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  1. Oswald as Locksmith?

    Could any of it have to do with the translations? Like the order of the name in Russia is different than USA... or the word "citizen" being loosely translated... IDK... You think, like the diary, these notes were done in a sitting to provide "documentation" to the Americans... and not over the time of his employment?
  2. CE 1311 - Photograph of assassination window from inside of building showing person of Lee Harvey Oswald's height .. Repeatedly the H&L naysayers claim there was no height difference or concerns... That despite leaving the Marines at 5"11" and 150 lbs the man at the window was - with 2" man-heels - 5' 7" Why would they make a 5'10" man only 5'7" ?? Even the Rose Autopsy said he was 5'9"... Why is he made out to be so short when all the records seem to claim he was 2 to 4 inches taller?
  3. Oswald as Locksmith?

    And in such a strange assortment of exhibits.... So the Soviets put a non-citizen foreigner in the "Experimental" shop - whatever that is... as a locksmith in a Radio factory ??? or like this one of a man "Lee Harvey Oswald's height" CE 1311 - Photograph of assassination window from inside of building showing person of Lee Harvey Oswald's height .. 5'10" 165 lbs...with 2 inch man-heels
  4. I was under the impression we agreed that the glass jar helps orient the image so that the hole is almost centered on the occipital and the scalp was reflected as usual - forward and back.... If we were to rotate the image to the right around a center line the reflection is still forward with the hole off center to the right at the back of the head. A different view with the Boswell overlay.... Robin, do you think they turned his head that far to the left (bottom image in your collage) for the F8 photo?
  5. FBI showed Marquette a photo of Ruby on 11-23

    The angle of the image worked backward can reveal the location of the photographic center... This report discusses how the soviets in Mexico City seemed to be "finding" the LI- locations... On Oct 10th....
  6. New Article by John Armstrong

    Tracy - I've posted this before... I agree with you and Greg that the BJHS record does not...NOT... prove that an Oswald was attending school in NYC and BJHS at the same time... the records were created so they show an Oswald attending in NYC during the Fall 53-54 school year thru January 8, 1954. The BJHS record shows the results from WHAT I CAN TELL are 3-6 weeks of the FALL semester at BJHS. The student received a grade in one class, General Science, a 70... and no grades for the other classes he MAY have sat in on... That doesn't mean I conclude these are accurate records... ============== He writes: This whole thing hinges on Mr Head changing his mind about what "re-ad" meant when in fact, he got it right the first time. Mr. Head was not however a teacher at Beauregard so his umming and ahhing over the meaning is understandable. What's not understandable is any sane person wanting the facts, to keep ignoring the meaning which best makes sense of the records by making the figures add up correctly. In Oswald's case, the total number of school days was indeed, 180 Additionally... if we add Sandy's NY 78 and his Beauregard 90 days... we get... the total number of "re-ad" days of 168 as shown on the Beauregard record Again- "re-ad" is simply short for "re-adjust" or "add in" - you do that by noting the number of days available in the balance of the school school year after absences 170 to 186 instructional days (with an average of 180).https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Academic_term =================== GP, shown just above, explains that the "Re-Ad" # plus the Absent # equals the total # of days a student could potentially attend.... OR the total # of school days MINUS absences equals Re-Ad. Except the record shows 179 "Re-Ad" for the 53-54 year plus the 5 absences equals 184 days in that school year... (71.8 are TOTAL UNITS and have nothing to do with school days) But as shown, 184 school days is fine.... (170 to 186) The 168 that Greg refers to here is for the following school year... with 180 days. 168 "Re-Ad" days plus 12 absences equals 180 total days... for 1954-55 Except none of the grade cards from 54-55 school year offers up 12 total absences. They show 5, 5, 5, 6, 8, & 9 days absent for the 54-55 year... If these are accurate records for this child Tracy... Why is the 54-55 school year master record different from the grade cards from which the record is supposedly created? Let's look a bit more at 54-55... despite your skepticism, KUDLATY states that Oswald attended Stripling in the fall of 1954 for about 6 weeks. Frank J. Kudlaty - began teaching at Stripling in fall of 1951; Assis Principal of Stripling in 1963; quit in 1964; now Superintendent of Schools in Waco, TX - was told by his boss, Weldon Lucas, the day after the assassination to meet two FBI agents at Stripling to pick up school records on Lee Oswald-gave those records to FBI; they showed him their badges for ID, he did not copy records (no copy machine at the school); obtained no receipt for records; does not know names of FBI agents; did not know or remember Oswald; thought Oswald attended 9th grade (not sure); files were incomplete Marge Oswald lived in and/or owned 2220 Thomas, across the street from Stripling, from 1947 when Lucille HUBBARD drives Mrs. O to 2220 Thomas to pick up some belongings. Turns out 2220 Thomas was owned by a close friend of FRED KORTH and was the house Marge Oswald was living in on 11/22/63. H&L offers interviews of students who clearly remember little Oswald across the street from the school as well as stories of visits and playing with other neighborhood children. I realize this hinges on believing KUDLATY... whether one does or not is up to the individual... like Palmer. They said what they said and followed it up with the same story... in fact correcting the one person who claims to have heard something different in their discussions. We MUST agree that the FBI is complicit in the "changing" of evidence" - yes? We are NEVER shown by example what a "normal" record and supporting data looks like.... The total # of days is wrong on the NYC record and the # of days is wrong on the BJHS record... both copies from originals the FBI took... The originals are gone. =============== But I'd like to stay with this for a moment.... the record below can be interpreted in reality - as GP eludes to - in reality the numbers "12" and "168" are completely made up... "12" has no basis in reality by looking at the source material for that number... why Tracy, is this "real" record so wrong for the 54-55 year? Why is it so hard to accept the evidence related to Oswald at 2220 Thomas at various times in her and little Ozzie's life? Mr. JENNER. And, at that time, I take it your brother Lee was attending Arlington Heights High School? That would be 1952? Mr. OSWALD. Just a minute, please. In 1952 Lee was 13 years old. He would be attending W. C. Stripling Junior High School then. Mr. JENNER. As soon as he finished the sixth year at Ridglea Elementary School, he entered W. C. Stripling High School, as a seventh grader? Mr. OSWALD. Yes, sir--junior high school. And then he lies about visiting them in 1952..... in NYC.. which Ed Pic testifies to..... Mr. OSWALD. This was July or August of 1953. I had my orders to go to Miami, Fla. I took a 10-day leave and left Millington, Tenn., by car and came to New York City and spent 10 days in New York with Lee, mother, John, and his family. (the Bronx Zoo is supposedly Aug 1953) Mr. JENNER. He was in New York City, was he not? Mr. OSWALD. 1953, yes, sir. He goes to NYC in July 1952
  7. FBI showed Marquette a photo of Ruby on 11-23

    Here's a thought Just stop... and step away from the computer...
  8. Being an idiot for the entertainment of others has a name...  King's Fool

    What a sad thing to spend your days insulting and debating your betters to prove what Mikey...
       that your really, really, REALLY do know something?

    Yet from what you offer, your paint a picture of a disgruntled middle aged man with no hope of being heard or taken seriously trying desperately to be pertinent.  Your witless humor and insulting manner will take you far...

    :up       You do understand that you're just a whipping boy here right?  A little vitriolic break from intelligent discourse to see what ways you pervert knowledge and understanding.

    Pesky little gnat with obviously nothing better to do...   you must be so proud  :sun

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    2. David Josephs

      David Josephs


      Cause I'm insane Bernie....  and this IS my "help", my "therapy" ...continuing to call out you feckless plebes who can't tie their shoes without asking permission and feel it their right and responsibility to attack what they can't understand.

      You're a parrot Bernie, plain and simply - one assumes your musical endeavors are filled with more creativity and originality... of that I have no doubt...

      Your time here - on the other hand....  :wacko:

      squawk "looks about right"  squawk  "only one Oswald" squawk
      ...  squawk "H&L is fake"  squawk "why does anyone bother" squawk 


      dull and witless...  you see the world as you're told to see it...

      perfect.   :up





    3. Michael Walton

      Michael Walton

      Thank you Jeremy and Bernie for your thoughtful replies.  And David...

      Tell ya what Jeremy... point to ANYTHING in the JFK case and prove it's NOT conspiratorial...  that what we see is what it was...  then start a thread so others can see if you have any of the chops necessary to make a single coherent point...

      ...as I and others have said to you numerous times, not everything was a conspiracy in the Kennedy case. There are many pieces of evidence in it that PROVE conspiracy without any manipulation, alteration, or faking of it.  The Z film is one very good example. But for some very strange reason, you and others think EVERYTHING is a conspiracy when it was not.


    4. David Josephs

      David Josephs

      So you're in a position to tell us what happened to the Zfilm in Washington DC in the hands of SS Chief Rowley by 2am the morning of the 23rd...

      Where did it go Mike?
      What happened to it after that?

      Which film did Dino get?  and Homer?

      Why doesn't the 0183 perforation appear on the in camera original?

      You see Mike... you just don't know yet still offer a terrible analysis and opinion concluding the Zfilm is unchanged from the time it was filmed....

      We are not talking about WHY it would be altered, or HOW... or even WHEN (which of course I can offer you)
      We are talking about the available evidence which SHOWS that a film was in DC well before the NPIC sees one Sat night... and that this film disappears from the hands of the same people running the cover-up...

      Even you can find some curiosity in that film's provenance - or are you simply too lazy to make an attempt?

  9. Reaching new levels of idiocy... 48 years old and still playing the man-child fool... Congrats - you've reached Craig Lamson and Paul May territory...
  10. Nice try... reminds me of the blind men describing an elephant... you have just enough info to be dangerous, but not enough to be correct. The craniotomy that was performed to reflect the scalp away from the wound does not go ACROSS the skull... but g~d forbid you do some work and look something up yourself... right So the orientation is such, possibly even turned a bit more clock-wise.... and this image completely hides the right temple area where the entry was.... The impact popped open that flap... Boswell or one of the Drs is pulling the unattached scalp back over that hole.... by the way, read carefully thru the brain removal... it is not possible that a shot or several shots severed all the connections between the brain and the scalp.... not possible. HUMES was performing a partial craniotomy prior to 8pm... and simply extended the laceration lines when the time was right... Maybe read BEST EVIDENCE? or not enough pictures for you? To better examine the situation with regard to the skull, at this time, Boswell and I extended the lacerations of the scalp which were at the margins of this wound, down in the direction of both of the President's ears. At that point, we had even a better appreciation of the extensive damage which had been done to the skill by this injury.We had to do virtually no work with a saw to remove these Portions of the skull, they came apart in our hands very easily The connection between the skull and the underlying media is thorough... the falx connects every part of the skull to the body in addition to optic nerves, arteries and other nerves... the spinal cord (which had a clean cut thru it despite no bullet coming close.... the image at the bottom illustrates what HUMES said the wounds looked like... This is the result of HUMES' "surgery to the top of the head" .... 3 separate channels at three different elevations... We found that the right cerebral hemisphere was markedly disrupted. There was a longitudinal laceration of the right hemisphere which was parasagittal in position. By the saggital plane, as you may know, is a plane in the midline which would divide the brain into right and left halves. This laceration was parasagittal. It was situated approximately 2.5 cm. to the right of the midline, and extended from the tip of occipital lobe, which is the posterior portion of the brain, to the tip of the frontal lobe which is the most anterior portion of the brain, and it extended from the top down to the substance of the brain a distance of approximately 5 or 6 cm.The base of the laceration was situated approximately 4.5 cm. below the vertex in the white matter. By the vertex we mean--the highest point on the skull is referred to as the vertex.The area in which the greatest loss of brain substance was particularly in the parietal lobe, which is the major portion of the right cerebral hemisphere.The margins of this laceration at all points were jagged and irregular, with additional lacerations extending in varying directions and for varying distances from the main laceration.In addition, there was a laceration of the corpus callosum which is a body of fibers which connects the two hemispheres of the brain to each other, which extended from the posterior to the anterior portion of this structure, that is the corpus callosum. Exposed in this laceration were portions of the ventricular system in which the spinal fluid normally is disposed within the brain.When viewed from above the left cerebral hemisphere was intact. There was engorgement of blood vessels in the meninges covering the brain. We note that the gyri and sulci, which are the convolutions of the brain over the left hemisphere were of normal size and distribution.Those on the right were too fragmented and distorted for satisfactory description.When the brain was turned over and viewed from its basular or inferior aspect, there was found a longitudinal laceration of the mid-brain through the floor of the third ventricle, just behind the optic chiasma and the mammillary bodies.This laceration partially communicates with an oblique 1.5 cm. tear through the left cerebral peduncle. This is a portion of the brain which connects the higher centers of the brain with the spinal cord which is more concerned with reflex actions.There were irregular superficial lacerations over the basular or inferior aspects of the left temporal and frontal lobes. We interpret that these later contusions were brought about when the disruptive force of the injury pushed that portion of the brain against the relative intact skull.This has been described as contre-coup injury in that location.This, then, I believe, Mr. Specter, are the major points with regard to the President's head wound.
  11. Here is an close approximation of the direction JFK was looking .... it is much further to the south than I think we realize... While the limo was SW at about 225 degrees as Richard shows, JFK was facing to his left... the beginning of which you can see in Altgens 6 where he is already looking in the direction of the rear view mirror
  12. FBI showed Marquette a photo of Ruby on 11-23

    Yet the report is not written until Sept 64 despite being shown the photo the 23rd... Wonder why they made him look fatter in the WCR version ... ??
  13. Mr. SPECTER - What was the condition with respect to cleanliness? Mr. FRAZIER - There were blood and particles of flesh scattered all over the hood, the windshield, in the front seat and all over the rear floor rugs, the jump seats, and over the rear seat, and down both sides of the side rails or tops of the doors of the car. Frasier does not see the limo until DC.... any and all cleaning would have been done between 12:40 and the following day... He was there late at night and into the next morning.... even in this image, do you see any blood from a right to left shot from the front? I don't even see smudges... Mr. SPECTER - Mr. Frazier, did you have occasion to examine an automobile which was the vehicle used customarily by the President of the United States in parades? Mr. FRAZIER - Yes; I did. Mr. SPECTER - When did that examination occur? Mr. FRAZIER - In the early morning hours of November 23, 1963, at the Secret here in Washington, D.C.
  14. If this is the best we have and from which conclusions are formulated... None of the medical evidence is worth a pile of spit.... It was altered, changed, redone, etc... You were aware that Ebersole tells us the Secret Service had him retake all the xrays... The initial films showed the usual metallic fragments in the skull but no evidence of a slug, a bullet. This was a little bit disconcerting. We were asked by the Secret Service agents present to repeat the films and did so Once again there was no evidence of a bullet. Dr. BADEN. But there was no clear impression that you had that somebody in that room was in any way giving orders as to how the autopsy should be done? Dr. EBERSOLE. Absolutely not. If I may add now, there was a specific Secret Service agent who did ask me to repeat some of these X rays when the first set showed no bullet. Dr. EBERSOLE. But to the best of my recollection there was no such pressure on us. I felt a little bit of personal pressure when the first X rays did not show a bullet and I was asked by the Secret Service agent to repeat but a little bit of pressure, certainly nothing overwhelming. I knew what he was after but I didn't feel myself in repeating the X rays would show the bullet but we did it. Dr. BADEN. Now you repeated the X ray specifically because what you were after was to find a bullet? Dr. EBERSOLE. A bullet. Dr. PETTY. Then as I understand it there was a quandry where was the bullet and somebody suggested taking a second set of X rays. Dr. EBERSOLE. Yes. That suggestion came from a non- medical person, a Secret Service agent. Dr. PETTY. All right. So a second set of X rays were taken. Dr. EBERSOLE. Yes. This next bit is quite interesting... It confirms a whole bunch of stuff: Bethesda was aware of the exit wound that night. Ebersole takes this second set of xrays well after the autopsy officially ended - the actual and official count of xrays then is completely false... Dr. EBERSOLE. We can put this back on when we get the tape on but somewhere during the course of the evening the input came in from Dallas about the wound exit in the neck. That I think stopped the problem from my aspect of taking the X rays. I cannot tell you what time that was. The time is rather vague that night but it was quite late in the evening.
  15. I took the position of JFK's head and enlarged it for this graphic... He was looking left with his head turned... As Sherry once mentioned, a South Knoll shot either over the windshield or thru would indeed leave the kinds of injuries described at Parkland Depending on where within that red area a shot originated, the "blowout" to the right/center rear (or what was left of it after HUMES' work) is more easily imagined. The removal of McHugh from the center/front of the limo opened a clear firing lane... The overpass railing height is over 8 feet higher than JFK's head at z313... plus the 1 foot difference due to the length of the limo. A South Knoll shot was very doable and very realistic... just ask Tosh...