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  1. Where McHugh was supposed to be... and where he was in other motorcades... used the rear view mirror as guide. Shot can’t happen from the south if he’s still there...
  2. But this is nonsense. As the frame in the Hughes film depicting McLain at the corner of Houston and Elm matches up with Zapruder frame 160 or so, and 138 at the earliest, McLain would have at most two seconds to to race up to his purported position by the Cabell car at frame 175. That's around two hundred feet. In two seconds or less. That's like 68 miles an hour, on average, for two seconds, which begin and end with him traveling 11 mph. Well that means he would have to have accelerated up to 125 miles per hour for one second, and then braked back to 11 miles per hour within 1 second. When th
  3. Excellent presentation Pat... thanks.... a few thoughts if you'll indulge me MATH RULES shows conclusively that the limo stopped at the corner of Elm/Houston.... that upwards of 100 frames were removed between 132 and 133 as I've shown with the wide turn of one of the motorcycle cops.... Finally, all animations of the motorcade removes this Elm/Houston "pause" as well as the 157 splice, the 168 to 161 switch in CE884, 207-211 and on and on... Tying a linear sound track to a spliced visual track - to me - is a futile exercise... so at the very least the audio H
  4. Hi Bill... Bill - the number of people who try to place Oswald in the Cuban/Soviet Embassy is quite remarkable. Many of them paid to, or already working with the Mexicans as doubles. Personally, I don't buy the Russian explanations as there is nothing to suggest they even talked about it.... And to me, I see CIA and STATE working against the FBI and IN&S every step of the way. MANN agrees to every incriminating story about Oswald told.... until they had to be walked back... and then he gets very silent. Great talking with you DJ
  5. In direct contradiction to his drawing and notes.... "CC" initials a cannister with fragments from INSIDE the windshield when he just tells us that there are "No cracks inside layer"
  6. In addition to the reports and witness statements calling out this hole.... One of the items of evidence worth considering is the handwritten annotated drawing by Cunningham... "Point of Impact" is place on the OUTSIDE of the windshield as the drawing is facing the limo, not from the inside looking out... "No cracks inside layer" yet he writes "Struck from Inside" with no visible internal cracking... if a shot came thru the windshield from the outside, the only thing inside the limo should be the bullet, and a few shards of glass. FWIW...
  7. NARA 179-40006-10049 SLAWSON to COLEMAN 6/4/64 COMMENTS ON 1ST DRAFT OSWALD TO MEXICO Another is a memo from April 2 1964... also not online as far as I can tell, of questions raised by the Amb Mann file as written by Coleman-Slawson... 179-40009-10069 (Record series: 11: GA 1 STATE) In essence, "Where's all the evidence"? As I wrote in my series, March 1964 is when the Mexico investigation kicks into high gear again after a few quiet months... All this info was contained in docs within the first 2 weeks after 11/22. The removal of ODESSA and that the call was on the 27th
  8. I see that Oswald's letter is not signed by him and has no return address... nor is there any indication of a mode of transportation, and there is another follow up letter in his handwriting which makes no mention of the January 61 letter. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=11279#relPageId=8&tab=page There is no indication in any of the other related exhibits that this was a letter he actually was involved in producing. Here is the WCR list of all letters FROM LEE HARVEY and does not include the one to IRC... In chrono order it's easier to trace these letters' timel
  9. The same way I would address June Cobb, ELANA de la PAZ, Alvarado, Eladio Villanuva, Oleg Netchiporenko, Teresa Proenza, Duran, Azcue.... The overwhelming evidence is that Harvey Oswald was in Texas for that period working for the FBI (possibly on assignment from CIA to get info on what the FBI was doing). These people supported a story which REQUIRED Oswald to be in Mexico at that time. He was not. Did Fabian gets his information from Veciana's testimony who said: ( the "he took part" referred to is BISHOP/PHILLIPS. Cause this kinda blows FABIAN's veracity out of the water... ) a
  10. Many of these come from Malcolm via Bart. Like much of Armstrong's document collection, they're copies of documents that may have not seen before.... Where John scanned 10 pages, Malcom copied 100's. They went together to the Archives throughout the 90's.... thankfully. This is the cover page to that MANN via CIA note: Upside down at the bottom of each page:
  11. Mr. JENNER - Your wife Margaret is--she was born where? Mr. PIC - New York City, sir. Mr. JENNER - Her parents are native Americans as well as she? Mr. PIC - No, sir; they are not. Mr. JENNER - What do you know of them? Mr. PIC - Her father died; I never met the man while we were going together. Her mother and father were separated. Her mother was born in Hungary, I think. Her father was also, sir. There is a 1920 census record for Alexander and Mary Fuhrman. It identifies them as being Magyar or Hungarian. At the time, 1920, they are living in Kentucky and Fuhrman is working
  12. Let's throw another little monkey wrench in here... at the bottom of the post is a Garrison report re: Marge and what she says about KORTH. In EKDAHL's reports I found this passage re: the IRC. Interesting that the same report discusses EDWARD PIC's mother-in-law without naming such... she was a refugee from Hungary living in Yorkville... Not only was KORTH Ekdahl's lawyer in the divorce, he was his trustee buying and selling land for Ekdahl in Ft Worth. Not sure if there's an EBASCO-KORTH relationship. Fort Worth was booming at the time (yet so were many places)
  13. That FM11 was “annotated” by OCHOA.. Everything that comes from Mexico is from Ochoa, an FBI asset. worse yet, on the master FM11... Mr. OH LEE is alphabetized as if his last name was OSWALD. ooops
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