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  1. Why I am leaving the forum

    To a.c. dot a stop.start we have to accept the camera stopped on a frame line and started up with no bleed or delay... So much for an unaltered original...
  2. Why I am leaving the forum

    Yes... Good source... Here's a better view of those frames... And why it was a splice and not a stop and start... Zapruder also said he filmed the limo turning the corner....
  3. Swan-Song -- Math Rules

    7 frames is not enough for this to work... The Myers 22-frames per second problem? But even then... nothing in TOWNER suggests what TRULY said... yet why would TRULY exaggerate about that? No one else was even asked about that turn.... yet the limo was placed at Pos A for the Re-enactment... as if the limo passed thru there. From frame z22 to z120 the far left motorcycle takes the wide turn and passes thru Pos A just as it gets to the splice at z132 The center motorcycle is just about at STATION C... yes? 110 frames @ 18.3fps = 6 seconds... Like Zapruder, TOWNER does seem to have the limo "float" by..... at a smooth rate of speed
  4. Does everyone know what these pics are about?

    DVP is here to remind us the government is benevolent and NEVER lies to its people... He never met Allen Dulles or John McCloy....
  5. Does everyone know what these pics are about?

    I have no doubt he believes he wrote on paper related to the assassination... trouble is, DAY saying so doesn't make it so... More importantly Dave... connect the bag to Oswald, the rifle and the ride to work... Now my favorite part.... The closest person to that bag NOT in the DPD is WESLEY... his sister claimed it to be 27.5" long (2 feet 3.5 inches). Why is your star witness telling us this bag could not possibly hold a 34" rifle and metal parts...?? Spin this from FRAZIER Dave... We'd agree the paper to wrap books is much thicker and sturdier than a grocery store paper sack... Why is Wesley here describing a LITTLE SACK as opposed to a three and a half foot heavy paper and thick tape (ever see tape on a lunch sack?) or the rattling of the rifle parts as they drove to work? Mr. BALL - What did the package look like? Mr. FRAZIER - Well, I will be frank with you, I would just, it is right as you get out of the grocery store, just more or less out of a package, you have seen some of these brown paper sacks you can obtain from any, most of the stores, some varieties, but it was a package just roughly about two feet long. As for people telling their version of the truth... you're never drinking from that trough despite being led to it repeatedly... we understand. https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/oswald-on-november-22-1963 you might read this and give some thought to the few days prior to the 22nd and his GRAND PLAN...
  6. Does everyone know what these pics are about?

    no David, it does not... if the Chain begins and ends with DAY, there is a serious problem with Custody since he says he left it there for two other men who both do not take responsibility for it... Help us out here Dave... where have you ever seen Day's writing on CE142? And why renumber ce142 to ce636 after the FBI treats it for fingerprints? CE626 below, inverted... where is Day's writing again? I can see it on the "replica" in the post above and on the scrap of paper... I'm not saying they lied... just that whatever it was in that corner, it had nothing to do with Oswald, a trip in Frazier's car or a rifle... when you can make those connections, let us know... btw, answer one simple question.... When did he make the bag and bring it home... ?
  7. Does everyone know what these pics are about?

    How many different bags were needed Dave? Dave... look at something OUT OF THE CORNER OF YOUR EYE.... Now tell us you haven't a clue what you saw... he was asked half dozen times if he was sure he did see Oswald and did not see anything in his hands... this is the best you can do "authenticating" the evidence? David... you did not authenticate anything at all. Instead you focus on something that does not change a thing... So let's try to focus Dave... Get the bag: Made, brought to Irving, put the disassembled rifle in it, retrieve said bag and rifle and clip and ammo Friday morning, bring it all over to Frazier, put it in the backseat of the car and only take up 2 feet (Frazier testimony), take it again and walk unnoticed with it into the TSBD, hide it somewhere, retrieve it, reassemble the rifle, load the rifle, align the scope, and be ready to fire when JFK arrives... Talking to me about Dougherty and his inability to SEE is kind of lame Dave.... but I can see that's the best you got... 2nd page, the FBI needed to change DAY's statement about the paper being the same... replica K2, despite using the same paper dispenser, did NOT have the same characteristics as the "original"... nor was it like ANY of the paper at the TSBD, and the TAPE was the wrong size and it too didn't match... So once again David... AUTHENTICATE THE BAG as real evidence - that it was actually in the corner, ever in MONTGOMERY's hands and why there are so many different bags around Only a LNer could take this, combine it with the length and Frazier's lies about what he sees as Ozzie walks away and conclude the man put a 40" bag in the backseat of Frazier's car... Mr. BALL. When you went down there what did you find? Mr. HICKS. Lieutenant Day--well, first I saw Chief Lumpkin, who told me Lieutenant Day was there in the building and to report to him on the sixth floor, I believe it was and he and Detective Studebaker, I believe it was were the two that were still on that particular floor. Mr. BALL. Day and Studebaker? Mr. HICKS. Yes. Mr. BALL. Did you do some work with them? Mr. HICKS. Yes; there was--well, no. Lieutenant Day was dusting several items around there for fingerprints at the time and Mr. Studebaker had taken some pictures and was still taking a few others. I assisted him in moving the equipment back and forth and I don't know, I don't believe I actually took any of the pictures upstairs; however, I was there when some of them were taken.
  8. Does everyone know what these pics are about?

    DVP - please offer the authentication for that bag... Chain of Custody or whatever you like... but get it from workbench to Irving to the garage, to the Frazier's to the TSBD and beyond... and then explain to us why this man is lying about what he saw. I'll start with finding and taking the bag.... Montgomery is the man holding the bag and photographed in front of the TSBD - yet he did not pick up the rifle bag.... Mr. BALL. You found the sack in the area marked 2 on Exhibit J to the Studebaker deposition. Did you pick the sack up?Mr. MONTGOMERY. Which sack are we talking about now?Mr. BALL. The paper sack?Mr. MONTGOMERY. The small one or the larger one?Mr. BALL. The larger one you mentioned that was in position 2.Mr. MONTGOMERY. Yes.Mr. BALL. You picked it up?Mr. MONTGOMERY. Wait just a minute no; I didn't pick it up. I believe Mr. Studebaker did. We left it laying right there so they could check it for prints. How about the men on the 6th floor ? Mr. BELIN. Did you take it down to the station with you?Mr. DAY. I didn't take it with me. I left it with the men when I left. I left Detectives Hicks and Studebaker to bring this in with them when they brought other equipment in. Mr. STUDEBAKER. It was doubled - it was a piece of paper about this long and it was doubled over. Mr. BALL. How long was it, approximately? Mr. STUDEBAKER. I don't know - I picked it up and dusted it and they took it down there and sent it to Washington and that's the last I have seen of it, and I don't know. Mr. BALL. Did you take a picture of it before you picked it up? Mr. STUDEBAKER. No. Mr. BALL. Does that sack show in any of the pictures you took? Mr. STUDEBAKER. No; it doesn't show in any of the pictures. Mr. BALL. Did you ever see a paper sack in the items that were taken from the Texas School Book Depository building? Mr. HICKS. Paper bag? Mr. BALL. Paper bag. Mr. HICKS. No, sir; I did not. It seems like there was some chicken bones or maybe a lunch; no, I believe that someone had gathered it up. Mr. BALL. Well, this was another type of bag made out of brown paper; did you ever see it? Mr. HICKS. No, sir; I don't believe I did. I don't recall it. Fingerprints Dave? Seems quite a lot turns up after all the items are returned from DC and the FBI lab.... Mr. BELIN. Did you find anything, any print of any kind, in connection with the processing of this?Mr. DAY. No legible prints were found with the powder, no.Mr. BELIN. Do you know whether any legible prints were found by any other means or any other place?Mr. DAY. There is a legible print on it now. They were on there when it was returned to me from the FBI on November 24. (really the 26th) Maybe someone saw Oswald enter that morning? Mr. BALL - Did you see him come in the door?Mr. DOUGHERTY - Yes; I saw him when he first come in the door--yes. Mr. BALL - Did he have anything in his hands or arms? Mr. DOUGHERTY - Well, not that I could see of. Mr. BALL - Did he come in with anybody?Mr. DOUGHERTY - No.Mr. BALL - He was alone?Mr. DOUGHERTY - Yes; he was alone.Mr. BALL - Do you recall him having anything in his hand? Mr. DOUGHERTY - Well, I didn't see anything, if he did.Mr. BALL - Did you pay enough attention to him, you think, that you would remember whether he did or didn't?Mr. DOUGHERTY - Well, I believe I can---yes, sir---I'll put it this way; I didn't see anything in his hands at the time.Mr. BALL - In other words, your memory is definite on that is it? Mr. DOUGHERTY - Yes, sir.Mr. BALL - In other words, you would say positively he had nothing in his hands?Mr. DOUGHERTY - I would say that---yes, sir. Mr. BALL - Or, are you guessing?Mr. DOUGHERTY - I don't think so.Mr. BALL - You saw him come in the door?Mr. DOUGHERTY - Yes.Mr. BALL - The back door on the first floor? Mr. DOUGHERTY - It was in the back door.
  9. Swan-Song -- Math Rules

    I can't help but notice how the limo appears to move sideways thru these frames... Chris - do me a favor... for T146, above, can you please show us where TOWNER IS in the Zfilm, as this is being filmed? Below I've highlighted where the curb was in relation to the limo's position... We also never see the slowing and hard left back to the center, in Towner... (or Hughes or Bell for that matter)
  10. Does everyone know what these pics are about?

    Thanks Paz... I try to proceed under the assumption that not everyone knows every little detail... and try to put the info in context... DJ (shout out to Bart for his wonderful posts and excellent essays... )
  11. Does everyone know what these pics are about?

    Mrs. RANDLE. He was carrying a package in a sort of a heavy brown bag, heavier than a grocery bag it looked to me. It was about, if I might measure, about this long, I suppose, and he carried it in his right hand, had the top sort of folded down and had a grip like this, and the bottom, he carried it this way, you know, and it almost touched the ground as he carried it. Unless he was 6'8" - that's not possible given the 34" minimum length.... Mrs. RANDLE. I measured 27" last time. Mr. BALL. You measured 27" once before? Mrs. RANDLE. Yes, sir.
  12. Why I am leaving the forum

    I’ll take a try.... see it as reverse engineering. Math follows rules, so to make adjustments and come to the correct speed numbers so that frame numbers match locations. The change from z168-171 to z161-166 is a giant clue, and hidden from the public for decades. Position A makes little sense to have even been brought up unless the limo passed thru that spot. Except getting the limo from there to z133 in the middle of the street required a splice.... The limo appears to move at a constant rate. X number of frames for movement between X number of frame locations. 1 foot per frame, or very close to that, and the limo appears smooth... Erase what you think of the film from your mind. Frame numbers have no relationship to the extent film. Start fresh with the surveys from Nov and Dec. what the revised CE884 does is make it impossible to recreate the movements of the limo except for specific snapshots in time, frames... but the relationship of those frames do not match what we see... where things are supposed to be, aren’t... as Tom Wilson famously mentioned so long ago. The current math being done is to uncover how the relationship to Station C was established and why Position A lays between this turn at C and z133/161. If the limo turned wide and slowed, it took time which moves the frame counter well past 133 coming out of that turn... Pos A is 5’3” off the path from C to z166 which creates the 100 foot distance... we sssume the FBI uses geometry, right angle triangles and their special properties. The Math proves how the end result of the FBI changes are not physically possible and in turn the zfilm is not physically possible. Frames and distances cannot be as presented. Frame numbers are arbitrary with 312 chosen purposefully... 156+156+156... 156+156= 312 + 156 = 468 + 1 second of film, 18 frames = 486 No surprise we have a splice and pivotal event at these two locations. Everything is made to occur in that second 156 frames.... which could have been 409 48fps frames.... The math removes the second shot from 313 and a final shot at 345 down by the stairs.... Not a perfect explanation, but a start....
  13. Swan-Song -- Math Rules

    Why 100/166? Station C is not frame 00...
  14. Thanks Ray....  Always have respected your POV and contributions

    .... Suffering the yutz.... And the best goes on