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  2. Note for clarification. "In 1976 Walter gave a recollection of the FBI telex to the Senate Intelligence Committee chaired by Richard Schweiker. After the Freedom of Information Act was passed, it was possible to get this telex". "Shortly after the assassination, Walter asserts that he checked the file again to see if the warning was still there, but it had been removed". So there is proof it existed.
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  4. Here's a transcript of the Bill Lord letter: https://tekgnosis.typepad.com/tekgnosis/2013/12/bill-lords-letter-to-president-jimmy-carter-re-jfk-assassination-and-lee-harvey-oswald-lho-plus-geor.html We all pretty much accept the numbered points that Bill Lord makes, but it's difficult to see how he arrived at these, or could testify to CIA non-investigation of Oswald, just because he was briefly Oswald's bunkie on shipboard -- unless Oz told him something about the false defector program and the WC didn't pursue it. I think the arrogant Iranian house buyers were unconnected to the other attention Lord was getting.
  5. Isn't that guy behind a sealed glass window? Maybe just some guy in an office who rolled his desk chair over to see the Prez?
  6. Was there not also the report of a gunshot that hit the window frame of V-P Bush's limo when he traveled through a wooded area near DC?
  7. I stumbled across this at lunch and read the first 17 pages of witness statements for the FBI. All names redacted, none so far saw the actual shooting. A couple of them mention men with rifles on the roof of the Hilton ("one on each corner") but this guy on pages 16-17 talks about a man with a briefcase running away from the scene. Interesting. https://vault.fbi.gov/president-ronald-reagan-assassination-attempt/president-ronald-reagan-assassination-attempt-part-03-of-04/view
  8. Paul, I believe that Ambulance 603 was going to Baylor for an entirely different reason that had nothing to do with Tippit. Something about a blood bank for some reason I think. Jim and Paul, While I think the 1:10 timestamp may have been a typo, I can't get around the fact that Dr. Liquori at Methodist gave the the time of his death as shown on his death certificate as 1:15 PM https://22novembernetwork.wordpress.com/2014/11/15/the-murder-of-j-d-tippit-by-s-r-dusty-rohde/ Steve Thomas
  9. This looks like the transcript of a magazine or newsletter article draft -- too bad the author ("Spears"?) is not conclusively identified. Some of this seems wrong-headed -- Alexander Butterfield (who revealed the existence of the Watergate tapes to the Committee) and Alexander Haig have been viewed foremost as Rockefeller proteges, part of the Rockefeller cabal that increasingly filled the Nixon administrations. Some suggestions are tantalizing: why would Nelson Rockefeller find the vice-presidency too dangerous (unless Ford could have gotten him rubbed out for making attempts on his life)? And why couldn't the Rockefellers control the CIA? Typically, the Nixon resignation is seen as a Rockefeller-directed outcome.
  10. MWN Episode 120 – David Knight on the JFK Assassination: A New Weapon, A New Theory https://midnightwriternews.com/mwn-episode-120-david-knight-on-the-jfk-assassination-a-new-weapon-a-new-theory/?fbclid=IwAR3SXM2B3i3F9yPsBP84KIkmEhNoVnoZPopxZGDKsgUfaXSu1RGXgi75f0A
  11. https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/docid-32329887.pdf
  12. Steve, I am not so sure it is a typo for a few reasons: 1. Three of the time stamps you pointed out have a parenthesis around them, whereas the "1:10 pm" time stamp does not, indicating to me that the transcriber of this transcript was probably looking at an annotated copy of the dispatch tapes, one that someone had marked with parentheses around the (changed) times. This is a general pattern - look at several time stamps over several pages around the Tippit shooting. There is one exception to this pattern, but still, it is a pattern. I know that's speculative, but . . . 2. Look at the bottom of page 408. There in black and white is an obviously changed time stamp. It now reads "1:19", yet the whiteout and the original time it hides are still clearly visible: 1:10. It is indisputable that the current "1:19" at the bottom of page 408 is typed over an earlier time. 3. Finally, why would ambulances 602 and/or 603 be en route to Baylor? J.D. Tippit was taken to Methodist Hospital in Oak Cliff, not the Baylor Medical Center which was much closer to Dealey Plaza. I think you were trying to imply that because 602 and 603 responded on the extant transcript very soon after the report of the Tippit shooting that their calls to the dispatcher were, in fact, to pick up Tippit. While that may be so, it does not explain why one of them, 603, notified the dispatcher that they had arrived at Baylor. That 603 ambulance could not have been responding to the shooting of J.D. Tippit. No ambulance took Tippit to Baylor Medical Center. I agree with you that a Dudley Hughes ambulance responded to the Tippit shooting report very soon after the 1:07 shooting, and it was probably 602 from Dudley Hughes, literally right around the corner. And therefore, the "1:10 pm" time stamp was probably accurate. In any event, you and I agree that the type written transcripts almost certainly reflect the changes made to obscure the fact that Tippit was shot earlier than 1:15. I agree with those who believe the time was probably around 1:07 or 1:08. (Way too early for "Oswald" to arrived at 10th and Patton on foot from 1026 N. Beckley.)
  13. https://www.reviewjournal.com/uncategorized/figures-in-kennedy-assassination-had-many-links-to-las-vegas/
  14. https://deadline.com/2019/05/benny-binion-blood-aces-ley-line-tv-1202620438/ So pleased to learn of news about this book by my friend Douglas Swanson. Binion is an important fringe figure in the JFK assassination. https://everipedia.org/wiki/lang_en/Benny_Binion/
  15. Thanks to Malcolm Blunt, who gave me this yesterday.
  16. This coming Saturday, the 25th, DPUK will devote its meeting at The Flying Horde in Finsbury Sq to Ian, where we will play a few videos and read some of his articles and share a few good stories. Might video it, if so I shall share it in due course.
  17. Bernardo de Torres with thanks to Malcolm Blunt.
  18. " No Problem David. I don't see why the face in the middle of the window frame is suspicious or the fact that a face close to the dirty window would be barely seen because a face reflects more light than the clothes especially if the face is close to the window as it appears to me the face is looking down. The face was hard to make out until it was pointed out fairly recently (over 50 years). It would be nice if a body with clothes on reflected more light but I don't believe the photographer even noticed the face and nobody has it seems for all these years. It is OK with me about suspicion in this case.
  19. Paul, If you go up a line or two, Ambulance 603 tells Dispatch that he is Code 5 out to Baylor. That would be the Baylor University Medical Center. According to the Dallas Police Radio Codes, Code 5 is "Enroute" and Code 6 is "Arrived". http://www.bearcat1.com/radiotx.htm Two pages later, on page 410 of that pdf, Ambulance 603 informs Dispatch that he has arrived at Baylor, and Dispatch acknowledges this at 1:23 PM. If you go through those lines on page 408 that you pointed out, Ambulance 602 announces that he is Code 5, "Enroute", then he announces he is Code 6, has "Arrived", then he announces again that he is Code 5, "Enroute". I'm not sure what that is all about, but you can see on the next page (page 409), that Ambulance 602 twice more calls in and tries to raise Dispatch. On the next page (page 411), you can see Dispatch trying to respond to 602. On the next page, (page 412), Dispatch asks Gerald Hill (#550/2) if he know what ambulance took Tippit, that "we had three going". (I'm not sure which three ambulances Dispatch is talking about here). Hill responds that he was at 12th and Beckley, and saw an ambulance from Dudley Hughes pass in front of him and thought he might have Tippit. This is at 1:25. Dispatch again tries to raise 602 on page 412. I'm pretty sure 602 was from the Dudley Hughes Funeral Home. If my memory serves me right, at that time, the ambulance services in Dallas were stationed out of the funeral homes. I'm pretty sure that the 1:10 time stamp in the transcripts is simply a typo on the part of the person doing the typing, because it comes after a 1:11 time stamp, a 1:15 time stamp, and a 1:16 time stamp on page 407. Steve Thomas
  20. As I've tried to say out in my point about how people who really want to see something look through the unobstructed pane and not around the obstructing frame pieces, the very fact that the Oswald "face" is quartered by the cross framing makes the image suspect. Recent posts above that show how the figure's lower body is missing add to the suspicion.
  21. Steve, I'll see your difference in Fritz interrogation reports and raise you one official, Warren Commission published transcript: I present to you CE 705. Page 408 on the printed transcript (page 48 when you scroll down here). It reads "Disp. 10-4 603 and 602. 1:10 pm." This is after the Tippit shooting! And the WC was dumb enough to publish this transcript with the old time, "1:10 pm" still on it! Somebody screwed up, the WC published it, and nobody caught it! But there it is to this day! https://www.history-matters.com/archive/jfk/wc/wcvols/wh17/pdf/WH17_CE_705.pdf
  22. Have you seen this one yet? 11/25/1963 memo from J. Edgar Hoover to Tolson, Belmont, Mohr, Conrad, De Loach, Evans, Rosen, Sullivan: "I told Mr. Jenkins that Oswald had four shells and only fired three shells; that we have one complete bullet found on the stretcher on which the President was carried into the hospital, which apparently fell out of the President's head; that the other two bullets were pretty well broken up but sufficiently complete to allow us to identify them as being the three fired by this particular gun" https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=62251#relPageId=104&tab=page
  23. Ten medical professionals from Parkland Hospital made statements indicating that two chest tubes were fully inserted into the body cavity. Humes and Boswell, on the other hand, reported finding only two shallow cuts in the chest, as if the procedure had been started but not finished. https://old.reddit.com/r/JFKresearcher/comments/b3ebu9/part_1_of_2_jfks_chest_tubes_the_ultimate_paradox/ https://old.reddit.com/r/JFKresearcher/comments/b3eg34/part_2_of_2_jfks_chest_tubes_the_ultimate_paradox/
  24. Steve, I can’t say that I see a luggage rack on the b&w photo either, but Paul Jolliffe posted this shot of a 1961 Nash Rambler station wagon, and the luggage rack doesn’t appear to be a very prominent feature.
  25. I am sorry to hear about the death of my old friend. For many years he was one of the leading figures in the Dealey Plaza UK: The British JFK Assassination Research Group. (http://jfkassassinationuk.com/) I have updated my page on him. https://spartacus-educational.com/JFKgriggs.htm
  26. Jim, I guess it's impossible to know if the Rambler shown in your photo is the same one that Craig said he saw; although in his Sheriff's report, he said his Rambler had a luggage rack on top. http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/russ/testimony/craig1.htm Does the photo show a luggage rack? I can't really tell. I agree with you about the tape transcripts. Somebody said that the tapes had been winnowed down to remove "routine transmissions". The Police, (or the FBI) should have been forced to reveal "every" transmission that day, including the ones coming out of the Fairgrounds. Steve Thomas
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