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In Topic: History Betrayed - DiEugenio rewrites history.

01 August 2015 - 02:28 PM

It's possible but not probable. JFK made his remarks in response to a speech Dulles had given to the CFR just 9 days earlier in the same city [2]. The senator's comments were published in the Feb. '54 issue of a journal called the New Leader [1]. Why would Kennedy repeating comments he'd made and published months earlier be "what was perhaps his first defining national moment"? DiEugenio claimed that the 2 statements represented "Kennedy's opposition to Operation Vulture" which  he claimed "is simply absent from Dallek" but both appeared on the same page of one of the historian's books he was reviewing.


The ball is in DiEugenio's court, if JFK repeated the comment in the circumstances he claimed he should post his evidence here.


1] http://ip-97-74-195-...L/V37I7P3-1.htm

2] https://en.wikipedia...nd_the_New_Look

In Topic: For those of you who think there could have been this Byzantine conspiracy...

01 August 2015 - 02:10 PM

Edmounds worked briefly for the FBI after 9/11 translating Turkish  not Arabic or Phashto which she didn't speak (though she speaks Farsi which is related to the latter) and firing had nothing to do with 9/1!. She latter started making far fetched claims about things that would not have come into her purview.


Ryan was not an "insider" he worked for a water testing lab in Indiana purchased by UL shortly before 9/11. There was no substantiation for his claims and he was fired for using company letterhead to push them giving the impression his employer backed them.


Lindauer was according to several mental health professionals delusional. Only  one person supports her claim she gave a vague pre-9/11 warning of a bombing in southern Manhattan. But if we are to believe her the Iraqi gov't was involved.

In Topic: History Betrayed - DiEugenio rewrites history.

31 July 2015 - 09:22 PM

And it turns out the 2nd JFK quote from the DiEugenio excerpt in my 1st post WAS given during the siege as he indicated.  But there is no indication in the text that it had anything to with Operation Vulture, as opposed to the administration Vietnam policy in general. Dallek did spend several pages on the topic  and the 2nd quote appears on the same page of An Unfinished Life linked above.



In Topic: History Betrayed - DiEugenio rewrites history.

31 July 2015 - 09:01 PM

Well I guess anything is possible Pat. But I've found a few hits to the quote all but DiEugenio attribute them to the speech or at least date them to January 1954. Unfortunately the Congressional Record that far back is only available on microfilm. Even if I lived in city with a library that had it I would have to go through about a month of records because Jim never told his readers the date in any of his various retellings.


In one of those he wrote:



Kennedy's opposition to Operation Vulture is simply absent from Dallek. In fact, you will not find it in the index to either book. Vulture was the Dulles brothers' solution to lift the siege of Dien Bien Phu and save the French empire in Indochina. It was a giant air armada of well over 200 planes designed to bomb North Vietnamese General Giap's army, which was closing in on Dien Bien Phu in 1954. That mission included the dropping of three atomic bombs. Senator Kennedy rose on the senate floor twice to object to this mission and ask John Foster Dulles how atomic weapons are meant to be used within the tactics of guerilla [sic] warfare. (ibid, p. 23)


The odd thing about that is that Dallek DID mention the quote in question in An Unfinished Life (see link below)  one of the historian's JFK bios DiEugenio was reviewing. But the former unlike the latter corrected dated the comment to January.


DiEugenio  -- http://www.ctka.net/...ews/dallek.html


Dallek  --


In Topic: For those of you who think there could have been this Byzantine conspiracy...

31 July 2015 - 08:41 PM

Do you intentionally format your posts to make them difficult to read? So of the hundreds of people who would have been involved some supposedly sold their souls to the devil for a few pieces silver ( a promotion) and the others? I like Richard Clarke but  accounts of 9/11 related events have been known to have been at variance with those of others. But not even said the CIA held on to the  info about the AQ operatives because they wanted 9/11. It seems to have been due to "the wall" between law enforcement and intelligence.


You indicated whistle blowers would be killed but people like Cowleen Rowley and Sibrel Edmounds  and even ealier whitle blowers such as Agee are still very much alive as are CTs such as Griffin, Jones and Fetzer.