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  1. Shanet Clark

    William King Harvey

    sounds good looking for it on amazon shanet
  2. Shanet Clark

    Is the CIA monitoring our Forum?

    Yes. We are. >?< But so is Skull and Bones and French Intelligens=
  3. Shanet Clark

    Pergola in Re-enactment Frame

    Thanks Lee. That re-enactment photo is pretty significant, I think.... <the late John Roselli>
  4. Shanet Clark

    Photo Analysis ?

  5. Shanet Clark

    Photo Analysis ?

    I have found released color Nov 63 images to be overexposed and hyper-color enhanced, enriched and polarized. It is understood that texts and photos and audiotapes enjoy different levels of clearance. You should consider the photo analysis as a process of reverse engineering, can the candid members support this theses with evidence and critical thinking? ps thank you to John and the members and best wishes in this year of our lord 2008+ shanet in atlanta EDFORM
  6. Shanet Clark

    JFK Forum: Rules of Behaviour and other points

    I told you that my friend the respected member was not dead ... did I not? < i.e., Tosh Plumlee >
  7. Jim Grey is Boyden Greys father. 18 acres under glass is grey senior's biography of the Eisenhower cabinet these washington insiders perpetuated the Prescott Bush moderate wing of the nationalist republican group later the family took control on Indianapolis and Eli Lilly as you know ' great photos in 18 acres under glass and BOYDEN GRAY is a pivotal figure in the Reagan Bush Bush years, ...............
  8. Shanet Clark


    Induction, deduction and reduction.
  9. revu the back threads about tosh FBI pheonix john kerry south knoll with sergio ? rosilli? TOSH LIVWWES
  10. Shanet Clark

    John J. McCloy

    John J. McCloy Patriot or Statesman?
  11. Shanet Clark

    Was Ruby shooting LHO faked?

    Jack Ruby --- conspirator or co-conspirator? Murderer or patriot?
  12. Shanet Clark

    Oswald photographed with KGB recruiter

    Lee Harvey Oswald - Lone Nut or Double Murderer?
  13. Shanet Clark

    Bernice Moore discovers cameraman in Nix...

    I see the man with the tripod and camera directly behind the ZAP position packing up and breaking down scholars and students I am more interested in the featured sharpshooter sniper clearly visualized in the movie The Nix Film Shooter: shanet in atlanta
  14. Shanet Clark

    Bernice Moore discovers cameraman in Nix...

    thanks Jack, at least you still are vigilant............ many of us still relate to the NIX image as a clear alternative film photo of an unknown gunman, the NIX gunman is a bogey in the research just like black dog man, 4th story man, Dal-Tex man, and the north knoll shooter........ NIX requires more analysises