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  1. This may help... the oVal representing his head is facing correctly at z313... all depends on which shots you’re referring to... see the original West Plat below... And remember what Altgens said... final shot was only 15 feet from him.. that would be the 2nd yellow curb, not the one by Moorman and Hill
  2. What do you make of this Bart? Seems to me you can still see the scope on the right Newsweek enlargement.. more importantly in this version from LIFE they even straightened out the stock by removing the notch... With only 1 negative and 3 poses....'nuf said DJ
  3. Up to his eyeballs in it.... Facilitator/Sponsor IMHO Paul.... Like Harriman. In a unique position to agree with and/or initiate the thought of removing JFK while positioned within the government to assist in its accomplishment and cover-up. It's also quite possible that he was simply a Facilitator with amazing connections - he seems to have walked a fine line DJ He was admitted to Yale University, one year behind his brother William. At Yale, he served as secretary of the Yale Political Union and then chairman of its Liberal Party. He was on the staff of the Yale Literary Magazine and also wrote a column for the Yale Daily News. Like his father, he was inducted into the Skull and Bones secret society, where he was nicknamed "Odin". He remained in contact with his fellow Bonesmen for decades afterward.[6] He graduated from Yale with an A.B. in mathematics in 1940. Bundy was a strong proponent of the Vietnam War during his tenure, believing it essential to contain communism. He supported escalating United States involvement, including commitment of hundreds of thousands of ground troops and the sustained bombing of North Vietnam in 1965. According to Kai Bird, Bundy and other advisors well understood the risk but proceeded with these actions largely because of domestic politics, rather than believing that the US had a realistic chance of victory in this war.[4] He left government in 1966 to serve as president of the Ford Foundation,[15] remaining in this position until 1979.
  4. Agreed Paul... and here are some of the names... One I just noticed missing: The owners of TEXTRON who bought Bell Helicopter via a lucrative load from an Insurance Co. McGeorge Bundy "Well, it is alarming to have a president who doesn't know what he is doing." ~ McGeorge Bundy ============== The book (THE WISE MEN) identifies six people who were important foreign policy advisors to U.S. Presidents from Franklin D. Roosevelt to Lyndon Johnson and were influential in the development of Cold War era foreign policy for America. The six are: Dean Acheson, Secretary of State under President Harry Truman Charles E. Bohlen, U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union, the Philippines, and France W. Averell Harriman, Special Envoy for President Franklin Roosevelt George F. Kennan, Ambassador to the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia, State Dept. Director of Policy Planning Robert A. Lovett, Truman's Secretary of Defense John J. McCloy, a War Department official and later U.S. High Commissioner for Germany. The group comprised two lawyers, two bankers, and two diplomats. Five of the six were from the so-called Georgetown Set. Acheson, Harriman, and Lovett had known each other since their days at prep school or college and on Wall Street. Bohlen, Kennan and McCloy were younger and did not know the others well until their public lives brought them into close contact.[3] Most of these men, Lovett and McCloy in particular, were strongly influenced by Secretary of War Henry Stimson. Elihu Root, Stimson's mentor, is often regarded as the prototypical "wise men." ============================ Also take a look at Deputy Director of Defense Roswell Gilpatric and the partners of Cravath, Swaine and Moore (McCloy, He graduated from Yale University in 1928, Phi Beta Kappa; and then from Yale Law School in 1931, where he was an editor of the Yale Law Journal. Following his graduation, Gilpatric went to work for the New York City law firm of Cravath, Swaine & Moore, where he became a partner and where he practiced when not serving in government. Gilpatric owed much of his political cachet to his special relationship with the celebrated lawyer, diplomat and investment banker Robert A. Lovett, to whom Gilpatric was a protégé. Gilpatric served as Under Secretary of the Air Force from 1951-1953. During 1956 and 1957, Gilpatric was a member of the Rockefeller Brothers' Special Studies Project. Gilpatric was a childhood friend of Governor Nelson Rockefeller.[7] ============================== Another partner - Seymour P. Gilbert, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in Woodrow Wilson and Warren G. Harding's administrations... this is during the creation of the FED. The "Sponsor" level of the crime resides within and above the Military Industrial Congressional Complex... to me Bundy was both Sponsor and Facilitator... DJ
  5. I guess as my bottom image shows... the larger space is after the VP SS car.... after the turn.... So while hot potatoes, LBJ seems close enough to the action to be scared out of his wits for his life... All valid points Karl... yet aren't these freeway images (or a smaller rural road with no one around and at speed) as well?
  6. Well, given we donate money and such... we should see why and get it secured...
  7. FWIW - Here are 16 cars in the motorcade coming after the Pilot and Lead cars PILOT CAR 1. DPD Dep. Chief George L. (G.L.) Lumpkin (DPD Call #5) 2. DPD Det. Faye M. (F.M.) Turner 3. DPD Det. William "Billy" L. Senkle 4. Lt. Col. George L. Whitmeyer, U.S. Army Reserve, East Texas Section Commander 5. Jacob "Jack" L. Puterbaugh - White House (Lumpkin and Whitmeyer relate via Military Intelligence, the 488th and Jack Crichton - as do Gannaway and Westbrook) For those who understand the conspiratorial aspects of the case, the ACIS and its Lt. Colonels along with their resources in Dallas are intimately involved. LEAD CAR 1. DPD Chief Jesse E.(J.E.) Curry (DPD Call #1) 2. SA Winston George "Win" Lawson (SSR) 3. DC Sheriff James Eric (J.E.) "Bill" Decker (DPD Call Dallas #1) 4. SAIC Forrest V. Sorrels
  8. http://jfk.hood.edu/Collection/Weisberg Subject Index Files/M Disk/Motorcade Route/Item 15.pdf I always wonder why those who present their opinions don't do the littlest bit of research to see if what they are offering makes any sense.... Kinda saves one from looking a bit foolish when the info is so easily available.... yet it tends to be the LNers who offer up these statements without first checking for any level of accuracy or relevance.... Yeah Karl, they kept everyone away from the JFK Limo - and very little protection from the front.... Anyone in any of those cars lined up on the opposite side of the road could pull a weapon and go after JFK.... guess they didn't have a patsy in Houston... yet. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/nation-world/article/JFK-after-50-A-trip-through-Houston-4996505.php
  9. You and KK are a riot.... You both run down to the TV station and tell them to stop broadcasting programming you don't like... or have already written an editorial about or - like the rest of us - do you just turn the channel to something you enjoy ?? Like you're FORCED to click on the H&L thread I think y'all just like trying to understand all 65,000 reasons why H&L are.... then again You ain't gonna learn what you don't wanna know.....
  10. Don't change the subject to Stripling Jim.... We both agree there is more than ample H&L evidence that we don't need to reach.... The evidence offered to put Oswald at BJHS simply doesn't do it.... it much more strongly supports a child entering in January 1954.... So the Grade cards that don't match this final and permanent record isn't good enough for ya? The dates which FBI Malone attempts to convince us of.... WRONG, doesn't work and as I wrote, no real school administrator would write 109 attended school days in less than 3 months of a semester - let alone another 15 absences and 11 half days.... doesn't add up Jim. So yes, I agree he was at Stripling.... I believe I read that Robert Oswald wrote that his brother was in Manhattan for the Fall 1953 semester... at yet a different PS44 - there were three of them in fact.... Take care DJ
  11. Is this document authentic or an FBI creation to represent Oswald entering BJHS on 1-12-54, attending the end of 2 of 5 or 6 classes and then starting the Spring 53-54 semester in 8th grade. 171 + 18 = 189 + 11 = 200 days of school TOTAL from 3/23/53 until 1/12/54.... Really? There are 90 days in a semester - approximately - 180 in a school year March to January includes 90 days of SUMMER... NO SCHOOL If it's 180 school days from Sept "year 1" to Sept "year 2" (or any month from one year to the next) how can it be 200 days for LESS THAN A FULL YEAR (March to Jan) and including summer (90 days fewer of school)? At most you have 1.5 semesters or about 130 days of school, TOTAL.... (edit: actually less with Youth House - more like 110 but the FBI did not account for that in these docs offered as evidence) The 109 3/2 and 15 3/2 in NYC school records for 7-8 grade tries to account for all these days with no regard for ACTUAL SCHOOL DAYS.... Let's please remember these documents are FBI PROPS... The Evidence IS the Conspiracy... Peace DJ
  12. Jim, If Oswald attended BJHS in the Fall of 1953 for the 1953-54 school year, how does he get off only taking 2 classes? Cause he gets there with only 2-3 weeks left in the semester. Can we please remember that this too is an FBI bait-n-switch? So while I disagree with the conclusion that is NOT TO SAY there isn't something very wrong with these documents... just not what you and John are concluding... A... Biggest problem is there are not 125 1/2 days in the semester in NYC when he starts on March 23, 1953. With 20-21 days of school per month... April, May June is 60-70 days of school at the most.... then summer, then he starts on Sept 14, 1954.... again, he did not go to summer school and they completely forget about the days in April/May 1954 spent at Youth House... no School administrator in their right mind would have put 109 3/2 days attendance from March 23 till the end of June. B...If you have access to the BJHS grade cards you'll see that ninth grade has a few problems... grades don't match and it only shows 5 total absences (8 on one card)... also notice they do not all have a homeroom number... With regards to Myra, the only thing I can figure is that she is talking about the Spring semester and her homeroom, not fall.... as I read the different passages on Myra I see she NEVER SAYS SEPTEMBER... The part time student in the FALL semester did not get a homeroom... but in the Spring he was now full-time... obviously LEE attended BJHS as well.... this would be Lee's grade card if it is authentic, which based on the grade and attendance discrepancies, is not likely. One interesting question then, is where was Harvey after North Dakota.... 2220 Thomas?
  13. Ok Tracy - why would the US Marines offer the image on the right... when in the real world the man we know as Oswald is on the left? Unless the man on the right is a distance from the size chart (again - only reason to do that would be to distort the man's size) or the image was pasted onto a size chart the size of the man on the right is not accurate - not "true life size" but much larger than life. If in reality, 5'9" on the left is 5'11", the distortion on the right is even worse.... The man on the right, entering the marines is Lee... Harvey there on the left from New Orleans.... The scale of inches is the same across both images...
  14. I'm obviously not the first to suggest this was not Bethesda's Autopsy Room - especially since these photos were so terribly lit and from terrible angles. etc.... And I know thing... "surely" would not be a word I'd use in this case about almost anything other than it was a conspiracy... at least not related to anything posed as "the truth" DJ http://www.manuscriptservice.com/AutopsyRoom/ A meeting in Dallas organized by Mr. Livingstone in 1991 was attended by autopsy technicians Paul O'Connor and James Jenkins and photographer Floyd Riebe. Part of the discussion is described in High Treason 2 as follows [1]: "There was a moment of quiet as the men studied the autopsy photographs. Then the bomb exploded: 'This doesn't even look like the morgue!' Paul said. 'What?' I exclaimed. 'That's true,' Jenkins said. 'It doesn't look like the morgue [at Bethesda].' Floyd Riebe said, 'No, I just noticed the floor.' 'What did the floor look like?' 'Well it was similar in design, but it was white!'The floor at Bethesda was stone tile. It was put in there so it would last for years.' 'What color was it?' 'It was white and black.' 'This area does not exist in that morgue,' Jenkins said. 'Does not!' Paul said. 'We have no wooden structures in the morgue.' 'The Bethesda floor had the small dots,' Floyd said. We saw them in the picture. 'We didn't have anything wooden in there,' Paul said. 'It does not look like the morgue,' Jenkins said."
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