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In Topic: Gerry Hemming on JM/WAVE, Ted Shackley & Moles

28 February 2014 - 03:59 PM

Hi Greg,


Did Gerry ever mention Reinaldo Pico Ramon while discussing the MLK case or Johnson?



In Topic: Gerry Hemming on JM/WAVE, Ted Shackley & Moles

27 February 2014 - 07:23 PM

Thanks Greg.  Much appreciated.


To reach any kind of understanding of the assassinations in the 1960s one must study Robert Emmett Johnson.  He is a very important character indeed.


In Topic: Castro - Donavan agreement

23 January 2014 - 02:35 AM

Hi Joe,


My friend Pablo wrote a book on this subject:



He knew both RFK and Mr. Donovan personally; he was right there and this book should answer all your questions.


In Topic: Robert Groden's "Absolute Proof" has been printed

25 December 2013 - 08:36 PM

I received this book [“Absolute Proof” by Robert Groden] as a Christmas gift and I feel inclined to take a few minutes and write about it.  There is no Amazon page for this book and I want to pass along this information.  I hardly ever write anything negative, but this book is $75 plus $10 shipping, depending on how you got it, and people need to know what they are getting into if they are dumb enough to order this thing. 


I do not buy many books related to the JFK case as many are completely worthless from a historical perspective.  This one is no different, save for some pictures; but if you are a student of the assassination, you have seen them at one time or another.  This book is filled with many crackpot theories and opinions.  It is poorly researched and cited.  But that is not the worst of it.


It contains a good bit of disinformation too; some examples:

     The McCone – Rowley memo

     Gregory Douglas’ Regicide excerpts

     The Murchison Party


This book does not mention legitimate assassination suspects, CIA officers – David Sanchez Morales and David Atlee Phillips. However, “Absolute Proof” does include such disinformation legends as James Files and Mac Wallace, both firing at the president from various locations. 


Considering the amount of material that has emerged in the last 20 years, this book is not only embarrassing, but should be placed in the “lunatic fringe” area [to borrow a phrase from Mr. Groden] of assassination lore.  There is also the use of a dummy being passed off as a real autopsy photo – discussion found here: http://educationforu...showtopic=20816


People who are seriously interested in learning about the assassination of President Kennedy should read The Last Investigation by Gaeton Fonzi and Someone Would Have Talked by forum member Larry Hancock.


Happy Holidays,


In Topic: AMOTs / Operation 40 Photo

01 November 2013 - 12:31 AM

The man second from the left is San Jenis.


Good work, James.  That is indeed Joaquin San Jenis, the chief of Operation 40.  Close associations include David Sanchez Morales and his Case Officer, Tony Sforza. 


Much disinformation surrounds this man.  Can we please put to bed the idea that he was the doorman at the Dakota building when John Lennon was shot?  Ludicrous theories like this belong in the toilet. 


Just for good measure, find attached another image of San Jenis.