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  2. The above are what I call "strange coincidences". They look like smoke from a distance but really are just coincidences that large historical events tend to have, i.e, comparing it to the Lincoln assassination which also was a conspiracy. The problem is some confuse coincidences as factual proof of something when in fact they are window dressing to the real facts. That is coordinated radio communication in the Plaza which is the real provable smoking gun as I have said before.
  3. In November 1972, after Nixon had been reelected, Hunt told Chuck Colson in no uncertain terms that the "hush" money for the defendants and their attorneys had better be forthcoming pronto or else. Colson recorded this spellbinding telephone conversation that can be listened to on YouTube. A month later, in December 1972, Dorothy Hunt was killed in a commercial plane crash in Chicago that is still controversial as to how it occurred. She was carrying a sum of money. Upon learning of her death Colson exclaimed that "now they have killed Dorothy." I attended Dorothy's funeral at which Hunt walked across the parking lot and embraced me with tears flowing down his cheeks. I cried too. The first Watergate trial was scheduled for January 1973, the next month. Prior to the trial Hunt called his four children together and told them that he was going to plead guilty because if he did not he feared that they would be killed next to keep him quiet. Hunt did plead guilty and the four Cuban-American defendants loyally followed his lead. Liddy and McCord stood trial and were found guilty. I believe that McCord had reason to fear for his life. Maybe Liddy did too and this could have been a motivating factor in his making the decision of remaining quiet and not speaking out publicly until released from prison years later.
  4. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/18/obituaries/james-mccord-watergate-dead.html
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  6. Ha! You did it, Jim - Both the Times and the W Post included a link to Kennedysandking ! That is super!!!
  7. Here's David on the right temple, about half way down on page 4. I thought I'd read a little more it elsewhere but I'm not positive. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=708#relPageId=4&tab=page
  8. Enough with stuffing a round peg into a square hole guys.... Odds and what y'all are discussing are mutually exclusive. The only true statement so far is: What's worse is that the odds of numerous, different things happening is the product of multiplying the individual odds of each event... if one could even do odds for the individual events... You'd have a better chance getting Ozzie to Mexico or proving he ever touched C2766 or any other Carcano for that matter.
  9. I've long suspected that the encounter with the man that eventually morphed into the phony "2nd floor lunchroom" story was not with our "Oswald" at all, but with one of the suspects from the sixth floor. This is not to suggest that the Truly/Baker/Suspect encounter actually happened in the 2nd floor lunchroom, but that there really was some kind of encounter near the stairs, probably around the third or fourth floor. Roy Truly is so suspicious here - either he vouched for someone he knew to be a suspect, or he deliberately set the Dallas police chasing "Oswald" at a time when he had no legitimate reason to do so. There is no other possibility. Roy Truly was a witting conspirator to frame "Oswald". Did he also "persuade" Mrs. Reid (his personal secretary) to prop up his identification of "Oswald" with her story of seeing "Oswald" wander through the second floor? Seems very possible to me. As for the Lovelady shirt mess, Harold Weisberg was screaming at the top of his lungs more than fifty years ago about the shirt in the Altgens picture and the shirt the FBI photographed Lovelady wearing in March of 1964. Of course it isn't the same shirt! But the FBI went even further: they asked Lovelady in 1964 to unbutton the top several buttons of his short-sleeved, wide-striped red and white shirt, so that it would approximate the neckline of the long-sleeved, patterned shirt from Altgens when they took the comparison photos! Way to "investigate" the murder of the president, FBI! Way to further obfuscate the issue! Personally, I suspect the figure in Altgens really is Lovelady, wearing the plaid shirt later photographed in 1976. Lovelady told the HSCA that the FBI had not asked him in 1964 to be sure to wear the same shirt from 11/22/63, so he was not wearing it. That's probably true, in my opinion. Weisberg suspected that Altgens man was "Oswald" (he told me so in 1993) and therefore the FBI was desperate to hide proof of "Oswald's" innocence. However, I suspect that "Oswald" was Prayerman (not visible in Altgens), but the FBI was mortified that there might be some inadvertent photo disclosure, and therefore muddied the waters with the Lovelady/Altgens/shirt/doorway man issue. That's where I am with this.
  10. https://www.thedailybeast.com/john-dean-nixon-white-house-counsel-says-mueller-report-more-damning-than-watergate-report
  11. I have wondered how many former Agency people who were involved in some of the highest and deepest level covert work ( and for sure sometimes illegal ) like McCord, E.Howard Hunt, Sturgis, etc., never revealed in their entire lifetimes these doings and their parts in them ... out of simple company loyalty, or was it just as much because they feared losing their pensions...or even their life? In one of the postings here McCord is quoted as saying his "family feared for his life" at some point in the Watergate hearings which was one of the reasons he gave for opening up and not covering for Nixon and his team. Wonder who McCord believed could or would do such a thing to him...and why? When someone like McCord who was so highly involved with the Agency ( and who received a distinguished service award from them ) publicly states he is fearing for his life in testifying and telling the truth...obviously, the fearing for one's life is a true reality scenario in this world of covert activity that McCord was such a part of.. I think Hunt also kept this scenario in the back of his mind. This threat is clearly part of that world. Says a lot about the dark nature of the business McCord, Hunt, Sturgis, G. Gordon Liddy and others like them chose to be a part of.
  12. Congratulations Jim. Nice to see the New York Times citing your K&K work.
  13. I first thought you meant the 2 minute mark. For anyone else making the same mistake it's at the 2 hour mark. Interesting at the 2 minute mark they talk about how thorough the security is at Love Field, that even their equipment was inspected...
  14. Interesting that McCord died in Douglasville PA. I live and work about 8 miles away. This is a rural town, outside of King of Prussia and on the way to Reading and Pottstown. Lots of farms and Mennonite communities. Only about 45 minutes from Philadelphia. Living to 93 (in a quiet and low key manner) after all he did is quite an accomplishment. Imagine the stories that he could relate ... Gene PS. Jim, I hope you're taking care of yourself, and feeling better.
  15. Tina Towner- in a YouTube video, Witnesses to the JFK assassination: Three Dallas Stories- LA Times by Brian van der Brug, she said things that indicate shooting occurred as the presidential vehicle turned into the intersection and in front of the TSBD. The article said she stopped filming after the presidential limousine turned into the intersection. If that’s true then who filmed her film? ** JFK Assassination – Tina Towner Film Splice Edward Bauer Loading... Published on Jul 18, 2015 The 8 frames spliced out of the Tina Towner film recorded a major camera jiggle, her reaction to the first shot. The jiggle analysis in The Final Truth proves that she would have reacted exactly at the first missing frame. The FBI removed this jiggle to cover up an early first shot. Note the sharp upward movement during the missing frames, a radical aberration from her otherwise smooth-as-glass pan. Added yellow lines help show this sharp rapid movement within 0.307 of a second (the Towners' camera filmed at 22.8 frames per second). The splice is between T084 and T085. This video uses retouched versions of these frames not obscured by splicing cement. Detailed description in The Final Truth: Solving the Mystery of the JFK Assassination. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_N3QoiJE_E ** Jack McFile list anomalies in the Towner film. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKQr9GIdmHc ** Tina Towner- in a YouTube video, Witnesses to the JFK assassination: Three Dallas Stories- LA Times by Brian van der Brug, she said things that indicate shooting occurred as the presidential vehicle turned into the intersection and in front of the TSBD. The article said she stopped filming after the presidential limousine turned into the intersection. If that’s true then who filmed her film? ** Los Angeles Times: Witnesses to the JFK assassination: Three Dallas stories By By Molly Hennessy-Fiske Nov 17, 2013 | 6:00 AM “Pender (Tina Towner) and her mother staked out a spot on the corner and took turns sitting on a campstool they had brought. When her father suggested they move south, toward a grassy knoll, they protested. Shortly before 12:30 p.m., they realized the president's limousine was entering the plaza. "You could hear the crowds as the motorcade was approaching," she said. Pender watched her father get permission from a police officer for the family to stand in the street, near the curb, so he and his daughter could take pictures. The limousine, with the Kennedys sitting behind Texas Gov. John Connally and his wife, turned off Houston onto Elm. Pender gazed through the viewfinder, and her hands trembled with excitement as she tried to keep the first couple in the frame. She was struck by Jackie Kennedy's beauty. "She seemed to be looking right at us," Pender said. She stopped filming seconds later as the limousine rounded the corner. Then came what sounded to her like firecrackers, and someone yanked her to the ground. She got up moments later but couldn't see her parents, who had been swallowed up by the panicked crowd.” The question to ask here is who filmed the rest of Tina Towner’s film? In the Elsie Dorman film there is a stool there on the SW corner of Elm and Houston. If anyone ever wondered what that was or, who the stool belonged to is answered by Tina Towner. ** And, there is this indicating shooting in the intersection and in front of the TSBD, the hit x frame: Contrast adjusted to see hit x clearer.
  16. Thank you, Mr. McBride. I was getting set to jump in here about this very issue. After Officer Tippit’s body was placed in an ambulance and taken to Methodist Hospital, Dallas cops Davenport and Bardin helped carry Tippit into the emergency room and watched as medics tried to revive him. Dr. Richard Liguori declared Tippit dead at 1:15 pm.
  17. Joseph, while your here, I've got a question for you; What time and where, was Tippit identified by someone that knew him? Was it at Methodist?
  18. AARB working with Joan Higdon. I haven't found the actual interview yet. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=207896&relPageId=1&search=joan_higdon
  19. http://jfk-archives.blogspot.com/2010/06/tippit-timelines.html
  20. DVP is trying to get away with repeating the WC lie about the time of the Tippit shooting. Tippit most likely was shot at about 1:08 or 1:09, perhaps as early as 1:06, and not 1:14 or 1:15. As most readers of this forum realize, that lie was spread to give the alleged lone nut shooter enough time to get from his rooming house on foot to shoot Tippit -- which Oswald did not do.
  21. But it depends on which "shooting" you're referring to. If you mean the Tippit shooting, then I think you're right---there was no radio report regarding the shooter's description put out within 15 minutes (or so) of the Tippit murder. But there was most definitely a "description" of President Kennedy's assassin broadcast on the radio, and that description was aired on KLIF Radio (the station that Tony Krome just said Brewer was listening to) as early as 12:54 PM (Dallas time), which would corroborate what Brewer said to Eddie Barker in his CBS-TV interview in 1964 when Brewer said this: "Right after the President was shot, they broadcast a description on the radio of this man..." If, in fact, Brewer was listening to KLIF Radio that day, the description he would have heard at 12:54 PM would have initially come from a female telephone operator at the Dallas Police Department, who quickly provided the description of the alleged Presidential assassin for a KLIF reporter who was recording the phone call for later broadcast. The description she provided was: "White male, 30 [years old], 5-10, 165, 30-caliber rifle, and I believe it was at Elm and Houston where it came from; now I don't know definitely and I don't like to say." [The audio can be heard below.] https://drive.google.com/file/KLIF-Radio Bulletin (12:54 PM CST) And then, two minutes later at 12:56 PM, KLIF's Gary DeLaune repeats the description (a little slower and clearer this time, with DeLaune adding two key words---"slender build"---to the description): https://drive.google.com/file/KLIF-Radio Bulletin (12:56 PM CST) For the record, the "5-10, 165 pounds" description was repeated again just three minutes later on KLIF, at 12:59 PM CST, and then yet again four minutes later at 1:03 PM. That description that was aired multiple times by KLIF, of course, doesn't quite match Johnny Brewer's figures that he provided in his '64 CBS interview. He said in that interview that the description he heard concerning Kennedy's assassin (not the description of Tippit's killer) was "5-8, 5-9, 150 pounds", which is not accurate. But that error can likely be attributed to a slightly bad memory on Mr. Brewer's part. But there is one KLIF bulletin (aired at 1:08 PM) which says that the assassin of JFK was "approximately 5 feet, 8 inches tall [and] weighs about 160 pounds".
  22. I wouldn't be surprised at your estimate of 10 or less. Think of Elvis impersonators, most don't even look like him.
  23. Follow up Question: Mr Caro in your years of research did you find any information that LBJ tried to cover up facts regarding the assassination of JFK or did you ever get the sense from the interviews with people who knew LBJ or the reading of his files that you did, that LBJ made moves that would hinder or pervert the course of justice in the assassination of JFK?
  24. I will have a crack at this........on November 22nd 1963 Dallas population approx 700,000 Fort worth population approx 400,000.... Visitors to Dallas from surrounding areas an afar that day 100,000.................Total 1,200,000 half are men(99.9% chance assassin of JFK was male) = 600,000 in close enough proximity to get to a position to fire at the president and kill him. Oswald = 1 in 600,000 (i know, i know we could reduce this number greatly but we need a statistical starting point) Out of the 600,000 males in the area what are the chances that someone is a JFK look-a- like....enough to be teased about it or given a nickname regarding their JFK resemblance, may be 4,5,6 maybe 10 people out of that 600,000 lets go with 10 so that's 1 in 60,000 males is a JFK look-a-like (i am sure its probably more like 4 or 5 in 600,000) So we have a 1 in 600,000 killer of JFK who then has a 1 in 60,000 chance of killing another person that day that looks like JFK............ Tony Said " JFK is shot through the head by person X, Less than an hour later, a few miles away, another man, who was called JFK by his colleagues due to similarities, is shot through the head by the same person X " BOTTOM LINE the Odds = 1 in (599,999 x 60,000) or in laymen's terms = PRETTY F#@KING UNLIKELY
  25. Please point out to me where within this video John Brewer ever utters the words "part of the description". You're not going to find any such utterance by Brewer in that interview. Plus, why would Brewer need to rely on anybody else's description of the man when he (Brewer) can see for himself that Oswald was wearing a "brown shirt"?
  26. Brewer said that to ex-detective Ian Griggs back in 1996 when he was interviewed
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