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  2. Fifty Reasons was really good. It was the sort of thing a lot of people talk about doing, but never actually do, make an accessible and well-researched and up-to-date introduction to most of the main elements of the case. I wish I'd been able to talk more people into watching it, as I mentioned it to a few total newcomers every so often. But a new solid series from Stone, Richardson and all the folks he's gathered is big news and means that we'll see a lot more shrill counter-propaganda over the coming year or two. But the cool thing is, all people will have to do is watch the series, and a dumb counter-article from Shenon or Gerald Posner or whichever dumb CIA guy gets invited onto the Joe Rogan to debunk things for Youtube viewers will have their work cut out for them countering it.
  3. You do have the limo position fairly accurate for extant z437(very important). Bell starts filming slightly before that. Something like this:
  4. And the fact that Joshua Brown had been previously shot in another bad drug deal really leans the suspicion angle towards his death being a bad drug deal killing versus something more retaliatory regards his Amber Guyger court case testimony.. You may be right. Though I knew a president who got killed, and people said it was retaliation over some Caribbean misadventure of his. Others said that that plot got co-opted by his internal enemies.
  5. I calculated the position of Bell by triangulating the fixed positions of the bridge, lampposts, signs, and pergola. Do you think he was perched in a different gap in the peristyle? Its possible I wasn't using a complete version of the film, which may mean the start point was earlier. Is there a complete version of the film somewhere online?
  6. I agree, I think that the black car turning off is definitely the advanced car: a single occupant; a white car following behind; and bikes about 20 seconds behind the white car all fits exactly with the known motorcade vehicle pattern. Indeed, I've not seen these two cars anywhere else, either in films or photos. The versions of the Paschall film that I have seen do have some early footage of the Market Street area, but then it cuts to the advanced bikes just missing what the AMIPA film shows. The white car in the Muchmore film is tricky to identify due to timing issues. Specifically, the traffic is flowing around the white car, whereas we know that when the bikes turn the same corner just seconds after the pilot car the traffic has completely stopped and cleared. For example there is a bus parked behind the white car, but when the bikes are turning it has disappeared completely. Therefore I suspect the Muchmore white car was probably filmed a few minutes before the Pilot car appeared. Either way, we still have enough evidence with the AMIPA film and the Warren Commission testimony to be confident that the white pilot car drove through Dealey Plaza. Pilot car puzzle solved!
  7. Congratulations Jim. Look forward to seeing it.
  8. You should have hired me to handle the contract. I am an Entertainment lawyer.
  9. I Karl, I agree. Very few big cities in America are as fairly represented regards blacks being heads of so many majorly important departments as Houston is. Any person in America doing business with drug dealers is at serious risk of being shot. And the fact that Joshua Brown had been previously shot in another bad drug deal really leans the suspicion angle towards his death being a bad drug deal killing versus something more retaliatory regards his Amber Guyger court case testimony... imo.
  10. A completely different Dallas everybody---Black mayor-- Black female Chief of Police--Black female sheriff--Black DA --Black female judge--etc. If we had been told in 1963 that this would occur..no one would have ever believed it. Joshua Brown's apartment had been [subsequently] searched and some 12 lbs of Weed was found. Also he had been previously shot for yet another drug deal gone bad.
  11. After almost thirty years of ludicrous labor and toil, I will be making a few shekels out of this. Not a lot, just a few. Uh oh, the Arizona lawyer is now going to say, "See, I told you you were a conspiracy capitalist!"
  12. I disagree. Start with this: Bell's physical filming location for this segment is incorrect. Bell's starting time for this same segment (extant z460) is also incorrect.
  13. Wow, can't wait to see. I hope you personally are being compensated in some way for this is based significantly on your book ... correct? I sure hope so anyway.
  14. Great news, Jim! I remember you mentioning something about a big film project a while back, and it's wonderful to hear it's been finished and picked up for distribution. I look forward to watching it. Congratulations and thanks for all your hard work.
  15. Yeah, I agree Jeff. But Fifty Reasons was a really neat and admirable effort. They are going to be sick when they see this one which actually had some money behind it. Here is a more complete announcement in Variety: https://variety.com/2019/tv/global/agc-television-picks-up-worldwide-oliver-stones-jfk-destiny-betrayed-1203368818/
  16. Fantastic. This information needs a high-profile documentary with an actual budget. The Oliver Stone/"JFK" episode of the 50 Reasons series was taken down by A&E Network for copyright issues based on use of portions the awful ABC "Beyond Conspiracy" show. The segments in question were fact-distorting attacks on the "JFK" film and Stone personally, by which the record was set straight. The other side dishes it out but clearly can't take it.
  17. Anthony: This is definitely going to be a must watch. Wait till you see all the people involved with this. Right off the bat between Stone and Bob Richardson, you have six Oscars. But the heart of it will be the interviews. No show has ever done this many with as many key people as this one.
  18. John: They are going to a film festival in France to start marketing it later this month. So it will probably be aired for next November's anniversary. That announcement is correct in saying that its the most illustrious collection of knowledge and talent ever assembled on the JFK case. It will make that PBS, John McAdams, Koch brothers production look like the apes from 2001 discovering a bone can be used as a club. It will make Inside the Target Car look even worse.
  19. Congratulations!!! Any idea when this might premiere?
  20. And boy is the Dark Syde not going to like it, I can guarantee that https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/agc-television-picks-worldwide-oliver-060004509.html
  21. This isn’t the least bit complicated. Page 684 of the Warren Commission Report says: “On September 14, Oswald sailed with his unit for the South China Sea area; the unit was at Ping Tung, North Taiwan on September 30, and returned to Atsugi on October 5." Commission Exhibit 1961 also indicates the same thing. Then, of course, there are the two USMC unit diary pages I’ve shown earlier indicating…. The same thing! The young man who travelled to Taiwan was the Russian-speaking Oswald, the one who would soon pretend to “defect” to the Soviet Union. In Moscow, he told UPI reporter Ailene Mosby that he had been in Formosa (Taiwan). During all the time the Russian-speaking Oswald was on the high seas and stationed in Taiwan, the American-born Oswald remained at Atsugi, Japan, where he was treated for VD. Most of these records we’ve been examining were published as part of the Donabedian Exhibit by the Warren Commission. Donabedian testified on May 1, 1964, and clearly indicated that Oswald was not on a boat when these tests were made. (See boldfaced remarks below.) Mr. ELY - I would like at this point to refer you to pages 152 through 156 of this exhibit. I shall let you proceed to explain what these mean without questioning. Captain DONABEDIAN - On 9- 10- 58, slight burning on urination. "Has urethral discharge." Mr. ELY - Well, if you cannot read it, there is no point-- -- Captain DONABEDIAN - Then they took a smear. Mr. ELY - What is the purpose of a smear? Captain DONABEDIAN - A smear is to diagnose the cause of the infection, the cause of the discharge, to see what type of bacteria was present. And on 9- 23- 58, report of a urethral discharge sensitivity test. A culture was taken and reported staphylococcal hemolytic. And the sensitivity test to determine what drug we have that will affect that particular bacteria that is causing this. And erythromycin was the drug of choice. On page 154, on 16 September 58 he evidently went to one of the outlying dispensaries, and they said "Send to the mainside for smear," which means he was sent to the main side dispensary to get the smear taken. September 1958, the complaint was urethral discharge. They sent him to the lab for a smear. And here it says, "Gram negative, diplococci intra- and extra- cellular morphological resembling neisseria gonococci." Mr. ELY - Could you tell us, Doctor, generally, what that means? Captain DONABEDIAN - Well, this resembles the gonococcus bacteria which causes gonorrhea. And it says here morphologically resembling this germ-- since the only legal diagnosis would be to have a culture made to prove this or disprove it. And here for his treatment they gave him penicillin, it looks like 400,000units, four times a day, for 3 days, and said "Return on Monday in the p.m., for a repeat smear." Then on September 30, 1958, "Still has profuse discharge, somewhat clearer,received course of penicillin ending 2 days ago." In other words, he had finished getting his penicillin. So for this profuse discharge, they treated him with chloromycetin capsules, one, four times a day,and return Monday for smear and culture. Then on September 22-- -- Mr. ELY - I believe the last item was September 20. On a military base such as that at Atsugi, by the way, "mainside" means the most built-up and significant part of the base. The current web page for the Marine Corps Base at Camp Pendleton says: "The main base is in the Mainside Complex...." Captain Donabedian is clearly describing Oswald's treatment at the base at Atsugi, not on a boat. The medical records continue to show that, while Harvey Oswald was en route to Taiwan, LEE Oswald was still at Atsugi Sept. 20 and 22 and 23. A smear and culture was taken on the 22nd and the culture results of the 23rd indicated the presence of “micrococcus pyogenes vas aurens.” That was not done on a boat! Here, again, are the documents the Captain was describing: The evidence that one Oswald was on the high seas and in Ping Tung, Taiwan while the other was being treated at the Naval hospital in Atsugi, Japan is as plain as the nose on your face. Confronted by the exact evidence I've shown here, the HSCA flat-out lied to the American people. If anyone is interested, I can show how that worked.
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