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  1. David Josephs

    Logic seems to suggest...

    Funny you should mention.... FWIW I see much of the problems in our world caused by something the English invented... Documented Property Rights causing the Tragedy of the Commons When this concept is extended to Sovereignty we get those WITH deciding the greatest possible outcomes for THEIR fortunes... not the betterment of humanity... JFK... after WWII, Truman and Ike/Nixon still wanted the betterment of all mankind, not just some... While some, controlled benevolence is allowed, in the end, there remains no altruistic reason for those who have the power to raise the level of everyone, rather than only a select few. ==== McCoy and Gilpatric were both partners at Cravath, Swaine and Moore while banking had been under control since the Fed Res Act of 1913 was passed using the little known Colonel House to guide Woodrow Wilson to making the right decisions... but not without reservations: “Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”
  2. David Josephs

    Oswald was not in MC

    Why again do you choose to accept what the CIA's Sr. Staff tells the WC about Oswald and Mexico... when they are the perpetrators of the crime? How can DURAN testify to this Oswald character NOT COMING BACK SATURDAY... when we have the CIA transcripts of the calls? "NOT WITHSTANDING THE HOILIDAY SCHEDULE..." TIRADO - No. I read yesterday, an article in the Reader's digest, and they say he was at the Consulate on three occasions. He was in Friday, Saturday, and Monday...That's not true, that's false. CORNWELL - All right. Let's try a different hypothetical. If the one in the Reader's Digest is definitely wrong, is it possible that he first came on like a Thursday, and then came back on a Friday?TIRADO - No, because I am positively sure about it. That he came in the same day. CORNWELL - During this period was your normal work week, did it include Saturdays? Tirado - Yes. Cornwell - Is it possible that, in addition to his visits on Friday, he also came back the following day on Saturday mourning?TIRADO - No.CORNWELL - How can you be sure of that?TIRADO - Because, uh, I told you before, that it was easy to remember, because not all the Americans that came there were married with a Russian woman, they have live(d) in Russian and uh, we didn't used to fight with those people because if you, they came for going to Cuba, so apparently they were friends, no? So we were nice to them with this man we fight, I mean we had a hard discussion so we didn't want to have anything to do with him.CORNWELL - Okay. I understand that but I don't understand how that really answers the question. In other words, the question is, what is it about the events that makes you sure that he did not come back on Saturday, and have another conversation with you?TIRADO - Because I remember the fight. So if he (come) back, I would have remembered. This CIA report states Oswald and DURAN are at the Cuban Embassy on Sat the 28th, despite testimony to the contrary, despite all the signs pointing to it not being possible that Oswald was there... you still want to use RAY ROCCA as your unimpeachable source? What about the ALVARADO situation do you not "get" Karl.... the faked plot to kill Castro involves false flag stories FROM a CIA asset... Maybe you've heard of George Joannides and the activities of the mid 70's regarding the CIA, the lies they told the WC and the disappearing of witnesses as the HSCA gets into full swing? George Efythron Joannides was a Central Intelligence Agency officer who in 1963 was the chief of the Psychological Warfare branch of the agency's JMWAVE station in Miami, and in 1978 was the agency's liaison to the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations
  3. David Josephs

    Oswald was not in MC

    I also wanted to add that AMMUG/1 worked inside the Cuban Embassy and was one of the most valuable of CIA assets... He, like LITAMIL/9 would be aware of any visits or subsequent talk of visits by Oswald to the Cuban Embassy... and like all the others, he does not know of OSWALD until after 11/22...
  4. David Josephs

    Oswald was not in MC

    What KK is talking about is the BS Phillips/Alvarado story Despite all the activity and denials and lie detectors, etc... Phillips used an asset from Nicaragua... Helms explains... "D" = Alvarado
  5. David Josephs

    Swan-Song -- Math Rules

    lol... that's just me trying to understand who reports to who at Bethesda... thought I'd share it - maybe would help someone else put things into perspective...
  6. David Josephs

    Oswald was not in MC

    Yes, supposedly from Cuba. The claim Marina never saw it was, I believe, to reinforce it was taken in Mexico. We do not know what the original images may have looked like... Duran was never shown the application after 11/22.
  7. David Josephs

    Oswald was not in MC

    Yes... the only one close is the 1963 June Visa photo.. I'd have to look thru the images of his clothing from DPD... which is woefully incomplete...
  8. David Josephs

    Oswald was not in MC

    the VISA APP is from New Orleans... I only found the way the WCR photos it, they cut off the bottom in one and the top in the other.... the App from MX
  9. David Josephs

    Swan-Song -- Math Rules

    This is according to Paul O'Connor... the testimony from KNUDSEN suggests the same thing as he talked about the probes thru the body from both back and front. Mr. Purdy. Where did the probes go through the body? Mr. Knudsen. From the point where the projectile entered to the point where the projectile left. Mr. Purdy. Where were those two points? Mr. Knudsen. I did not say they were two points Mr. Purdy. Was there one probe that you saw through the body, or were there more than one? Mr. Knudsen. More than one. Mr. Knudsen. Right about where the neck-tie is. That would be somewhere in that vicinity. Mr. Purdy. Approximately how much lower than that would you say the other probe, which went through the chest cavity? Mr. Knudsen. I would put it six, seven inches. Mr. Purdy. The probe that you said you could see coming out of the neck, the front of the neck, where was it out of the back of the neck? How high up would you say that one was. Mr. Knudsen. About the base of the neck. ... so if we remember our Bethesda details... Lipsey who flew over with Wehle claims THEY took JFK to Bethesda Yet Lipsey's depiction does not include the hole lower in the back.. while describing 3 bullets hitting JFK.. right-side head, lower head and upper neck... "Part blown away - would #1" "entrance of Bullet #2" "-entrance of Bullet #3" (not in order) After the assassination, Lipsey said that he and Wehle met the body at Andrews Air Force Base and placed it in a hearst-to be transported to Bethesda Naval Hospital. Lipsey mentioned that he and Wehle then flew by helicopter to Bethesda and took JFK into the back of Bethesda. A decoy hearst had been driven to the front. After bringing the body into Bethesda, Lipsey said that Jackie Kennedy and the family entered the front of Bethesda and travelled to the "Presidential suite." (DJ-so who was in the decoy?) (see bottom for Bethesda Org Chart) After the assassination, Lipsey said that he and Wehle met the body at Andrews Air Force Base and placed it in a hearst-to be transported to Bethesda Naval Hospital. Lipsey mentioned that he and Wehle then flew by helicopter to Bethesda and took JFK into the back of Bethesda. A decoy hearst had been driven to the front. After bringing the body into Bethesda, Lipsey said that Jackie Kennedy and the family entered the front of Bethesda and travelled to the "Presidential suite." and you may have seen this - yet another of the missing bullets that were fired into the limo.. this is DURING the autopsy in DC
  10. David Josephs

    Oswald was not in MC

    TIRADO - Yeah. I think that I already explained (to) him where he could take the photographs.CORNWELL - You told him some locations in town where ge could go? Were there some right in the neighborhood of the Consulate there?TIRADO - That I don't remember.
  11. David Josephs

    Swan-Song -- Math Rules

    "Dr. Humes said that no major blood vessels were struck by the bullet passing through the President's neck." -Pierre Finck. A 6.75mm bullet is about .25" in diameter which in turn would leave a .25" channel thru the body - not counting the shock waves or any tumbling... Thanks Adam... 1st) the two wounds did not connect and 2nd) the bullt RISES from back to front.... you're not really suggesting it's possible.. right?
  12. David Josephs

    Emmett Hudson- It is what he said

    3 men John...Keep It Simple.... although it is strange that he hardly moves as shots are fired...
  13. David Josephs

    Oswald was not in MC

    Simple the exhibit, the application and a blowup of the stapled image.... and yes, they match another set of signatures... guess where? the bottom signature looks an awful lot like the signatures from the trip to Russia in 1959. The signature at the top of the image on the bottom is a COPY OF THE SIGNATURE by one "Brian S" on an application that we rewritten for exhibit 496 - see below... Doesn't seem too hard to forge his signature effectively... one has to wonder why it is even necessary to duplicate so many original items of evidence...
  14. David Josephs

    Oswald was not in MC

    Speaking of staples... So, you think the visa application in the WCR is the same as the one sent to Cuba (or the one we supposedly got from them)? Where did the WCR get the exact image without the staples?