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  2. I HIGHLY recommend this fabulous book by Steve Cameron called "The Deputy Interviews: The True Story of J.F.K. Assassination Witness and Former Dallas Deputy Sheriff Roger Dean Craig." I have reads hundreds of books on or related to the assassination of President Kennedy and this one is up there with the best! Very well written, entertaining, and INFORMATIVE; not the same ole same ole. You can obtain the book by writing directly to Steve Cameron on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/stevecameron27
  3. Is there a way to put a limit on how many times a guest can view the forum before they have to sign up to continue using it. For example some online newspapers give you access to read five articles before you have to make an account or you cannot read anymore. If possible I think that would be a better option than blocking guests altogether.
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  5. If removing the bot resolves the issue, then why eliminate visitors as well? bots = bad visitors = good
  6. When a Quantum Physicist confesses to meeting extraterrestrials https://www.disclose.tv/when-a-quantum-physicist-confesses-to-meeting-extraterrestrials-383920?fbclid=IwAR1GolGHmeT3t7AQhsQgehe6qv_mJ7aR3KFk8jKWFOPPHOK5S1Bh2v0XVkQ
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  8. It he reviews these papers maybe they can be uploaded to this forum so we can review them. Correspondence can provide many new leads and names of people previously unknown.
  9. John B: i agree. Began doing research just before the internet access was available. Would visit the local Mormon church and order documents from their microfilm records. Also wrote many letters that took so long to get a response. Like the computer much better and it has made genealogical and historical research so much easier.
  10. John B: The Kellock-Taschereau Commission recommended that all people working for the Canadian government be required to have a security clearance. The government implemented this policy and everyone now has to have a security clearance done by CSIS.
  11. This is off topic but the Kellock-Tashereau Commission was created after Soviet cipher-clerk, Igor Gouzenko, who was employed at the Soviet embassy in Ottawa defected in 1945. He left the embassy with 109 documents that proved that there was a Soviet spy ring operating in Canada, the US and Great Britain. Many arrests followed his defection. There is info about him on the web and I also wrote a story about him that was published in a community newspaper in Ottawa where Gouzenko was living with his wife and child when he defected. Contacted the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, which is Canada's CIA, many years ago and asked if I could see the documents and as I recall they either said no or denied having them, but I had to try. Link to my story is below. There was a film made about Gouzenko's defection called The Iron Curtain. https://archive.org/details/gouzenko
  12. John K, I really haven't given that a thought thinking computer research was much easier. Back in the day, early 1980s to late 1990s, when I was doing genealogical research in a big way research at libraries, archives, etc was fairly hard to do. Sitting in front of the computer was much easier. I really have not done any family history research for about 20 years and am not aware of possible improvements at these types of institutions. The old way of library or archive personnel help, looking in indexes, filing cabinets, and microfilm was difficult and time consuming. I think the computer searching is still good. Look at the significant data we've pulled up in a short period of time.
  13. It just struck me that we haven't looked at the FBI report on the Tippit call as closely as one should. The mysterious caller said she: "THAT SHE WAS FROM NEW YORK AND HAD TO COME "HERE" TO MAKE THE CALL SO THAT SHE COULD NOT BE TRACED AS SHE WAS IN FEAR OF HER END PAGE ONE PAGE TWO: LIFE" Coming here refers to where the Tippit's lived in New Haven, Conn. from New York, NY. What kind of trip would that have been and how much effort would that take. The internet info below shows that it was not an insignificant thing that the mysterious caller did to travel from New York, NY to New Haven, CONN. It is traveling by train or auto some 80 miles in November cold of the north. This woman, the mysterious caller, felt she had to tell someone about what she knew. She clearly understood how dangerous it was to reveal this kind of information. Lee Harvey Oswald had died and she thought others would follow, herself included if she was exposed. By linking what she knew to the J. D. Tippit shooting and telling it to a relative of Officer Tippit she probably thought that would limit her exposure. She said "THE WOMAN REQUESTED THAT NOTHING BE SAID TO THE PRESS ABOUT A WOMAN CALLING AS THEY WOULD KNOW HER IDENTITY AND SHE WOULD BE KILLED." She probably didn't realize that the Tippits giving this information to the FBI may have had serious consequences. Fortunately, the FBI decided to bury the information provided by he Tippits.
  14. Did you know that many libraries and archives have free ancestry subscriptions? I access it for free at Library and Archives Canada and it includes the whole database.
  15. I don't claim to completely understand this. So we have the acknowledgment from Invision that there was a bot and they have the tools to eliminate it and have eliminated it. Which is good news, but they won't be lenient for increased bot activity on this site in the future. So they suggest we eliminate all new users, which seems to be a bit extreme. So is the other alternative that we monitor our own activity and inform Invision as soon as possible?
  16. If you go to your link you see the pic. Click on the pic and the link to the pic becomes visible. Paste that link in the body of the msg or bottom right "insert other media" and choose "insert image from url"
  17. Yes Ron that is an issue, banning guests is an option but I agree not a successful one unless you wish to go private.. Banning guests from using the search function and checking out members profiles is something that may help reduce traffic. Let them use google for search instead. Those two bits should be cut from guests and anything else that is accessible for them besides reading posts.
  18. Jake: Interesting comment about his accent. I posted about Marguerite's accent, citing Jean Stafford who interviewed Marguerite for a book. She said that she sounded like she had taken elocution lessons that suggests that she was trying to change how she spoke. What we need is a linguistic profiler to listen to both Harvey's and Marguerite's voices because a profiler may be able to determine where they are from. Netflix has a series called Manhunt: Unabomber that tells the story of the FBI's hunt for the Unabomber. One of the things they did was to bring in a linguistic profiler who analyzed the language he used in his manifesto to see if they can find out where he came from. It was really fascinating to see what they could learn about him just by reading what he wrote. The FBI finally caught him by publishing his manifesto that Ted Kacyynski's brother recognized as his brother's writings.
  19. Thanks Greg. Just think, it was those actors who boosted the budget as high as it was. Plus the deaging process, which I heard was into the millions. I hope your son at least tries. Hollywood needs as much help as it can get.
  20. David: Eckdahl's company, Ebasco did a report on the Coast Guard in 1948. Study of the United States Coast Guard, New York, Ebasco Services 1948: managing a federal agency the hidden stimulus, Louis K. Bradgaw. Another possible Navy-ONI-Oswald connection.
  21. Bart: Have been having difficulties uploading pictures so I have been uploading links instead. Can you show me how to upload a picture to my post.
  22. I finally decided to watch this movie on Netflix. Even before Jim's wonderful review of this ludicrous film, I had seen the movie trailer and thought what a piece of junk. I couldn't even bring myself to finish watching it. The script writing is horrendous. Forget the fact that Frank Sheeran's story is a fairytale, I could not bring myself to watch 3 aging actors try to pull off the impossible.. act as though they were in their 30's and 40's as this movie unfolded. What was Scorsese thinking when he cast DeNiro in the leading role anyway?? Neither he nor Pacino can hide their distinct New York accents. In my humble view, Jack Nicholson was outstanding as Jimmy Hoffa. Not only does he nail it with Hoffa's mannerisms, his nasal Detroit accent was spot on. (I liken it to a Chicago accent) It is laughable that he couldn't find someone other than Al Pacino for that role in his movie. Jim's great review of Tarantino's movie about the Tate/LaBianca murders kept me away from the theaters also. I agree 100% on Jim's view of Tarantino's movies.. my son, who is in college and an aspiring filmmaker has noted that Hollywood seems to have run out of real creativity. I agree with his view and hope that he and others like him will find a way to turn that around.
  23. I admit that I had to pause Irishman several times at home because of calls, snacks, etc. That's why I want to see it again before I write anything about it.
  24. If those are the nominations, it is really a bad year for pictures. Has anyone seen The Report?
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