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Valkyrie at Dealey Plaza Revisited

15 January 2016 - 01:28 AM

Valkyrie at Dealey Plaza Revisited


JFKCountercoup2: Valkyrie At Dealey Plaza Re-Revisited


(as revised)

– By William Kelly (billkelly3@gmail.com) 


 “We now know what happened at Dealey Plaza to a fairly good degree of certainty.  The motives were piling up – the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam, the two-track backchannel to Cuba – the motives were piling up to the point they had to assassinate him. I think it’s now pretty obvious, with the information we have today, that the mechanism of it came out of the allegiance between the CIA and the Mafia. They already had an assassination apparatus set up for killing Castro, and they just switched targets and they killed JFK instead."

         -  Former FBI agent William W. Turner at Dallas COPA 2003


Keeping the CIA plots to kill Castro from the Warren Commission was one of the major deficits in their report and calls into question the primary conclusion that the assassination of President Kennedy was the work of a lone deranged gunman Lee Harvey Oswald.


It doesn’t matter whether the Cuban-connected Oswald was a lone shooter or a patsy as he claimed to be since the CIA plots to kill Castro throw a major wrench into a deranged lone nut scenario, and provides the much needed political motive to the murder.


While the CIA-Mafia plots that began during the Eisenhower administration get most of the attention, there were other CIA plans to kill Castro that came later in the game and have a much more serious bearing on what happened at Dealey Plaza.


In his new and important book "The Devil's. Chessboard" David Talbot mentions the role Allen Dulles and his agent-mistress Mary Bancroft played in the July 20, 1944 plot to kill Hitler - code named Valkyrie.  [1]


As Talbot points out, and Dulles suspected would become fodder for conspiracy theorists, Mary Bancroft was a close personal friend of the mother of Michael Paine, the chief patron and sponsor of Oswald and his family.


Besides that two degree of separation between Oswald and Dulles and Bancroft, the Valkyrie plot to kill Hitler is mentioned a half-dozen times in the course of the assassination narrative, and while the significance of this has yet to be fully drawn out, the recurring Valkyrie theme that runs through the JFK assassination story certainly merits further scrutiny.


As mentioned in my review of  "Devil's Chessboard" [2]  when it comes to killing Castro the CIA-Mafia plots get the most attention while the Valkyrie plot has been ignored - despite its numerous direct ties to what happened at Dealey Plaza, beginning with Lee Harvey Oswald and Volkmar Schmidt.



Phillip Shenon devotes a whole book “A Cruel and Terrible Act” [3] to the subject of a Mexico City Twist Party where Oswald was supposedly encouraged to kill JFK by some Cuban Communist diplomats. It's a party that Oswald could not have possibly attended as I have talked with two other Americans who were also reported present at the party and write about in my review of Shenon’s book – "A Cruel and Terrible Twist." [4]


But there was another party that was attended by Oswald where he was encouraged to commit political assassination - that of General Walker, which he is also accused of attempting to do. 

It was at a February 1963 gathering at Volkmar Schmidt's Dallas home, a party that George deMohrenschildts set up specifically for Oswald to meet Michael Paine. While Paine wasn’t there, his wife Ruth was and she met Marina and they became famously friends up until the assassination. It was at that party when Schmidt says he talked privately with Oswald for over two hours and first brought up the subject of the Valkyrie plot to kill Hitler.

In a phone conversation with Schmidt [5] he told me that while talking with Oswald he used a reverse psychology technique he learned from a German doctor who knew some of those involved in the Valkyrie coup when Schmidt mentioned the plot to kill Hitler to Oswald.

While discussing right-wing general Walker, Schmidt said he compared Walker to Hitler and asked if Hitler had been assassinated how different the world would be? Schmidt implied Walker should be killed before he became another Hitler.

Born in Germany and raised in his formative years by the German doctor, Schmidt was an oil geologist, as was his friend George  deMohrenschilts. Schmidt was recruited in Germany by Magnolia Oil company of Dallas - the company that used the red Pegasus sign as its logo and later merged with major conglomerates. [6]

Schmidt told me that when he learned that Oswald had been accused of taking a shot at Walker and killing JFK he felt terribly guilty, especially every time he drove through Dealey Plaza, as he believed he was responsible for planting the assassination seed in Oswald's mind.

Schmidt told me that, "naturally it was a terrible responsibility, and for years when I drove past the underpass I literally had to cry because, you know.... But I exonerate myself completely because I had the best intent, embarrass Kennedy...I may have triggered it. Actually, a few days after I talked with him, he bought his weapons."


Shortly after the Walker incident Oswald packed up all his family belongings and was about to suddenly and unexpectedly move his family to his home town of New Orleans. But Mrs. Paine, who was driving them to the bus station, suggested Marina and the daughter should stay with her in Texas while Oswald went on alone to New Orleans, find a job and apartment and then she would drive them there when he was settled in.

And that he did, getting a job at the Reily Coffee company and an apartment on Magazine Street while reconnecting with his mother's sister, his aunt Muriel and uncle Dutz Murret.

Ruth Paine then drove Marina, the daughter and the Oswald's belongings, including the rifle, to New Orleans, where they settled in. [7]

After an interesting and eventful summer in the Crescent City, the Oswalds considered returning to Texas when Ruth Paine wrote to the pregnant Marina and invited her to come and live with her in Texas until she had the baby. If she agreed, Ruth Paine wrote, Marina should write her a letter “in care of Arthur Young, Paoli, Pennsylvania,” where she would be visiting her husband's mother Ruth Forbes Paine Young. [8]


Ruth Paine was on a summer station wagon vacation with her kids driving to Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C. and Ohio visiting friends and family. Before driving to the suburban Philadelphia farm of her husband's mother, another one of the places Ruth Paine visited was the Forbes family Naushon Island off Massachusetts.


As described by yachtsman Walter Cronkite, “Just off Woods Hole is Hadley Harbor on Naushon Island, a favorite anchorage or cruising boats. At the end of a narrow twisting passage through huge rocks, it is a scene of bucolic bliss. The Forbes family (of whom publisher-adventurer-balloonist-sailor Malcolm Forbes is one) owns the island, and great mansions grace its hilltops like castles on a Scottish moor.”


“The harbor shore itself, besides the grassy shelf on which horses, cows, and sheep graze, is lined with the support mechanism for an island population – a slip from which the Forbes’ small private ferry runs over to Woods Hole, and a boatyard which cares for the fleet of pleasure craft. The gracious Forbes not only permit anchorage in their harbor, but they even have set aside one of their small islands on which visiting yachtsmen are invited to stretch their legs. Hadley’s quiet a welcome refuge on those many days when strong winds whip up the comparatively shallow waters of Buzzard’s Bay and justify its notoriety as perhaps the Atlantic Coast’s roughest sailing round.” [9]

An eccentric heiress and humanitarian member of Cord Meyer's World Federalists, Ruth Forbes Paine had married the equally eccentric Arthur Young, genius inventor of the Bell Helicopter 47A - the MASH helicopter with glass bubble and girders. [10 ]

Michael Paine and Ruth Hyde had met and were married in Philadelphia, and after apprenticing as a helicopter designer with his step-father-in-law, Arthur Young arranged for Michael Paine to get a job at Bell Helicopter in Texas. So it was in care of Arthur Young that Marina wrote to Ruth Hyde Paine agreeing to the new arrangements - Marina would go to Texas to have the baby and wait for Ruth Paine to pick her up in New Orleans.

Most significant however is Michael's mom Ruth Forbes Paine Young and her close association with Mary Bancroft, Allen Dulles's agent and mistress who was intimately involved in the Valkyrie plot to kill Hitler. [11]

In the late 1930s Ruth Forbes Paine traveled with Mary Bancroft on a steamship to Europe when Bancroft met a Swiss businessman who she would marry, putting her in position, when the Second World War broke out, to meet and work in the OSS with Allen Dulles.

While with Dulles, the top OSS chef in Europe, Bancroft met Hans Bernd Gisevius, a Nazi officer who was deeply involved in the Valkyrie plot to kill Hitler.


Years in the making the Valkyrie assassination and coup plan stemmed mainly from disgruntled military officers and fell to Claus Von Stauffenberg to carry out on July 20, 1944, leaving a briefcase bomb under a map table next to Hitler in the Wolfsschanze Wolf's Lair bunker in Bavaria.

In drawing up the Valkyrie plan Von Stauffenberg broke it into two parts - Phase One would be the order to have the home national army seize all key government and communication buildings in response to a revolt by the foreign slave labor, the part of the plan that would be approved by Hitler himself. Phase Two, the secret part, was the assassination of Hitler. 

The control of the radio and media centers was an instrumental part of the plan, as Von Stauffenberg put it, "the conspiracy alone must speak." 

A third part of the plan was a psychological warfare twist to blame the assassination on the SS and Gestapo, whose leaders would be rounded up by the real coup planners, the military generals.

Dulles and Gisevius had opposed the use of a bomb, preferring a pistol up close or a sniper in a motorcade ambush as more likely to succeed and their fears proved true. Gisevius supported the coup but was against the bomb plot, as he told Von Stauffenberg: "I just I have the feeling we'll never succeed. I'm not speaking through fear. But I have a feeling very few of us will be alive this time next year, regardless of what happens with your bomb." 

The bomb failed to kill Hitler and hundreds, some say thousands were subsequently rounded up and executed, but Gisevius escaped with the assistance of Bancroft and Dulles, who provided him with fake credentials.

After the war Bancroft translated Gisevius' account of the Third Reich and following Gisevius’ testimony against the Nazi leadership at Nuremberg, which sent them to the gallows, Dulles brought Gisevius to Washington as a CIA consultant. In Washington Dulles arranged for the ex-Nazi officer to stay with his deputy Tom Braden, who lived with his wife and their eight children in a big house next to RFK's Hickory Hill. Braden would write a book "Eight Is Enough" that would be made into a popular family TV show and pattern for The Brady Bunch. An episode on the ex-Nazi living with all those kids would certainly be entertaining. And as Talbot notes, Braden also interviewed Allen Dulles for the Kennedy Presidential Library. [12]

So after visiting Michael's mother, Mary Bancroft's good friend in Philadelphia, where she got Marina's letter, Ruth Paine drove to DC and visited her sister, who worked at the CIA, and then went on to Ohio to see her father before picking up Marina in New Orleans. [13]

Arriving in New Orleans in late September Ruth Paine stayed the night and the next day took Marina, the daughter and the Oswald's belongings, including the rifle, and drove them to Texas. Early the following morning Oswald slipped out of New Orleans and went to Mexico City to visit the Cuban and Soviet embassies.


The same September 25th day in Washington DC CIA officer Desmond Fitzgerald briefed the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who were temporarily chaired by Air Force Chief Gen. Curtis LeMay while Gen. Taylor was on a special mission to Vietnam.

Fitzgerald reported to the Joint Chiefs on the CIA's Cuban covert operations with emphasis on how the military could support them, an assignment given USMC Gen. Victor H. "Brute" Krulak, Special Assistant for Counter Insurgency Activities, whose aide Colonel Walter M. Higgins, Jr. was in attendance. Higgins' memo of the meeting, released under the JFK Act, includes the bullet point that Fitzgerald mentioned the CIA was studying the Valkyrie plot and adapting it to use against Castro. [14]

As Higgins wrote in his memo on FitzGerald’s briefing: “He commented that there was nothing new in the propaganda field. However, he felt that there had been great success in getting closer to the military personnel who might break with Castro, and stated that there were at least ten high-level military personnel who are talking with CIA but as yet are not talking to each other, since that degree of confidence has not yet developed. He considers it as a parallel in history; i.e., the plot to kill Hitler; and this plot is being studied in detail to develop an approach.”

September 23-25, 1963 was a busy time on the Devil's Chessboard as there were many moves by key players besides Ruth Paine moving Marina and the rifle to Texas, Oswald leaving for Mexico and Fitzgerald briefing the Joint Chiefs.

On September 23, JFK signed National Security Action Memo 261 approving "Project Four Leaves," assigning the "highest national priority category for development and production" a military communications "in response to a recommendation from the Secretary of Defense," an order that remains classified. [15]


JFK then he left September 25 on a "Conservation Tour" with his Secretary of Interior, the first stop in northeast Pennsylvania to visit Mary Pinchot Meyer's mother in Milford, Pennsylvania. Mary Pinchot had met JFK thru his schoolmate William Attwood, who would later become an intermediary between JFK and Castro. Mary had married Cord Meyer, an ex-Marine who founded the World Federalists – an international organization in support of a strong United Nations, one that included Philadelphia college student Priscilla Johnson, Michael's mom Ruth Forbes Paine Young and Walter Cronkite. Cord Meyer joined the CIA in 1951 and became one of Dulles' top assistants, replacing Tom Braden as chief of the International Organizations Division. [17]

While Mary Meyer had separated from Cord Meyer, she maintained her friendship with JFK and she accompanied him on the first leg of the Conservation Tour that took JFK to her mother's house in Pennsylvania. JFK then moved on to Wisconsin and the Mid-West during which the details of the president's November trip to Texas were officially announced to the press. [18]


When Oswald returned to Texas from Mexico in early October he stayed at the YMCA before taking out a room at the Beckley Street rooming house, at both places using the same O. H. Lee alias he used to sign in at the hotel in Mexico City. 

By mid-October Ruth Paine had made a phone call and helped arrange for Oswald to get a job at the Texas School Book Depository, a building owned by D.H. Byrd, a founder of the Civil Air Patrol in Texas, an organization Oswald was affiliated with in New Orleans. Byrd was a Texas oil man who was on the board of directors of LTV and good friends with Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Curtis LeMay. [19]


At the time of the assassination, when Oswald was allegedly shooting at Kennedy from his building, Byrd was on an African Safari with a German Barron Werner von Alvensleben, who used a high powered Mannlicher rifle to hunt. [20]


His father was an assassination expert and an avid supporter of the Valkyrie plot. The father was sentenced to prison and concentration camps with those who were arrested for their participation in the plot. He also wrote a manifesto supporting the plot after it failed. [21]


So besides Volkmar Schmidt using the Valkyrie plot to instigate Oswald to shoot Walker, Michael Paine’s mother was a close personal friend of a key participant in the Valkyrie plot – Mary Bancroft, Allen Dulles’ mistress, the Joint Chiefs of Staff were briefed on the CIA’s adaption of the Valkyrie plot to use against Castro, and the owner of the TSBD building from which shots were fired was at the time on a safari in Africa with a German Barron who used a Mannlicher rifle to hunt with and was the son of an assassination expert who wrote a manifesto in support of the Valkyrie plot and served time in prison with some of its participants. 


Based mainly on the Higgins Memo reference of the Desmond Fitzgerald briefing the JCS Washington attorney Jim Lesar, director of the Assassinations Archive and Research Center, filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the CIA documents related to the CIA study of the Valkyrie plot that was to be used against Castro. [22]

But we don’t have to wait until we get those records as we can see for ourselves from other records how the CIA tried to adapt the Valkyrie plan to be used against Castro, as they did try to recruit some disenchanted Cuban military officers who were close to Castro including Rolando Cubella (AMLASH) and Gen. Almeida, both of whom have been reviewed and analyzed elsewhere. [23] 

Among the differences in the Valkyrie plan and the post-Mafia CIA plans to kill Castro we find that the idea of using a bomb was discarded in favor of a sniper attack on Castro while he was riding in an open Jeep, a common situation.

Other aspects of the Valkyrie plan that were adopted to be used against Castro, besides using the military, the murder of Castro and the takeover of the Cuban government in a coup was the control of the media and the Northwoods style psych-war media campaign to blame the assassination on communists. [24]

When news of the CIA's plans to kill Castro were made public it was at first suggested that Castro retaliated and killed JFK before the CIA could kill him, and some like John Rosselli even claimed that one of the teams sent in by the CIA by boat was captured by the Cubans and turned and sent back to kill JFK. [25]


But others like Bill Turner claim it was more likely that one of the CIA plans to kill Castro was redirected to kill JFK instead, and that’s what former CIA officer David Atlee Phillips privately surmised. [26]


If that was the case then it must have been a CIA plan that utilized a sniper attack on an open car motorcade, one of a number the CIA had on the shelf ready to go, waiting for the right situation to present itself.

Among the CIA plans to kill Castro that utilized snipers attacking an open car in a motorcade were the Hemingway House affair [27] - discussions after the fact, and the Pathfinder plan to shoot Castro when he visited a north shore resort he was known to frequent. [28]

Both required accurate high powered rifles with scopes, similar to the ones they offered to Cubela and attempted to infiltrate into Cuba on October 31, 1963 when the CIA raider ship The Rex deposited anti-Castro commandos with high powered rifles with scopes who were captured and paraded on Cuban TV the next day. The story made the front page of the November 1, 1963 New York Times, and the names of the captured commandos are mentioned in "Red Friday," the book written by Carlos Bringuier, the DRE Cuban Oswald was arrested with in New Orleans. [29]

One important aspect of the Valkyrie plan was a psych war operation to blame the assassination of Hitler on the SS and Gestapo, and monitor and control the media so "only the conspiracy speaks," just as the Dealey Plaza operation included blaming the assassination on Castro and a psych war campaign using CIA media assets that continues today.

Besides the assassination and psych-war aspects of the Valkyrie plot that could have been adapted to use against Castro and may have been redirected to JFK at Dealey Plaza, there was one other important part of the Valkyrie plan that could have been used - getting the victim to sign off on the operation.

Von Stauffenberg drew up the Valkyrie plan as a response to a possible revolt by slave laborers by mobilizing the home guard to quell the revolt and seize key government buildings and communications facilities.  Hitler approved and signed off on the plan without knowing the secret Phase that required his elimination. [30]

If this part of the Valkyrie plan was adapted for use against Castro it should be noted that the National Security Council and JFK did approve a number of violent covert operations against targets in Cuba, but JFK rejected the assassination plans. RFK however, did pressure Des Fitzgerald and others to step up their Cuban ops against Castro and RFK was personally introduced to some of the anti-Castro commandos who were being sent to Cuba to attack strategic installations and infiltrate rifle teams. [31]

The National Security Action memo authorizing a special military communications project Four Leaves could also be revealing once it is declassified. 

The use of Phase One and Phase Two parts of the plan is another interesting parallel between Valkyrie and Dealey Plaza as they are the same terms used by Von Stauffenberg for Valkyrie and Peter Dale Scott to describe the official response to the assassination of JFK.

According to Scott's analysis the original Phase One is the disinformation cover story to blame the assassination of JFK on Castro, that could have instigated a full scale US military attack on Cuba, which was subsequently superseded by the Phase Two promotion of the deranged lone assassin being responsible for the act. [32]


As the CIA officer responsible for covert operations against Cuba, Des FitzGerald was the person who briefed the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the CIA's "detailed" study of the Valkyrie plot to kill Hitler. FitzGerald was also the case officer for Rolando Cubela (AMLASH), one of the military officers they were recruiting to kill Castro. So it is interesting that FitzGerald, like the military officers in the fictional "Seven Days in May" used a bet and a gamble on the Preakness stakes as a way of communicating their willingness to go along with the coup plans. 

In “The Very Best Men” – Four Who Dared: The Early Years of the CIA" Evan Thomas writes: “….Halpern, FitzGerald’s assistant, regarded him (Cubela) as an assassin and claims that FitzGerald did as well.” 


Sam Halpern: “Des was really more interested in starting a coup, and he hoped that Cubela could organize other army officers. But in coups, he understood, people die. The way to start a coup is to knock off the top man. Des felt it was a long shot, but it might work. We were desperate. Des was willing to try anything.” 


Evan Thomas writes: “FitzGerald did not think it was such a long shot that he was unwilling to make a small bet, giving reasonable odds. Just six days before he formally signed off on a high-powered rifle for AMLASH (Cubela), he accepted a little wager from Michael Forrestal, an official on the National Security Council staff who was a member of the Georgetown crowd (his father, James V. Forrestal, had been the first secretary of defense). A memo in FitzGerald’s personal files records a $50 bet with Forrestal on ‘the fate of Fidel Castro during the period 1 August 1964 and 1 October 1964. (Apparently, Fitzgerald saw a window of vulnerability for the Cuban leader that was roughly coincidental with the 1964 U.S. presidential election campaign.)”


“Mr. Forrestal offers two-to-one odds ($100 to $50) against Fidel’s falling (or being pushed) between the dates 1 August and 1 October 1964. In the event that such a thing should occur prior to 1 August 1964 the wager herein cancelled. Mr. FitzGerald accepts the wager on the above terms.”


Memo is dated November 13, 1963, “One day after FitzGerald briefed Kennedy on the progress of the Cuban operation and one day before the Special Group approved his plan of continued covert operations against the Castro Regime.”


Thomas: “Nine days later the assassination of John F. Kennedy dramatically increased the odds that FitzGerald would lose his bet.”

According to Thomas,“On November 22, 1963, Des FitzGerald had just finished hosting a lunch for an old friend of the CIA, a foreign diplomat, at the City Tavern Club in Georgetown, when he was summoned from the private dining room by the maître d’. FitzGerald returned ‘as white as a host,’ recalled Sam Halpern. Normally erect and purposeful, FitzGerald was walking slowly, with his head down. ‘The President has been shot,’ he said.”


“The lunch immediately broke up. On the way out the door Halpern anxiously said, ‘I hope this has nothing to do with Cubans.’ FitzGerald mumbled, ‘Yea, well, we’ll see.’ In the fifteen minute car ride back to Langley, FitzGerald just stared straight ahead. He was well aware that in Paris, at almost the moment Kennedy was shot in Dallas, one of his case officers had been handing a poison pen to a Cuban agent to kill Castro. It was at the very least a grim coincidence. FitzGerald knew that, in September, Castro threatened to retaliate against attempts to kill him. ‘United States leaders should think that if they are aiding in terrorist plans to eliminate Cuban leaders, they themselves will not be safe,’ the Cuban leader had publicly declared.”


“The warning that Cubela might be a ‘dangle,’ that he might be secretly working for Castro, took on an ominous new meaning. Now FitzGerald had to wonder: Had Castro killed Kennedy before Kennedy could kill him?” [33]


Or, as WillIam Turner suggested, was one of the plans to kill Castro turned on Kennedy at Dealey Plaza?

In conclusion, if the CIA plans to kill Fidel Castro had anything to do with the assassination of JFK at Dealey Plaza then the CIA's detailed study and proposed adaption of the Valkyrie plot to be used against Castro is one that should be given close examination. 



For notes and footnotes see: 


JFKCountercoup2: Valkyrie At Dealey Plaza Re-Revisited




Bill Kelly's Review of David Talbot's new book "The Devil's Chessboard...

14 October 2015 - 02:29 AM

Bill Kelly's review of David Talbot's new book "The Devil's Chessboard" 


JFKcountercoup: The Devil's Chessboard and the New Political Landscape



David Talbot’s “The Devil’s Chessboard – Allen Dulles, the CIA and the Rise of America’s Secret Government” (Harper-Collins, NY, 2015)


A Preview of the New Political Landscape 


By Bill Kelly


David Talbot’s “The Devil’s Chessboard” turns the tables on the traditional journalists and historians who have uniformly portrayed Allen Dulles as the pipe smoking gentleman spy who fought for America’s righteous causes through two world wars and the Cold War and helped calm America’s anxiety in the wake of the Kennedy assassination by honorably serving on the Warren Commission.


Not so fast. By focusing on one man at the epicenter of both World War II and the Cold War – Allen Welsh Dulles, Talbot puts his

finger on the pulse of power, and without promoting any conspiracy theory in regards to the assassination, he sets the stage for rational discussion and historic acceptance of such theories, for certainly one of them must be true.


Rather than the crusading knight, in retrospect we can now see Dulles for what he actually was – a shrewd lawyer who looked after the interests of his family, friends and corporate clients, a man who harnessed the secrets of the black arts and helped establish the secret intelligence state that has pretty much run things since the end of World War II.


The chessboard is a fitting matrix model that can help make complex issues simple or easier to understand and some of the main characters – E. Howard Hunt and David Atlee Phillips considered themselves Knights and Bishops, major players in the Great Game that Dulles played, though Dulles himself was not so much a player on the board but one of the masters who moved the pieces around.

From representing German industrial giants before the war and supporting a separate peace with the Nazis against the president’s stated policy to instigating coups against democratically elected governments in Guatemala and Iran, Talbot portrays Allen Dulles as a man who not only made his own foreign policy, but was often at odds with the presidents he served – Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Kenned and Johnson.


With his brother John Foster Dulles as Eisenhower’s Secretary of State, as head of the then relatively unknown Central Intelligence Agency Allen Dulles was a king maker in a strategic position to design and call the plays and make the moves that made American and world history for over a decade.


Dulles’ downfall – the Bay of Pigs, was a major blunder, conceived during the Eisenhower administration and carried out shortly after Kennedy took office. While JFK approved the relocation of the invasion beach, refused to permit a second and necessary air strike, and took responsibility for the failure of the operation, he privately blamed Dulles for conceiving, approving and convincing him such a harebrained scheme would work.


Talbot correctly assumes the contemporary general consensus that the Bay of Pigs operation was designed to fail and force the president to order a large scale American military intervention, as LBJ would do in the Dominican Republic shortly after assuming office, but JFK balked and refused to do what the CIA and military leaders assumed he would do.



A genuine story teller with a narrative flair, Talbot begins with Allen Dulles walking around his Georgetown neighborhood past Dumbarton Oaks, the Harvard Research Center with the editor of Harpers Magazine, trying to explain his side of the Bay of Pigs debacle. Dulles would write an article on the subject for Harpers that was never published, but it was found and read by Talbot among the Dulles’ papers at Princeton.


In reading this book I found that Talbot presents the basic facts but leaves a lot of supporting details out, details that will come out and fill some of the missing pieces of the puzzle, such as the fact that the Harvard Research Center at Dumbarton Oaks was run for many years by a Harvard Russian associate who just happened to be present in the American Embassy office in Moscow when former Marine Lee Harvey Oswald presented his passport and announced his “defection.”


On the Devil’s Chessboard Oswald is a mere pawn whose movements were closely monitored by the CIA as well as the Soviets, but Talbot doesn’t give him credit for the dastardly deed most mainstream historians say he did – kill JFK all by himself. Rather, Talbot portrays Oswald as a political pawn in Dulles’ orbit and caught up in the intelligence network that was responsible for the Dealey Plaza operation and was famed for the crime.


In a real game of chess, it is highly unlikely if not impossible for a pawn to take out a King, but that’s exactly what Oswald is supposed to have done, and he was certainly maneuvered into position to do so.


“In the months leading up to the Kennedy assassination, Oswald was moved here and there with the calculation of a master chess player,” writes Talbot, and noting that “He staged public scenes in New Orleans and Mexico City that called attention to himself as a hotheaded militant, as he had done at the embassy in Moscow. There were invisible wires attached to Oswald – and some of the more intriguing ones led to Allen Dulles.”


In all of the two thousand and some books that have been written about the assassination few call attention to certain key facts about the assassination  JFK’s bitter enemy Air Force Chief of Staff General Curtis LeMay was a close personal friend of D. H. Byrd, owner of the Texas School Book Depository, from where Oswald is supposed to have fired the shots that killed Kennedy, and Dulles’ mistress and agent Mary Bancroft was a close friend and overseas traveling companion of Michael Paine’s mother Ruth Forbes Paine Young.


While Talbot doesn’t mention her name, he refers to her as “Ruth Paine’s mother-in-law,” reporting that: “It was another striking ‘coincidence’ in the endlessly enigmatic Oswald story. The housewife who took the Oswald’s under her wing had married into a family whose foibles and weaknesses were well known to Dulles and his mistress. Ruth Paine was aware of her mother-in-law’s connection to Bancroft and Dulles. Her mother-in-law, in fact, had told her that she invited the couple to enjoy a get-away on the family island. But with typical obstinacy, Ruth refused to see any particular significance to this Dulles link to her family.”


“Dulles himself,” writes Talbot, “acknowledged that the flat-out weirdness of these curious facts and, in his own characteristic fashion, simply laughed it off. The conspiracy-minded would have a field day, he chuckled, if they knew that he had visited Dallas three weeks before the assassination and that he had a personal connection to the women whom he identified as Marina Oswald’s ‘landlady.’”


As Talbot points out, Ruth and Michael Paine were more than Marina Oswald’s “landlady,” who charged no rent, they were Oswald’s benefactors and sponsors, giving him rides, providing food and clothing for his family and obtaining him the job at the Byrd’s Texas School Book Depository, from where shots were certainly fired at the president.


“In their immaculate innocence, the Paines played right into the hands of those who were manipulating Oswald,” Talbot concludes.

That the mother of the accused assassin’s chief sponsor was a close personal friend and European traveling companion of Allen Dulles’ mistress and agent is not six degrees of separation but two, and not a coincidence any more than the fact that the mistress – Mary Bancroft, was Dulles’ intermediary with Hans Bernd Gisevius, the Nazi officer and principle agent in the July 1944 Valkyrie plot to kill Hitler. Talbot mentions this, but doesn’t mention that in late September 1963 CIA officer Desmond Fitzgerald briefed the Joint Chiefs of Staff on the CIA’s attempt to adapt aspects of the Valkyrie plot to use against Castro in Cuba.


There was a lot of movement of the chessboard that day as the CIA briefed the Joint Chiefs, temporarily chaired by Gen. LeMay, JFK signed an National Security Action Memo authorizing “Project Four Leaves,” a military communication order, and left on a Conservation tour of the mid-west, when the details of the November visit to Texas was officially announced, and Lee Harvey Oswald slipped out of New Orleans for Mexico City.


The day before, the Oswald’s main benefactor Ruth Paine, had picked up the pregnant Marina and baby and their belongings, including the rifle said to have been used to kill JFK, and drove them to Texas after staying at the Forbes family’s Naushon island off Massachusetts and visiting her husband’s mother – Mary Bancrofts’s good friend in Philadelphia.


As Talbot notes, “Bancroft reminded Dulles that she had known Michael’s mother ‘extremely well’ for over forty years and had spent summers with her on Naushon Island,” so Bancroft recognized the significance of their relationship and conveyed it to Dulles.

Unlke John Wilkes Booth’s landlady, who was executed, and those who assist assassins and terrorists today, who are violently interrogated and vigorously prosecuted, Ruth and Michael Paine were treated with kid’s gloves by the Warren Commission, who was never informed that Michael’s mom was a friend and agent of the former head of the CIA and Warren Commissioner Dulles.


This book will spark and put to rest many debates, such as the fable that RFK asked LBJ to appoint Dulles and John J. McCloy to the Warren Commission, whether the CIA engaged in a cover-up of the truth behind the assassination and the veracity of some of the sources of information. To his credit, Talbot resurrects Col. Fletcher Prouty, who worked in the Pentagon at the time of the assassination, and weathered attempts to discredit him for his beliefs, and David Lifton, who had an interesting one to one conversation with Dulles about the assassination at a public event.


At the time of the Bay of Pigs Allen Dulles was on an unrelated trip to South America. At the time of the assassination, D. H. Byrd, the owner of the Texas School Book Depository, was on a safari in Africa with a German Barron whose father was an assassination expert who supported the Valkyrie plot to kill Hitler.


In the two months before the assassination Dulles met with top CIA officials including Desmond Fitzgerald, the CIA officer who briefed the Joint Chiefs on the adaption of the Valkyrie Plot, David Atlee Philips, who met with Oswald before he went to Mexico City, and Cord Meyer, James J. Angleton and Thomas Karamessines, all bishops, knights and rooks who made key moves and played major roles in the assassination drama.


Other previous biographies of Dulles say that at the time of the assassination he was in New York at the venerable Council on Foreign Relations, but Talbot places him back in D.C. at his Georgetown home and then moving to the CIA’s special training camp near Quantico, Virginia known as “The Farm.”


After the failure of the Valkyrie plot Dulles and Bancroft assisted Hans B. Gisevious in getting out of the country by providing fake credentials, and after the war, Bancroft translated Gisevious’ manuscript to English while Dulles brought him to Washington as a CIA consultant. In Washington Gisevious lived at the home of Dulles’ chief assistants Tom Braden, who interviewed Dulles for the JFK Library.


As Talbot writes, “While serving on the Warren Commission, Dulles told Braden, he had the opportunity to examine the assassination in exquisite detail. He talked about the events of that day as if he were inspecting the intricate meshing of synchronicities that had to occur in order for Kennedy to die that day. His description made it sound like the operation of a lifetime.”


“If the employees of the Book Depository had eaten their lunch in a little different place,” said Dulles, “if somebody had been at one place where he might easily have been instead of another at one particular time – the ‘ifs’ just stand out all over it. And if any one of these ‘ifs’ been changed, it might have been prevented…It was so tantalizing to go over the record [of events], as we did, trying to find out every fact connected with the assassination, and then to say if any one of the chess pieces that were entered into the game had been moved differently, at any one time, the whole thing might have been different.”


Indeed, instead of an accident of history, in which a deranged lone gunman kills the President seemingly on a whim, it has become increasingly apparent that regardless of the role Oswald played, what occurred at Dealey Plaza was a well planned and executed covert intelligence operation that was timed to the second, and without endorsing any particular conspiracy, David Talbot’s “The Devil’s Chessboard” lays out the stage for this to be understood and generally believed.


While this book is important on many levels, it is the first to call attention to the significance of the Valkyrie Plot to kill Hitler and its numerous connections to the Dealey Plaza operation that resulted in the death of the President. So now we can look forward to the development of more information on this as Washington D.C. attorney Jim Lesar has already filed an FOIA request for the records related to the CIA’s adaption of that plot to get rid of Castro.


The associations between the CIA plots to kill Castro and the assassination of JFK, known to Dulles but kept from the other Warren Commissioners, have previously focused almost exclusively on the CIA-Mafia plots, and it has been surmised that one of those plots to kill Castro was redirected to kill JFK. The Valkyrie plot is now in the forefront of assassination plans that were on the CIA’s drawing board, and as we learn more about it, and how it was adapted to be used against Castro, we can also see how it was possibly redirected to kill JFK at Dallas.


One of the key elements of the German military’s Valkyrie Plot to kill Hitler was to blame the assassination on the SS, just as there was and still is a functioning psychological war campaign to blame the Dealey Plaza operation on Oswald and Castro.


As we await the CIA’s response to Lesar’s FOIA request for the Valkyrie Plot documents, Lesar has said that Talbot’s book might “change the political landscape”  of America, and in exposing new facts, presenting a more honest portrait of Dulles and a new perspective of the Cold War, David Talbot flips the game board table and opens the door to a more honest and accurate assessment of what happened at Dealey Plaza and that the probability that the President was killed not by a deranged loner but by his powerful political enemies.


Without endorsing any particular conspiracy theory the “new political landscape” allows for the assassination of the President to be viewed more honestly and clearly and not as it was previously presented, and elevates the discussions and debates to a new level, one that requires the national security state to give up its assassination secrets so it can be more fully understood.









Disinformation at Dealey Plaza

03 June 2015 - 06:54 PM

Disinformation at Dealey Plaza - By Bill Kelly



House Select Committee on Assassinations investigator Dan Hardway used the word “disinformation” to describe what they were questioning CIA officer David Atlee Phillips about when Hardway said, “Initially, the CIA was cooperating....(it was) when we started pushing on investigating the disinformation efforts after the assassination, and realizing that I could tie just about every single disinformation effort directly back to David Attle Phillips that George Joannides got involved.” 

Disinformation is defined as "false or misleading information that is put out by a government or an intelligence agency to influence public opinion" – so if it doesn't stem from a national government intelligence agency then it isn't disinformation.

The specific disinformation efforts Hardway is referring to are the failed attempts to blame what happened at Dealey Plaza on Castro Cuban Communists – dozens of easily charted case studies that are of a very specific type of disinformation known as “Black propaganda,”-  a type specifically defined by the CIA's Paul Linebarger, the former US Army officer and author of the standard textbook "Propaganda."

Any study of psychological warfare and disinformation would have to include the work of Paul Linebarger, a professor at the School for Advanced International Studies at John Hopkins University, who also taught the black arts of propaganda and psychological warfare operations to CIA agents, and among his best students were E. Howard Hunt, Ed Lansdale and David Atlee Phillips.

According to Linebarger, “Psychological warfare consists of the application of parts of the science called psychology to the conduct of war; psychological warfare comprises the use of propaganda against the enemy, together with such military operational measures as may supplement the propaganda. Propaganda may be described in turn, as organized persuasion by non-violent means. War itself may be considered to be, among other things, a violent form of persuasion. War is waged against the minds, not the bodies of the enemy.”

“Specifically defined,” says Linebarger, “propaganda consists of the planned use of any form of public or mass produced communication designed to affect the minds and emotions of a given group for a specific public purpose, whether military, economic or political. Military propaganda consists of the planned use of any form of communications designed to affect the minds and emotions of a given enemy, neutral or friendly foreign group for a specific strategic or tactical purpose.”

Linebarger warned his students not to use such techniques against Americans. “I hate to think what would ever happen,” he once said with a prophet’s voice, “if any of you ever got out of this business and got involved in U.S. politics. These kinds of dirty tricks must never be used in internal U.S. politics. The whole system would come apart.” Well, they were used and are being used today, and the whole system did come apart.

Note that if the communication is not planned, it cannot be called propaganda, and if it does not originate from an intelligence agent, agency, service or network, it is not disinformation, as it is classically defined: Deliberately misleading information announced publicly or leaked by a government or especially by an intelligence agency in order to influence public opinion or the government in another nation.

Some of the information that real disinformation agents dish out is classified as “black.”

 According to Ladislas Farago such, “Black Propaganda is a fundamental intelligence operation,…because it never identifies its real source and pretends to originate within or close to the enemy.”

Not one or two but over two dozen examples can be given – the most recent by Phil Sheon in his book “A Cruel and Shocking Act.” 



List of over two dozen case studies of the Black Prop Op at Dealey Plaza:



These are the “fingerprints of intelligence” that Sen. Richard Schweiker (R. Pa.) referred to in describing what he learned about the assassination of President Kennedy while serving on the Church Intelligence Committee, the records of which are still sealed to this day.

Two new and important books by Peter Dale Scott (Deep Politics III) and John Newman's “Where Angels Tread Lightly” refer specifically to the black propaganda efforts to blame the assassination on Castro.

Peter Dale Scott:

“In the days after the murders in Dallas, the U.S. Was flooded with dubious stories, most of them swiftly discredited, linking Oswald to either a Cuban or Soviet conspiracy. Those which most preoccupied the FBI and CIA all came out of Mexico. These stories exhibited certain common characteristics.  -  They all came from either directly from an intelligence source, or from someone in the hands of an intelligence agency  -  The Stories changed over time, to support either a pro-conspiratorial hypothesis (“Phase One”) or a rebuttal of this (“Phase Two”).-  The Warren Commission was led to believe that the“Phase One”stories were without basis. In fact a number of unresolved anomalies suggest that behind them was some deeper truth, still not revealed.- In retrospect, these stories should not have been taken seriously. In fact the CIA was able to rely on them, not as a source of truth, but as a source of coercive influence over the rest of the government. It will help us to understand what was going on if we refer to the stories, not as 'information' or even as 'allegations,' but as MANAGED STORIES. To say this leaves open the question of who were the ultimate managers?”

Scott: “I do wish to argue that these managed stories, fleeting and insubstantial though they are, were of central importance in determining the outcome of the Kennedy assassination investigation. In succeeding years, furthermore, the discredited 'Phase-One' stories have been revived to manipulate public opinion, even after the CIA and FBI had agreed on a 'Phase-Two' interpretation of Oswald's movements in Mexico City. In 2013, for example, the discredited Garro story of the twist party was revived in a mainstream book by Philip Shenon.”

Newman: “The plot to assassinate President Kennedy was designed to deceive both people in the government and the public at large.  A convincing trail of evidence was established to make it appear that the Kennedy brothers’ plan to overthrow Castro had been turned around and used against them by Fidel himself, resulting in the assassination of President Kennedy."

“There is an unstated corollary principal in the game of deception that Allen Dulles was kind enough to give us.  Once a “single piece” of a black operation has been compromised, the entire fabric of that operation can potentially unravel.”

You can't understand what happened at Dealey Plaza unless you understand the fundamentals of psychological warfare, disinformation and black propaganda – because that's the part of the Dealey Plaza operational plan that failed, that failed in its contention that Castro Cuban Communists were responsible for the assassination, and because it failed it gives us a good glimpse into the Looking Glass and brings us very close to those who designed the plan, especially the part that failed.

Allen Dulles brought a book with him to the first meeting of the Warren Commission, Donovan's American Assassins, in which the author of PT109 designates most American assassins as looney loners. Instead, he should have shared his own book, "The Crafts of Intelligence," in which he recommends Sun Tzu's "The Art of War," in which the five types of secret agents - Native, Inside, Doubled, Expendable and Living Agents. When all of these agents are work together it is called the "Divine Skein," with a skein being a closely knit net and the Divine Skein a network of spies and the "treasure of the sovereign."

Those who were especially selected by the CIA were trained in psychological warfare by Linebarger, who besides using his own text "Propaganda," also used as a text book David Maurer's "The Big Con," the book that the movie "The Sting" was based on.

Linebarger notes that "security is designed to keep useful information from reaching the enemy, while propaganda operations are designed to get information to him. The term propaganda stems from the name of the department of the Vatican which had the duty of propagating the faith. And Black Propaganda must clearly be labeled as an act of the enemy"

In his book on propaganda Linebarger says that such disinformation, by its very nature, can be identified as such and traced back to its source, using his formula for doing so. Therefore, the real disinformation and propaganda on the assassination can be traced back to its source, which should be very close to those who were actually responsible for the assassination.

Linebarger developed the STASM formula for spot analysis, in which propaganda can be distinguished by the consideration of five elements:

1. Source
2. Time
3. Audience
4. Subject
5. Mission.

According to Linebarger, “This formula works best in the treatment of monitored materials of which the source is known. First point to note is the character of the source — the true source (who really got it out?), the ostensible source (whose name is signed to it?); also the first use source (who used it the first time?) and the second source (who claims merely to be using it as a quotation?). It is soon evident that the mere attribution of source is a job of high magnitude.”

It is apparent that the roots to many of the black propaganda operations related to Dealey Plaza, especially those that try to falsely implicate Castro in the assassination, stem back to David Atlee Phillips, another one of Linebarger’s protégés.

At the time of the assassination, David Phillips was working for the CIA in Mexico City, responsible for monitoring the Cuban and Russian embassies there, as well as keeping tabs on the activities of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee (FPCC) “in the hemisphere.” In August, 1963, the New Orleans representative of the FPCC, Lee Harvey Oswald, was seen with Phillips, aka “Maurice Bishop,” in the lobby of a Dallas office building, and shortly thereafter Oswald went on his mission to Mexico City.

In the immediate aftermath of the assassination, Phillips interrogated a Nicaraguan intelligence agent who said that he had seen Oswald with Cuban Communists in Mexico City, and though Phillips knew this information was wrong, he promoted it within CIA as plausibly possible, and tried to get other Cubans to confirm Oswald’s false Communist associations.

One of these is from conversations which David Phillips had with Kevin Walsh, a former HSCA staffer who went on to work as a private detective in Washington, DC In a conversation not long before his death, Phillips remarked: "My private opinion is that JFK was done in by a conspiracy, likely including American intelligence officers." - David Atlee Phillips, July 1986.

I was one of the two case officers who handled Lee Harvey Oswald. After working to establish his Marxist bona fides, we gave him the mission of killing Fidel Castro in Cuba. I helped him when he came to Mexico City to obtain a visa, and when he returned to Dallas to wait for it I saw him twice there. We rehearsed the plan many times: In Havana Oswald was to assassinate Castro with a sniper's rifle from the upper floor window of a building on the route where Castro often drove in an open jeep. Whether Oswald was a double-agent or a psycho I'm not sure, and I don't know why he killed Kennedy. But I do know he used precisely the plan we had devised against Castro. Thus the CIA did not anticipate the President's assassination but it was responsible for it. I share that guilt.”

So the precise plan they had devised against Castro was “to assassinate Castro with a sniper’s rifle from the upper floor window of a building on the route where Castro often drove in an open jeep.”

Among these plans we have records of Pathfinder, which we learned from the NPIC staff at JMWAVE where the Patherfinder records were intentionally misfiled, and the so-called Hemingway plot, in which Castro was known to visit Hemingway’s house in Cuba, providing an opportunity to shoot him.

Both cases were probably part of the attempt to adapt the Valkyrie plan for the German military to eliminate Hitler and take over Nazi Germany in July 1944, a plot that used a bomb but failed.

The aspect of the Valkyrie plan that was used at Dealey Plaza was the psychwar disinformation ploy to blame the murder of Hitler on the SS and Gestapo, while the plan adapted for use at Dealey Plaza framed Oswald as the designated patsy and attempted to blame the Dealey Plaza ambush on Castro Cuban Communists.



A Cruel and Shocking Twist

23 April 2015 - 09:51 PM

A Cruel and Shocking Twist



Phillip Shenon's book A Cruel and Shocking Act (2013 Macmillan)
Audio version by Robert Petkoff.

Review by Bill Kelly

As a serious and respected journalist Phillip Shenon deserves a listen when he says the whole truth about the assassination of President Kennedy has yet to be told, that much of the evidence and many of the official records have been destroyed, and there are still some unquestioned witnesses who have been ignored or intimidated into silence.

Among the destroyed evidence, some incinerated, some flushed down toilets, others simply gone missing, include original autopsy notes and photos, Oswald's note to the FBI, backyard pictures, JFK's brain, Jackie's pink pill box hat - all gone.  And Shenon doesn’t mention the missing Air Force One radio tapes, the Secret Service radio tapes, “Mary's box” of evidence lost by the Dallas PD, the ONI investigative reports on Oswald, the USMC report that concluded Oswald was not capable of committing the assassination alone, and private interviews with Oswald's USMC buddies – all gone missing.

So we are left with what Shenon calls a "Duel Curse," too little direct evidence has survived, yet thanks to the JFK Act - too much has been released - millions of pages of government documents, too much for any one person to read it all, yet Shenon doesn't mention that there are still so many records being withheld for reasons of national security that the National Archives can't even tell us how many.

Shenon says that no one person can read it all, but he himself reads the Prologue to the audio version of his book in which he tells us how he came to this story - while sitting at a desk of the New York Times Washington DC office when he got a phone call from a former Warren Commission attorney who wanted the truth to be told - "the best detective story you have never heard."

So you know right off the bat where this book is coming from.

The former Warren Commission staff attorney, who prefers to remain anonymous in fear of the wrath of his still living former Commission colleagues, now claims he is outraged by what "they did not see" and have learned over the years, critical and crucial facts that should have been provided the president's commission, especially the CIA plots to kill Castro, and Shenon calls attention to the mysterious and bizarre escapades in Mexico City.

This is the book that I thought Max Holland was writing as an apologist for the Warren Commission, but rather than the Commission getting it right, Shenon sees their failures as a reason to revisit the case, though he puts on blinders that keeps him from including anything except the facts that support the possibility the assassination plan was "hatched or encouraged" by Cuban Communists in Mexico City.

These blinders effectively shield Shenon from other aspects of the same story that point to a different conclusion, one that Oswald's mother and her lawyer Mark Lane make - the idea that Oswald was not the lone assassin, but an intelligence operative and designated patsy. But it is not the crazy concoction of a looney mother and her lawyer as Shenon makes them out to be, but it is a serious consideration that others, including George deMohrenschildet, Gaeton Fonzi, Sen. Richard Schweiker, Peter Dale Scott, John Newman and other more responsible analysts have also made.

Central to Shenon's thesis is a Mexico City Twist Party, which he learned about from some of the recently released records of State Department mid-level diplomat Charles William Thomas, whose suicide is said to be related to the failure of the government to act on the information he provided about the Twist Party and its possible association to the assassination.

Others have been down this alley before, as the Twist Party has been the subject of previous analysis, though you wouldn't know it from Shenon's book.

On the day after the assassination the wife of the CIA's Mexico City Station Chief Win Scott was the first to hear about and mention the Twist Party and it was brought up again by others, including CIA agent June Cobb, and the story was investigated and included in other published works - Anthony Summers Not In Your Lifetime, Peter Dale Scott’s Deep Politics, John Newman's Oswald and the CIA, Jeff Morley's Our Man in Mexico and Gus Russo's Brothers in Arms.

All of the reports about the Twist Party can be traced back to one particular source - Elena Garro Paz, who recognized the accused assassin of President Kennedy - Lee Harvey Oswald, as having been in attendance at a Twist Party in Mexico City, a party that was hosted by the brother-in-law of Sylvia Duran, who was also in attendance at the party with another Cuban embassy officer, both of whom dealt with Oswald when he visited the embassy in an attempt to get a visa to Cuba.

Others at this party include Elena Garro Paz's daughter Elena, a communist writer Emilio Carballido, a General Jose Jeus Clark Flores, a red haired Latin negro and two American gringo beatniks, one of whom was a tall blond and the other a movie actor.

It was at this party that the communist Carballido and the Cuban embassy officials were allegedly overheard talking to Oswald about killing Kennedy, and where Shenon says the plan to kill the President was possibly "hatched or encouraged" by the communists there.

On the day after the day after the assassination - November 23, 1963, Elena Garro Paz - the primary source of the story, was whisked away to the Hotel Vermont by a Mexican security officer – Manuel Calvillo, who kept her incomunicato for a week “for her own protection,” while at the same time, Sylvia Duran was twice arrested and violently interrogated by Mexican security officers until she confessed to having a sexual affair with Oswald.

Syliva Duran is clearly the principle player in this drama and in subsequent interviews with Anthony Summers, Gus Russo and now Shenon, she denies ever meeting Oswald outside of the Cuban embassy, and she has been consistent in her denials, although others have reported that she privately admitting otherwise.

According to the other reliable sources, Sylvia Duran met with Oswald outside of the embassy on two occasions, other than the Twist Party, once at a fancy restaurant where she is said to have introduced Oswald to the Cuban Ambassador to Mexico, and then she met Oswald for lunch at Sanborns, a popular restaurant near the American Embassy where Oswald was also known to frequent.

Enhancing her credibility however, is Duran's acknowledgement of having an affair with someone at the American embassy and with Carlos Lechuga, the former Cuban Ambassador to Mexico. While Shenon reports on the Duran-Lechuga affair, he neglects to mention the key fact that Lechuga was the chief Cuban intermediary in the secret JFK-William Atwood-Lisa Howard-Lechuga-Castro backchannel negotiations that were on-going at the time of the assassination (See the Chase memo), what Arthur Schlesinger said would have been sufficient motive for anti-Castro Cubans to kill JFK - if they knew about it, and they apparently did.

These same CIA backed anti-Castro Cubans were also engaged with Oswald in New Orleans, (and possibly in Florida and Dallas), and were part of the failed black propaganda disinformation campaign to blame the assassination of JFK on Castro and the Cuban Communists. And there is not one, but over a dozen examples of the clearly false attempts to do this, including the now infamous Twist Party. [See: Disinformation Link].

John Newman, as one of the best authorities on the released records concludes: "The anomalies in the story about Oswald's activities in Mexico City that proliferated in CIA channels do seem to fall into a pattern suggesting an extraordinary possibility: the story was invented....to falsely implicate the Cuban government in the assassination."

There are other case studies to support this contention, all of which have been explored elsewhere, but the Twist Party is a good example.

After Win Scott's wife, the government's files indicate that Clark Anderson was the second US embassy officer to officially call attention to the Twist Story, then June Cobb (Still secret report of October 5, 1964) and then CIA Covert Action officer Jim Flannery reported on it (October 12, 1964), so the story had made the rounds of the embassy before Charles W. Thomas first reported it on December 10, 1965. The Twist Party is also mentioned in the Lopez Report of the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA), and was followed up on by Summers, Newman, Russo and now Shenon.

Before we get to Charles Thomas, who brought Shenon into the story, something must be said for June Cobb, a voluptuous CIA operative and Mata Hari who slept her way into Castro's confidence and became his secretary and translator when he first came to power and set up his headquarters in the Havana Hilton. The hotel at the time was then managed by Col. Brandeister, a Military Intelligence officer who reported to the same Pentagon office as Col. Sam Kail, who was working out of the American embassy in Havana when Castro took power.

While working for Castro June Cobb translated a book, The Shark & the Sardine, which Lee Harvey Oswald checked out of the Dallas library on November 7, 1963, two weeks before the assassination. 

After leaving Castro Cobb went to Mexico City where she literally moved in with Elena Garro Paz, her sister Deba and teenage daughter Elena, all of whom attended the Twist Party, so it wasn't long before Cobb heard about it and reported it to the CIA in a memo that was still secret and withheld for reasons of national security when Newman first published his book Oswald and the CIA (though it might be available now). Since Newman has learned a lot more about June Cobb and mentioned her frequently in his presentation at the Bethesda conference in September, we can expect to read more about her in Newman's upcoming new book.

Whether true or not, the idea that the CIA files indicated that Sylvia Duran had sex with both Carlos Lechuga and Lee Harvey Oswald certainly merits a raised eyebrow, but not for the reasons Shenon gives - that it implicates the Cuban government with Oswald and thus the assassination. Actually the Duran-Oswald-Lechuga menage a tois and the Twist Party implicate the CIA and the anti-Castro Cubans in an apparently well planned and complex psych-war caper to implicate Castro and Cuban Communists in the assassination.

The problems with the Twist Party are many, as it is clear that the Durans hosted a number of such parties, the question being whether Lee Harvey Oswald - the historical accused assassin of President Kennedy, was in attendance at any of them - and if so, when was it?

Or is this a simple case of mistaken identity? Was it just an American who looked like Oswald?

Or was Oswald being intentionally impersonated, as he clearly was on other occasions?

Is the whole Twist Party story a ruse? Is it part of a planned and failed attempt to blame the assassination on Castro and Cuban Communists, as much of the evidence indicates?

One problem is the presence at the party of a red-haired Latin negro who was also seen twice with Oswald outside the Cuban embassy giving him money. One of these reports, by a Nicaraguan intelligence agent, had the wrong date, he later recanted and the story was proven false. This red-haired Latin negro who reportedly gave Oswald money outside the Cuban embassy has been positively identified as Oscar “Carlos” Morales Mesa. But one wonders why he hasn't been arrested as a collaborator with Oswald, the accused assassin? Why hasn't this guy been picked up off the street by Navy SEALS and delivered to the CIA and violently waterboarded as such terrorists are treated today?

Another problem is the identity of the two American beat nicks, who were at the Party and then seen walking down the street with Oswald the next morning, one of whom was an American movie actor who Shenon's sources refused to identify because he is alive in the USA today and they want to protect him.

Well CIA records reflect the fact that the American movie actor is Richard Beymer, of West Side Story fame, who played opposite Natalie Wood in the movie version of the Broadway musical that was scored by Leonard Bernstein, a friend and admirer of President Kennedy who said of the assassination: "We don't want to know the truth."

I quickly located Beymer in the mid-west and got him on the phone. He had not been previously questioned about this before, and was unaware that he was the subject of CIA files on the assassination of the president.

Beymer acknowledged that he went to Mexico in the fall of 1963 with a friend who owned a nightclub in New York City. They went to Mexico City and tried to get a visa to Cuba, and government files indicate they contacted Sylvia Duran, just as Oswald had done.

Beymer gave me the name of his old friend, fellow beat nick and traveling companion, now a Catholic priest in upstate New York, and I quickly located and talked with him on the phone as well.

Both men politely answered all my questions, but neither recalled attending a Twist Party with Duran or Oswald, although since they were both young, single Americans in Mexico looking for a good time, attending a Twist Party "was something we would have done," said Beymer.

From Mexico City they went to Acapulco to attend a film festival, and they were there on November 22, 1963 when they learned of the assassination as they got off the elevator in the hotel lobby.

Since they were in Mexico for only a few weeks, and were there on November 22nd, it is unlikely they were there in late September when Oswald was there.

Some participants have referred to the Twist Party as having taken place a few weeks before the assassination, when Beymer and his friend could have been there, but the historical Oswald could not have been. Duran estimated three possible dates for the party, but Oswald was in Mexico on only one of them.

Shenon comes to the Twist Party with Charles W. Thomas, the State Department officer who committed suicide when he was wrongfully released from his job, and he fails to mention the other sources for the Twist Party story.

Shenon begins his book with the story of Charles Thomas, and uses the Twist Party as a the key moment when Oswald is introduced to the cell of Cuban Communists who “encourage” him to kill the President.

"And what about Charles Thomas?" Newman asks.

Before going to Mexico City, Newman notes, "His previous assignment had been to Haiti; from Jan. 8, '61 to the 'summer' of '63. DeMohrenschildt arrived there on June 2, 1963 - and it seems likely that both men were there at the same time."

"In another interesting coincidence," Newman writes, "Thomas became involved in deMohrenschildt's business dealings with the Haitian government."
Shenon thinks is noteworthy that Manuel Calvillo, the Mexican security official who wisked Paz into a week’s seclusion after the assassination, “was also working for the CIA.”  Shenon writes, “CIA records identified Calvillo as an ‘unwitting’ agent of the CIA, suggesting that he did not know that his handler worked for the agency. Investigators for the HSCA, working with the Mexican government, were unable to track down Calvillo in Mexico. He has since died.”
Well Shenon should be interested to know that the same thing can be said of Charles Thomas.

Newman: "In Mexico City in 1965 however, Charles Thomas was a CIA Covert Action operative, and a key player in the development of the Oswald-Duran story. That story gained credibility in CIA channels in a way that leaves open an unsavory possibility: the story has been invented...to falsely implicate the Cuban government in the assassination."

So Shenon, in writing about the Twist Party and making it a central part of his thesis, leaves out a lot of the previous analysis and fails to follow up on the ignored witnesses who are eager to talk.

While he is correct in that there are a lot of destroyed and missing evidence and records, there are many millions of recently released documents, and you don't have to read them all, just be familiar with the published works of those who have read many of them - Summers, Newman, Russo and Peter Dale Scott.

Shenon is correct in calling attention to the significance of the Twist Party story, but he is wrong to suggest that the only thing it could mean is that the Cuban Communists helped "plan" or "encouraged" Oswald to kill the President, when in fact it is one of a dozen case studies of the black propaganda effort that was launched to falsely blame Castro and Cuban Communists for the assassination.

Bill Kelly Notes: I will be adding footnotes and additional notes and links to this as soon as I am able.

Also, some other errata in Shenon's book:

- the backyard photos were not taken in New Orleans but in Oak Cliff, Dallas.

- the Lifeline radio programs were found in Jack Ruby's car on the day he killed Oswald - not the day of the assassination, and btw - the author of the articles in those programs was a former CIA propaganda expert.

- Joe Goulden, who Shenon mentions making up the FBI informant number with Hugh Aynesworth, was also trying to get the Dallas assistant DA to charge Oswald with a "Communist Conspiracy," something that LBJ personally squashed on the night of the assassination.

-Greer, the Secret Service driver, was indeed born in Ireland, but Northern Ireland, and didn't have an affinity with the Irish Catholic president as he was affiliated with the pro-British political associations. A Cruel and Shocking Twist

Unified Field Theory of Dealey Plaza

23 April 2015 - 09:40 PM

Unified Field Theory of Dealey Plaza


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It was a revelation to read Steven Hawking's “A Brief History of Time” and Bill O'Reilly's “Killing Kennedy” back-to-back as both try to make very complicated events easily understood by ordinary people by using basic English, common sense and reason.

Sort of like the early comic-current event paperback - “Cuba for Beginners,” and its subsequent off spring, Hawking and O'Reilly try to easily explain complex subjects, and while Hawkings succeeds, O'Reilly just doesn't get it himself.

Hawking: “Some are uncomfortable with issues like these because they so vividly expose the limitations of human understanding.....It turns out to be very difficult to devise a theory to describe the universe all in one go. Instead, we break the problem up into bits and invent a number of partial theories. Each of the partial theory describes and predicts a certain limited class of observations, neglecting the effects of the other quantities...”

“Today scientists describe the universe in terms of two basic partial theories – the general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. They are the great intellectual achievements of the first half of the century. The general theory of relatively describes the force of gravity and the larger scale structure of the universe,....while quantum mechanics....deals with phenomena on extremely small scales....however, unfortunately, these two theories are known to be inconsistent with each other – they cannot both be correct.”

“These are questions of interest to us all. But modern science has become so technical that only a very small number of specialists are able to master the mathematics used to describe them. Yet the basic idea....can be stated in a form that people without a scientific education can understand. This is what I have attempted to do....”

And Hawking does a splendid job of describing the evolution of man's knowledge and understanding, from a belief in a flat earth to the round earth being the center of the Universe to the earth revolving around the sun and the sun being a part of the galaxy to the understanding that there are many millions of galaxies in the known, observable universe, and that if the Big Bang theory is true, then time began at that instant and hasn't stood still since.

In the same vein our understanding of what happened at Dealey Plaza should have gone through a similar evolution in accepted knowledge, and just as the two basic theories of relativity and quantum mechanics can't both be correct, JFK was either murdered by one man alone or he was killed in a more complicated conspiracy that we are still trying to figure out.

But instead of taking in all of the important research and investigations that have been held over the past fifty years, Bill O'Reilly stands still in time as if the Warren Commission Report got it right after all.

For starters, if Oswald was the lone assassin of JFK, wounded Governor Connally and James Tague and then killed Officer Tippit at another location, the crime is technically a spree killing, and if Oswald, the primary suspect did it all alone, he was either crazy or he was the best Lone Wolf assassin in history, and the facts of the case should indicate that. But they don't - Oswald wasn't crazy, did not have a clear motive, and claimed to be a patsy, or someone framed for the crime, as some of the evidence indicates.

Just as Hawking suggests breaking down the issues into smaller parts that can be more easily studied, and some of the problems and issues that divide the Lone Nut and Conspiracy crowds can be mutually resolved.

For instance it should be easily determined if it was possible for one man alone could have done all of the things attributed to him, or whether he was what he said he was, framed as the patsy.

If one man alone did it all then all of the evidence should support that contention and fall into place, but it doesn't.

I think it can and should be determined whether the fatal head shot originated from the front or behind, certainly something that science and physics could determine to a certainty. 

If Oswald was the lone sniper the Dealey Plaza Kill Zone would revolve around him, the center of action in which everything else reacts to, but if can be shown that Oswald was not capable of doing the shooting let alone devising the plan and successfully executing it alone, and was what he said he was, framed as the patsy, then JFK must have been shot by someone else, and suspects other than Oswald must exist – and they do. [See: Other Suspects]

If Oswald was the lone gunman and the assassination was the random act of a madman, then Oswald's personality profile would indicate that he was a paranoid skidzo with psycho tendencies, and his personality would be studied intently by psychologists, but its not. Instead, Oswald fits the Covert Operational Personality (COP) profile – one that fits very defined and unique character traits – including training in foreign language and the crafts and techniques of intelligence, the use of aliases, post office boxes and keeping an apartment separate from the family. [COP Profile - http://jfkcountercou...op-profile.html ]

Just as Hawking says - theories and models are used to try to determine the true state of universal affairs, similar theories and models can be used to better understand what happened at Dealey Plaza.

Hawkins: “A theory is a model, or a restricted part of it, and a set of rules that relate quantities in the model to observations that we make.”

A more general definition of a theory is “the analysis of a set of facts in their relation to one another; a belief, policy or procedure proposed or followed as a basis of action; a plausible or accepted general principles offered to explain a phenomena; a hypothesis assumed for the sake of argument or investigation; an unprovable assumption.”

Just as the flat earth was eventually replaced by the model of the solar system, the Lone Nut scenario that has been used to explain what happened at Dealey Plaza has been replaced by a slew of conspiracy theories, none of which take in all of the known facts, making both models unacceptable, so a new one must be created.

Doug Horne, in his five volume series of books “Inside the Assassination Records Review Board,” calls attention to a book that I recall as a college text book, “The Nature of Scientific Revolutions,” which describes how major scientific breakthroughs occurred, and as with Hawkings, he suggests that while some happened by accident or determination, taking a new and different approach to the problem often provided the new perspective to solve it.

Since we can't really develop a total and complete theory of what happened at Dealey Plaza until all of the evidence, records and documents are in and released to the public by October 2017, we can safely say that neither the Lone Nut nor the Conspiracy Theory works because neither fits all of the known facts.

Besides the Lone Nut and Conspiracy Theory approach to Dealey Plaza, both of which only utilize the facts that supports their basic contentions, there are two other investigative approaches – the Criminal Investigative and Counter-Intelligence CI investigative approach, both vastly different in goals.

The Criminal Investigation, like those usually conducted by the police, seeks to identify forensic evidence and preserve it so it can be used in a court of law, presented to a grand jury and used to indict those suspected of crimes so they can be tried before a judge and jury.

A Counter-Intelligence Investigation CII – is an investigation commissioned to determine the truth that can be known, often operates in secret, and uses unconventional (wire taps and garbage search) and sometimes illegal (break and enter) means to learn the truth.

Both “The Day of the Jackal” and David Atlee Phillips fictional “The Carlos Contract” show how CI - Counter-Intelligence investigations are properly conducted in attempting to track down a Lone Wolf assassin, “Carlos” being “Carlos the Jackal” who was involved in the German Olympics attack and is now in a French prison, while Frederick Forthysite's novel was made into a popular movie that depicts an attempted assassination on French President Charles deGaul by a clever OAS assassin.

In each case the suspects infiltrates the investigations as soon as they learn of them, and I'm sure the Dealey Plaza clean-up crew will be interested in what is learned about them from any CI investigation, and there have been a number of them – by the US Marine Corps, Hunt Oil and some wealthy individuals have conducted private investigations.

Just as Hawking breaks down the complicated theories of relativity and quantum mechanics into smaller, more controlled sub models, we have studied the assassination in various parts – the Zapruder film, the acoustics, Oswald's movements, defection to USSR, summer in New Orleans, Mexico City, etc. and concentrate on just one aspect of the case.

The MO – Modus Operandi of Dealey Plaza – the sniper ambush – is a telling sign in itself.

[ The MO theory http://jfkcountercou...s-operandi.html ]

On September 21, 1962 an American security agent interviewed M. Andre Ducret, a high ranking French detective and security officer about an assassination attempt on French President deGaul. “.....Investigation of the August 22 attempt disclosed that the ambush had been organized and directed by a person with military experience and this was immediately noted. The tactics employed were similar to those used by the infantry in attacking convoys....Jean-Marie Bastien-Thiry, the aeronautical military engineer who was...apprehended and who admitted having organized the attempt revealed during the course of his interrogation that if the itinerary followed by the President had been known earlier and more important the line-up of the vehicles, his tactics would have been different and more effective.”

And I believe that it was the same MO – Modus Operatndi that was used at Dealey Plaza – “a military style ambush” that was “organized and directed by a person with military experience,” and the primary suspect, as former US Marine defector to the Soviet Union certainly supports that contention.

In the same vein, I would like to take just one part of the Dealey Plaza puzzle to study, as I think that it cuts to the chase and leads directly to those actually responsible for whatever you believe happened at Dealey Plaza.

Forget for a moment the details of the crime, and look at the case studies we've received that attempt to blame the assassination on Fidel Castro and Castro Cuban Communists.

The whole idea that there was a planned, coordinated and orchestrated effort to blame Castro is part of what Sen. Richard Schweiker (R. Pa.) called “the fingerprints of intelligence,” and belies that fact that one man alone could not have committed the crime and manipulated the media to consider such an allegation without foundation.

The whole idea that a psych-war black propaganda operation was conducted at the same time as the assassination, many including the alleged assassin, is evidence itself that the assassination was a well-planned and successfully executed plot, and one that can be understood even though it was designed with built in covert deceptions to shield the real sponsors of the assassination.

For beginners, such psych war, black propaganda and covert operational techniques are not generally known or utilized except by those who have been properly trained, and therefore the suspects are automatically limited to a small number of potential masterminds who could have pulled off such a feat, men like Ed Lansdale, David Atlee Phillips, E. Howard Hunt, James Jesus Angleton, David Morales, Jake Esterline and maybe a few others who have successfully kept their roles secret, as planned.

We know most about such operations when they fail – such as the Bay of Pigs and Watergate, while the successes – like Dealey Plaza, go without proper investigation.

Grand Universal Field Theory of DP

Stephen Hawking in "A Brief History of Time," says that because the universe is so big the problems associated with understanding it are broken into smaller more manageable issues. "We break up problems into bits and invent a number of partial theories," Hawking says, an approach I want to apply to Dealey Plaza.

Just as the two basic theoretical enigmas - the general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics are incompatible and both can't be correct, the conclusions of the Warren Report or the HSCA Final Report are incompatible and one must be wrong.

Rather than taking either side of an uncompromising debate I suggest a different approach be taken and like scientists answering questions about the cosmos, we break up the Dealey Plaza issues - not only into more easily managed areas - acoustics, ballistics, graphics, medical, etc., but also try to answer more reasonable questions - such as:

1) The direction of the head shot
2) The number of gunman
3) Oswald's role - Sniper or Patsy?
4) Was Oswald on missions to Moscow and Mexico City?
5) Dealey Plaza Modus Operandi - Military style ambush
6) What evidence and records have been destroyed? By who?
7) What evidence and records are missing?
8) How many documents are still being with held?
9) Are there any more records or witnesses out there?
10) Were Psych-War Black Propaganda Programs used at Dealey Plaza?

These are questions that can and should be answered and I have taken the last question first, and can convincingly demonstrate that there was a well-planned and expertly executed but failed psychwar campaign to blame what happened at Dealey Plaza on Castro, and the very fact that operation took place is proof that the assassination was not the act of a deranged madman but a covert intelligence operation that continues today.

Until relatively recently the earth was the only known planet capable of supporting life, but then scientists detected a means of discovering such planets circling Suns in other solar systems by observing the blinking shadow created as the planet passes through the light of the sun  and voila! - now such planets are  routinely discovered.

Just as astronomers figured out a way to find other planets in the galaxy, I think it's possible to detect and positively identify covert intelligence operations at work even though they are designed to be deceptive and conceal their true sponsors.

We can do this by recognizing and following the deception and cover-story or in the case of Dealy Plaza - the cover stories that continue today to falsely blame the assassination on Castro Cuban Communists.

While those who killed JFK are all probably dead, the intelligence they were affiliated with continues to function and the Castro Cuban Commie cover-story for the Dealey Plaza hit is still being used as an off-the-shelf ready-to-go program that is used whenever such a distraction or deception is needed.

John Hinkley for instance, is now asking the  court to let him go home, the mental illness that led him to shoot President Reagan cured - but was the attack a planned covert intelligence operation?

I don't know, but I submit the evidence that the March 30, 1981 attack at the D.C Hilton was preceded by 18 days by a March 12 Scripps-Howard News Service (SHNS) report "leaked" by the NSA that Castro would try to kill Reagan "like he killed Kennedy."

While this report may be relevant to the Hinkley attack on Reagan it is even more significant in regards to the very detailed and elaborate black propaganda campaign to blame Castro for what happened at Dealey Plaza.