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  1. ICT for collaborative teaching and learning

    It's now been over 3 years since the very enjoyable time we spent in Toulouse discussing ICT for collaborative teaching and learning. Since then, I've moved on to a new school, and the shareforum has gone from strength-to-strength. Some observations: 1. Be a catalyst I went to the Head of my current school to ask what could be done about the situation we had. Lots of hardware and software, but no training for staff. As of this academic year I'm E-Learning Staff Tutor with a reduced teaching timetable and a budget. 2. Have patience After a few incarnations, I'm fairly happy with the shareforum. It's now at www.historyshareforum.com and currently stands at just under 700 members. It's turned into a great place to get resources you can actually edit to be useful! 3. Run with new technologies Web 2.0 has been somewhat of a revolution. The biggest changes to the way I work and collaborate have come through the micro social-networking site Twitter and the hard-to-explain FriendFeed. 4. Start new communities The famous ice hockey player Wayne Gretzsky once said "You miss 100% of shots you never take." Taking that as a principle, I've attempted to start several communities around a theme. One that worked and is now a year old is EdTechRoundup. We're a group of mainly UK-based educators, but with no geographical bar on membership. We meet virtually on a Sunday night to discuss issues and resources relating to educational technology, and then release our discussions as podcasts. It's going well so far! I'd like to take this opportunity to thank again all those involved in the project and for inviting a fresh-faced NQT to present. : Doug
  2. Wishlist for your classroom

    Interesting? Only in so far as they'd probably be a quite a competition for the Most Unimaginative Use of Classroom Space Award 2006! A lot of rows with the occasional 'C' shape with a few desks in the middle. I like the idea of having individual workstations which 'snap' together somehow for infinite possibilities... : Doug
  3. Wishlist for your classroom

    It's an ICT suite, but Andrew Field has mused about room layout at the EffectiveICT.co.uk Forum... : Doug
  4. Wishlist for your classroom

    I think you've covered most bases there Dan, but the important things would be the way things interacted: A guarantee that technical support was available at short-notice The ability for screenshots/text/content from students' PDAs/tablets to be wirelessly transferred to the projector A school ICT infrastructure which wasn't flakey! : Doug
  5. Interviewing eyewitnesses

    That looks like a fantastic project and one which would work well if replicated in many areas of the UK. I grew up in what was known as the 'largest mining village in the world' - Ashington, Northumberland. The mines have now shut and unemployment is rife. Men have lost their sense of identity and haven't found one to replace it. Some kind of project which brings the community together like the one you have been part of here would be just the ticket. Well done! Doug :hehe: