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  2. Pure bovine offal. Here's the thread where DiEugenio put me on ignore: No, Jim DiEugenio started ignoring the physical evidence in the JFK murder case at least a decade ago. I regard this as historical malpractice. Or Aljazeera, which I quoted. J9im someone of being an egotist! As opposed to an over-rated self-aggrandizing hustler? DiEugenio denounces Fascists in Ukraine while he carries water for Fascisst in America. Go figure.
  3. That's fine. Next would be a sync for both films near the underpass. If you know the Bell (progressive) frame count between this location and the previous z435 location, this will give you a FPS ratio from Bell to Z using 18.3fps per Z.
  4. As per Maria Butina https://newrepublic.com/article/153036/maria-butina-profile-wasnt-russian-spy When a region or state votes overwhelmingly to save themselves from being taken over by a bunch of paramilitary Neo Nazi thugs and murderers who are intent on making Ukraine into a mini Fourth Reich, then that is not annexation from outside but inside. Crimea is a beautiful, well frequented resort area. They did not want any part of being tied in with a bunch of criminals and Fascists. Its that simple. I have CV on ignore because he is a broken record on the JFK case: Harriman and JFK's custom shirts. I started yawning on that stuff about five years ago. On this issue, we may as well be listening to the Podesta Group or NY Times. So its the same thing. The examples above are what he thinks is "ass kicking". 😉 Therefore he is also an egotist. Why waste the time on someone I consider a t-r-o-l-l.
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  6. Bob: I hate to tell you but if you look at Watergate, it was the same thing. How many people did Jaworski indict? Over sixty. Did he indict Nixon? It is a constitutional problem. And according to Mr Wheeler, the Mueller Report was available for reading in full to select members of congress. If that was enough then I am sure they would have agreed to have an impeachment vote based on it. They then would have gone to court during the proceedings to get it fully released. To me, the evidence in RG simply was not there for impeachment. The Steele Dossier ended up being something of a joke. What with it being financed by Singer and then the DNC? And paying the guy well into the six figures. Ever hear of confirmation bias?
  7. "This essay is adapted from “Touched by the Sun: My Friendship with Jackie,” to be published by Farrar, Straus & Giroux, in October." Touched by the Sun. Touched by the Sun.
  8. Mark, I agree the figures down the walk do look smaller that they should if that is Bell. Those figures should be closer to Bronson than those figures north of Elm St. But, they look smaller. It could be some sort of camera distortion thing and an illusion. I guess one could count the sections in the structure. It is a shame that no one on the north side of Elm filmed except Zapruder. Or, was allowed to or keep their film.
  9. It seems like I typed the wrong info on that last post: "However, the same or similar scar can be seen on the right volar side of the wrist in this photo. And, this is the problem. There is no such scar described for the right wrist. What is described for the left wrist is the following. Which appears to be a suicide scar also. Why two on one arm?" "Left wrist" should have been left arm. Substitute left arm for left wrist and the sentence makes more sense. The autopsy describes the suicide scar on Oswald's left wrist. The photo of Oswald shows there is another scar on his right wrist that matches the left wrist in description. This scar is not described in the autopsy report. The second left arm scar is described as written above: “Over the medial aspect mid-distal third of the left arm there is a 1 1 / 4 inch vertical scar with cross hatching.” This scar lines up with the medial vein in the lower arm. Sometimes those who are pretending suicide will cut this vein in that fashion in order not to mess up the tendons in their wrist. I mention these scars because I have no real explanation for them other than noting them. The vertical cut scar on the left arm could be from some other thing. But, it is hard to rationalize the cross hatching scars and the vertical scar as anything but a suicide scar from deliberate cutting. The visible scar on Oswald's right wrist could be from some other thing and not possibly related to suicide. But, it is a neat scar cut in a regular manner. Here's something from the internet on suicide and handedness: "Suicide attempts (94.5%) involved the nondominant hand, whereas in accidents, handedness had no effect on injured side, similar to previous findings.%8,,%13 The preponderance of injuries to the nondominant hand in suicide attempts might be due to habitual usage of the dominant hand when using a tool such as a knife, leaving the unoccupied nondominant hand as potential target for cutting. " I've read Coogan before and was not that impressed with his reasoning. I have Swike's book. And, ditto. I was not impressed with his reasoning for a One Oswald theory.
  10. "...“So,” I said. “Have you seen ‘JFK’? I mean, the movie. I mean, the Oliver Stone movie. I mean the one that’s just out now?” “Oh, no, Carly, no. No, no.” Jackie reacted as if she had been attacked. “It’s so awful. No.” I continued my crash into the reef of self-destruction. “I didn’t even mean to say that,” I said. “I just . . .” “No, Carly, NO.” She slumped backward into her seat. That was the end of the conversation about anything and everything “JFK.” I was dead. I couldn’t... live past this moment. Rewind! Oh, please, rewind! I started to cry, and I was fortunate to be able to hide it behind the opening music of “Bugsy,” which had just started up. I sat there motionless, shocked silly. “I’m so sorry, Jackie,” I whispered. From my diary on that day: “What sort of brain derangement sent such a signal to my wayward tongue?” I could hardly concentrate on “Bugsy.” All the while I was thinking, I have to be so careful—she is so much more fragile than we all think. Every time a shot sounded on the screen—and the film was plenty violent—she reacted physically, dramatically, her body mimicking the victim’s. All I wanted to do was protect her, put my arms around her. I was reminded that day of the story of Mr. Nose, which is really a story about where a person’s best intentions can land. Mr. Nose, as he came to be forever known by my family after one fateful evening, was the unsuspecting man with a prominent nose, to which we—my sisters and I—were told, by our parents, not to call attention, one night, when Lucy was five or six and I was even younger. He was one of my father’s erudite authors, and, when he showed up, it was true: his nose was not charming, and it was also way too long not to notice. That night, I watched it happen. When our father introduced the man to us, Lucy held out her hand and said in her most beguiling voice, “How do you do, Mr. Nose?”..." 'Going to the Movies with Jackie Kennedy' By Carly Simon | October 15, 2019 https://www.newyorker.com/culture/personal-history/going-to-the-movies-with-jackie-kennedy
  11. How would anybody know? He refused to be interviewed and entered into a mutual defense agreement with 36 other subjects and witnesses in the investigation. Many of these were felons, essentially in partnership with the POTUS!! He is supposedly unindictable but is the only person in the US who can offer pardons to anyone he chooses. Because of the idiotic "memo" from DOJ he is able to offer, through proxies, get out of jail cards using attorney-client privalege without any consequences due to a cuckold Senate. This is a huge problem. So far nobody on this forum, that I remember, has commented on the MDA, which no doubt is why several Mueller witnesses wilted. Trump is so corrupt he essentially dares anyone to do anything about it. Several times on live TV he encourages foreign interference and yet his defenders act like battered spouses. Some day maybe they'll resume behaving with principle. Who knows? To repeat for comment: Why should a person who can not be indicted or prosecuted, has the power of offering any bribe, advancement, pardon or anything in the world, be allowed the same considerations as a normal person under investigation? Because of the MDA they can negotiate any agreement they want with co-defendents (subjects) to falsify testimony and not have to pay any consequences due to the DOJ memo and pardon powers.
  12. So now you admit that "Russia definitely annexed the Crimea." That's a start! Now will you admit to fighting in the Donbass region? You claimed I was wrong about that, too. I didn't condemn Russia for annexing Crimea -- I just stated it as a fact. You make incredible assumptions, Dennis. Yup, I'm rhetorically kicking his ass on this thread, too.
  13. Lol. I see the issue here, you and wn enjoy getting information from known propaganda outlets, whereas me and jim do not. Russia definitely annexed the Crimea, we disagree on how and why. Lol again. Im beginning to understand why Jim blocked you.
  14. This is really interesting John. I think the view is looking down the channel, because the human figure looks much smaller than the ones in the foreground. Here is the animation frame for that moment: 70 is Muchmore and 71 is Bond, so they may be involved also. Its a hard photo to read though as the edge cuts off what we need to see for context, so I'm not sure what to make of it. Having said that, the tree between Bronson and the peristyle looks too far to the right on my map, so I will move it to the left a bit. Thanks for the tip!
  15. James DiEugenio and Dennis Berube may be the only two people on the planet who deny that Putin annexed Crimea in 2014. From the Aljazeera article linked in my previous post: <quote on> Transferred by the Soviet leadership from Russia to Ukraine in 1954, Crimea is a region populated by Russian-speakers who were genuinely frightened by the prospect of finding themselves living under the rule of extreme nationalists. They have been lukewarm about Ukraine's independence since the very beginning, and perhaps more importantly, had long been consuming the same Kremlin propaganda as Russians on their TV screens. Moreover, Ukraine's revolution may have been a genuine popular uprising against a corrupt government that rejected greater integration with the EU, but it also had an ultra-nationalist component which was displayed in full view for all Russians and Crimeans to see - Right Sector ultra-nationalists occupied a whole floor in the revolutionary HQ and flags and symbols associated with Ukrainian Nazi collaborators in the World War II were ubiquitous in Maidan square. This was naturally perceived as an existential threat by Crimeans and helped them turn their back to Ukraine and its revolution and embrace Putin as their saviour. <quote off> The reason DiEugenio has me on ignore is because I rhetorically kick his ass every time we tangle.
  16. Oh yes, like those corporate democrats over at Aljazeera. Annexation of Crimea: A masterclass in political manipulation https://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/opinion/annexation-crimea-masterclass-political-manipulation-190315174459207.html
  17. I wouldn't trust the press not to conflate Huber's statements about two different wounds into one wound, especially if the reporter was rushed and emotional, or Huber was emotional and indistinct. On the other hand, a small temple wound may have seemed "terrible" to the good father, seeing it on a young and famous man recently murdered. The fact that a priest giving last rites said anything to a reporter about a president's body suggests Huber was upset. Either way implies that the temple wound wasn't "terrible" by objective medical standards.
  18. Indeed Michael, cooperation really helps get to the bottom of these things! Its very easy to get the wrong end of the stick with some of these photos and films, so a fresh pair of eyes is very handy.
  19. I think the first few scenes of the Hughes film were taken some minutes before, but as always, its hard to know due to the cutting between scenes as it could be seconds or minutes each time. The 5 lead bikes break at some point in main street (all 5 were together in a Paschall sequence, so near Market St I would guess), with 2 of them moving near the advance bikes, which is what we see in Muchmore. Croft 1 shows the remaining 3 in front of the DPD lead car: Its a bit grainy but its enough proof to show that the bikes in Muchmore were ahead of these ones. For more references regarding the bike formation have a look at Todd Wayne Vaughan's work here: http://jfk.hood.edu/Collection/Weisberg Subject Index Files/M Disk/Motorcade Route/Item 15.pdf
  20. The founder of rocor advocated for armed rebellion against the ussr. If the Russians didnt attempt to mitigate that church I would be stunned and they would be derelict in their duty to protect themselves. Regardless, that story doesnt make your false Ukraine narrative true. It just shows your perspective on this comes from a white russian viewpoint, again, like Cliff, not exactly unbiased. Jim, I completely agree and thats a good concise outline of the situation you gave. The lack of critical analysis on Crimea is confusing here. There simply isnt any solid evidence this took place at all. If you listen to oliver stones long interview with putin, it’s relatively clear that he is well aware of how power works in the US and that the president by himself doesnt change that much in regards to the treatment russia gets from the us. In my opinion, the DNC didn’t expect Trump to win the election and went into this whole mess afterwards as a means to compromise trumps political maneuvers and to keep wall street corporate control of the democratic party without meaningfully changing their overall platform (aka, an explanation for clintons loss that didnt expose how right wing she and the leaders of the DNC actually is/are)
  21. http://www.russianbooks.org/oswald/moscow2.htm I also read what I thought was a pretty good synopsis of Oswald's time in the Far East by a man named Kevin Coogan in the Lobster Magazine: Tokyo legend? Lee Harvey Oswald and Japan by Kevin Coogan https://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/free/lobster70/lob70-oswald-and-japan.pdf Oswald's time in Taiwan seems to hinge on whether he actually went there, or stayed behind in a rear echelon unit. (see pp 27 plus of the pdf document cited above). Steve Thomas Steve Thomas
  22. The two frames are close, here is the rendering of the animation at Z435.1: There is is an optical illusion in the Bell frame. You have triangulated to the nearside abutment in the map, but you should have used the the far side edge because the black area is actually the wall of the tunnel. Otherwise, yes they are very close in time and within a few frames I would say due to the car moving so fast at this time circa 25-30 MPH.
  23. Jim, As a member of the (White) Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR) during the past 25 years I have seen, up close and personal, how Putin and his FSB people operate. They skillfully infiltrated and seized control of the ROCOR in Western Europe and the U.S. in 2006 in a bloodless internal coup that was scarcely mentioned in the Western media. Part of their operation included intimidation (and probably kompromat) of several ROCOR bishops, including one whom I knew, personally, who was threatened and beaten up in his apartment. I also know of one ROCOR priest opposed to the Act of Canonical Communion with Moscow who died in a mysterious ladder "accident." (The Moscow Patriarchate was under the control of the NKVD/KGB/FSB since 1920, and had been anathematized by the ROCOR Synod for decades prior to 2006.) At the time of the ROCOR coup, Putin even proclaimed in a TASS interview that, "Religion is one of Russia's most effective means of self defense!" Putin worked as a KGB agent in East Germany for many years, and is, doubtless, an expert in the age old KGB tactics of intimidation, murder, and blackmailing compromised targets. He has, certainly, been involved in the murders of journalists and those (like Litvinenko, Gorokhov, and Erovinkin) who are seen as threats to Kremlin agendas. In my opinion, Trump has been targeted by Putin's FSB people and compromised for use as a Russian asset. Putin's oligarchs have also dangled a lot of carrots to manipulate Trump and many key Republicans in the U.S. Congress. We know that Russia has funneled a lot of illegal campaign cash to Republicans-- through the NRA, and also through shell companies set up by people like Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman. Mitch McConnell has repeatedly blocked legislation to secure our elections from Russian hackers. As for Congress and the Mueller Report, William Barr has worked tirelessly to prevent even the U.S. Congress from seeing the full, un-redacted Report. And we all know by now that Barr distorted the findings of the Report in his misleading four-page "summary," while withholding Mueller's own summary, which was intended for public and Congressional review.
  24. Those are both good questions Ron. And I cannot answer them. Fifty five years later.
  25. I suspect that the audience for network and cable-network TV with commercials is in the boomer demographic, and may include younger people who are not internet oriented, or at least not attracted to CT on the internet. (Their vices being Zillow, Ashley Madison, and good ol' free porn.) So the MSM is preaching here to a choir seeking comfort and relief, chemical or political. Note all the financial and retirement planning ads as well. Lone-nut shows on the History Channel or NatGeo reinforce the assumptions of this class of influencers. "Teach your children well," somebody sang. Teach them to plan for retirement, while not giving in to depression. Something that Oswald guy couldn't pull off with his Marxist-Leninist claptrap. Psychological sets, somebody warned us?
  26. Pelosi was smart in not jumping on the Schiff bandwagon initially. Because politically, now the impeachment proceeding will play out closer to the election. Which is what I think she wanted from the start. I do not think it will succeed, since the GOP will not vote for it. But it should soften up Trump enough for the Dems to win with that 24/7 spectacle going on in the background. To answer your question Dennis, I agree that Pence probably is the worst case scenario. Putin annexed Crimea? And he's helping those in Donbass. OMG. This is why I have CV on ignore. He's like the NY Times on this. The people who took control of Ukraine in 2014 are the followers of the neo Nazi Bandera. They murdered scores, if not hundreds of people, in their illegal overthrow. Their paramilitary bands literally set buildings on fire with innocent civilians inside. Sometimes they wore helmets with the swastika inscribed on them. In the State Department's anti Putin mania, we backed these nutcases. Many people on the scene, like in Crimea, understood who they were and did not want to be part of a mini Fourth Reich led by idolators of the anti-Semitic Bandera. It would be sort of like Zhukov laying down for the Wehrmacht in 1941. These rightwing nuts have made an absolute mess out of Ukraine, similar to what Yeltsin and Jeff Sachs did to Russia during their shock doctrine days. It became nothing but a plunderers' paradise, while the masses suffered socially and economically in every way. And it was not just a Democratic or Republican debacle, it was both. Because many times, at the top, both parties are CFR/Bohemian Grove types. And its been that way since Jerry Ford let the neocons take over in 1975.
  27. This is not correct and is exactly what the corporate democrats project. In reality, the us led a coup in ukraine in a story that goes back to at least world war 2. Crimea has a large russian population and voted to join russia by something like 95%. https://consortiumnews.com/2016/07/16/the-new-cold-wars-frontline-in-crimea Your attacking someone who has never voted for a republican in his life and i have supported tulsi gabbard since her trip to syria which i believe parallels JFKs early 1950s trip to saigon with edmund guillion. She came back and spoke the truth and has been suppressed by her own party ever since while the rest of the party continues with this pro corporate propaganda. The latest ukraine gate stuff is an entirely different story. The chairman of the house intel committee (schiff) is already conducting a suspicious investigation and fiona hill has been rumored to have ties to hunter biden. It'll be interesting to see what happens but the bottomline is this, does anyone here think Pence is going to improve anything? My take is that pence would be a blank check for the “deep state”. At least trump occasionally goes against these people, if only by mistake and not good intent. I think the Wall street democrats realize they cannot put biden or even warren against trump and win, but they could beat pence. Seeing they refuse to endorse Bernie or Tulsi(to put it lightly), the impeachment is a smart move if they can pull it off. Regardless, history tells us that the removal of a president is almost always a bad thing. Hatred of trump is one thing, believing the state department line on Syria is another. But then again, if that truth was allowed out, Tulsi would suddenly look very different. Very similar to how JFK looked regarding Algeria in 1962.
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