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    I'm the author of Who Killed Bobby? The Unsolved Murder of Robert Kennedy and the director of the documentaries RFK Must Die and Killing Oswald.

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  1. After telling Charlie Rose three years ago he found the evidence of conspiracy in the JFK assassination "very, very convincing", Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has now publicly supported a new investigation into his father's murder: http://whowhatwhy.or...16/02/16/22296/
  2. Shane O'Sullivan

    Parole Sirhan on February 10th

    After telling Charlie Rose three years ago he found the evidence of conspiracy in the JFK assassination "very, very convincing", Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has now publicly supported a new investigation into his father's murder. Read my detailed report on Sirhan's parole hearing here: http://whowhatwhy.org/2016/02/16/22296/
  3. Shane O'Sullivan

    Parole Sirhan on February 10th

    My piece on Sirhan's parole hearing in San Diego tomorrow: whowhatwhy.org/2016/02/09/rfk-friend-to-raise-doubts-about-sirhan-guilt-at-parole-hearing/
  4. Shane O'Sullivan

    Parole Sirhan on February 10th

    I'm very pleased to hear that Paul Schrade, a close friend of Bobby Kennedy and his family, will attend Sirhan's parole hearing. Paul stood beside RFK during his victory speech and then walked behind him into the pantry, where he was shot in the head by Sirhan and his friend Bob was assassinated. Now 91, he has led a campaign to reopen the case for over forty years, based on eyewitness evidence that Sirhan could not have fired the fatal shot described in Kennedy's autopsy and an analysis of the only known audio recording of the shooting which indicates thirteen shots - and two guns - were fired. Paul recently worked with Bobby Kennedy's family to turn the Ambassador Hotel into the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools complex and will address Sirhan and the parole board at the end of the hearing. For more, see www.sirhanbsirhan.com/justice
  5. Shane O'Sullivan

    Parole Sirhan on February 10th

    On February 10, Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, the convicted assassin of Robert F. Kennedy, will be considered for parole in San Diego. Sirhan was originally scheduled for release in 1984 but after intense political pressure, his parole date was rescinded in 1982 and he has since been denied thirteen times. In March, Sirhan will turn 72 years old, having spent two-thirds of his life in prison for a crime he cannot remember committing. For three years prior to his last parole hearing in 2011, Dr. Daniel Brown of Harvard Medical School spent over sixty hours with Sirhan trying to recover his memory of the shooting. Dr. Brown concluded Sirhan’s amnesia for events before and during the shooting was real but his findings were ignored by the parole board, who saw the gaps in Sirhan’s memory as a cynical ruse to minimise his responsibility for his crime. Sirhan has been an exemplary inmate, with no prison violations since 1972 and an excellent work record. If paroled, he would be deported to Jordan to live out his final years, a danger to nobody. But as The Marshall Project recently discovered in a year-long examination of America’s parole boards, parole decisions are often driven not by public safety but by politics. Since 1982, California has treated Sirhan like a political prisoner who will never be released, not a human being who has served his time and has the right to a fair hearing and the rule of law. In the courts, his habeas corpus petition was denied last year, despite new audio evidence indicating thirteen shots were fired in the Ambassador Hotel pantry that evening. American journalism’s record of reporting this case has been abysmal, with no serious investigation by a news organisation since a CBS News inquiry forty years ago. While Sirhan is still alive, there’s still time to reinvestigate his case and expose the politicised charade that his appeal and parole process have become. I will be blogging on the case daily in advance of Sirhan’s parole hearing, releasing a range of new archival material, and I urge others to join me: www.sirhanbsirhan.com I've posted a video giving an overview of the case, with previously-unseen clips from Sirhan’s 2011 hearing here.
  6. Shane O'Sullivan

    It's not about bragging, it's about truth

    In March 2014, Eugenio Zaldivar Cadenas was alive and well and publicly reminiscing about the 1966 operation at a conference in Miami organised by The Institute of Cuban Historical Memory against Totalitarianism. Click on the speakers to see their videos: http://cubamemorial.net/Eventos/140326-CubaOperacionesEspeciales.html I'm sure he can be contacted through the Institute. Shane
  7. Today, I'm releasing for digital download a highly revealing and long-overlooked six-hour audio recording of George de Mohrenschildt speaking about his relationship with Lee Harvey Oswald. On February 14, 1969, de Mohrenschildt sat down with his wife Jeanne and Dutch journalist Willem Oltmans to record on audiotape the draft manuscript for a planned book on Oswald. He felt he'd been unfair to Oswald in his Warren Commission testimony and wanted to set the record straight. Nine tapes were recorded over two days to help pitch the book to publishers. Eight years later, as de Mohrenschildt was to be called before the HSCA, Oltmans tried to use the tapes to implicate his friend George in Kennedy's murder. Within days, de Mohrenschildt was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head in an apparent suicide. These recordings formed the basis for the unpublished manuscript I am a Patsy! found in his possessions after his death and address many of the myths around his relationship with Oswald. My film Killing Oswald draws on these tapes but I couldn't find anyone in the research community or at the Oltmans archive in Holland who had a complete set of these recordings. After finally tracking down the full set, I'm releasing it today on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play, so de Mohrenschildt's take on Oswald is more widely available to researchers. There's a short teaser for the release here: vimeo.com/103542703 As a companion to these recordings, I would recommend The Faux Baron, two new volumes on de Mohrenschildt by Nancy Weiford, which include a chapter on these tapes. Best, Shane
  8. For the month of August, catch Doug Horne's historic interview with Dino Brugioni for free in the 85-minute feature The Zapruder Film Mystery: http://vimeo.com/e2films/zapruder Whatever you feel about Zapruder Film alteration, Dino Brugioni's testimony about two NPIC events that weekend - presented here in HD video for the first time, thanks to Doug Horne and Peter Janney - is extremely important.
  9. While serving as chief analyst of military records at the Assassination Records Review Board in the nineties, Douglas Horne examined serious anomalies in the medical evidence in the JFK case. In a new 76-minute feature JFK - The Medical Cover Up, Horne draws on his book "Inside the ARRB" to present a comprehensive overview of the missing, altered and fraudulent evidence that indicates a cover-up by multiple agencies of the government. Their mission - to hide the true nature of JFK's wounds and purge all trace of a conspiracy. https://vimeo.com/ondemand/jfk
  10. Two separate, compartmentalised teams conducted above top secret examinations of the Zapruder Film at the CIA's National Photographic Interpretation Center (NPIC) on the Saturday and Sunday evening after the assassination. Dino Brugioni led the first team on Saturday evening and doesn't recognise the head shot in the Zapruder film today as the head shot he saw in the film on the day after the assassination. Was the film altered while in CIA custody to hide the true nature of JFK's wounds? Doug Horne and Dino Brugioni explain at length in a new 85-minute feature available now on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/ondemand/zapruderfilm Whatever you feel about Zapruder Film alteration, Dino Brugioni's testimony about two NPIC events that weekend - presented here in HD video for the first time, thanks to Doug Horne and Peter Janney - is extremely important.
  11. Shane O'Sullivan

    “Killing Oswald” a film by Shane O'Sullivan

    Thanks, Mark, great to hear that! That audio clip of Loran Hall is very telling. John, the film started off as a docudrama in the style of George Clooney's Good Night and Good Luck, which I pitched to production companies and broadcasters both here and in the US. I was aiming to make something like Killing Kennedy but focusing more on Oswald and Marina and their backstory, running in parallel with the key milestones in Kennedy's presidency. The feedback was that it was fascinating but...in the words of a Channel 4 commissioner: "We don't often commission historical dramas, and when we do we need to be absolutely sure that they are saying something pressing about the world of today, and that they resonate with contemporary events...we felt that the Kennedy/Oswald story is slightly too familiar territory for us to want to take it on." The JFK docs on British TV recently were either commissioned a year ago when I was pitching the docudrama or acquisitions (Channel 5 buying in that awful JFK: The Smoking Gun). TV commissioners and acquisition executives want a clearcut, racy "new" theory in "The Smoking Gun" mould - the assassination is not approached as a serious criminal or historical investigation, as it should be. I only began work on my doc last summer when it became clear that my docudrama would not be ready for the anniversary, by which time TV stations would have already planned their anniversary programming but I hope the film can be broadcast next year sometime.
  12. Shane O'Sullivan

    “Killing Oswald” a film by Shane O'Sullivan

    Yes, Blair, it's available on Amazon - there are links to stream the film or order the DVD on the website: www.killingoswald.com
  13. Shane O'Sullivan

    “Killing Oswald” a film by Shane O'Sullivan

    Thanks very much, John, that's high praise indeed and a great endorsement, it means a lot. I'm glad you agree with my approach, I wanted the film to work for both researchers and a general audience new to the case and the feedback so far suggests that worked. While RFK Must Die was the story of my investigation into the Sirhan case, Killing Oswald presents the views of a number of authors I admire alongside archive material - film and audio - that I think helps us understand Oswald and the other characters. I look forward to discussing the film here as members catch up with it. And thanks, B.A., hope you enjoy it.
  14. Shane O'Sullivan

    Killing Oswald documentary

    We've had some great reviews for the UK cinema release and I'm pleased to say KILLING OSWALD is now available to stream worldwide through the website. It features never-before-seen film and audio archive of Oswald, David Phillips, George De Mohrenschildt and Loran Hall, as well as insight and analysis from John Newman, Dick Russell, David Kaiser, Joan Mellen, Antonio Veciana and Eugenio Martinez. Enjoy the film!
  15. Shane O'Sullivan

    Killing Oswald documentary

    After the premiere last night at the Texas Theatre in Dallas, the UK premiere of Killing Oswald will take place at the Genesis Cinema in East London at 7p.m. on Friday, November 22nd, with a Q&A afterwards. I hope some of you can make it along. The film will be available to stream on the website from Friday and the DVD will begin shipping shortly. Best, Shane