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  1. Never did say ur welcome... also, a huge thank you.... you been doing simply great work, well thought out and really helpful in tying things down ur probably not even aware of in the thoughts like mine trying to see as big a picture as possible both micro and macro... The military is where many answers lay buried... nice digging dj
  2. I’m rereading docs I haven’t looked at in a long while with a different lens.
  3. I don't think Hill mixed it up at all... Let's remember that Hill was in WESTBROOK's unit on loan as well... He knew full well the Lt. was H H Stringer and not R D.... The toughest question to answer... Who other than Baggett, Hudson, & Hawkins are in back of the theater and not listed here? Capt Talbert. H H Stringer's report talks about Talbert and more officers questioning a boy in the alley....(Brewer?) And how he, HH, sees a truck with the engine running just north of the alley. "I checked the truck for a weapon and just walked back to the alley... from inside the... theater..WE GOT HIM! " WESTBROOK has been literally all over the place and at every critical location up to this point and when they actually arrest OSWALD He decides to go the other way ?? Mr. BALL. Did you see him taken from the theatre? Mr. WESTBROOK. No, sir; because I went the other way. Mr. BALL. You went to the back? Mr. WESTBROOK. Yes; he went out the front and I never saw Oswald again--- that's the last time I saw him Bernard Haire tells us the spitting image of Oswald was taken out the BACK of the theater and taken away in a police car... 1 - who was the man being taken away? (Balcony?) 2 - what about the truck? One thing we do not know... did Ken CROY drive a truck, or a car that day? But true to form, Gerald "auto shells" Hill throws in a red herring to explain why his call # is used on ch 2, 30 minutes AFTER the Abundant Church us declared cleared, to ask what every happened down at the Abundant Life church. It is LIKELY that an assailant did indeed hide out in that Church.... Crisman was a bishop in the UNIVERSAL Life Church.
  4. Doug... A recent movie I saw called UNACKNOWLEDGED also promotes the idea that the MJ-12 crowd was behind the JFK assassination due to his meddling in the UFO thing and wanting to give the Russians a break with James Webb so a Space program could be jointly developed... https://www.livescience.com/33224-new-declassified-memos-jfk-kennedy-ufos-assassination.html the show offers 1st person stories which are very convincing... They did not mention June Crain which I found surprising... Does all this dovetail into the secret Nixon letter?
  5. Mr. Butler, the ambulance driver, tells us that his call sign was #601 and that they arrived at Tippit within 5 mins of the call. Problem I'm having is that the last transmission from #601 is at 12:51 and they are at Parkland... Butler says they are at 400 E Jefferson when the call comes in, and are at Tippit within minutes... There is a lot more but since I cannot post images at the moment, please see this post at DPF.... Thanks DJ https://deeppoliticsforum.com/forums/showthread.php?16862-The-Tippit-Case-in-the-New-Millenium&p=124826#post124826
  6. 'Cause most of the DPD Intelligence was associated with the US Army and FBI... and by using that bunker the US Military could listen in ??
  7. As we know - Hill claims it was R D Stringer who used his radio... Mr. BELIN. Now, also turning to Sawyer Deposition Exhibit A, I notice that there is another call on car No. 550-2. Was that you at that time, or not, at 1:40 p.m.? Would that have been someone else? Mr. HILL. That probably is R. D. Stringer. Mr. BELIN. That is not you, then, even though it has a number 550-2? Mr. HILL. Yes; because Stringer quite probably would have been using the same call number, R.D. Stringer worked the 12 midnight to 8 am shift (see below) and probably would not have been called in prior to his shift... as he had just recently gone home... he would/should report to work that night... William B Frasier was the Capt of Police for that shift.. this suggests that he'd have also come to work at 11pm on the 22nd.... Mr. HUBERT. What time did you come on duty? Do you know? Mr. FRAZIER. At 11 p.m., on the 23d. I think that is what they call the first shift? Mr. HUBERT. First platoon. First platoon, rather, and that goes until roughly 7 in the morning? There is not a single report or radio transcript which includes anything from R D Stringer.... from the entire weekend. ======
  8. https://deeppoliticsforum.com/forums/showthread.php?16862-The-Tippit-Case-in-the-New-Millenium&p=124816#post124816 I can't seem to post images right now... this is a link to a similar thread about Tippit and Holan and Croy and Westbrook, etc... I also posted a photo of David Philips with his signature... Some additional images of Phillips https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/photos/david-atlee-phillips?sort=mostpopular&mediatype=photography&phrase=david atlee phillips#license
  9. David Josephs

    A question to David Lifton

    Sadly Ray, the man you're talking about is EBERSOLE and I do not believe anyone corroborates this.. With the exception of the periods when I personally carried the cassettes containing the X rays to the X ray Department which was on the fourth floor of the hospital -- with the exception of those periods I was in the autopsy room from the time the coffin arrived to approximately three o'clock in the morning at which time my services were obviously no longer necessary and I left the hospital. Upon removing the body from the coffin, the anterior aspect, the only things noticeable were a small irregular ecumonic area above the super ecolobular ridge and a neatly sutured transverse surgical wound across the low neck. As we turned the body on the autopsy table there was a textbook classical wound of entrance upper right back to the right of the midline three or four centimeters to the right of the midline just perhaps inside the medial board to the upper scapula. There are no such word as "ECUMONIC" nor is there a place on the body called the "super ecolobular ridge ". The man was so FOS it was absurd anyone listened to him. And we come to find that he is the source of much of the manipulation - as well as mistakes in examining - on the xrays Reading the Ebersole depo from the HSCA is a must for those wanting to better understand what happened at BETHESDA... --- While Perry claims to have left the wound "inviolate" i.e. "still readily visible" and the Bethesda men failed to see or report on it for some time... It was Ebersole in his HSCA depo where we find a host of conflicts and inconsistencies... From what I remember, those under Ebersole (Custer & Reed) claimed he couldn't read or even create xrays and was pretty much another WCR mouthpiece... CUSTER: lf they have a technician there. the technician takes the X-lays The radiologist reads the X-rays. Plain and simple. It’s an unwritten law. Q: That said, do you know whether Dr. Ebersole knew how to take X-rays, if he had wanted to? And what I’m asking is not what you would guess, but just what you know. CUSTER: I’m not trying to be fictitious about this, but that’s funny. Dr. Ebersole had a very high-fluting attitude about things ”I don’t want I to dirty my hands.” And this was his opinion. “I am here. You are here. That’s fine. If you want to feel that way, that’s fine. I’ll do my job. Do my job to the best of my ability. But don’t step on my toes, and say you’re doing my job.” And he had a bad habit of doing that. He was a gentleman that liked to bask in the glory. But when the heat come down, he was the first one that went out the door Page 190-191 below in CUSTER's ARRB deposition he talks about another lie from Ebersole... that it was he who took the x-ray film cartridges up for development.. Custer claims he never leaves the morgue. The second sheet of his depo discusses how badly Ebersole interprets the images... And this is that who's-who at Bethesda...
  10. David Josephs

    Interesting Tidbit on the Rifle

    Between the half dozen or so people who claim to have "tracked down the rifle" this one appears even farther outside the box than Holmes... Armstrong felt if Curry said it, then it has a high probably of being true... yet it may have been a way to hide the origins from where this info actually came... Curry also only mentions this as "called in a tip" from the minister.... "that led to the mail order rifle tie-in" This minister seems to have identified KLEIN SPORTING GOODS as the next line reads... "Fed agents contacted the Chicago dealer...." I wonder why Curry specifically calls out South Carolina as well... I mean who cares where he's from....
  11. If Hunt was Acting Anything he’d have signed off on the Oct cables about Oswald... not Willard Curtis.... IOW the evidence from 1963 should be similar to 1960 in proving him there... I don’t see that it does nor does any of the newly found docs on MX suggest anyone saw home there.... Didnt Anne Goodpasture talk of turning the daily intel haul over to Win by mid morning every day for evaluation? Thanks for the crypto on Hunt Bill.. I was unaware of that one too. we need to remember that between the mafia, cia and dpd... no one told a 100% truth... in fact, my feel was 80/20 the other way to maintain confusion or just the fact that leopards cannot change their spots...
  12. Hunt as station chief puts him above Phillips... I don’t see that making much sense. Is there any item of evidence with Hunt or an alias signed off FROM MX CIA? I just read that the source was Ted Szulc in his book Compulsive Spy. Q: If Hunt was the Acting Chief from August thru Nov, why do the Sept reports from LIENVOY not mention the Sept 27 and 28 Oswald calls as objects of interest? Based on these contemporaneous reports, those calls did not happen. Would Hunt and or Phillips forget such a simple detail? If I haven’t sufficiently shown that Oswald was not in MX at this time, what have I missed? Hunt was as good a xxxx/agent as there was... On Oct 8 “Willard Curtis... aka Scott” signs the LIENVOY SUMMARY REPORT and again on Oct 16 he writes to Amb Mann a memo about Oswald and Kostikov There are CIA memos about Phillips aka Choaden coming to be Cuban desk Chief on Oct 7th.. so no secret there. We have the Hunt personnel file page 104-10120-10356 which shows from Jul 62 thru Aug 64 he was: Ops Off 0136.01 Grade 15; SO: D DDP/DODS/Facilities Br/Ch,R&PSeo at Hq
  13. I'm pretty sure he was talking about Masen in this context Mark.... A number of authority figures including Ellsworth I believe had their eyes on Masen for that role.
  14. We also have the story of the OTHER Oswald on a flight to Germany at the same time our Oswald is on a ship to France.... At this point I think the existence of doubles for Oswald is established.... as Jim eludes though... was it just Lee or a handful of men working together.. Personally - I think Lee had help
  15. David Josephs

    Interesting Tidbit on the Rifle

    No problem... and thanks, never heard about the SC minister.... Left a message with Armstrong as well... we'll track it down.