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  1. Hey David,

    Can I get your email? mine is cnewton2506 (at) me.com

  2. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    And it would make sense.... if there was a "1" there... funny thing too, the actual "1"'s on that stamp are sans serif while the "1" you claim to see looks like a carrot with and asterisk... wouldn't it be a faint straight line? * ^
  3. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    Makes sense if Oswald wrote the note and also typed it... yet a Nov 9th date with a Nov 2nd postmark (anyone know if they picked-up mail and processed it on Saturdays back then?) If we assume that Oswald wrote it... why doesn't he know the Visa duration for which he applied ? He supposedly signs the thing right there, no reason for the Mexican Embassy to issue a 15-day visa in this case... unless it was something Gaudet said.... Those 15 days are very important to understanding the CIA's "plot to push Hoover into a corner" with Lee Henry Oswald's fake Mexican excursion. Sept 17 + 15 days is Oct 2nd. (despite having the same man from Oct 2 photographed on Oct 4th and 15th... it's still Oswald) Only someone operating within the confines of the 15 day period - ASSUMED to start Sept 17 and end Oct 2nd - would write a letter including this pseudo-timeframe. If H.O. LEE leaves Mexico on Oct 3 and gets on a Greyhound to San Antonio.... why are his FM-11/FM-8/FM-5 documents filed under "O" for "Oswald" leaving by automobile? ... cause all this evidence is pure BS create by those not knowing these little details and how they would conflict
  4. Sure were a lot of the Personnel department in on these arrests. Seems a whole lot of "FORGERY" dept members were there too...?? Where are all of homicide detectives? Where are ANY of the homicide detectives?
  5. From the WCR this is Humes' description of the wounds to the head... Following this description is a graphic representation of the description... To me this proves the "surgery to the head" as noted by the FBI was simply the extension of a craniotomy that Humes began prior to 7pm, and the VAST difference in the wound between Dallas and Bethesda... Following that illustration is a composite that shows where Humes sawed thru the skull on the LEFT side of the skull while contradicting this evidence by stating that the left side of the skull and brain were completely intact and the drawings of JFK as seen in Dallas... Humes is complicit in the cover-up yet was taking orders from Rear Admirals on down.. And then the honesty of Boswell's notes betrays this surgery yet again.. The brutality of what was done to JFK after the fact is hard to escape... The concept that the "brain just fell out in Humes' hands" is without a doubt the most revealing and impossible of all the statements given the lack of damage to the left side of the skull... the last image is one of a series that can be found on line describing the process of brain removal at an autopsy. The strong connective tissues that surround the brain and the superior sagittal sinus must be carefully cut away as well as the dissection of the spinal cord at the bottom of the brain, top of the brain stem, the optic nerves and a host of other connective tissue. By the time the casket was opened at 8pm and the audible gasp echoes in the morgue at the horrible condition of the man's head, over an hour of brutal surgery had been performed by a man barely qualified to perform it... "We found that the right cerebral hemisphere was markedly disrupted. There was a longitudinal laceration of the right hemisphere which was parasagittal in position. By the sagittal plane, as you may know, is a plane in the midline which would divide the brain into right and left halves. This laceration was parasagittal. It was situated approximately (1 & 2) 2.5 cm. to the right of the midline, and extended from the tip of occipital lobe, which is the posterior portion of the brain, to the tip of the frontal lobe which is the most anterior portion of the brain, and it extended from the top down to the substance of the brain a distance of approximately 5 or 6 cm. The base of the laceration was situated approximately 4.5 cm. below the vertex in the white matter. By the vertex we mean--the highest point on the skull is referred to as the vertex. The area in which the greatest loss of brain substance was particularly in the parietal lobe, which is the major portion of the right cerebral hemisphere. The margins of this laceration at all points were jagged and irregular, with additional lacerations extending in varying directions and for varying distances from the main laceration. In addition, there was a (3) laceration of the corpus callosum which is a body of fibers which connects the two hemispheres of the brain to each other, which extended from the posterior to the anterior portion of this structure, that is the corpus callosum. Exposed in this laceration were portions of the ventricular system in which the spinal fluid normally is disposed within the brain. When viewed from above the left cerebral hemisphere was intact. There was engorgement of blood vessels in the meninges covering the brain. We note that the gyri and sulci, which are the convolutions of the brain over the left hemisphere were of normal size and distribution. Those on the right were too fragmented and distorted for satisfactory description. (4) When the brain was turned over and viewed from its basular or inferior aspect, there was found a longitudinal laceration of the mid-brain through the floor of the third ventricle, just behind the optic chiasma and the mammillary bodies. This laceration partially communicates with an oblique 1.5 cm. tear through the left cerebral peduncle. This is a portion of the brain which connects the higher centers of the brain with the spinal cord which is more concerned with reflex actions." I hope this serves as a gateway to understanding how truly horrific these procedures were... the audible gasp heard after 8pm when those in attendance saw what HUMES did becomes completely understandable. DJ
  6. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

  7. the wheels on the bus go round and round..... Cabell was the CIA manager who the First Bank of Boston went to when determining whether the bank and affiliates should buy BELL Helicopter. It was the CIA's guarantee that the limited wars in SE Asia: Laos and Vietnam would be fought using helicopters as a primary transportation vehicle. It will be General Cabell who initiates the move of helicopters to Laos requiring a back fill... once the fill begins, it never ends. As a result, a very shady loan was arranged via Prudential Life Insurance ($25M unsecured note with a 6-year repayment grace period!) to TEXTRON who buys Bell in 1960 when they were $100M in the red. Key players include The Little Family (Royal and Arthur), Sun Life Insurance of London/Canada, G. William Miller, and the law firm of Cravath, Swain and Moore who brings us the #2 at defense - Roswell Gilpatrick, and our favorite John J McCloy, a partner at the firm. Textron bought Bell Helicopter in July of 1960, four months before the election. Bell's sales were down an even hundred million in 1959 from nearly double that in 1953. Textron bought the company for what was considered one of the worst deals of the year - $32 million or exactly the company's book value. Yet Rupert C. Thompson, Jr. ; " then Textron Chairman (Miller was President) , boasted, "We knew we had our objective - 25 percent pre-tax profit on our investment - from day one." From the huge helicopter profits TEXTRON began buying up related companies. TEXTRON remains recognized for being the first conglomerate as well as being the crossroads for many of the highly placed players in the JFK saga.... FWIW, I believe those related to this sale represent the Cabal ultimately responsible for JFK's death.
  8. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    huh? "on the line" is followed by (sic). "text was transmitted" very strange. Further into those pages: I thought Oswald immediately mentioned being ex-marine radar operator with potential sensitive info to offer.... instead, they claim he was a "student in his final year at an electrical trade school"... where would they get that info? "Lee Harvey Oswald (b. 1939), a student in his final year at an electrical trade school, came to the USSR on October 15 this year. Upon arriving in Moscow, he applied for Soviet citizenship. Because no decision had been reached on Oswald’s request by the time his visa expired and he was to leave the USSR Oswald tried to commit suicide by slitting a vein. After his recuperation he has kept insisting that he be given Soviet citizenship, and he refuses to leave the USSR. On October 3 1 he visited the U.S. Embassy in Moscow and said he renounced his American citizenship. "
  9. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    Mystery solved... now... do we have anything else that was typed on that typewriter to compare? http://www.deseretnews.com/article/711299/Russians-wary-of-63-Oswald-letter.html "One gets the definite impression that the letter was concocted by those who, judging from everything, are involved in the president's assassination," Dobrynin wrote. "It is possible that Oswald himself wrote the letter as it was dictated to him, in return for some promises, and then, as we know, he was simply bumped off after his usefulness had ended." The Dobrynin memo was contained in more than 80 pages of long-secret Soviet documents that Russian President Boris Yeltsin gave to President Clinton in June when the two were in Germany. The documents offer details about what top-level Soviet officials were thinking and talking about when Kennedy was killed Nov. 22, 1963, in Dallas. "They were convinced that there had been this massive plot to kill Kennedy. What they didn't know was who was a part of the conspiracy," said Timothy Naftali, director of the presidential recordings project at the Miller Center of Public Affairs, a think tank and historical research institute at the University of Virginia. "They thought they had received a false letter. They thought it was all part of an orchestrated affair to make it look like the Soviet Union was behind the gun." Following the assassination, the Soviets gave U.S. officials the Oswald letter as well as other information they had gathered during his stay in the Soviet Union.
  10. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    Obviously, you can't fix stupid.
  11. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    I'm going to start digging now... but, Was this letter ever actually delivered? It does not appear to have any routing stamps, initials, or anything that would suggest anyone at the addressee received it... How did it come to be an exhibit... the Soviet Embassy sent it to the WC? The writing in Russian at the top and the number at the top right... any clues there? ??
  12. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    The truth of your inabilities does not require opinion Paul... all that's needed is for you to put keyboard to dialog box... and hit "Submit" when you're done. Why do you insist on remaining so incredibly underwhelming, fact-less and perpetually annoying in your presentation here when you could take a minute, research what you're going to post and find out before you do it how wrong you are... save a little face once in a while.... Or you could just keep pi$$ing into the wind... My bet's on the wind.
  13. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    For G~d sakes Mrs. PAINE - It was, as Mr. Hosty has described to me later, and I think this was my impression too of it at the time, an informal opening for confidence. Once again Paul... you stop short of a complete statement. If one reads the entire thing one easily understands that Ruth was thinking the same thing and Hosty only offers the words she chooses to use in her testimony. "Her impression at the time" and her previous statement which you also fail to include: Mr. JENNER - The first interview, however, was a rather lengthly one? Mrs. PAINE - But it was not strictly speaking an interview. Paul... exactly how many people here other than DVP must you hear telling you how bad you are at this? How you simply cannot formulate a coherent argument nor do you bother with the details, per your own words. Did you ever come up with an answer for why the evidence offers a 180-day visa application in support of Oswald's 15-day Visa? or are those details too far beyond you?
  14. Steven Hager: The Two Oswalds

    Mathias, I can appreciate a gut feeling, yet there is nothing factual that precludes both from being intel assets. Marina being in the perfect place to silently observe and report. But then again, maybe not... I don't know that it matters in the overall scheme of things - Marina that is. Ordinary everyday people do not have Minox cameras with serial numbers that were never released to the public and only available to the CIA. Starting when he arrived in New Orleans in mid 1963, Oswald was playing both sides of the Cuban issue via Banister. The ease with which Oswald returns to the US and is given jobs that certainly do not match his qualifications or his status as a returned defector/communist. Especially the Jaggers job. From my POV, in 1963 it appears everyone was watching everyone else. The fringe groups were filled with informants, the Post Offices, IN&S, everywhere one looked people were put into position to inform upon or follow the direction of others with the goal of uncovering communists. The other thing that strikes me as obvious is - Follow the Money. The amounts collected and spent over the years simply do not match... Oswald is in possession of much more cash than his income and expenses allow. With a $200/month stipend he virtually doubled his income. At the very least we can say he was being manipulated. As fore the KGB, like the CIA/FBI... don't believe it until they officially deny it. DJ