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  1. I took my son to a special screening of Plan 9 a few years ago. It was in the cemetery where some of the scenes were filmed. He got very upset when I criticized the special effects in the film, as he didn't think they were all that bad. He did like it when the head alien goes on a rant and yells "All you, of Earth, are idiots!" Good fun.
  2. The Dallas police came up to the Paine home around 2:30. They later created a phony report saying it was 3:30...but it was actually around 2:30. And we know this for a whole bunch of reasons. But the key one is this: Ruth Paine gave them Oswald's phone number and they used a reverse look-up to get Oswald's address. They then sent a car out to the rooming house. Well, this car got to the rooming house around 3, if I recall. So how could they have got there before they were told the phone number through which they obtained the address? Yeah, I know. Some prefer to think eegad
  3. Couldn't send you a message, but I saw a years old request from you for articles on Sarah T. Hughes.

    I have those if you still need them.

  4. We can agree on some of it, Rick. The Parkland witnesses on average recalled a hole, not flap, but hole, at the rear of the top of the head. And the Z-film and autopsy photos show this wound to be above the right ear. So there's a dilemma. Which is more likely to be correct? The recollections of emergency room doctors or the autopsy photos taken of the deceased? The medical establishment is clear on this--it always defers to the autopsy report and photos.
  5. FWIW, I was asked to help prepare questions for an interview to be conducted before Hemming died, in which he told all, so to speak. I didn't know that much about him, but compared his statements to the HSCA, Twyman, Weberman, and this forum to look for holes, and found plenty. I was then invited down to Florida to conduct the interview myself. But received word before departure that Hemming was sick, and that he'd backed out. I went down to Key West anyway, and was glad I did. While there, someone called up Hemming and asked him if he wanted to talk to me. He did, and my wife ended up driving
  6. I've had several chats with John about this, and have witnessed several of his presentations, and I believe he's heading towards claiming there was no Maurice Bishop, and that Veciana made up the whole story. The dynamite in all this is that he thinks Veciana did this upon orders from the military. And that the military did this to cover up their own involvement in...something. In our talks, I have tried to point out to John that none of this would make any sense unless Phillips was indeed Bishop, and that Veciana had been asked to point the finger at Phillips in particular. I mean,
  7. Once upon a time, the Rush to Judgment transcripts provided by the Wisconsin Historical Society were available on John McAdams' site. That's probably where I found it.
  8. Question for David Lifton. I don't remember where I heard this---but it was my understanding Feinman got disbarred because he'd lost his cool while representing a number of CTs against Gerald Posner's publisher. Assuming this is true, it would be unfair to use his disbarment to suggest he was a lousy lawyer. A passionate advocate for his fellow CTs, yes--but a lousy lawyer, no.
  9. Gary was a mixed bag. He was quite active behind the scenes in the early days of the forum. If you asked a dumb question or made a weak claim he would send you a PM telling you you should do your homework, but if you turned around and asked him about where to find such and such a quote, or who took what photo, etc, he could be very generous with his help. While it's easy for some to say Gary sold out for money, I'm not so sure that's the case. Year after year of veterans fighting over the same old stuff, and newbies popping up thinking they know it all when they don't know scat, will wea
  10. I hope I'm wrong, but I spoke to Stu about this some months back, and my understanding is that Stu was given access to books and articles written by Hunt, which included some but nowhere near all of the materials Hunt had scanned from the archives. The more valuable treasure trove, IMO, is the raw files of the scans Hunt made at the archives. I spoke to John about these on multiple occasions, and he assured me he'd scanned thousands of FBI, WC, and HSCA working papers, along with hundreds of photos never published by the government or the media., and that he'd planned on placing these onl
  11. I hate to pile on, but I have to agree with Gary on this point. While a theory holding that Kennedy's body was altered prior to its inspection at Bethesda might hold water, the theory Connally's wounds were altered prior to their inspection at Parkland is really really really out there. David, don't make us wait for your book. Who fiddled with Connally's wounds? And when did he/she get access to his body?
  12. Governor Connally was, in fact, quite clear in his belief he was struck from behind. I have collected his numerous descriptions of the shooting on my website. Here are the quotes i've collected from the last years of his life. (ABC News interview shown on the 20th and 25th anniversaries of the assassination, 1983) "I heard a sound that I thought was a rifle shot. So I looked in the direction from which I thought the shot came, and then suddenly I felt an impact like someone had walked up behind me and hit me with a doubled-up fist right in the back. And it knocked me over. And before I co
  13. Yikes. I'm surprised about the quality of this list. To me, a "hero" is not someone who is primarily focused on promoting themselves and/or their theories, but someone who acquires and shares previously hidden information. To that end, there are really only a few true "heroes" on this case. I would nominate Harold Weisberg, Jim Lesar, Mary Ferrell, Rex Bradford, Malcolm Blunt, Debra Conway, and John Hunt, for starters. For those not in the know, Weisberg and his attorney Lesar freed more JFK assassination documents via the Freedom of Information Act than all the other researchers (an
  14. I suspect Specter was shown the NPIC analysis. I explain why in chapter 3b: April 22, 1964 MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD FROM: Melvin A. Eisenberg SUBJECT: Conference of April 14, 1964, to determine which frames in the Zapruder movies show the impact of the first and second bullets. On April 14, 1964, a conference was held to determine which frames in the Zapruder film portray the instants at which the first and second bullets struck. Present were: Commander James J. Humes, Director of Laboratories of the Naval Medical School, Bethesda, Maryland; Commander J. T
  15. Throughout this thread, there has been some discussion about what constitutes a reasonable plan for a special op. I have some insight into this. One of my best friends was a Lt. Col.in U.S. Special Forces. He lectured me numerous times about the importance of P.A.C.E. P.A.C.E. is the bedrock of a special op. It holds that you not have one plan for your op, but four: your Primary plan; your Alternative plan; your Contingency plan; and your Emergency plan. If the first doesn't work, you move to the second, and so on. While one should doubt--strongly doubt--that the assassination c
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