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  2. What did Facebook say about their organic results? Just wondering if you know that. The money supposedly spent on ad buys doesn't include funds for organic search optimization via Facebook, Google or Bing nor does it account for comment spamming on thousands and thousands of websites such as this (as many people here do in fact). It's easy to direct a few influencers to bogus sites like DC Leaks and others and scale the ad buy. I also believe the 40k number is incorrect but I don't know where you got that.
  3. Greetings from CAPA, THE LATEST ADDITION TO OUR PROGRAM: In keeping with CAPA’s ongoing efforts to pursue the truth and seek justice for the JFK assassination, CAPA will be conducting a mock Court of Inquiry at the conference. A Court of Inquiry is a unique Texas procedure used to examine allegations of prosecutorial misconduct and wrongful convictions. Members of the CAPA legal committee will argue that the arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald should be expunged because of a lack of probable cause that he shot President John F. Kennedy. This would clear his name officially and leave the case technically unresolved opening the door to a real investigation. The CAPA legal committee hopes to file an actual Court of Inquiry petition in the future and will be using the mock hearing as a rehearsal or dry run to see how a state court judge will respond to the evidence. To that end, the attorneys will experiment with different arguments to see which lines of evidence would work best in an actual hearing. Judge Jay Karahan, retired, will be the presiding judge. David Denton, History Professor, Olney Central College, and Head of the JFK Historical Group, will speak on “The Newly Released Documents: What They Say About William Harvey's Potential Participation in the JFK Murder and the Faulty Intelligence that JFK Received About Vietnam." John Curington, H.L. Hunt’s personal attorney and special assistant from 1957 to 1969 will speak about Hunt’s actions in the first 48 hours after the assassination. LINK TO 30-SECOND CAPA VIDEO AD on Youtube and Facebook – PLEASE CIRCULATE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uV0wsz2pnYM
  4. It all depends on the trajectory of the bullet - what angle it was travelling in when it struck. Also, if I recall correctly, Kennedy's head was both turned to the side and hanging downward.
  5. Downtown Dallas isn't exactly Area 51, and even Area 51 had one guy willing to try running through the gates, culminating with nothing but a laugh with the guards and minimal charges. At least Alex Jones had a bullhorn.
  6. Yet the exit wound was in the right rear...
  7. We should all have been there storming the gates to the grassy knoll with him eh?
  8. The HSCA determined that the photographic evidence showed Kennedy's head turned towards his left. So a high-powered shot entering above his right ear probably would've resulted in an exit to the left side of the head.
  9. Maybe the news crew should've gone to the ed forum to consult the people who really cared. Honestly, I respect Alex Jones' approach more. "When a Man is sad over his miserable condition, he does nothing to change it. Sadness doesn't change anything. It's only when he gets mad that he changes it. It takes madness to change it" -Malcolm X
  10. Donald Mann, the father of Warren's husband Bruce Hartling Mann founded Zero Population Growth Inc. in 1972. The organization is an embarrassment to anyone who thinks sterilization programs, forced migration and genocide are bad ideas. The Internet gate keepers have done a good job of obscuring the identity of Donald Mann. They have have even gone so far as to claim he is still living at the age of 97, even though he has been dead since 2007. https://dstate-analytics.blogspot.com/2019/10/the-father-in-law-of-elizabeth-warren.html?m=1
  11. Just checked in. Congratulations Jim! You've worked hard, and this looks like this is the break you you've been looking for, and hopefully all of us will get a shot at putting this back on the map again.
  12. How far was JFK's head turned to the right at the time of the head shot from the grassy knoll is the basic question of this thread after all. Were Huber, and McClelland mistaken about the left temple? Or were Jenkins and the mortician right. Jenkins was pretty emphatic about Burkley calling off Humes of their examination of it on the right side. I don't see JFK turned far enough to the right in Zapruder at the point of impact to cause back and to the left from that angle. The fragment trail from the x-ray's, if we can believe them lends credence to the right temple. Doesn't it?
  13. As Jim Di mentions on another thread, so well said. How many of the commenters like jones, regarding the thread topic, have lost a child suddenly to violence? It's a terrible thing, no matter the form.
  14. https://www.bing.com/search?q=dallas+john+kennedy+50th+anniversary&form=PRUSEN&mkt=en-us&httpsmsn=1&refig=c4517424aa0a40fbb831fb58b9edd70c&sp=-1&ghc=1&pq=dallas+john+kennedy+50th+anniversary&sc=1-36&qs=n&sk=&cvid=c4517424aa0a40fbb831fb58b9edd70c Of these this one is interesting for the personal accounts. It mentions the lottery for 5000 tickets and aj's presence. https://abcnews.go.com/US/jfk-assassination-dispatches-dallas-50th-anniversary/story?id=20972276
  15. The alleged voter database story was retracted. It is fake news Exhibit A. The “vast” Facebook ad buy amounted to about $40,000. To describe it as statistically insignificant would be an exaggeration. The firm involved was a commercial click-bait operation, as the Mueller Report concedes. The alleged Russian military activity is, to date, an unproven assertion made by an investigatory body which has been frequently wrong. Factual information please.
  16. Hi Ernie, Thanks for the reply. As David noted, all of the links in your post return a 404 error, for some reason. Chhers, Mike
  17. Yesterday
  18. Joe, by the numbers again: 1. Thanks for raising Dallas Deputy Roger Craig in this context. Despite problems, I accept most of his testimony. Yes, Sheriff Decker was involved up to his neck. He expected total obedience from his men, and he got it. After all, he was the man who got Bonnie and Clyde. He was a legend in Dallas. Nobody was going to cross him -- except Roger Craig. In my humble opinion, Craig was killed by the same Dallas plotters who killed JFK. 2. In my opinion, Decker and Hosty were among the super right-wing residents of Dallas. They were very close to Dallas socialites like H.L. Hunt and Robert Morris. Both of these men were tireless supporters of General Walker (whom JFK and RFK had sent to an insane asylum). 3. Not only did Decker and Hosty see the "Wanted For Treason: JFK" handbills on October 24th and November 22nd, but they knew very well that Robert Alan Surrey was the publisher. The Warren Commission made that fact perfectly plain. There is no way that high-ranking officials in Dallas could have been ignorant of that fact. Penn Jones, Jr. wrote that Robert Alan Surrey told him personally that Dallas FBI agent James Hosty had been his Bridge partner for years. 4. The Secret Service from the White House came to Dallas in mid-November to meet with Forrest Sorrels to discuss JFK's Security. Winston Lawson was the point man from the White House. He could not *believe* that Dallas had zero people dangerous to JFK. He worked for 48 hours to confirm this. However, the Dallas plotters knew the White House PRS better than the PRS did. The Dallas plotters knew that the PRS got its data *only* from the local FBI. With James Hosty on their side, they could feed the PRS any deception they wanted. That's what happened. After Forrest Sorrels told Winston Lawson that there were no dangerous people in Dallas, Lawson told Sorrels, "Well, I'm calling the PRS right now, Forrest!" So he called the PRS, and the PRS replied, "Well, we have no dangerous people on file for Dallas!" So, Lawson accepted this. Still, Forrest Sorrels went through the motions for another 48 hours. He called the Sheriff of Denton, Texas, because some of the student protesters against Adlai on October 24th went to college there. They got an inside informant in Denton, they got the Dallas Police involved, and the Editor of the Dallas Times Herald. They collated photographs of all those student protesters, and they sent the photographs to the Secret Service at the Trade Mart. Come on. Sorrels knew very well that he was just wasting time. But it completely fooled Winston Lawson! 5. You're absolutely right about the lack of manpower in protecting JFK. Actually, many Federal Agencies called Forrest Sorrels from Washington DC, including the FBI, the Secret Service and the CIA, and offered to help in JFK's protection. Forrest Sorrels turned them all down flat. Sorrels told them that the Dallas Police were all the protection he needed for JFK in Dallas. 6. Just a little more help in watching JFK would have made all the difference. As you said, plenty of people in Dealey Plaza saw a man (or men) with rifles up in TSBD windows. Photographs released two years ago (10/26/2017) reveal heavily armed Dallas Police and Deputies in many other windows in Dealey Plaza. In fact, Mrs. Earle Cabell herself, riding in the motorcade, testified to the WC that she herself saw rifle sticking out of a window of the TSBD! Yet as Mr. Arnold Roland and his wife testified -- after Roland saw a man in a high TSBD window with a rifle with a scope on it -- he told his wife, "That must be the Secret Service!" No Dallas citizens would suspect the Dallas Police or Deputies of anything illegal. Dealey Plaza was filled with Dallas Deputies, because that was where the County Jail was located. Deputies were the first to arrive at the Grassy Knoll -- just running there. They were all around. But nobody would ever suspect them -- not for a half-century!
  19. Paul, I was referring to the vast database of 2016 Facebook ads promoted by Russian xxxxx factories, most of which closely mirrored Trump campaign talking points about Muslims, Black Lives Matter, and hordes of rapacious Mexican invaders, etc. They were posted by Russian trolls using fake American identities like, "Heart of Texas." We also know that Russian military intel hacked state voter databases throughout the U.S., and had the capability to alter voter registrations and vote tallies-- contrary to Trump's claim that, "no votes were altered," and that he (Trump) "believed Putin's claim that Russia did not interfere in our elections."
  20. Which links are you referring to? You can see a summary of Harry's FBI files here: https://sites.google.com/site/xrt013/harrydean OR The actual relevant FBI files are on my Internet Archive webpage FBI HQ FILE FOIA: Dean, Harry HQ 1 CIA FILE FOIA: Dean, Harry CIA 1 FBI-LOS ANGELES FILE FOIA: Dean, Harry Los Angeles 1 FBI-HQ ROUSSELOT FILE (contains serial re: Harry) FOIA: Rousselot, John H. HQ 1
  21. Something on the recognition of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean: Below is the first sentence of the Wikipedia article on colour orange in hànzì: 橙色,又稱橘色,為二次顏料色,是红色与黄色的混合,得名于橙的颜色。 Note how most of the Chinese characters are very square and dense. Below is the description of colour orange, employing katakana, hiragana, and kanji, all in the same sentence: オレンジ色は、果物のオレンジの実のような色。また、夕日に染まる茜雲のような色。 As you can see, due to its use of hiragana & katakana, Japanese is slightly more airy and spacious than Chinese. And, Based on how the character appear these two were the only two photos in the 201 file that had writing that might be Chinese. And, these two photos maybe in a Japanese China Town or could be in Taiwan. I think it's probably a China Town in Japan. Whether these are Oswald's or Paine's I don't know. As far as Korean goes: In South Korea, you can still meet hanja—Chinese characters—every once in a while, but the script is quickly becoming obsolete. 주황(Orange)은 색 중 하나이다. 이 색은 빨강과 노랑의 중간색이며. Notice the many circular shapes used in hangul—these are almost non-existent in the other two languages and so make the script easy to recognize. One may not be able to read or understand what is said in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, but one can recognize the various scripts by their appearance.
  22. It's heartening to know there are consequences for what Mr. Pozner so accurately describes as "the pain and terror" Fetzer "purposefully inflicted" on him and other Sandy Hook families.
  23. I am not sure about point 2. Creating social divisions and fear mongering about Mexicans and Muslims etc is the way the Republican Party wins elections. Targeting swing districts with fake news and eliminating millions of Democrats from the voter roles are also homegrown strategies. The Trump campaign admits openly that they used FB extensively. Cambridge Analytica supplied deep and detailed info to help Trump win and to help pass Brexit. So what exactly did the Russians provide that wasn’t already in play? I think there is plenty of collusion between Trump and Putin, but suspect it’s financially motivated. And Putin may have a Trump’s balls in a vice. But narrowing the Russia investigation to whether or not Russia hacked our election missed much larger points. Other jurisdictions are pursuing financial collusion and chicanery. I read that former Chief Justice Anthony Kennedy, whose resignation made room for Kavanaugh, has a son who works for Deutsche Bank in the real estate loan department. Something smells really fishy there.
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