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  1. James, concerning the origin of the picture I came across the following: As we saw it, the photo was in a yellowed frame, the kind used by nightclub photographers to create instant keepsakes. Seal’s widow Debbie Seal kept it in her safe, where it was overlooked by a 7-man team from the State Department which arrived at her house in 1995 to comb through her records. It bears the name of a nightclub in Mexico City, and is stamped January 22, 1963, which, if you’re counting, was exactly ten months to the day before the Kennedy assassination. George
  2. Tosh for sure could finally end the dispute (demopedia) between you and Daniel Hopsicker who claims in "Barry and the Boys" that the guy hiding his face is Frank Sturgis. George ps: somewhere I read that the first guy on the right is William Seymour (?)
  3. John, found it on one of the pages I saved concerning Ollie North, its within the first quarter of the page http://www.fas.org/irp/offdocs/walsh/part_i.htm FWIW George
  4. Just some info I didn't find on your page. North took bold steps in late June 1985 to solve the problems he perceived with contra weapons procurement, while laying the foundation for a system that could supply both the northern and southern fronts. North convened a meeting on June 28, 1985, in Miami with Secord; Thomas Clines, a former CIA officer who by then was acting as Secord's overseas arms buyer; Raphael Quintero, another former CIA officer who had been acting as Secord's ``man on the scene'' in Honduras, El Salvador, and Costa Rica; Calero; and contra military commander Enrique Bermud
  5. Normally this is Richard's job Mrs. Fred Korth (2nd from the left) Fred Korth (2nd from the left)
  6. John, what about Larrie's brother Volkmar, who, according to Mae Brussel, started working for Walker on a full time base before Larrie did? Does he deserves the same attention as Larrie and if so, what about his role in the case. I think Jim Root maybe could have some more information because of his intrest and research of Gen. Edwin Walker.
  7. I’ve just finished Thomas Buchanan's book and it indeed was very interesting . It really takes you back in time concerning the political climate and views in the States. IMO it has a couple of remarkable points. First the chance of Oswald's behaviour from being very calm at the TSBD to his wild and defending struggle at the Texas theatre where he finally was captured. Buchanan states, Oswald was being followed after he did leave the TSBD and this could explain why he left the bus and took a cab that was ordered to stop a few blocks away from his rooming house. So far it has always been said
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