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  1. David Josephs

    I Was a Teenage JFK Conspiracy Freak

    Exactly.... the bottom line is that we truly do not know nor have anything definitive on which to hang our hats... and most likely his death was aggravated by "outside forces"...
  2. David Josephs

    I Was a Teenage JFK Conspiracy Freak

    This sounds a lot like bi-polar disorder.... The depths of those depressions is unfathomable by those who have not been exposed.... Nothing you've offered suggests these were not suicide notes... everything you've said can be used for either side of the argument... and therein lies the rub...
  3. David Josephs

    Kennedy Ripples

    Is this Sylvia or Sarita at a training camp?
  4. David Josephs

    New document releases 2017

    I know it's not a popular response.... yet this letter appears to have been sent to LEE... not the man Ruby killed. That man was not in Miami... Lee, on the other hand... was... FWIW - DJ
  5. David Josephs

    I Was a Teenage JFK Conspiracy Freak

    "To leave this life is, for me, a sweet prospect. I find nothing in it that is desirable, and on the other hand everything that is loathsome" Fred... "TO LEAVE THIS LIFE IS, FOR ME, A SWEET PROSPECT" Not exactly a "desire to live forever" note.... "Dear Al: When you read this I will be quite dead and no answer will be possible.... .... All I got in return in the end was a kick in the teeth. Thus I die alone and unloved." What parts of these notes leads you to believe they are NOT suicide notes... If a person is ill and DOESN'T take their medicine on purpose... and die... Suicide or not? (and no, an autopsy would not be able to tell) ---- I believe the autopsy discussed is FERRIE's....
  6. David Josephs

    The shot to TIPPIT's head

    I believe each of the houses was a duplex.... maybe no one was living in 406 or 408 at the time?
  7. David Josephs

    The shot to TIPPIT's head

    Frank - What do you mean - That's exactly what I did that day? And please, can you place yourself in this map? Thanks
  8. David Josephs

    Eugene Dinkin.

    Great work... great threat thx
  9. David Josephs

    More from the past on BYP

    Sigh... It is not the angle of the shadow but the line running thru the shadow then thru the object back to the source of light.... On a flat surface of course. Shadows can never converge in the opposite direction of the light source... Bottom right of this image... The fence shadows and the boy's shadow converge TOWARDS the sun. When learning to Draw... Shadow, light and perspective works... They do not in those BOYs by a magnitude much higher than is possible in the natural, unedited world
  10. David Josephs

    Has anyone noted this before?

    Those with limited mental capacity are not in the habit of doing that sort of thing... it takes spur-of-the-moment thinking to be able to argue against a position one has taken and supported... especially from someone so young.... NOT the same guy who punched his sergeant and shot himself with his pistol...
  11. David Josephs

    More from the past on BYP

    Furthermore... once we rotate Oswald correctly... the shadows work Finally, there seems to have been yet another version of the ghost BYP where the ghost casts a shadow on the image... this also shows how Oswald was skewed to look as if he was falling over
  12. David Josephs

    More from the past on BYP

    And if you need anything done... let me know... we can work it out... Take care DJ
  13. David Josephs

    LHO's SS number

    (edit - sorry BA... I had never heard the explosion at the YMCA story before... any links?) Mrs. JOHNSON. This "O. H. Lee" is in his handwriting and this other is in the housekeeper's handwriting--Mrs. Roberts. Mr. BALL. And these are the rates you gave him? Mrs. JOHNSON. Yes. Mr. BALL. I would like this marked as an exhibit to this deposition, mark this Exhibit A. It sure appears the entire page is written in one hand.... yet who knows... but there is no reason to think that Oswald wrote "O.H. Lee" on a blank page, or that Roberts wouldn't have written the entire thing... this doesn't exactly prove HE wrote his name... sounds like SHE did... Mrs. ROBERTS. The day he came in and rented the room--the 14th of October.Mr. BALL. Had you ever heard of the man before?Mrs. ROBERTS. No, and he didn't register as Oswald---he registered as O. H. Lee.Mr. BALL. Did he sign his name?Mrs. ROBERTS. O. H. Lee.Mr. BALL. Did he sign his own name that way ?Mrs. ROBERTS. O. H. Lee---that's what he was registered as.
  14. David Josephs

    More from the past on BYP

    they converge in the wrong direction Ray... Shadows converge towards the source of light... the shadows in the BYP converge in the opposite direction... not possible.... like the image on the right... all the shadows converge towards the light... if the gray arrow was a shadow in this image, it would stick out like a sore thumb... Michael C... the most telling to me is this... when we put Oswald back into the Ghost image, (in a pose not seen until 1977 - so how did they know to put Det Brown and the ghost cutout in the one pose no one sees for 14 years?) magic...
  15. David Josephs

    Has anyone noted this before?

    Dyslexia is a theory used to counter the Harvey and Lee evidence.... Dyslexia cannot be the source reason for two marines with the same name being in two places at the same time... and the DoD falling over themselves to lie about it... It also cannot be the reason behind what John Ely found... there were/are 2 sets of people involved with Mr. Oswald... one set is with Lee while the other with Harvey... Here are 2 exhibits side-by-side which directly contradict each other... and then the FBI goes and finds the wrong Felde.... El Toto and Santa Ana are 2 diff facilities... Dyslexia cannot overcome the evidence...