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  1. My Name is Lia Kelinsky, I am a 17 year old International Baccaluareate student. Co-student moderator of the Student Education Forum, a spin-off of this forum. For High School I have attended the International School of Prague, McLean High School, International School of Toulouse and Marshall High school. Subjects of interest include History, Spanish, French, English and Psychology.
  2. Hello! My question is: How important was Stalin's use of terror?
  3. I wrote up my response to 911. It is rather personal and narrative, I posted it on the student forum version of this. Mr. Simkin suggested I post it on this forum as well. If it offends anyone, or anything please feel free to censor, delete, or do whatever is necessary. So, today I went to see Farenheight 911. I went into it initially thinking that it would be a propagandist film against Bush, because that's what I've heard. Pointing out that something is propaganda is in fact propaganda. So, I'm not going to argue with the fact that it took a political stance, but there is one item of which you CANNOT argue with. That is that there were facts, there was footage you could not deny, there was truth. Yes, some of it was laced with propaganda, but nevertheless there was truth in that movie. On the date that the movie was released Washington D.C. was supposed to release official statements to counter some remarks perhaps stated by those who have seen the film. Next to nothing has been released. For example, "Is it true that Ben Laden's family was permitted to leave the U.S. when all other planes were not to leave?". The only response from Washington that has been received is that "at the time that his family was permitted to leave, not ALL planes were grounded". The lack of political rebuttal really says something about the film's truth, the undeniable truth. There are people out there, that I've met that won't see the film because it's against Bush. I respect the fact that you are a republican, that you support Bush, but nevertheless how are you expected to support and promote something when you do not know the opposition? The only way to win a battle is to know that which you are fighting, if you don't know you're opponent you will be stuck in the same track of arguments and rebuttals. I just wanted to say, I was against this war in the beginning and people were like "what?! you're against freedom? you're against liberty and justice?" Sorry, people but I'm not against any of those, I never have been, but I am still without a doubt in my bone against this war. I'm not even going to address the fact that Bush said that Iraq was/is linked with Al Qaida, because there's no true proof. I will address however, how all of it reminds me of the Keneddy assassination. Following the Kenneddy assassination there was the whole blame of the "Communist conspiracy". It's been asserted that it was an excuse to go to war with communist nations, Cuba as an example. So, weapons of mass destruction, connection with Al Qaida, to me all sound like excuses to go to war with Iraq. Everyone's said that this war was so Bush, the power hungry man could get more oil. I'm not 100% sure if I believe that, but the scary connection with the Saudi's and having them own 6-7% of country through the money that they've put into our country, and the even scarier connection with the Bush family, especially Bush senior leads me to believe that the Saudi's could potentially 'own' our president. Seeing Bush, just sit in that elementary classroom for minutes after the attacks on the World Trade Center were reported to him. Watch him move his eyes side to side, read a child's book, watch him sit there scared and frozen not knowing what to do. The precious moments after the horrible event that lead to thousands, dead our chief in command SAT there. The only reason why he was there surely, was to help make up with the minorities who he disenfranchised in Florida in the first place. Jesus, it's insane. The one man that is not supposed to be still, the one man that should know what to do, that should be there taking care of our country's men and women, saving their lives. SITS THERE. Another reaction I had, was the young men blaring a song with the lyrics "burn mother****** burn" while shooting Iraqi's, because they felt that Iraq should go up in flames. Feeling that the Iraqi's should learn our values, and our ways, through violence, killing them, and guns. It reminded me of the missionaries who went to Africa during the colonization period. Pretty much telling the African's "convert or die, it's your choice really. We want to do what's best for you". I'm sorry, but that is not the way to show someone your values. To teach someone through killing them. The woman outside of the white house showing the Iraqi chidren dead, and the woman from Flint coming, and then that clearly educated woman coming up and saying "this is all a sham!", "blame Al Qaida for your son's death". Now, in no way am I generalizing that those who support the war effort blame Al Qaida, because I hate generalizations myself. However, if one, just one educated person thinks that way, then it's tragic. It's not Al Qaida that is killing our men and women in Iraq, it is the innocent Iraqis who have no other choice but to DEFEND themselves against us. Now, I admit the behaviour of some is horrible. For example, the dragging and beating of soldier's burnt bodies. I can't forgiven such immoral behaviour as that, but then how can I forgive our American soldiers for blindfolding an Iraqi of just about the same age as them, and tickling their feet then wiping their hand off as if the Iraqi had a disease. Or pointing out his penis and then screaming "OMG he touched his ****!!" As if the Iraqi was not even a human being. Had situations been different those boys could have been friends. Then there's Colin Powell. How he sold out his people, how you can see it in his face. No one else up there cares about those who are fighting, but Colin Powell sold them all out. He sold out who he is, and he has to look in the mirror everyday and face the face that he betrayed his people. I don't know whether it's true that recruiters target the minorities in a less-educated and less-affluent town, but if it is. Then how could Colin Powell surely knowing full well that this was the case sell out his people? How could he betray that which he is, and for what? To be a part of the party where the leader cannot even state "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me". I'm sure he knew of the disenfranchized minorities in Florida, and did he do something to stop it? He was originally running for vice president, why did he all of a sudden drop down to Secretary of State? No one does that, so why did he? The woman standing outside her house screaming to Allah, that could be any woman across the world. Hell, that could have been your own mother, screaming to God, screaming to whatever. To stop the unjust killing, to stop the massacering of her people, to stop the brutal murder. There was an interview with a man who in a gym following 9/11 stated his opinion. Then the FBI showed up on his door step. Anyone think that sounds a bit like little Mr. Stalin? They had a clip of Bush stating "sure, a dictatorship would be better" (paraphrased that), Stalin was a dictator. I see a correlation, that is unmistakable. We are supposed to learn from history, then why the **** are we repeating it? "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it" or something. Clearly, Bush should brush up on his history, and maybe a little something else. Now he's looking for reasons to invade Iran. Weapons of mass destruction, right. Again, why does it matter if they've got weapons of mass destruction, Iraq never even threatened us. Hell, most of the world has weapons of mass destruction, North Korea has weapons of mass destruction! Why don't we invade them? Because they've got them! If we invade them, they'll be used on us. This is why people think Bush is power hungry, because it looks like he wants to shift the balance of power in our direction. He wants the United States to be in control. That's all for now. Everyone despite political views should see that movie, if not for interest, if not because you may agree with it, but to counter it. I would love to see a movie come out in response, that is not bull ****. I'd just like to point out, that the people in the theater clapped when it was over. I did have one issue with the film that I disliked. He included information on the Coalition of the Willing. In the film he outlined the members of it alongside the United States. He only outlined the smaller countries, and left out many who participated and deserved credit. He also mocked the smaller countries, and insinuated that it was only the United States army that was fighting. That's not the case however, because many countries such as Spain, Czech Republic, Ukraine, and most importantly the United Kingdom contributed. I think that his film would have benefitted from including the other countries, since they are of importance.
  4. Hello, My name is Lia Kelinsky, I'm a 17 year old American student at the International School of Toulouse, France. My question is rather open ended. It's been argued that Lyndon B. Johnson justified his involvement with the assassination because he wanted to prevent a Third World War. However, to what extent does the evidence available suggest his involvement? Afterall, he is said to have destroyed most of the evidence that would have implicated him with the assassination. Background details of the people answering this questions can be found at: http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=1169
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