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  1. Robert, I am aware via the H&L work of Armstrong that LEE was in Florida while Harvey was in Russia.... The link below the excerpt is to the FBI report.... Google maps shows Sarasota and Stock Island appear to be 150-200 miles by water... Sarasota is not mentioned in H&L... only Key West. DJ Sheriff Thompson, of Monroe County (Key West), Florida, recalled that "Lee Harvey Oswald" fueled up his boat in Key West shortly after the Bay of Pigs. Oswald didn't have the funds to pay for the fuel and telephoned someone in Dallas, Texas. Within two hours a man named "Ruben" arrived and paid for the fuel. William Huffman was the attendant on duty when Lee Oswald, accompanied by 4 or 5 Cubans, docked at the Sands Marine Fueling Station at Stock Island, Key West, Florida in a 43-foot Chris Craft diesel boat. http://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?docId=11349&relPageId=2
  2. By July 1959, Lee Harvey had been and was released from El Toro in March. There are most certainly 2 diff signatures on the Helsinki hotels . From what I remember Lee hated to be called Harvey... And then figuring who it was in London....
  3. Thought he said 6-8 from 3 diff directions
  4. And Dino’s at NPIC Sat night as well...
  5. Had seen it but without the caption.... here is a partial list of men in San Diego... tells us where the men are from as well... I don't see any Evansville, Indiana.... This shows "DAVIS, ELAM, OSWALD & SCOTT" were recruited from Dallas TX.... And the WRONG Felde (not Robert A Felde but Alex R Felde) coming from Wisconsin...
  6. Thanks James... only looked at the front slits in the image Standard button is 12mm or .47”.... ya think there are 10 buttons from top of collar to hole in back? That photo makes what Ford did even more obvious... no bullet hole in shirt or jacket at the Ford spot... Take care.. DJ
  7. Not sure what the problem is here... In the Marines we are shown he has no WISDOM TEETH... only 2 molars per side (missing 1/16/17/32), upper and lower with tooth #30 missing from extraction Why does the exhumed dental record, and the photo show 3 MOLARS per side, upper and lower?
  8. You don't seem to understand Jon that YOU are being asked to back YOUR claims... not question ours... yet. You want to read and cherry pick from a few dis-tractors, have at it.... but don't post like you know anything about the subject... they call that PARROTING Which of all this debunking evidence do you like THE BEST for countering what ELY & Jenner wrote below? btw, If you're not aware, El Toro and Santa Ana are two separate and distinct locations ...
  9. Always my pleasure Jim.... So many people are aware of each of these men, separately, and yet the Military offers enough excuses and/or in many cases simply ignores the evidence... Then there's this nonsense... Official LEE military photo shows a man with an enormous head... yet these are the same person? And then there is the body mechanics... shoulder slopes and sheeer size... 5'8" 135 versus 5'11" 160... people do not shrink from age 18 to 24.... Everything based on lined up left eye... yet his training was AIRCRAFT MECHANICS... what up?
  10. Hit and run Jon? Do all your opinions get this much supporting data... Cheers Jon... to each their own.
  11. As serious as Gorsky and March 1959.... Brady, I believe, was simply a HSCA staffer... The story of Harvey's crossing on a ship is also kind of interesting... I've written about it here so do a search... Take care... DJ 2 diff signatures... where have we seen that?
  12. Anything to offer beyond your word Jon? You know what they say about opinions... but a well documented argument is hard to ignore... Whatcha got? This Asst PROVO MARSHALL talks of the Lee Oswald he knows The biographer John Ely finds some interesting things as well
  13. And then there is this drawing from 1668.. if those railings were there, that tile step in the Stare image can’t be the gallery. I also seem to remember they did not use the metal support but a wooden block support seem in one of the their photos. Edit.. although the bottom of those rails may match that little step... if the rails were not there in 63. https://images.app.goo.gl/zRNve1Sr2KVCryQJA
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