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What happened to Fetzer?!?!?

25 June 2015 - 04:47 AM

He now believes the Charleston shooting never happened and is a false flag just like Sandy Hook. I guess all those grieving families are faking it.


I truly hate this crap- it detracts in a major way from legitimate conspiracy issues. It makes us look like the tin foil hat brigade.


I met Fetzer in person, ironically, on 8/11/01, exactly one month before 9/11- he just showed up unannounced at my place. He was pretty lucid and was all excited about Nigel Turner wanting to film me and so forth.


9/11 ruined Jim- "conspiracies-in-your-soup" syndrome. Actually, 9/11 started to infect everyone's thinking- every major event is now seen as fake, staged, false flags, etc.


Silly...and sad

NEW JFK autopsy photo--!

24 June 2015 - 04:37 AM



I tried to post the image but it kept saying it was too big, so I gave up and posted it to my one blog (the link)



Wade Rodham, HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON'S uncle, protected JFK

24 June 2015 - 12:49 AM

Secret Service agent who protected NIXON , JFK, JACKIE, JFK JR, and our current Ambassador to Japan, CAROLINE! NEVER mentioned by Hillary in any book or statement; confirmed by his fellow agents



Attached File  11084303_10205521107962606_1915570223697383461_n.jpg   11.68KB   0 downloadsand, like fellow agent Stu Stout, received the Exceptional Civilian Service Award for protecting then-Vice President Nixon in Caracas, Venezuela (5/13/58). Rodham was also the SAIC of the Kennedy residence in Atoka–Middleburg, Virginia; deceased 1983



JFK limousine lap robes surface! State Department employee

24 June 2015 - 12:41 AM




"Blanket from John F. Kennedy's limousine, stowed in the vehicle at the time of his assassination. Navy blue woolen blanket bearing a large embroidered Presidential seal is one of two that were fixtures of the custom limousine, literally built into the doors of the back seat on each side for ready use by chilled passengers. Blanket features a grey plush lining to the reverse side and snaps along the edges for securing to interior door panels. Measures 50.5'' x 41''. Embroidered seal measures 7'' in diameter. Some patches of wear to fabric surface along center, else fine. With excellent provenance, including an LOA from Burke Reilly, the first owner of the blankets after their removal from the limousine, which was dismantled during Johnson's administration. Reilly was the manager of the White House Vehicle Program for Ford Motor Company's Washington Affairs Office, in charge of the care and service of the automobiles in the federal fleet, including ''100X'', the Presidential limousine. His LOA specifies the names of the people he worked and interacted with, including the name of the Secret Service agent that gave the blankets to him. Includes copies of Reilly's Ford ID and his security clearance pass. Mr. Reilly is reportedly still alive today. More information regarding the "lap robes," as they were called, comes from Ford employee F. Vaughn Ferguson whose 18 December 1963 memo to Ford lobbyist R.W. Markley Jr. is housed at the National Archives. This memo reads in part, ''...on the 2nd of December I noticed that the two lap robes had a few blood spots on them, but, more than that, were soiled from handling and required cleaning. The White House chauffeurs were detailed to take the lap robes to Fort Myer for cleaning. These persons remained with the lap robes until they were cleaned and returned the same day...''

My memories of Vince Bugliosi

10 June 2015 - 12:20 AM

Vince was a very intelligent, witty and, at times, funny guy. He always called me "Pisan" (Italian for "friend", in case you didn't know [we are both Italian]) and was pretty nice to me. He was gracious enough to send me a free cd of music he absolutely loved- old romantic Spanish music with majestic singers and very good acoustic guitar players. We spoke a number of times in 2007 and corresponded a few times, as well. I will always cherish one quote, in particular-


Vince Bugliosi letter to Vince Palamara dated 7/14/07:
“I want you to know that I am very impressed with your research abilities and the enormous amount of work you put into your investigation of the Secret Service regarding the assassination. You are, unquestionably, the main authority on the Secret Service with regard to the assassination. I agree with you that they did not do a good job protecting the president (e.g. see p. 1443 of my book)…”


I absolutely love his book on the O.J. Simpson case "Outrage", "Helter Skelter" is a classic, and "Reclaiming History" is the best lone-nut book ever (so good it converted me for a few months in 2007 [see my reviews of Doug Horne's book at Amazon for more]


I made Vince laugh out loud once- he called me and, seeing who it was via caller i.d., I answered the phone "TEX WATSON HERE"!!!


(I have a goofy sense of humor!)


I also made Vince laugh another time when he wanted a quote for his book: my original quote was "all other books are pure moonshine" (a play on one of his favorite sayings)


Despite the controversy my conversion of 2007 caused way back when [like Deb Galentine and Pat Speer, among others, I went from CT to LN to CT again], I will always hold Vince in fond esteem. RIP


Vince P

P.S. I feel sorry for Harry Livingstone: this REALLY overshadows his death!