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  1. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    Dave... Of course there is room there, stamps need to leave room for when a 1 is actually there. You seem to be ignoring the "noise" of the paper itself and the limitation of the file. The thing you are calling a "1" is simply part of the pattern in the paper. A real 1 looks like the 1 in front of 1963. I put arrows near similar paper designs and even took one, rotated it to be vertical and show how identical they are. Sorry buddy, no "1" there. So explain how a letter typed on the 9th is postmarked the 2nd? Oh, and how come they didn't give Oswald a 6 month visa from that 6 month application?
  2. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    Here is the application Jim... as offered within the WCR... Interesting cutoffs... one with no signature... one with no name or numbers assigned....
  3. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    Yes Jim... I am saying that is a very good possibility given the other evidence. GAUDET at this counter and "NO T-2" with access to completed, signed applications... He/They has/have access to forms, stamps, etc.... The insistence this was a 15-day visa when it is obvious the form is for a 180 day visa along with the FM-11 records out of Mexico recording this Visa under the name "OSWALD" and not "LEE" for which it was issued. As to that stamp showing the 12th... when there's a "1" it shows a "1". My point remains that the "15 day visa" was part of the planting of evidence. If you take the time to read thru my essays on the topic, you'll find that these few examples are simply the tip of the FBI iceberg related to Mexico City.
  4. There was something very wrong with that typed letter dated Nov 9th. There was the accompanying hand-written letter, and reference in both to 15 days and time in Mexico City From Sept 18th thru Oct 2nd is 15 days... yet even a 15-day visa has a grace period to travel THEN it is good for 15 days in country. It is within this letter that we are introduced to the concept of Oswald feeling that he couldn't "do whatever it was" down there since he had to leave by Oct 2nd. The final piece of this puzzle being the CIA's Gaudet receiving the next Visa after the one attributed to Oswald. Except the document in question - the 15-day visa application - is actually for a 180-day Visa despite the Visa itself stating 15 days The Visa was never for 15-days, nor was "Oswald" required to leave by the 15th day or Oct 2nd The Visa Application is broken in 2 parts for the WCE... one without his signature, the other without the Visa app #, or 24085 the visa # itself, as well as no name Authenticating documentation is the "record of birth", not a Birth Certificate Let's now move to the handwritten note which states that Hosty came to see Oswald and his wife on Nov 1st, 1963 (not "yesterday" which I will explain shortly) The transfer from handwritten to typewritten introduces many changes to the draft... spelling gets worse, and paragraphs are rearranged. Wording is changed, names are spelled out... Back to Hosty and Nov 1. While the type-written letter is dated Nov 9... the envelope is postmarked Nov 2. The "15-day visa" like "Lee, Harvey Oswald (H.O.LEE)" is a mistake thread which from my view betrays the evidence's creation. Add now GAUDET "applying for" his Visa 24084 - any proof?? NO T-2 is quoted in DeBreuys Dec 2nd report that a number of 15-day visas were given on Sept 17th in addition to 24085 including 24084 for William GAUDET. I forget who this informant is yet they have access to documentation which is in essence from a foreign government... they are applying within the Mexican Consulate in New Orleans... ultimately these card are forwarded to the Gobernacion and Mexican Immigration Authorities - one of whom very high up in the organization is an asset for the FBI. An asset that ultimately has his fingers on every piece of Mexican related evidence. One of the greatest FBI assets at the time was the US Postal Service. With inside access to all the processes and procedures, "creating" mail after the fact is truly not so difficult. A side note: the airmail stamp on the Kleins envelope and this envelope are the same
  5. Sylvia Duran and sister see LHO on or about Sept 26/27. The CIA claims he is in Mexico from the 26th thru the 3rd of Oct. Oct 1963 FBI discussion were focused on deciphering the Mexico info with the Kaack report from Oct 31 the first which mentions Oswald in Dallas at the TSBD. I'd have to think anything related to Oswald in Dallas at that time was removed... as Hoover crafted the fictitious bus trips while learning all thru Nov that Oswald was not there which I believe he already knew. And since that rifle was not seen in the travel and unpacking at the Paine's he'd have to bring the rifle with him to Mexico and back... which he did not. * One note here... The stamp is for Friday the 26th with the process stamp showing Sept 29th. The front shows this was mailed on the 26th from the Lafayette Square Post Office with instructions stating to "Mail of Deliver to the Post Office of Old Address" This shows it was mailed from the same post office which Oswald had his PO Box 30061 which in turn is around the corner from 544 Camp. This form could have been dropped off, without postage, that same day at the same place. By the morning of Sept 26th, and according to the FBI evidence, Oswald was sitting next to Osbourne on a bus to Monterrey, MX. If in fact Oswald did as I theorize and traveled to Austin then Dallas to arrive at Odio Friday night, someone dropping this form into a mailbox creates evidence that Oswald either A - was still in New Orleans thru the 26th (or the night of the 25th) and left with 2 Cubans after depositing this form in the mail or B - someone else mailed this (and even possibly created it) for him - does it look to you that "TEXAS" is written over the Sept 29th stamp instead of it being the other way round?
  6. Steven Hager: The Two Oswalds

    Hey Tracy... Show us how you fit little Oswald attending 200 of these 210 SCHOOL days between 3/23/53 thru 1/12/54.... per the FBI Actually attempt to debunk something that is as simple as adding. We'll wait
  7. Steven Hager: The Two Oswalds

    That's an attachment within the forum, not from outside.
  8. It never did add up for me... There is one other thing that's been nagging at me as well.... the advertised rifle has an adjustable rear sight... the 91 TS and FC both have fixed sights. https://statick2k-5f2f.kxcdn.com/images/pdf/JosephsMOTimeline.pdf This is something I pulled together when doing the research on the Rifle and Money Order... The gaping hole in Holmes' story is that the Money Order was found by finding the money order book that still had a stub in it for $21.45 (despite Harry and boys not knowing the actual MO amount)... point being, this is an approximation of what the original PMO would have looked like before tearing off the 2 parts to hand to the customer leaving the stub at the right in the book... The WC never offered us the stub or book from which this was supposed to have originated. https://statick2k-5f2f.kxcdn.com/images/pdf/JosephsRiflePart1.pdf and this is a detailed and visual a presentation of the Rifle saga with much thanks to John Armstrong for his time gather and tracking down evidence. One of the most overlooked "details" in this ad is highlighted here. The SS claimed that the weapon ordered and shipped was a 36" Troop Special Carbine as partially detailed in the ad below... The FBI claimed the TSBD rifle, the 41" 91/38 Fusile Corto was sent in its place. The Klein's order was for a MODEL 91TS to match the ad that was running... as I've asked before to resounding silence, these rifles do not show up until Feb 1963 yet are on ad from August '62. What was Klein's shipping its customers who ordered C20-T750? If the FIXED REAR SIGHTED 41" FC rifle was sent which is the same as the TSBD rifle... When did Klein's get a shipment of FIXED sight rifles between August 1962 and March 1963 and where are the rifles that match this ad? The Evidence remains the Conspiracy DJ
  9. Steven Hager: The Two Oswalds

    Only the links to Google Drive... It doesn't show the image if you paste that link into the dialog box... Or recycle attachments...
  10. Harry Holmes and the USPS FBI informants kept tabs on Oswald relentlessly, even opening and resealing his mail. During the week of March 27 a 5 foot carton arrives at PO Box 2915 from Klein's Sporting Goods. The USPS informed us about his Worker" subscription which he was receiving at the same time he supposedly picked up the rifle. The mail he received is even in the famous Backyard photos taken the week of March 27, 1963.... Why is there not a report from the Harry Holmes section (g~d knows he submitted enough himself) or anyone at the FBI detailing the receipt of said carton or the pistol he supposedly received at about the same time. Nor is there any mention of a rifle or pistol in any single FBI report prior to 11/22. How could they have missed these weapons deliveries?
  11. Steven Hager: The Two Oswalds

    Modus Operandi - the finding of the wrong witnesses, especially when it was for Oswald where he wasn't supposed to be, was a reused tactic of the FBI When it was said Oswald crossed into Mexico with a Young white couple... the only pair fitting that description was "Bill and Elaine ALLEN" So the FBI goes and finds M/M Brill to help confirm Ozzie did not have confederates in this endeavor. Simple case of simple mistakes... Just sayin'
  12. What do members make of Kerry Thornley?

    Hey there Brian... John Armstrong did quite a bit of research into Thornley when writing his book. http://digitalcollections.baylor.edu/cdm/ref/collection/po-arm/id/29578 is a link to a dozen pages about leads from the Ryder Coffee House in New Orleans http://digitalcollections.baylor.edu/cdm/ref/collection/po-arm/id/29498 is a link to his notebook on Thornley. This includes his affidavit given to Garrison It's a start at least.... key thing: keep aware of the dates.
  13. Methodology

    Is the 137.44 a hypotenuse on the street or from the window? Since the street distance does not meet up with the 84.94' line taking us to JFK at the filmed location designated frame 166 on the R.WEST path. (and as you show, FBI's 168/171 winds up further up Elm than the film of these frames shows. When there is a distinct conflict between what the film shows and what the FBI says... why would they not default to the film unless the film did not represent the info as desired?
  14. Methodology

    So the Egyptians killed JFK??? 90 - 38.173 = 51.827 degrees at the window down to the target... The triangle you describe at Z161: hyp = rifle muzzle to target = 137.44' side a = target to TSBD base = 108.05' side b = TSBD base to rifle = 85' Except side B, the distance to the TSBD window from the base, was not 85' but only 61' Isn't the RUN 108' and the RISE is 85'... IOW the height of the TSBD?? 108 feet is the distance from TSBD base to rear bumper at WEST's 161.
  15. Steven Hager: The Two Oswalds

    I don't know that I'd go that far Tom... the FBI creating duplicity in the evidence is THE theme of the investigation. There are at least 2 of almost everything. In many cases there were physically 2 of an item... but in many others the FBI reports show they simply went after an alternate subject. Duplicity in the Evidence would make a great book on its own.