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  1. Lesson materials for A Level students http://www.theeducationforum.co.uk/new-a-level-history/ pitt.htm pitt.htm
  2. An exciting opportunity to work as a teacher in a thriving and rapidly improving History Department http://www.dstc.kent.sch.uk/wp-content/uploads/History-Teacher-2015.pdf
  3. One thing which is indeed sociologically and historically interesting is the central importance of freedom of speech in French culture and European culture generally. Arguably since the French revolution core Enlightenment ideas have been central values in European society. Freedom of speech is but one of these. The anti clericalism which marked much of 19th century France has clearly also morphed into a continuing tradition of mordant criticism of religious fundamentalism and closed totalitarian ideologies. Nothing is indeed sacred and there is a strong argument to suggest that this in itself is a good thing. Whilst there is much hypocrisy and semi understanding in the current debate on free speech and liberal freedoms in Western Europe we under estimate their importance at our peril.
  4. This week I will be embarking on a sponsored cycle ride from Lands End to John O Groats in the UK. This is approximately a distanced of 998 miles. I am cycling in support of the MS Society. Anyone who feels able to sponsor me please do so at the link below Many thanks https://www.justgiving.com/Andy-Walker14/
  5. Today the ownership of the Education Forum was successfully transferred to the Board administrators. Good luck with it I hope you make it a great success
  6. This is now being investigated. Apologies for the delay I have been on holiday. I will let members know when it is resolved.
  7. Interestingly the most able students were able to see the holes in conspiracy arguments quite quickly. The less able tended to fasten on to lazy arguments about photography and then stoutly defend them despite the evidence and regardless of the strength of the evidence.... Not unlike here in its heyday in fact! I haven't uploaded any of the presentation yet as I haven't got the permissions.
  8. Oh dear oh dear! Its just a 'nonsense' way I get my students to thank each other after they have worked with each other - something teenagers often feel awkward doing - place your palm open and raise to your chin and move the hand towards your partner - nothing to do with the contents of the page or real Aboriginies of any shape of form If this offends then God help us all
  9. Have finally got round to using some of your august efforts in a lesson plan for the end of term http://www.educationforum.co.uk/moon.htm I will upload the best presentation at the end of the week
  10. The forum is being updated to the latest version of the software this afternoon. Apologies for any short term impact this may have whilst the update proceeds.
  11. There's some truth in that. However making a curriculum choice always incurs an opportunity cost. Also curriculum choice in history is never neutral. If we always go for the market driven easy engagement option we may end up with a very peculiar curriculum.
  12. The word education is related to the Latin verb educere which means "bring out", develop from a latent condition. Mr Gove please note it is nothing to do with 'stuffing in' great chunks of information then testing memory. Which is why education policy obsessed with measurable outcomes is ultimately so harmful to the authentic education of the young.
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