportunities to move around. There are colorful rugs for class-wide gatherings, low tables for group work and cozy corners for quiet reading. There is a tiny gym, and the cafeteria doubles as an auditorium, but the building is pleasant despite these limitations" There is another candidate for being close to John Gardos which is PS 527. As soon as I find where I put that info I will post it.
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