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  1. David Josephs

    The Tippit Case in the New Millenium

    Are these the same Vaganov's Jim?
  2. David Josephs

    The KGB and the JFK case

    I don't understand how a conversation can be had about Nosenko without mention of one of the key players in the "reversal" Leonard McCoy was relentless in his exoneration of Nosenko... I fail to see how Nosenko can be discussed without consideration for what McCoy did December 1965 Introduction: After examining the evidence of Nosenko's mala fides in thee notebook, which I assume to be the best evidence, although not all of it, I am convinced that Nosenko is a bona fide defector. I believe the case against him has arisen and persisted because the facts have beei misconstrued, ignored, or interpreted without sufficient consideration of his psychological failings. LEONARD MCCOY RECOMMENDATION TO REEVALUATE NOSENKO 104-10095-10126.pdf
  3. David Josephs

    The Tippit Case in the New Millenium

    Here's a little point about the Jacket and WESTBROOK and how whoever ran to Jefferson had nothing to do with that jacket Mr. WESTBROOK. Actually, I didn't find it--it was pointed out to me by either some officer that--that was while we were going over the scene in the close area where the shooting was concerned, someone pointed. out a jacket to me that was laying under a car and I got the jacket and told the officer to take the license number. Mr. WESTBROOK. It was actually on Jefferson, but the place where this jacket was found would have been back closer to the alley, Mr. Ball. the policeman who discovered the jacket in a parking lot behind a nearby service station was assigned call number '279'; his identity, however, was “unknown" according to a notation on the transcript. The name of the officer who recovered the jacket, disclosed here for the first time, was John Mackey. A motorcycle officer who went on to obtain the rank of sergeant in the DPD communications division, Mackey responded in an angry and evasive manner when I approached him for an interview in 1978. Beyond a cursory account, he refused to discuss his finding of the jacket 15 years earlier. "That information," he told me, "might be something they (senior DPD officials) don't want given out." -Larry Harris "COVERUPS" 1985 Mr. Hutson: That occurred while we were searching the rear of the house in the 400 block of East Jefferson Boulevard at the rear of the Texaco station. Behind cars parked on a lot at this location, a white jacket was picked up by another officer. I observed him as he picked it up, and it was stated that this is probably the suspect's jacket. (Hutson said, "Captain Westbrook was there and he was there at the time this was picked up") Mr. HUTSON. The last time I saw this jacket, the officer had it in his possession.Mr. BELIN. Do you know who he gave it to?Mr. HUTSON. No, sir; I don't.Mr. BELIN. You don't know if he gave it to Captain Westbrook?Mr. HUTSON. I don't know. Captain Westbrook was there behind the house with us, and he was there at the time this was picked up with the man, but I don't know who had it in their hands. The only time I saw it was when the officer had it.
  4. David Josephs

    The Tippit Case in the New Millenium

    My understanding was they tested the rifle and 10 out of 10 the shooter had residue on the cheek and back of hand but not the palm... I also understand that his work and cleaning could have exposed him to something that would test positive... FWIW (thanks Pat) https://scholarlycommons.law.northwestern.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?referer=https://www.google.com/&httpsredir=1&article=4379&context=jclc 1955 Unreliability of Dermal Nitrate Test for Gunpowder In the sum total of the cases studied 75 % were inconclusive. Coupled with the 13 % gross errors, the test becomes less than worthless. It cannot be argued that the 75 % inconclusive findings merely represent non-productive or non-informative work http://scholarship.law.marquette.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=2849&context=mulr Volume 44 Issue 4 Spring 1961 Article 4 Evidential Implications of the Dermal Nitrate Test for Gunpowder Residues Because oxidizing agents in common use by the public may produce positive reactions we may say that the Dermal Nitrate Test is specific for nitrates but non-specific for gunpowder or gunpowder residues. This is the most frequent criticism levelled at the test.
  5. David Josephs

    HELSINKI by train Oct 15 - 16, 1959

    I have a CIA memo from January 1958 related to GOLUB which mentions the name COLONEL BJORK as the man in charge of all espionage in Finland at the time... Except I don't get much when looking for him... Any ideas who this guy was? Sounds like a Colonel in the same vein as General Cabell https://archive.org/stream/foreignservicel1960wash_0/foreignservicel1960wash_0_djvu.txt FINLAND - Helsinki (E) Sessions, Edson O., A.E. and P Oct. 22,59 Melbourne, Roy M., couns. (0-2) Sept. 6,59 Cantwell, John A., 3d sec.; g. s. o. (0-8) Sept. 22, 57 Conrath, Ernst, 3d sec.; v.c.; g.s.o. (0-7) Jan. 10, 60 Friberg, Frank F., 2d sec.; pol. off. (R-4) Apr. 4, 57 Fulton, Robert M., v. c.; cons. off. (R-7) Sept. 26, 58 Hilbun, Pauline C., sec. (S-7) June 28,59 Hilliker, Grant G., 1st sec.; cons.; pol. off. (0-3) Nov. 20,55 Houle, Ernest J., coms-rec. supvr. (S-9) Feb. 8, 59 Jokinen, Melvin W., 2d sec.; pol. off. (R-6) July 27,58 Kelley, Margaret R., 2d sec.; cons.; cons. off. (0-5). Sept. 6, 59 Kresse, Thomas R., 3d sec.; v.c.; b.f-d.o. (0-7) July 26, 59 Miller, William K., couns. ec. aff.; cons. (0-3) June 30,57 Nelson, Harvey F., Jr., 2d sec.; pol. off. (0-4) Jan. 24, 60 Pederson, Wallace H., cml. att. (R-4) Nov. 16, 58 Sandford, Eleanor W., 2d sec.; adm. off. (0-4) Sept. 21, 58 Sellin, Theodore, 2d sec.; labor off. (0-6) June 28,59 Youngquist, Eric V., 2d sec.; cons.; ec. off. (0-5). .. Dec. 29,57 (AA, NA, & Air A) Bjork, Col. Delbert L. {army attache} Apr. 8, 57 Soderholm, Cmdr. Carlton E., n. a./n. a. a May 20,57 Rauk, Col. Karl T., air att Feb. 18,59 Atkeson, Capt. Edward B., asst, army att Jan. 23, 59 Thorne, Maj. Nicholas G. W., a. n. a./a. n. a. a Jan. 29, 58 Davis, Lt. Col. Jerome N., asst, air att Apr. 2, 58 Thornton, Maj. Lee R., asst, air att May 5, 59
  6. David Josephs

    Revolt of the Colonels?

    Steve... a new name for which I can find very little - so far... Military attaché to Helsinki - Colonel BJORK... I have a document from 1958 which states that Col. BJORK "calls the shots for American Espionage in Finland" Any info you turn up would be appreciated... DJ
  7. David Josephs

    HELSINKI by train Oct 15 - 16, 1959

    Thanks Jim... interesting thoughts and questions... Yet, like Eddie Lopez for the HSCA... you are making the assumption that the WCR tells an accurate story of his travel.... He was here this day, there the next, took this plane, that train, those buses... Between Le Havre and Helsinki all we have is paper. And here is the FIRST paper where we see serious intent to go to ASC... "4 months" does not appear to be his handwriting - yet there it is. The semester he was supposedly attending started April 1960... it's over 6 months until April 1960 yet the initial purpose of the trip is to attend ASC... this is written Sept 4th... Isn't that a bit of a timing problem? I think it important to consider a doppelganger for Oswald... and Sunday Oct 11 appears to be gone entirely... He gets to TORNI the night of the 10th and checks out the next day, checking into KLAUS... but that doesn't occur until the 12th....
  8. David Josephs

    The Stamp on the Military ID card

    So this becomes the ONLY example of Oswald signing the name A J HIDELL/HIDEEL Sandy... the HIDEEL Vaccination card not only helps him by pass his way back into the US without having to do the who ID/Vaccination thing... https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=10477#relPageId=650&tab=page "the purchased must present his birth certificate on obtaining this tourist card or vaccination cert" This is June 8 on the Vaccination card followed by Sept 17-26, 1963 on the Tourist Visa....
  9. David Josephs

    HELSINKI by train Oct 15 - 16, 1959

    There was a variety of different ways to get to Helsinki... "Non-stop" was a qualifier they didn't need but used to hide how he really travelled... The "stamped passport" remains a LEE thing with LEE's image.... and could have been LEE traveling... I believe there were some connecting flights which got him in by 8 or 9pm I believe he could take a combination of vehicles... trains, buses, boats.... ======= I am finding out that Finland was quite the hotbed of CIA activity - a neutral country so close to Russia... I found a notebook (Weisberg?) with letters from Jukke in Finland and Alan Weberman - included are copies of the hotel documents Appears that the man's story didn't change... : Hotel TORNI shows a 10/12 checkout... Also appears the writing is different for the departure and "USA" What happens to Oct 11th? And if he's filling out this card before he gets to - or as he gets to Finland... the hotel dates and the dates in Finland conflict... And I wonder what "His Family!" is supposed to mean - he was alone.
  10. David Josephs

    Harvey Lee Oswald

    Over in Helsinki, looks like the same two we will see on Mexico documents. Fond the images of the hotel docs.... interesting experiment if nothing else... hiding spies within the names and histories of each other combined into one recognized person.... the perfect ghost.... the real lee Oswald?
  11. David Josephs

    HELSINKI by train Oct 15 - 16, 1959

    In Chrome it should ask to do it for you... Or copy paste into Google translate By the way. They keep saying "met at train station" so Intourist can help them to hotel... Yet the Russian files say "met at the hotel"... Yet made res for Klaus in Stockholm..??
  12. David Josephs

    HELSINKI by train Oct 15 - 16, 1959

    "Kurd" is a mistranslation... Hotel "Kurki" Klaus. Edit... Still, cards or reservations? From Stockholm... ? Train thru Vyborg to Moscow
  13. David Josephs

    HELSINKI by train Oct 15 - 16, 1959

    Well gee... thought finding the actual evidence was pretty cool.... that’s the same pattern as seen in his “trip” to Mexico .... sure looks like 2 people acting as one....