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First World War Panel

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#1 John Simkin

John Simkin


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Posted 22 July 2004 - 04:05 PM

I have been a history teacher (students aged 11 to 18) for 25 years. I first became interested in the First World War when I discovered that my grandfather had been killed on the Western Front in 1916.

I was involved in the design of the computer program Attack on the Somme and wrote the book Contemporary Accounts of the First World War. I am also the author of the website Encyclopaedia of the First World War:


#2 Floyd Low

Floyd Low

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Posted 25 July 2004 - 12:30 AM

Floyd Low reporting for duty on the WW1 forum!

I am a History graduate from University of Victoria in British COlumbia Canada. Currently I work as a full time reserve Army Captain in Ottawa Ontario and have an interest in WW1. My home area in British Columbia sent a Battalion to the Somme and most other Western Front areas. It was the 54th Canadian Infantry Battalion, part of the 11th Canadian Infantry Brigade of the 4th Canadian Divison.

The website is at http://apollon_2.tripod.com

I am also interested in the 102nd Battalion of the 11th Brigade see http://www.donlowconcrete.com/102.

I am currently involved in a project to map the travels of the 54th Bn on the Western Front and may well do the entire 11th Brigade using maps from the Trenchmap CD of the Imperial War Museum and the IGN French National Mapping service.

These battalions comprised many Brits who had came over to Canada in 1912 - 1914 and then went back to the UK for training. Many never returned from France.

My contribution? I can assist with Canadian facts and figures and I also offer a small paid service on personnel file tracing. See the 54th Bn website.

In addition to the above I am presently starting the 3rd of 5 courses for an MA in War Studies through our Royal Military College. I`ve done papers on the British Army in operations in North America from 1750-1760, USA/UK relations in WW1 and USA/UK relations from 1939-1942. Copies available for those willing to suffer through my torturous prose. :rolleyes:

Last summer I was lucky enough to visit Manchester, Blackpool, Salisbury Plain and Shornecliffe - all places the Canadians have spent time in the UK during WW1 and WW2.

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#3 Dan Lyndon

Dan Lyndon

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Posted 26 July 2004 - 09:29 AM

I am the Head of History at an inner city boys school in London and have been teaching for 11 years. Whilst I do not claim any expertise on the topic, this is an area of personal interest and I have visited the Somme and Ypres on a number of occasions with my pupils. I have also done some research on a Fulham man, Edward Dwyer, VC who was, at the time, the youngest recipient of the medal: http://www.comptonhi...y.com/Dwyer.htm

#4 Anders MacGregor-Thunell

Anders MacGregor-Thunell

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Posted 26 July 2004 - 11:43 PM

I have been the Head of the History Department of Hvitfeldtska Gymnasiet in Gothenburg, Sweden, the last 6 years. Before that I tought History at a few High Schools, Colleges and Universities. My specific interest and knowledge are the Spansih Civil War (where I have done some work on the Swedish reaction and Swedish volunteers), 19th and early 20th Century Russian History and the Nordic Countries (especially Finland and Sweden) during the 19th and early 20th Century. I also have some knowledge about Germany during the same periods and the coming of World War One and World War Two.

#5 Richard Jones-Nerzic

Richard Jones-Nerzic

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Posted 28 July 2004 - 06:08 PM

With a BA in history and politics and MA in political philosophy, I have been a history teacher since 1993. I am currently Head of Humanities at the International School of Toulouse in France and I was previously Head of Politics at Olchfa School in Swansea, south Wales.

I teach IGCSE History and IB History and consequently have a current 'expertise' in modern history.

#6 Robert Missinne

Robert Missinne

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Posted 31 July 2004 - 02:19 AM


I am principal of the Elementary Schools 'Sint-Juliaan' and 'Madonna' in Langemark-Poelkapelle (Belgium, Flanders Fields).

Sint-Juliaan (St.-Julien) was involved a lot of times in the 'Battles of Ypres'. The Vrije Basisschool Sint-Juliaan (St.-Julien elementary school) made several projects concerning the Great War. Some examples:
-In 1998 on 'Open Monumentsday' we worked about the first chemical attack in history. See 'Als je vanzelevens door de Westhoek passeert'.
-On Open Monumentsday in 1999 we worked about living in and after WWI. See 'En toen bouwden we een barak van plak en stak'.
-The school is twinned with the 10th 'Canadians' and 16th 'Canadian-Scottish' bns.
In 1997 the school took the initiative to erect the Kitchener's Wood Memorial to remember the counteracttacks of the 2 bns. after the first German gasattack on April 22, 1915.

As hobby, I work for the project The Great War in Flanders Fields. I made the memorial-database with all the memorials, cemeteries, ... in Flanders Fields. You can also find a database with WWI-links on the site.

Maybe I can help on this forum to search for answers concerning WWI in Flanders Fields.


#7 Lorna Brooke

Lorna Brooke

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Posted 03 August 2004 - 07:10 AM

I am a graduate of the University of Western Ontario, London, Canada, and have a special interest in personal memoirs, correspondence, the arts, literature and social aspects of the First World War."

I am the author of "An Echo in My Heart: The Letters of Elnora (Kelly) Albright and Frederick Stanley Albright".

I also run the website:


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#8 Chris Trueman

Chris Trueman

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Posted 23 September 2004 - 09:53 AM

I am head of year at Sackville Community College in East Grinstead, West Sussex. I also run the History Learning Site. The site contains a section on World War One.


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#9 Nico Zijlstra

Nico Zijlstra

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Posted 27 September 2004 - 06:50 PM

Teaching History over 20 years now, I've taken interest in Modern Dutch and European History. Although The Netherlands never took part in the fighting in WW1, Dutch sailors and fishermen lost their lives due to mines and 'unfriendly' fire. Holland declared itself officially 'neutral' in the conflict, but aviator and entrepreneur Anthony Fokker built planes for the German government. By granting the German Kaiser Wilhelm II asylum in November 1918 the Dutch government contributed to the end of the war.
I'll try to answer any questions in this forum on the Dutch involvment in WW1, using Dutch sources.

#10 Justin Q. Olmstead

Justin Q. Olmstead

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  • Interests:I am a history teacher currently working on my masters degree. I have also created an on-line American History course for my school district. While I currently teach about lthe US Constitution, American History and Middle Eastern Studies, I have always been very interested in the 1860's to 1990's time period in European history. I am also a member of the National Council for History Education. I own a small cattle ranch and coach soccer. In this respect I am a huge ManU and Reading fan but follow European Football as a general rule.

Posted 01 October 2004 - 07:22 PM

I have a BA in Political Science and a BA in History. I am a member of the National Council for History Education, and currently teach in History and Government at Winfield High School and have created an on-line class in American History. I am also currently working on my masters degree through Emporia State University.

#11 Andy Walker

Andy Walker


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Posted 16 September 2009 - 02:13 PM

A student of mine has been asked to research the class structure of the British army during WW1. Does anyone here have any resources which could help here?

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