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  1. raising achievement

    Hi everybody I am looking for ideas and tips on raising achievement in general, with the following subheadings: - raising achievement at KS4. - raising boys' achievement. I went on a course a couple of years ago which gave me concrete ideas to use in the classroom, and it did work well, but I am finding that I am always using the same ideas, the same games : there are only so many ways of using Os and Xs!!! I just want to know whether we could all share ideas (from all subjects, from all types of schools) on how we try to raise motivation and achievement in our classrooms. Even a list on what to avoid would be welcome... Thanks Audrey
  2. Modern Languages: GCSE and A levels

    I was re-reading this thread and had to admit that things are not getting better... The take up for languages at GCSE in Year 10 (prospective, that is) is extremely low (1/3 of cohort, including many dual linguits). However, Business Studies and Media Studies have more students than they can cope with! So the new idea is that those taking the aforementioned subjects should study a language as a compulsory component of that course. Well, I can see how this could be a good idea in theory: broader education, more skills, more employable students... Indeed, if you want to work, for example in export, it seems fundamental to know at least ONE language. Yet, in practice, I think it'll only serve as a deterrent for many students who will therfore not take those courses.
  3. Lack of language skills = loss of jobs

    Graham, at last what we have been predicted has unfortunately come true. Is there a primary source which you could give us a link to so I can print it for work? Alas, this is too late to influence our take up in Year 10 (very low this year , sadly) but there may be a couple of our GCSE cohort whom I could persuade to take up a language at A-Level... Audrey