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  1. The Future of the Education Forum

    This morning I noted that there were 762 reads of the thread and 13 responses - and that included the multiple responses by two members who used the thread to continue their own discussions. It would appear that the majority of members who read the thread do not share my views and have ignored the thread. In all good conscience I cannot accept remaining with the status quo and all the issues that has provoked and also be expected to fund this forum - as I have done for a number of years. I will stop payments to Invision after April 4th. That means this forum is funded until May 11th - approximately 7 weeks. What happens now to the EF is for the membership to decide.
  2. The Future of the Education Forum

    I want to make one more comment today. Mark Knight is right we do all have other commitments - though not the demands that Mark has from the needs of his family member. And I usually rely on members reporting rather than actively monitoring this site Mark is a much more restrained admin member than I. Many is the time he has counselled me from positions I wanted to take. Aside from Mark and Paul, I want to hear if there actually are members who also feel that the use of language is important in the quality of discussion. I honestly am not sure the general membership feel it is important and one member has already insulted me and this thread. So I would like to know, am I the only one who is concerned?
  3. The Future of the Education Forum

    I feel language does matter and I agree I - speaking only for myself - have been inconsistent here. I admit - and I am embarrassed to admit it - but I did not know until this morning that Paul had opened a thread on why he was leaving the forum—17 hour ago. I have a business that is the main focus of my attention and I have not given sufficient attention to this forum. Regarding David Josephs when the member makes it impossible to comment on his behaviour I felt moderation was my only option rather than allowing that member to continue his behaviour. Accepting that I am inconsistent I believe that language does matter. In my view the conduct of members - provoked by fellow members - is not an excuse. This point I make in response to what Steve Thomas has made. Language was a principle position of JFK and I believe we should feel the same. If members are unable to express themselves without the use of such expressions then I feel that is a problem for this forum. And because such expressions are allowed elsewhere on the internet is not a an acceptable excuse. . And here is where I believe I have been inconsistent because on many occasions I have dealt with a particular member and not with those who provoked that member. I agree we will - not may - need to edit our rules. We must always have a means to contact fellow members other than discipling them - which I admit I have done up till now.
  4. I am making an extraordinary statement to the forum. Mark Knight is one of the four owner admin members of this forum - Kathy Beckett is presently on holiday and David Butler has yet to comment. My comment which gave rise to this reflection by Mark was a comment by me - to the admin team- about being unable to contact David Joseph about his contacted. Hi all, There was a complaint about David’s arrogant attitude a little while ago. I tried to PM him but he has blocked any PM’s Actually is something we can change?? Anyway since I could not contact him I placed him on moderation, thinking that he would get in touch asking why. But no, and his attitude continued and I just did not approve any post. Any way I have removed his privileges. Maybe when he can no longer post he will ask why and I can then explain that his attitude needs some improvement. James I have released David for the benefit of this conversation. Mark made the following comment to me which I publish - in whole - without seeking his consent. However I wish to make clear it is because of his statement that I am creating this thread. If Paul Bracato has indeed exited the forum because of current behaviour on the forum - and I believe Mark is also referring to admin behaviour I totally agree with Mark. And if a member of his standing has decided to leave the form then it is not something we should ignore Or Assume that there are not other members who feel exactly the same as Paul. The text of Mark’s email to me:- I think we may have a problem here. Paul Brancato is one of the most reasonable and thoughtful forum members we have...or had, if he follows through. David Josephs is on vacation from the forum...but Thomas Graves is not. While Mr. Graves may not be making personally insulting posts, most of his recent posts certainly insult the intelligence of the average forum member. But Mr. Graves remains, mocking the entire purpose of the forum. So does Michael Walton, whose incessant carping at Chris Davidson without actually citing any errors in his calculations is getting quite tiresome, at least to me. Is Chris Davidson on the right track? Perhaps, and perhaps not. But as he's working out his evidence, should we continue to allow Mr. Walton to, essentially, question Davidson's intelligence? Now, I am certainly not a rabble-rouser. But Mr. Brancato's proposed departure tells me that we are doing SOMETHING wrong in the way we are handling this forum. So what's the answer? If I had it, with 100% certainty, I'd share it with you. But I don't know. What I do know is, if we run off the Brancatos and keep the Graves' and the Trejo's, what kind of forum will we have in 6 months, or a year? Probably not the kind we want to have. Discuss, criticize me, whatever. But we need to be doing something differently, IMHO. I feel very strongly that language does matters even on a forum whose purpose is to exam the brutal murder of an American President. It has been my position that conduct of members- whatever the criticism of that members - by other members may have been towards them - should not be excused. And maybe I - and I stress “I” - have not been consistent on this matter. I leave it to members to discuss what the future of this forum should be. And be in no doubt that the future of this forum is the point. If respected members are voting with their feet and are leaving this is an issue we ALL should be concerned about.
  5. "The Bastard Bullet" by Raymond Marcus

    I see the site is back up again.
  6. "The Bastard Bullet" by Raymond Marcus

    Yes I agree something strange is going on. I am hoping the site has not gone out of buisness because I have a subscription to it. I use it a great deal. I am aurprised I have received no email from them. Hopefully I will hear from them soon.
  7. "The Bastard Bullet" by Raymond Marcus

    I came across another article that Raymond wrote on the Single Bullet. Link to file is here:- https://www.transferbigfiles.com/9689ad80-bad8-47d8-92d9-9c0869bbaee1/CUx97jVIvPM-dA27-99zUw2 James
  8. "The Bastard Bullet" by Raymond Marcus

    Denny, Today I came across my copy of "The Bastard Bullet." I had forgotten I had a copy of it. Below is a link to a PDF copy of it:- https://www.transferbigfiles.com/48e1d431-3acf-4913-bda9-9361fdd3227f/-qMGSEMyVWOUKxtV-_sCFw2 James
  9. Seasons Greetings to all

    A very happy Christmas to everyone. I hope the new year that is fast approaching us, is a good and kind one to you all. James
  10. Dear James:

    I opened recently the thread "For Debate - The Hairline Spot Seen in the Autopsy Photo" which has been started by Michael Walton on January 27. His first post links to a video which is a slow motion recording of a brutal execution by ISIS. I have protested and suggested the removal of this video (or the section showing the execution) as it is both distressing and against humanity.  Please see my comments in that thread explaining my standpoint. 

    I would be grateful for letting me know your opinion as to whether EF consents with linking the types of videos posted in the above-mentioned thread. In no case would I suggest to remove the thread which seems to be enjoyed by several Forum members. If you would decide to remove the video link, a statement explaining the reasons would be useful as some Forum members may not understand.



  11. Robert. I have no idea why you should be confused. It was your words I was quoting. The post by DVP - that you answered and from whichI took a quote by you - pointed out that Connally never said that he heard a bullet fall from his stretcher. My post simply posted out that what you said - in the excerpt I posted - was oblique. It was not clear whether this comment you made referred to Connally stating he heard the bullet fall and/or that Connally made it clear that he believed in a conspiracy. If the latter, I have no idea why you should identify points towards the end of his life. Although John Connally never used the word conspiracy in the 60's and 70's by determined sticking to his position that he was never hit by the same bullet that caused JFK's throat wound he was clearly supporting a conspiracy.
  12. Robert Harris said: "So he waited until he was literally on his death bed to come forward and the nation was at a point where most people knew this was a conspiracy anyway. By then, no harm would come." Robert I am not sure what you are saying here. David's point was that there was never any statement from John Connally about hearing a bullet falling from his stretcher. Are you suggesting that towards the end of life John Connally did indeed mention to friends that he had heard a bullet falling from his stretcher? James.
  13. Robert, You are using a very poor copy of CE 842 and it is leading to make incorrect analysis. Up in the top left hand corner - and circled in red by you - are what look life two F's. Actually there are creases in that part of the document that have led you - because of the poor quality of the image - to believe that there were two letter F's. I suggest you contact Gary and see whether he will give the colour high res copy he has. James
  14. Robert, If I may intrude on this conversation I believe you are in error when you suggest that the envelope "clearly shows that this envelope had been scribbled on with the garbage partially erased. There is no way that Bell would have used an envelope like that." I am sorry but that is not the case. I have a copy of Gary's Connally book. In Chapter 29 there is a high resolution colour image of this receipt. On this image there are no such "scribbles" and "erasures." I can only suggest that you are dealing with a very poor image that is misleading you. The original is in yellow and the signatures are clear and show no sign of having been tampered with. I would post the original image but I agreed with Gary when I was given a copy of his work that I would release no such images without his prior approval. I would suggest you contact Gary and see if he will give you a copy of his image. That might help clarify this matter for you. James.
  15. Internal server Messages and other errors

    Well that was quick. Invision have just got back and have said that they have sorted the root cause of the problem. However, maybe a good idea if similar problem occur that you notify me and I can pass them up to Invision. James.