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  1. I think one issue that needs to be addressed in a more holistic measure is that of staff development in the application and use of ICT in the classroom. IWBs are a fantastic resource that hold a good deal of learning opportunties but only if teachers see the opportunities to use them to the fullest. Using PowerPoint defeats the idea of the IWB. Products like SMART Notes offers a way of producing higher level thinking skills and with the ability to turn the notes into HTML or pdf, the opportunity to place them on the web to download.
  2. Thank you Andy. By the way, what did you think to the review of the History Curriculum? Have a merry Christmas.
  3. Not really reprehensible - I was just clearing a point up.
  4. Andy, As I said earlier, I logged onto my account on this forum at Roy's House. As you are no doubt aware there is function for remembering an account on the internet - you have it on this forum so when you log back on you do not have to remember your username and password. It appears that Roy used my account to post. My only wish was that it was made clear that Roy Huggins made the earlier comments and not me. I agree it is a confusing saga but hopefully it is somewhat explained. I imagine Roy realised he could post without having an account and did so. Now all that I ask is that the issu
  5. Andy - sorry I will try to be clearer. 1) A while ago I worked at Roy's house and I logged onto the Edcuation Forum and read a few threads. 2) It appears over the course of the thread on the KS3 History Review, Roy accessed my account. I imagine this was based on the fact I may have forgot to click on the box saying 'remember me'. Thus he did not need to guess my password. 3) Therefore the three comments made on the thread about the History Review were not by me but rather by Roy Huggins. On at least one of the comments it is posted at the bottom as Roy. Trust me, I do not post at such ear
  6. Can I make one point perfectly clear. The comments posted as me where in fact by Roy Huggins. I used his home PC once to access the forum so I guess he used it to post a message or two on this forum. Please be aware of this as I do not want to have anyone thinking I am posting these comments. The reason for this is solely because I do not wish to engage in the debate. Have a merry Christmas everyone. Neil McDonald
  7. PS I hope that you are not infering on this website that I have made racist comments about CSE? Does this open you up for slander!
  8. Ah well folks, you try to have an honest debate. I'm disappointed in you Ed. Nick, you take my resources, borrow my ideas ..... I would like to add to the record that I haven't made any racist comments about CSEs. As someone who has always gone the extra mile for the kids I teach I find you guys, well ..... I'm a gentleman. Shame you guys don't understand the meaning of the word. Roy
  9. All war is a crime, the A-Bomb was no different from the fire storm raids. But the A-Bomb was not a war-crime. I listened to the survivors of that raid and I felt shock and horror, the same for every civillian that has undergone an attack despite being a civillian yet despite its horror (or perhaps because of it), it saved lives.The fact we have had 60 years of relative peace without a major conflict highlights the fear of nuclear war.
  10. But John I am not in favour of open debate, rather that this issue does not protract any longer and that you and Andy simply sort this out with the admin team without having everything said being placed on a forum. There are no charges, merely disagreements.
  11. This is Roy Huggins... I would like to point out that I am not having ago at any individuals. I believe in the collective values that underpin schoolhistory.co.uk and would hope that everyone who is reading this thread would agree with this statement. The time has come to bury the hachet and smoke the peace pipe and stop attacking individuals in public. History Uber Alas Kind Regards Roy
  12. John & Andy, Look I know that in the past we have had a fair share of differences however, the following is not an action designed to stir up more trouble, rather to see if there can be a way out of this. 1) It appears from what has been posted both here on the education forum and on the schoolhistory forum, that you and Andy have been allegedly making statements about forum member(s) that are misleading or untrue. 2) These comments are damaging to the the forum and the collective good it fosters. Whatever your issues are with forum members (including Admin), I'd rather hope that one of
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