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  1. There is a lot discussion about this topic. You can find other opinions about Haig in an other discussionforum. Click on Haig and Most Disasterous General of the Western Front. Robert
  2. Hello, I am principal of the Elementary Schools 'Sint-Juliaan' and 'Madonna' in Langemark-Poelkapelle (Belgium, Flanders Fields). Sint-Juliaan (St.-Julien) was involved a lot of times in the 'Battles of Ypres'. The Vrije Basisschool Sint-Juliaan (St.-Julien elementary school) made several projects concerning the Great War. Some examples: -In 1998 on 'Open Monumentsday' we worked about the first chemical attack in history. See 'Als je vanzelevens door de Westhoek passeert'. -On Open Monumentsday in 1999 we worked about living in and after WWI. See 'En toen bouwden we een barak van plak en stak'. -The school is twinned with the 10th 'Canadians' and 16th 'Canadian-Scottish' bns. In 1997 the school took the initiative to erect the Kitchener's Wood Memorial to remember the counteracttacks of the 2 bns. after the first German gasattack on April 22, 1915. As hobby, I work for the project The Great War in Flanders Fields. I made the memorial-database with all the memorials, cemeteries, ... in Flanders Fields. You can also find a database with WWI-links on the site. Maybe I can help on this forum to search for answers concerning WWI in Flanders Fields. Robert
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