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  1. Jim asked about the source of the 4 passport like photos.... My gut tells me hey had to do with 544 Camp... FPCC and Oswald’s sheep dipping. The white shirt and tie... the expression is almost the same.... Wouldn’t an application sent to Cuba with his photo on it go a long way to create Bona fides for Ozzie’s FBI work? With as many assets in Mexico City as the US intel community had, getting an application sent couldn’t be that difficult... but just a thought....
  2. Indeed Steve, I’ve argued that the clothes he worked in are found in the bottom draw of that dresser.... according to the Dallas Police.... Military Intelligence places Lee Oswald there within minutes of the assassination as a lead for DPD... Does that prove he’s lived there the past 6 weeks or so? Not compared to the evidence to the contrary... as for being “with” one group or another, fewer labels might do us all a bit of good... I have seen duplicity and inauthenticity run rampant in the evidence used by the first 2 government investigations to arrive at conclusions. His being where we are told he is by a thoroughly corrupt conspiracy does not place him there... Neely and Elisabeth are by the E in El Chico.... wasn’t there a DPD substation by 500 N Beckley? Ruby’s place is just below to the right of the map... the barber who sees “Oswald” walking west is where the last t in Tippit is....
  3. Mr Roe... ”why lie” and “do you really expect” are tautological responses to a pretty direct question. if I can supply 5 other reasons why and, YES, I do - in this unique case - expect..... your arguments are moot. Supply Authentic evidence he was there, he slept there... he... LHO... not Mr. Lee et al.... ...just like the McWatters bus BS... repeat it enough and fewer realize it’s not true... And one better... Oswald did not go to Mexico... yet the FBI offers thousands of pages explaining how they looked for any evidence of anyone who saw him.... the physical evidence was that tainted by the FBI and assets.... The Evidence IS the Conspiracy.... I’m with Ed and Bart... spy craft succeeds when the very opposite of reality is portrayed and accepted as real, in turn directing behavior as desired
  4. Riggs is Goodpasture.... And here is that page to which Jim refers
  5. This should help Anthony. Welcome to the Forum, this is by Jack White with John Armstrong’s assistance If I remember correctly Edit: bigger version...
  6. If I was to speculate... His 2 friends on the trip to Odio may have asked that he get passport, visa -type photos... For fake ID as 1 example. With the 2 application photos there were 4 total... only the one connected to the carbon had no staples, making little sense... could they be simply from a photo booth.. in terms of quality? I believe that’s Aug 1963 on the left.... New Orleans.... (never mind the impossible headsize of the marine photo...)
  7. Many feel that to be the case Ron.... one leading the police to the other.... the evidence certainly makes it appear that way.... with Bernard Haire sure it was Oswald taken away out back.... Hopefully this will take you there... https://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth339484/m1/1/?q=C. E. Talbert pickup truck
  8. Thanks... I see Croy has the black brim.... But... what's a patrolman doing tracking down a suspected homicide suspect... that has always been a bone with me. The list of those at the Theater arrest does not include a single homicide detective... TRAFFIC and PERSONNEL seem to be the source of most of these men.... Then there are the half dozen or so out back in the alley with the running pickup and the OTHER Oswald arrest...
  9. btw - Oswald never went to Mexico in Sept/Oct 1963... just sayin'
  10. FWIW here is a link to a 160+ page file on LEONOV https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2018/104-10218-10034.pdf And a memo about him coming to the CIA's attention in 1956 and being an ongoing target for doubling... in 1959... and some travel data... Hope it helps ... DJ LCIMPROVE Counter-espionage involving Soviet intelligence services, worldwide.
  11. Not exactly a correction - just an observation... that's Ken Croy on the right with Markham I believe - at the Tippit scene.... Did each of the men have 2 hats in case they were to be working Traffic? If not, why would he be wearing white? Mr. GRIFFIN. Well, now, tell me about your conversation that you had with our court stenographer here prior to coming in here, about Tippit?Mr. CROY. Oh, it was at the scene over where Officer Tippit was killed, at the scene.Mr. GRIFFIN. Were you at the scene when Tippit was there?Mr. CROY. Yes.Mr. GRIFFIN. Unassigned?Mr. CROY. Yes. Mr. GRIFFIN. What time were you at the scene where Tippit was killedMr. CROY. I watched them load him in the ambulance. (maybe from the car backing up the alleyway away from Tippit with Westbrook-DJ) Ken Croy was a Reserve Police Sergeant... despite it being mentioned there was paperwork that shows which assignments were given to all participants, Croy is not mentioned... Mr. GRIFFIN. Now, when you arrived at the police department on the morning of November 22, what time was it that you got there, do you remember?Mr. ARNETT. Well, it seems like it was around 10 o'clock.Mr. GRIFFIN. Now, prior to 10 o'clock on November 22, had you received any instructions as to what your duties were going to be, in particular with respect to the parade?Mr. ARNETT. Other than just work in the parade is all.Mr. GRIFFIN. All right. When you arrived, who did you report to?Mr. ARNETT. To the assembly room. And right offhand, now, I can't tell you who was in charge of the regular officers. At that time I knew, and it seems to me like it was Lieutenant--I can't recall his name right now. Maybe I will think of it directly.Mr. GRIFFIN. Well, that's all right. Was there a meeting of all the reserve officers in the assembly room?Mr. ARNETT. Yes, sir.Mr. GRIFFIN. Did you receive instructions at that time?Mr. ARNETT. At that time they were each one assigned their location to work.Mr. GRIFFIN. All right. Lawrence Exh 2
  12. While not NEW INFO... it appears to have been glossed over... The top image is the LIENVOY Monthly Summary report for October 1963 dated Nov 7 1963.... the November LIENVOY report is dated January 7 1964.... The September summary makes no mention of "an English-speaking man" Now, below that is a portion of the Sept Summary dated October 8, 1963. LEVISTER was literally at the 2 locations who would have intercepted a call from "Oswald - the English speaking man" and it would have been a BIG DEAL since there were usually no more than a handful of "exploited LIENVOY leads"... Since Oswald's 1st call is shown as being made at 16:05 (4:05pm) on the 27th ... the tap is on the Soviet line yet somehow they know it is DURAN calling from inside the Cuban Embassy... the Soviets - they claim - call back at 16:26.... then we have a number of calls on SAT the 28th... DURAN refutes everything after the 27th. Point is we have a number of CIA assets in Mexico City at the Cuban Embassy who could corroborate Oswald's presence and LEVISTER who surely would have been notified - while he was right there - that LIENVOY had picked up an American talking to the Soviet Embassy, but first calling the Military attache - and wanted to travel to Russia, possibly thru Cuba... The fact is not a single CIA-related asset puts Oswald in Mexico... first-hand... in every case of a mention by CIA assets about Oswald, it is always 2nd or 3rd hand... And finally we have Goodpasture herself writing the history of the Mexico City Station... creating more questions with virtually every word..... kinda makes the FBI's effort to create a trip arriving the 27th and leaving the 1st or 2nd kinda moot.....
  13. From what I have read - and the statements from AMMUG/1 (who along with a handful of the DGI staff talk about Oswald but never quite say they actually saw or interacted with him.... It's always "he said that she said that he saw him and relayed that to another who told my friend who told me...." Any American asking to go to Russia via Cuba (or not) is going to be looked upon with suspicion at the Cuban Embassy in Mexico... hotbed for intel activity all thru the 60's. The job of AZCUE was to interview those applying for a visa to a "communist" country and discover the person's true intent... to make it harder for them to get into their countries. Oswald - if he was to have actually been there - was most definitely there for some intel purpose... same as his time in Russia... AZCUE would be remiss in his duties if he did not at least question the man... from what DURAN and AZCUE say - it feels matter-of-fact.... Just enough truth to believe the lie.... none of what is offered as activity on the 28th or Oct 1st is true... but we knew that.... Question becomes If Alvarado, a CIA asset can tell an amazing story and then be coerced to recant... what do you supposed the Mexican Police and the CIA could do with/for DURAN? The de la Paz party was a lie, Alvarado a lie, the 28th-1st a lie, no evidence of Oswald outside the "LI-XXX" audio tapes, Were you aware that ODUM/HOSTY interviewed ODIO on Dec 18th? and then nothing until July 22, 1964 - her testimony.... Mr. LIEBELER. Did she think it was Oswald?Mrs. ODIO. Well, her reaction to it when Oswald came on television, she almost passed out on me, just like I did the day at work when I learned about the assassination of the President. Her reaction was so obvious that it was him, I mean. And my reaction, we remember Oswald the day he came to my house because he had not shaved and he had a kind of a very, I don't know how to express it, but some little hairs like if you haven't shaved, but it is not a thick moustache, but some kind of shadow. That is something I noticed. And he was wearing--the other ones were wearing white dirty shirts, but he was wearing a long sleeved shirt. John Masen on the left (also arrested 11/22) - just to show an unshaven Oswald Mr. LIEBELER. You mentioned when your sister saw Oswald's picture on television that she almost passed out. Did she recognize him, do you know, as the man that had been in the apartment?Mrs. ODIO. She said, "Sylvia, you know that man?" And I said, "Yes," and she said, "I know him." "He was the one that came to our door, and it couldn't be so, could it?" "...the entire material we have to date ON THIS PROBLEM" and what the WCR tells us.... Nothing to hide here... move along... move along.... ---------- CORNWELL - Did the officers from the Securidad Department ever suggest to you during the questioning that they had information that you and Oswald had been lovers?TIRADO - Yes, and also that we were communists and that we were planning the Revolution and uh, a lot of false things. CORNWELL - Let's just talk hypothetically for a moment. Is there any chance that he was at the Consulate on more than one day?TIRADO - No. I read yesterday, an article in the Reader's digest, and they say he was at the Consulate on three occasions. He was in Friday, Saturday, and Monday...That's not true, that's false. CORNWELL - All right. Let's try a different hypothetical. If the one in the Reader's Digest is definitely wrong, is it possible that he first came on like a Thursday, and then came back on a Friday?TIRADO - No, because I am positively sure about it. That he came in the same day. So what can we say here? DURAN is adamant about the man from the application being at her desk on the 27th. One of the bigger clues - the one which got me started on this journey is the HOTEL REGISTRY BOOK from OCHOA.... The tourist Visa from New Orleans is written out: "LEE, HARVEY OSWALD" which is were we get H. O. LEE traveling in Mexico... Yet when we look at the 1st day of his stay at this hotel, the day the guest actually signs the book, we get the same exact thing, as if copied: Problem being the MASTER LOG - FM-11 is supposed to alphabetize the FM's for the 1st and 2nd halves of the month... below is the one for the 2nd half of Sept... Mr. H.O. LEE is somehow correctly alphabetized under "O" for Oswald.... despite us being told repeatedly he used H.O. LEE
  14. It was my understanding Steve that what is now the ATF had agents all over Dealey Plaza and in the TSBD very, VERY early on. "...[FBI Agent James] Hosty told the [House] Select Committee that at the time of the assassination 'Frank' Ellsworth...had indicated that he had been in the grassy knoll area and for some reason identified himself as a Secret Service Agent.' 8 Ellsworth, deposed by the Committee, denied Hosty's allegation. We know, however, that he was in the immediate area.9 Interestingly, he and seven other ATF agents were among the first law enforcement personnel of any description to reach the sixth floor of the TSBD. If Ellsworth was in the vicinity, it remains to be asked how Hosty knew about it. (Peter Dale Scott, "Deep Politics," pg. 274) "In 1963, if you would have asked me if I was a Secret Service agent, I most likely would have answered yes-our roles overlapped that much." (Frank Ellsworth to author Gus Russo in 1994, "Live By The Sword," pg. 473)10
  15. Got it.... "a unidentified CIA agent" showing his credentials yet remaining unidentified... Putting the "secret" in the Secret Service...
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