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  1. James R Gordon

    The JFK Assassination (2018) by James DiEugenio

    I have hidden a few posts that contained unacceptable material - which also had nothing to do with this thread and those members should have known that I suggest - to those who are trying to de-rail this thread - that they leave this thread. Taunting and irritataing fellow members is breaking the spirit of the rules of this forum.
  2. James R Gordon

    "My New Thread"

    Bart, Sorry to contradict you but Brian Doyle's exclusion from the EF had nothing to do with disinfo. In the land of disinfo, his was by no means the most ludicrous we have seen. Brian was argumentaive and totally disregarded the rules. He was quite happy to ignore requests we made of him while - at the same time - expecting and demanding that the admin team answer in detail every grouse he had about us. In the end it was his attitude that tipped the ballance. Disinfo may have played a part in his contributions on the EF but it had nothing to do with his removal. James
  3. James R Gordon

    Has Sandy Larsen Been Banned?

    I should have mentioned that, at present, I am only placing members on Two Posts for a week. The previous two members will be realeased on Sundsy. A further member - who had a member of the admin team hide an earlier bumped post - ignored what should have been a clear warning and continued to make two further bumps. He has been placed on two Posts today and will be released next Thursday. James.
  4. James R Gordon

    Has Sandy Larsen Been Banned?

    He has not been banned. He has been placed on Two Posts a Day. He has simply has had the number of his posts limited. Like everyone else he was warned about behaviour and he was warned what would happen were he to ignore that warning. James.
  5. James R Gordon

    An Update on Behaviour

    I am pleased that within the last few weeks there has been a much more considerate mode of discussion. That said I have already edited a number of member's posts and have already placed two members on "Two Posts a Week." Where before I seldom read member's psosts, now I essentially read everything. I am pleased there is a more constrained mode of discussion but I alert those who thoink they can return to old behaviour. I will find you and I will deal with you. On a positive note. Thank you for the change that has takken place over the last couple of weeks. It really does show respect for the President we all remember. James.
  6. James R Gordon

    How to delete photos to free up attachment space.

    Thanks Sandy, Hopefully that will help those mebers who are having problems with their attachments.
  7. James R Gordon

    A warning

    That device - if it works - should still come from your storage limit. At present you have used 99% of your limit allocation.
  8. James R Gordon

    A warning

    Provided the device is not over used we can accept the occasional bumping. Where a member bumps all the time that is a different matter. Regarding attachments I had hoped this was something admin could do: i.e. delete attachment cache. However that is not possible. You require to search for your previous posts and delete each attachment. What I advised Mervyn was to use a storage company like Photobucket to store your images and - rather than post the image - post the link to your image. These companies provide a free service. However if you intend to post large numbers of images then probable the free s. service might not be sufficient for your needs.
  9. James R Gordon

    A warning

    Thank you all for the support. This minority - and I stress it is a small minority - have played us for far too long. This is not their forum it is everyones forum and it is time this minority - who will on all sorts of occasions pledge to behave and just as quickly forget their promises - it is well beyond time they are dealt with. And this time I intend to deal with them. They need us much more than we need them.
  10. James R Gordon

    A warning

    Members would be advised to take this warning seriously. We know this refers to a minority of members but a noisy minority all the same. Members of the admin team are fed up with fellow members fighting each other on the forum. Personality clashes – for this minority – seem to be the new status quo. I had detected after my considering to no longer fund the forum that a new and positive tone had been born on the EF. Well for these members that did not last long. The subject matter of the forum is the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. If you have nothing to contribute to that, then take a rest until you do have something to contribute. However one thing is certain members of the admin team have had enough of your in-fighting. Today I created a new membership class called Two Posts a Day. Members who continue this infighting will be placed into this membership class. You will get no warning, you will only be aware when the system informs you that you have used up your daily posting allocation. And if offending members continue their personal grievance they will be moved to another class called One Post per day. If you wonder to what I refer the look at Page 7 of If Oswald was prayer Man - as just one example of this nonsense. I noted a member of the admin team commenting that this thread was now contributing nothing new. I also noted another member reminding members of the EF rules and being criticised for doing so. I intend to continue funding this forum and if members are upset with such conditions then I invite you to go elsewhere. The admin team would be delighted with increased membership. We would also be delighted with increased and serious JFK discussion and research. However if portions of our membership are intent on infighting then we would prefer you to take your personal grievances elsewhere.You can forget your promises - promises mean nothing for this minority we have heard them all before. You are going to change or I will deal with you.
  11. James R Gordon

    A Question For James Gordon

    Thomas the link is still there and it works. Once the person has completed the requirements they are required to email their wish to register. The address to email is provided.
  12. James R Gordon

    Darnell's Camera

    I thought that Richard Trask might have known. But although Jimmy Darnell is mention numerous times Trask has no information about what camera he used.
  13. James R Gordon

    A Question For James Gordon

    Gentlemen, This is not the normal practice to discuss a fellow member on the public forum, however since a number of you wish to raise Brian Doyle's membership I will address the issue. I had to look back into his history and why he was disciplined. Aside from his indiscipline while on the forum that resulted in several complaints, he was extremely insulting to the entire admin team. In several emails to the admin team he referred to the complete team as "incompetent." From the emails it was clear he was not prepared to compromise his behaviour and suggestions that were made to him were ignored and the admin member who raised the issue with him was verbally abused by him. Brian's case focused on the essential point that he was not prepared accept the terms of membership and in the end - after a long series of emails - it was decided to delete his membership. Therefore if Brian would like to again to be a member of the EF then he will need to re-apply for membership. It appears that Brian has not made clear to those who are advocating his case that he is no longer a member. So options like restoring posring privileges etc do not apply, because he is no longer a member. I believe Brian was the only member who's account we have deleted. Yes we have deleted accounts, but on those occasions the member has requested we do so on their behalf. Brian I believe is the only one whose membership the admin team decided to delete. James.
  14. James R Gordon

    The Future of the Education Forum

    Yes it probably would be a good idea to create a donating system. I have tried but I keep getting lost and place the idea onto the back burner since I have more pressing concerns. The question of membership statistics was raised and I agree they are not so readily available as they were on Invision software 3. I will look into that for you all. Regarding the principle of funding I will continue to fund the EF and the EF will continue to exist beyond May 2018. I have been heartened by a definite change in tone on the forum.
  15. James R Gordon

    The Future of the Education Forum

    Jim, April 4th is the date of my last payment. That payment keeps the forum funded until May 11th so the forum has around 6 weeks remaining. Regarding keeping the present site Invision will provide a complete backup. The problem is that backup needs to be hosted and that hosting needs to be paid for. I have been looking into a donation system. Our old donation system was deleted when I agreed that Invision upgrade us to Forum software V4. It is a little more complex but I would hope to get it up and running shortly. Yes we could move to another host, but I feel we would be better off staying with Invision. However, unless it has to fall on a single member - irrespective of who that member is - maybe we should think about a donation system. I will try and expedite the donation system and see where that takes us. I will consider extending Invision's fee for a couple of more months. Essentially I am just fed up of member squabbling. Pat Speer may well be right that compared to other sites ours is much more respectful. However there is a minority who have used forum threads either to flood members with their pet theme irrespective of the actual theme of the thread. Or use threads to engage in personal squabbles with fellow members. I detect that in the last few days the forum is seeing a change of tone. It is my hope that new dialogue will continue. James