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  1. I bumped this thread. David Andrews had wanted to comment on it, but since the thread originated in Political conspiracies, anything said was only seen in the Political conspiracies thread. If members have opinions they want to make I moved the thread so it is now on the JFK Assassination Debate forum.
  2. James, how do I get a new post on an old thread to show up on page one?


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    2. James R Gordon

      James R Gordon

      Sorry I had not noticed your reply. I also tested the thread and it di not move to the top of the threads.

      I'll contact Invision about this


    3. James R Gordon

      James R Gordon

      David I have corrected the problem.

      Bumping worked, however the thread belonged to political Conspiacies.

      I have moved it into JFK DEbate for you.


    4. David Andrews

      David Andrews

      THANK YOU, James.  I totally missed that the thread was in Political Conspiracies, because I used the Search to find "Harold Wilson."

  3. My error. I changed the member group. However many are members of JFK group and that group required to be changed. Everyone should now see they have more storage space. James.
  4. I have had it brought to my attention that although I had increased storage limit individual space remains the same. Invision informed me to access the new space allocation members need to log out and back in again. If that does not work please get in touch and I will look into it. James.
  5. A Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope the year approaching is kind to you all. James.
  6. I was asked by a member for increased storage space. I have doubled everyone's storage space. It should be O.k. but I will keep an eye on it incase it increases costs. James
  7. It appears that the general consensus is to not block Guest Users. Lets do that. If the issue re-appears I know how block the. Invision have removed the bott - though I have no idea who introduced it. The number of Guest Users is also significantly reducing. So it looks like things are returning to normal. Thank you for all your input and ideas, They have really been a great help. James.
  8. I have now learnt a bot was placed on the site. Invision have removed it. I have been informed on how to close the site to guests, However if I do that every member will require to log in when they return. I will await the membership's view on whether re-logging on is an acceptable price to blocking Guest Users. James.
  9. Thank you Cory and others. The Guest Users are a serious issue. Why at this moment in time to a significant number only log in for seconds and leave. And this every moment of the day. I have had a communication from Invision where I was informed that "It does seem due to the legacy domain (.ipbhost.com) that some network firewall rules were not being properly applied. This is now happening," This email was sent two hours before your email. So after this matter - according to Invision - has now been corrected and yet two hours later you have reported that there are 65 Guest Users on line.
  10. Thanks Michael, I had not understood in 2017 what you were saying. I will ask about what tools we have to see “most active” or “most recently” viewed threads. When Invision get back to me I now have a number of questions for them.
  11. Michael, That is really interesting. How do you get the system to print the total number of guests. At this moment the system appears to suggeststhere are 180 Guests on line. Invision are promising to get back to me on Monday. I will raise their statemet about Online Visitors. That statement suggests online visitors are our problem. Well that is going to change on Monday, Your listing of 3,662 guests ought to increase our monthly payment. What I am now waiting to see is whether there is a charge beyond their present stated limit. Your identified 3,662 limit is way beyond that. Thank you.
  12. Cory mentioned yesterday that at one point there was 95 Guest Users. At the moment the site registers 51 Guest users whereas there are 8 JFK Debate speakers. This is a serious weakness in Invision's systems. We are billed for all those users yet we have no control over them. I am not certain whether this site attack - for that is what it is - is just against us or also Invision sytems. I have pulled financing this site until matters are resolved to my satisfaction. If the situation is not resolved by January 4th the site will go dark. Before I restore payment I am going to insist we have control of Guest users. These people - if they are malicious - can financially ruin site owners. In my view this is a serious weakness in Invision Systems. They have left a back door open through which malicious people can bring down a site by daily increasing the owners cost. We should be paying $70 per month however currently the monthly cost is $590. I expect a further increase tonight or tomorrow. The weakness for sites like ours is the subscription is automatically triggered by User numbers. It is not a decision made by Invision management. They appear not to question subsciption increases. Hopefully this matter will be resolved before January 4th, but if it is not expect the site to go dark and remain dark until this matter is resolved. This is strictly an Invision systems matter. They own the site and they host our site and I place the responsibility for resolving it to our satisfaction - on them.
  13. Hi everyone. I have just been informed that there has been a further spike in on-line users. The new monthly charge is $590 per month. The new user level is 571 over the past 48 hours. There is no reason to doubt that in the following 48 hours there will be a further spike. If this is not sorted out by the end of December I am going to have to default on payment until this matter is resolved. That means the site will go dark. I will be out of money at this rate. Hopefully Invision will have solved the problem by then.
  14. I have just had the following message from Invision I'm sorry for the delay here, we are reviewing your traffic currently, since this has already passed on the traffic spike it's something that is being reviewed by our network team. We will be back with you on your original ticket as soon as we have some further information. Thank you. Rhett Support and Cloud Manager Invision Power Services, Inc.
  15. I have forwarded this to Invision. At present they are slow to respond.
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