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  2. Can I ask a question? What is the point of Oswald not being at Beckley? Where was he living then?
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  4. Military Intelligence tipped off the Beckley rooming house? That’s a very bold claim, surely you can back that up with evidence so everyone can see for themselves.
  5. Indeed Steve, I’ve argued that the clothes he worked in are found in the bottom draw of that dresser.... according to the Dallas Police.... Military Intelligence places Lee Oswald there within minutes of the assassination as a lead for DPD... Does that prove he’s lived there the past 6 weeks or so? Not compared to the evidence to the contrary... as for being “with” one group or another, fewer labels might do us all a bit of good... I have seen duplicity and inauthenticity run rampant in the evidence used by the first 2 government investigations to arrive at conclusions. His being where we are told he is by a thoroughly corrupt conspiracy does not place him there... Neely and Elisabeth are by the E in El Chico.... wasn’t there a DPD substation by 500 N Beckley? Ruby’s place is just below to the right of the map... the barber who sees “Oswald” walking west is where the last t in Tippit is....
  6. David, I guess you are with ROKC on this because you do not believe the Johnson and Earlene are telling the truth, is that right? Also you find no credibility that with that you have the exact rooming house telephone number in Oswald’s notebook? And those articles found in the Beckley search are not Oswald’s?
  7. David: Do you have any idea of the origin of the passport photo? You must know the FBI went to every passport photo shop in a five mile radius and no one recalled Oswald.
  8. THANK YOU ! People can use this link: http://www.kenrahn.com/JFK/ to get to other materials at kenrahn.com that can't be accessed through the sidebar links on Ken Rahn's Academic JFK Assassination Site.
  9. LOL. Pat, I guess its hard to keep track of all the BS. Especially when dealing with the DPD.
  10. Mr Roe... ”why lie” and “do you really expect” are tautological responses to a pretty direct question. if I can supply 5 other reasons why and, YES, I do - in this unique case - expect..... your arguments are moot. Supply Authentic evidence he was there, he slept there... he... LHO... not Mr. Lee et al.... ...just like the McWatters bus BS... repeat it enough and fewer realize it’s not true... And one better... Oswald did not go to Mexico... yet the FBI offers thousands of pages explaining how they looked for any evidence of anyone who saw him.... the physical evidence was that tainted by the FBI and assets.... The Evidence IS the Conspiracy.... I’m with Ed and Bart... spy craft succeeds when the very opposite of reality is portrayed and accepted as real, in turn directing behavior as desired
  11. Upon listening to my Black Op interview and re-reading my chapters on the fingerprint evidence, I realize I made a couple of mistakes in my interview. There were a couple of times I called the seat box, from which a palm print was torn, Box A, when it's actually Box D. Now that's just a minor screw-up. More telling is this. I don't recall where in the interview, but I'm pretty sure I reported that Rusty Livingston claimed he'd inspected the palm print purportedly lifted from the rifle, which would have been odd seeing as Lt. Day claimed he'd only told Curry and Fritz about this print. But I was wrong about this. It seems I've conflated two separate lies and merged them into one. In The Day Kennedy was Shot, Jim Bishop claims the DPD crime lab studied the palm print on a projector on the night of the assassination. In First Day Evidence, Gary Savage claims his Uncle Rusty (who worked in the DPD crime lab) had personally studied the sniper's nest boxes, and had developed the prints on these boxes using silver nitrate. Well, this is bs, at least according to the FBI, which claimed they'd developed the prints in Washington using silver nitrate. In any event, I was correct that Livingston told some whoppers about the prints, but was wrong about the print he'd lied about. Sorry, Rusty.
  12. Riggs is Goodpasture.... And here is that page to which Jim refers
  13. There was a typo in the link. http://www.kenrahn.com/JFK/the_critics/feinman/Between_the_signal/Preface.html should be http://www.kenrahn.com/JFK/The_critics/Feinman/Between_the_signal/Preface.html or http://www.kenrahn.com/JFK/The_critics/Feinman/Between_the_signal/
  14. Quote above edited (shortened) for emphasis. Bart, here's what Ed LeDoux left out of his essay. WH3-8993 Now Mr. LeDoux, what's Oswald doing with the Beckley Rooming House Telephone Number in his Notebook? CE402 (Ruth Paine's address book)
  15. It is always good to go back to the Lopez Report. As Danny H said in Pittsburgh, he and Eddy and Goldsmith had drawn up bills of indictment for Phillips and Goodpasture for perjury. The Committee would not pass them. But one of the many gems of that report is about Goodpasture and the photo of the Mystery Man. As the report notes, Goodpasture lied about the date it was first taken. Danny and Eddy argue that this had to be a lie since the chart was clearly demarcated as to dates. So they said that Goodpasture's defense that she had just made a mistake was simply not credible. But further, the CIA actually knew who the Mystery Man really was and Goodpasture had to have known this, by the latest, one week later. They also argue that Goodpasture had to alter the date to link it to a phone call. This is probably part of the perjury charges that Eddy and Danny and Goldsmith were writing up. And I must add, the work on that passport application by David Josephs is really fascinating. Where did that picture come from?
  16. Yeah, the bio opens, but did you try to open the "Signal" book chapter links? All 404s for me.
  17. Well, as I said, a lot of links on the Ken Rahn site don't work. But there's no other link I can find. I have to slog through the Feinman materials in the Weisberg collection on Archive.org to see if it's hidden within. I'll link it here if I find it.
  18. Joe: One of the revelations of Trumpgate is that the FBI made mistakes in its applications for warrants to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) in the case of Carter Page. This document is the recent FISA court’s order in regard to the wrongful applications. It is important because for too long the FBI has been reckless in its filings and has finally got caught. This is one of the constructive things that has come out of Trumpgate. From Wikipedia: In 2019 the Justice Department determined Page was illegally subject to surveillance by the United States government.[6 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carter_Page http://cdn.cnn.com/cnn/2020/images/01/23/fisc.declassifed.order.16-1182.17-52.17-375.17-679..200123.pdf
  19. There's absolutely no future for them if they utter a contrary sound, Ron. With or without evidence.
  20. Obviously I did not know that the links do not work. Is the withdrawal of Between the Signal and the Noise by Rahn because of Roger's death and the attempt to establish an estate, or because of a legal threat by Lifton? I don't see how it could be the latter.
  21. Thanks. I just found out why the original internet publication was taken down, as I'm sure others were aware of. The links to the Feinman chapters on the Ken Rahn site also don't work. Is that just me, or.... (EDIT: Many links to other people's writings on the Ken Rahn site produce 404 notices, which is saddening.) It's a mark of Feinman's long frustration as an assassination critic that he set himself up for disbarment by not restraining his language in complaining about the Groden verdict.
  22. Now back to the subject of "Oswald NOT living at the Beckley Rooming house". In my opinion this theory is just not believable. I think you would even have a difficult time convincing long time conspiracy advocates of that. First of all, let's look at the logic of this argument. Why lie about Oswald living at the Beckley House? Are we so naïve to believe that the Johnson's, Earlene Roberts and even Pat Hall could not identify Oswald from Herbert Leon Lee? Or were they in a conspiracy with LEO's to Frame Oswald? That's just not believable. Second, do you really expect us to believe the Search Warrant performed at Beckley that recovered Oswald's possessions, were not Oswald's? Were they Herbert Leon Lee's? If so, when did Herbert Leon Lee purchase Russian Flash cards, and a bar of soap from Mexico? A search was performed of Beckley, and yes it did not list Oswald's name specifically. Is that sinister? I highly doubt it. The search warrant was requested by Sheriff Decker and of course JP David Johnston personally delivered it to Beckley himself and witnessed the search. The brown leather holster seems to be a hot issue with you guys. It was most certainly recovered and with a Justice of the Peace witnessing. Now, in this interview by Eddie Barker (Channel 4) with Gladys Johnson later that afternoon or evening.....is she lying? Mistaken? I'll pause there.
  23. They are making a movie about this--11/22/63 news coverage-- with Chris Pine called Newsflash. Pine is playing Cronkite. They bill it at as the day that TV news came of age. I have had to watch that same day news coverage while working on this documentary for Oliver Stone. I would say it is the contrary. Its the day the networks showed all of its weaknesses and utter mediocrity. All these guys did was follow the story. In other words, they tagged along as it progressed. At times--like with NBC-- they did not even have a remote pick up. They had to rely on telephones. In other words, you would have Chet Huntley in studio in New York, on a call to some reporter in Dallas. And he would be literally repeating what the guy on the line said to him to his audience. Evidently, NBC needed more time to send a reporter to the scene with a camera man. This was what was the news coverage. People in a studio saying, the president is now at Parkland Hospital. He is in an emergency room. Doctors are working on him. He has now been pronounced dead. But then, comes something really important. Huntley says, Dr. George Burkley says that Kennedy was killed with a shot into the right temple. Kind of important detail right. Especially since later, when Oswald is apprehended, he says I was arrested because I work in that building, the TSBD. Yet, Huntley does not say, "Well wait a minute. How could Oswald shoot Kennedy through the right temple if he was in the building behind him?" Same thing with the Perry/Clark press conference. Perry says the neck shot came from in front. Three times he said it. Clark says there was a large gaping wound in the rear of Kennedy skull. But still, none of the network guys asks that question. And this is called "coming of age"? Barbie Zeilizer wrote a book about this called Covering the Body. She details the first day coverage and subtly points out how the bid media missed the real story that was right in front of them. And I should add, by doing this, they showed why a well designed conspiracy could make them look like fools. PS . Link to Feinman's booklet http://www.kenrahn.com/JFK/The_critics/Feinman/Feinmanbio.html
  24. Jim, is Roger Feinman's "Between the Signal and the Noise" a complete book (published or unpublished) or just an article? There are various versions floating around the net, none of which I would call definitive. The link in your K & K eulogy no longer works.
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