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  1. Glad you found it, Stephanie. If anyone else has issues accessing it, you can also find it here: https://www.scribd.com/document/412494211/A-Lie-Too-Big-to-Fail I think adding two more shooters in the pantry - one on the steam table ensuring he fired in the same direction as Sirhan, and another in a busboy outfit, right next to Cesar - makes the operation even more complex and risky, with two more shooters who need to escape undetected. It's best to discuss the operational risks of the two-shooter scenario with a professional, who's been involved in such operations but as far as I know, Lisa hasn't done that.
  2. Ron, I'm not sure you read my piece. I agree there were two shooters but I don't think there were four, or that Sirhan was firing blanks.
  3. 51 years after the assassination of Bobby Kennedy, we continue to seek justice for Kennedy and the unfairly-convicted Sirhan. I'm writing a new piece on why we need to reopen the case but in the meantime, I'm sharing a new essay on some of the theories presented in Lisa Pease's recent book A Lie Too Big to Fail. While it's well-researched and digs up plenty of interesting new leads, I don't believe Sirhan was firing blanks or that there were more than two shooters in the pantry. Here, I explain why: http://www.whokilledbobby.net/a-lie-too-big-to-fail
  4. She said his children were very private people and didn't want an obituary. McCord's wife died before him and I guess his children just want to get on with their lives and didn't even want to add a comment for the Washington Post obituary. There is a great exchange between McCord and John Dean on C-SPAN here during a press conference to promote the BBC Watergate series in 1994.
  5. Just as my book went to press last September, I got in contact with his niece (who does not live in that little town in PA) and she confirmed his death and shared an email from McCord, including the presentation, which he had sent to his family in 2015. She told me the rest of the family did not want to talk either to me or the Washington Post, when the Post obituary writers asked me to put them in touch with the family.
  6. Interesting questions, David. McCord did discuss the alleged VVAW mole in his Senate Watergate testimony but not the assassination threat. You can find one of his memos on Scott Camil and the VVAW threat at the Republican convention at the link I posted. McCord's Secret Service connections and his revelation in the presentation that he headed up the team that brought Nosenko out of Switzerland are very interesting in relation to his claim to Alfred Baldwin that he was in Dallas on the day of the assassination.
  7. I have just written a new piece for the Washington Post on James McCord and the revealing PowerPoint presentation he shared with his family two years before he died, which his family shared with me. It includes a link to the PowerPoint presentation and another key McCord memo, which can find here.
  8. Joe - I think it's worth exploring McCord's possible presence in Dallas that day, particularly when I discovered after finishing the book that McCord headed up a team which brought Nosenko out of Switzerland and into the US in early 1964. I am currently researching a lead in this direction. James Rosen worked for Fox News for some time and wrote a biography of John Mitchell, who directed Nixon's election campaigns in 1968 and 1972. The call girl theory is interesting - and, as you say, sexual blackmail is a timeless tactic - but I wasn't completely convinced by it for reasons described in the book. Jim - of course, McCord was involved in all four attempted DNC break-ins, what I am saying is he was never a part of the special investigations unit at the White House. He first met Liddy after Liddy moved from the Plumbers unit to CRP. Yes, the faulty bug was the ostensible purpose for the second break-in but as I discuss at length in the book, McCord made a mistake and planted it in the wrong office, so there was not a faulty bug in O'Brien's office. The other two statements are incorrect because you overlooked the sources in my endnotes. Thanks for correcting them for accuracy. I share your admiration for Jim Hougan. He was the only author who read my manuscript in advance and gave me the following blurb: “While we have fundamental disagreements about 'Watergate' and the Deep State agenda that shaped it, O’Sullivan is to be congratulated on an impeccably researched work of investigative reporting that adds greatly to our understanding of the affair and its mysteries."
  9. This is an interesting and welcome obituary but a few corrections are needed. Hunt and Liddy were in the Plumbers Unit, not McCord, who was the head of security at CRP, where he later met Liddy. And the faulty bug was not placed inside Larry O’Brien’s office. That was the plan but McCord didn't know where O'Brien's office was during the first break-in, so he planted the bug in the wrong office on the other side of the building and had to send Alfred Baldwin on a tour of the DNC on June 12th to find out where O'Brien's office was. That's when Baldwin met Spencer Oliver's secretary, Ida "Maxie" Wells, a key figure in the call girl theory. Baldwin later claimed McCord told him he was in Dallas on 11.22.63. Baldwin wouldn't speak to me but he told James Rosen about it in a 1995 interview and James kindly shared the transcript with me and I published it for the first time. The Angelo Lano quote comes from an oral history interview he gave the Nixon Library, as noted in my endnotes. There's much more on McCord, Dean, the call girl theory and what Baldwin overheard on the bug on Spencer Oliver's phone in my book, which has been highly praised by Jim Hougan and was directly inspired by his book: www.nixondirtytricks.com
  10. State Secret, the free ebook by Bill Simpich on Oswald and Mexico City is well worth a read. May I also suggest my documentary Killing Oswald? It can be streamed for free with an Amazon Prime subscription or on Vimeo for a modest charge.
  11. Very interesting, thanks. I've just bought John's book and look forward to reading it. I cover Zabala's encounter with Cuban intelligence in my book Dirty Tricks: Nixon, Watergate and the CIA and a recent Washington Post article, which John references. The approach was heavily scripted by Veciana and designed both to establish his CIA credentials and to undermine the Carter administration's attempts at rapprochement with Cuba through Bernardo Benes (another fascinating story). Here are some of the key documents on the Zabala affair: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=7003 https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/docid-32356746.pdf https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/docid-32313056.pdf
  12. Sure. I think Wayne was trading press passes to gain access as a collector, not as part of the plot. As a conspirator, his posters and memorabilia would have drawn too much attention to him and why would a conspirator get Kennedy to autograph his poster before playing a part in killing him? There is no proof he was a Minuteman or that his views were the polar opposite to Kennedy because the link to Gilbert was mistaken. He ran out of the room in a panic and behaved oddly but the key point is there's no evidence he had a gun in the poster. The day after the shooting, Patricia Nelson told the FBI she saw a slightly-built Mexican or Cuban man running out the Embassy Room after the shooting with what looked like ‘the stock of a gun protruding from a package.’ Two friends were with her and one of them spotted the same individual in footage replayed on an ABC newscast later that evening. The FBI made arrangements for Nelson and her friends to view the newscast at ABC. In the meantime, ‘ABC film editors, in searching video tapes on the Kennedy affair had frozen a frame of the person carrying the package…[thinking it] could have been Sirhan Sirhan.’ The tape shows Kennedy signing rolled-up campaign posters for a Sirhan lookalike later identified as Michael Wayne, on his way to the stage. Seeing the rolled-up posters again on tape caused Nelson to doubt her initial impression that a gun was hidden in them and the FBI took no further action.
  13. On 2/2/2019 at 11:36 AM, Micah Mileto said: https://content.invisioncic.com/r16296/monthly_2016_12/Photo_rfk_BulletHoles.jpg.41bc36ce0238c10b567ae7c0421f3b7b.jpg https://www.maryferrell.org/wiki/images/1/15/Photo_rfk_grex37_0466.jpg  Is this supposed to be a bullet hole or is that a nail? That's disputed. I agree this is the least convincing of the alleged bullet holes photographed that night. The four holes in the pantry doorframe and centre divider are the ones of most interest to me and are featured in the Hearst film.
  14. No, he wasn't. Keith Gilbert was and LAPD found no connection between Gilbert and the Michael Wayne at the Ambassador
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