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  1. Kirk, A great post. Last night L watched the TV movie "Recount." For resons I cannot explain I kept thinking what if the movie is a premination for this year and it the case goes to the Supreme Court - what if the outcome is also the same? James
  2. I am sorry I was wrong to criticise you and I am very disappointed the admin team have already had to hide some of Jim Harwood's post.
  3. Please Take Note:- An hour ago W. Niederhut - replying to a post by Jim Harwood - said “in your wing nut "history" of Kamala Harris's family, I notice that you managed to omit any substantive….” Ialso noted that Joseph McBride made a comment elsewhere. I am no fan of Donald Trump but it appears Jim Harwood might be. In posting his comments about Kamala Harris Jim broke no rules at all - yet one member considered he had the right to refer to Jim as a “nut.” No one has the right to insult a fellow member , even if they feel the said member has not included all the facts. Members have
  4. To all, Robert Card is an active subject for the admin. I have just now stopped him posting. Whether further measures are taken against him will be made clear later. As members of the admin team we felt our action in closing a previous thread would have given him food for thought. Clearly not. As a member of the admin team I apologize that fellow members have had to read his thoughts. James.
  5. Ron The wrist wound - and many other things - are described in the video. James
  6. Ron, Again I apologise for the 40º error, that’s what comes from talking of the top of your head. I still suggest you contact Gary for a copy of his book. CTP – Controlling The Past – is an encyclopaedia on the Connally wounding. I was never focused on the full picture as Gary is, my focus was on destroying the SBT. My interest in Connally came about because I saw it as the weak link in the SBT. This conversation between Robert Shaw and Alan Dulles – which Gary quotes – became the essential truth of the Connally wounding. When both Robert Shaw and Connally were before the WC Shaw wa
  7. Ron, I will give you a more detailed comment later.nut I have no idea what I was thinking about when I said 40º. What I was talking about was the angle of the bullet down Connally's rib cage. The angle was 27ª and not 40º. I know I was remembering a discussion with DVP I will try and find this discussion. What I was arguing was that the trajectory angle from JFK to Connally was different. I was basically arguing why on earth the bullet would change its angle of trajectory from JFK to Connally - the SBT - to the actual angle down Connally's 5th rib and here I suggested that angle wa
  8. Joe, Only Connally's 5th rib was damaged - damaged when the bullet bumped into it as opposed to going through it..After contactthe bullet continued down the path of his ribs and exited below his right nipple.The bullet never entered his thorax - i.e. his chest area. A portion of the fifth rib was shattered. Most of the particles followed the trajectory of the bullet exiting also below his right nipple. Some of the rib fragments entered into the chest and created damage to his right lung. You can still see the holes - tiny holes - in the shirt that they made when exiting. Th
  9. Andrew, I am quite busy at the moment but your argument I do not believe fits the facts. Point 1. If you look at the JFK Shirt thread you will see that there is definite proof that the bullet entered at T3. It is slightly right of centre and if you look at the Stare of death picture the exit - if you support the SBT - is also slightly right of centre.The route between these two points would require the bullet would require to damage the spine. But worse - as I am sure Cliff will remind you both distance between back and throat and angle of trajectory would
  10. Ron the work is called "Controling the Past." It is actually a three volume set. I am not sure Gary has made the final volume public to the Forum. He did make pasts 1 &2 public. I was busy on other things and I forgot to download copies. There must be members who did download parts 1 & 2. You are probanbly right, Gary most likely did make his links time sensitive, P.S. If you do a search for "Controlling the Past" you will find the links. However I checked and the links are no longer active. PM Gary, he will most likely give a new link. It looks like I am right that Gary
  11. For a long time Mark that was my view. During that Z 280 - 312 sequence - after being wounded - I was convinced Nellie turned Connally away from danger. And at 313 - while still being turned and Connally also had his right hand raised - he is injured in his radial from a fragment of the head shot. Now I am not sure when Connally received the thorax wound. What I will say is that I am still convinced the radial wound was caused by a fragment from the head shot. Gregory was very clear that whatever caused the radial would was not a pristine bulled: James
  12. Ron Bulman said:- I've wondered a while about this. The angle of the shot through his nipple. It damaging his wrist badly before exiting, then imbedding into his thigh. More lead left behind than was missing from the magic bullet. Which in addition to causing all of Connally's injuries went down from the TSBD into JFK's back at T3, turned upward to exit below his Adams Apple. THEN turned downward to enter JC's arm pit unless he's bent over, which he's not . The angle. Yes, the limo was headed slightly down hill, but a shot from the 6th floor of the TSBD does not go in JC's arm pit, t
  13. Sorry Micah, I thought the reference was from the Bowron interview. Om P. 598 of Post Mortem Weisberg says Carrico confirmed to him that the damage to the shirt and tie was caused by nurses when they cut the necktie off. Carrico says the cutting was done under his supervision. Though scalpel is not mentioned - it had to be a scalpel scissors would not be able to create that damage.Also Carrico the cutting and removal of the clothes were done un his supevision. James
  14. I believe it was in the interview that Harrison Livingston conducted with Diana Bowron in London. You will find the interview in his book "Killing the Truth." James
  15. Fair point Ron. With regard to the tie, Diana Bowron is on record saying she cut it with a scalpel. In doing so she also nicked the knot in the tie. Looking at the picture a scalpel could have been used, but it is also possible scissors were used or even a combination of the two. Three nurses accompanied Carrico into Trauma 1 I forget the name of the third nurse. So the cutting away of JFK's clothes was nnot the work on one nurse. James
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