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  1. The students and staff at the IST have been rather quiet about this issue over the last few weeks. After the initial shock at the dismissal, it would appear that the storm has settled as it were, and things have returned back to normal. As much as I hate to admit it, this seems to be human nature. Students have realised that they can get on adequately without Mr. Jones-Nerzic. Mr. Tarr is also a very skilled History teacher, and in this way I believe the sentiments are that seeing as they'll get through their exams with respectable marks anyway, there is not point in trying to reinstate Mr. Jones. I personally don't believe the t-shirt demonstration did anything to change the minds or make aware the administration. If anything, they can see now that students aren't bothered to chase up and issue which the t-shirts they were wearing implied they were adamant about. This silence, among students, teachers and parents alike, I feel, sends a message to the management that Mr. Jones and Mrs. Carlyle aren't as important to them as they had been led to believe. And I very much doubt that students would step up again in protest. These are my observations from the IST at the moment, although some may see the situation differently. Among my wishes for the outcome of this situation, I would like to see the veil of secrecy lifted from the administration, with the truth revealing to the public the 'heroes' or 'villains' that they will eventually turn out to be.
  2. Philisophical Thought

    I'm particularly interested in this definition. The branch of Philosophy I study at school is Theory of Knowledge (ToK), or epistomology, the nature of knowledge and belief, and can be seen to tie in with the definition given. Is the definition implying that empirical knowledge has no place in the realm of philosophy? It would seem that Plato would agree with this, through his work on metaphysics, the allegory of the cave, and his Theory of Forms. My question is: Do you believe one can study philosophy without ever touching upon empirical methods?
  3. Philisophical Thought

    I have been pondering the nature of philosophy, and philosophers. Should the definition of philosophy be the development of applying a meaning to life, truth, knowledge and wisdom? In this case, would any conclusion made be classified as a philosophical thought process? In the study of Philosophy we tend to hear names such as Plato, Aristotle, Kant, etc... But are these the only philosophers? In the academic study of the subject, students would seem to use an combination of different philisophical theories to come up with a conclusion of their own, but I'm puzzled as to whether this can be qualified as philosophic itself, or whether it must be something which is original and previously unstated. Are there any viewpoints or solid definitions on this particular topic? I would be interested to hear them.
  4. As a student of the IST, I must say with all honesty that the dismissal of Mr. Jones-Nerzic did not surprise me at it should have. It follows a pattern of other professional educators being dismissed or leaving the school due to the opaqueness of the administration. Mr. Jones-Nerzic is a teacher who speaks his mind in the most honest and respectable of fashion, and who, in this particular case, went up against an authority who he believed to have unduly dismissed another member of staff with what was universally seen as a very minor offence. I myself have been a student of Mr. Jones-Nerzic for the past four and a half years, and not once have I ever doubted his capability as a teacher. When I came into the school in year nine with a borderline interest in History, I became enthralled in this lessons and methods of teaching. His inspiration within the History classroom inspired me do improve, and from a subject that I once viewed as merely mediocre with Mr. Jones's supervision I was soon excelling past all other subjects. His style of teaching is one that not just encourages students to learn the content, but the much wider implications outside of the specified subject, and the most effective way to process that knowledge. His dedication to his students has been unwavering. I have very specific memories of his revision sessions for History IGCSE once a week, giving up his free time after school, and even spent one day during the Holidays preparing us for the upcoming exams, the only teacher in the school to prepare his/her students in this way. The direction that he points his students in for IB History is also commendable. His help to students with coursework such as the Extended Essay and the Internal Assessment has been invaluable to all students. He has given up many a lunch break talking to me about problems I have with these assignments, provided me with useful material, and spends hours on the Student Education Forum communication with his students about issues with their work. Mr. Jones-Nerzic is one of the most pro-active and dedicated teachers at the IST. If he does not continue to work there, numerous History students will not receive his unique teaching style, and will have missed out on a fantastic opportunity to not only learn about the world that has been, but the world they live in today. It was a mistake to dismiss such a great teacher. It would be a far greater mistake, after the huge reaction to the situation, not to reinstate him.