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  1. Wow now I have to add this book to my growing list. I have always considered Sherman a bit of a fame whore but am just shocked at his lack of a cross exam. A layman would have done better. As a criminal defense attorney I am ashamed. Actually I need to make that former as I am closing out that part of my practice to focus on Child Protective Services cases. Had a great jury win yesterday on behalf of my kids, twins who turned four yesterday and a younger sibling. I am still feeling the joy of that moment, knowing these kids will be adopted in their forever homes very soon, after two years.
  2. Dawn Meredith

    What really happened at Mena

    WOW, thanks for posting this Doug. For those requiring proof this should suffice! I would post it at facebook but they blocked me this am for the crime of posting "Americans are so stupid". So for 24 hours I am locked out. I "offended community standards". So much for free speech on fb. Dawn
  3. Dawn Meredith

    Trump Caved: Three More years

    I would love to see JFK and The Unspeakable made into a film.
  4. Dawn Meredith

    "Oswald's" CIA Cryptonym: RX-ZIM

    I remember this as it was happening and how worried I became that HSCA would be one more cover-up as a result.
  5. Dawn Meredith

    Morley lawsuit back in court

    I would love to see your paper. I did two papers on this case while in college, but nothing in law school. Did come up with an idea for this case in law school however, that I was prevented from pursuing due to the actions of an unethical researcher who shall remain nameless. Kudos to Morley and especially his attorney who has been at his stuff for decades. Dawn
  6. Dawn Meredith

    An Open Message to Michael Clark

    Michael, Since I seem to be the only member of this forum who is "pushing" the KGB or Castro did it "theories" (hey, maybe even with the witting or unwitting help of some rogue CIA types), I can only assume that when you say, above, "our prolific 'KGB did it' member," you are referring to me. Am I correct in that assumption? Or am I just being "paranoid," here? If so, why didn't you say my name? Are you afraid the moderators would chastise you if you did? Regardless, in my humble opinion there are lots and lots of patriotic Americans who truly love their country but who have been unwittingly misled and conditioned by at least 58 years of (Soviet/Russian) "active measures" counterintelligence ops interwoven with "strategic / operative deception" counterintelligence ops into doing certain things (like believing that we live in a "Deep State," etc, or like voting for a blackmail-able "useful idiot" of Vladimir Putin) or not doing certain things (like voting, or like fact-checking stuff on reputable fact-checking websites). I don't appreciate your insinuating that I believe that I am more patriotic than you or anyone else on this forum. More knowledgeable on certain things perhaps, but not more patriotic. At least I hope there aren't any dyed-in-the-wool traitors lurking here. (Laughing Out Loud) Have a nice day, Michael, and I (edit: really do) mean it. -- Tommy Are you serious??? You believe Russia or Castro had JFK killed? Have you done no research on JFK's peace efforts with both leaders, or do you just choose to ignore this?. When I asked you in another thread who you believed had JFK killed you avoided the question. WOW.
  7. Dawn Meredith

    David Josephs

    So you ARE admitting he was banned.? That is really outrageous.
  8. Dawn Meredith

    David Josephs

    I'll bite: Who do you think killed JFK? So if people (like me) believe the CIA killed JFK that can be grounds for removal? Or one's "style"? How are these decisions made here? At DPF we actually discuss such a move privately and take a vote. We also give ample warning.
  9. Dawn Meredith

    David Josephs

    It has come to my attention that David Josephs has been axed from this forum. With no warning or reason as to why. What is going on? Don't you have to break some rules or something? Or perhaps his views are simply unwelcome. ??? Dawn
  10. Great question Don. You know of course from his fb posts that Tommy completely buys into the Russia hysteria. It makes me crazy- I refuse to argue this with people who parrot the rants of MSM.
  11. OMG What a treat. I rarely come here but if RCD returns I will be a regular. Tommy you are WAY our of your league when it comes to the enormous talent, knowledge and analysis of RCD.
  12. Dawn Meredith

    Jim DiEugenio spanks The Post

    I do not consider him serious in the least. Never have. So I don't respond to him. In fact I rarely come here anymore as there are so many lone nuts that wading through all the posts is a waste of time. Glad I saw this one from you Don. Totally agree.
  13. Dawn Meredith

    Jim DiEugenio spanks The Post

    OMG I LOVE Sean Stone and I love RT.
  14. Dawn Meredith

    Oswald mock trial drop box of CLE course materials

    WOW...you have just listed all of my issues with this trial. That said the lawyers are all well versed in this case and in spite of all of the above did very well. This case is simply far too complicated to present in two days. I did not know that about the cross of the state's sole witness, now it makes more sense. An whoever decided to do an ethics presentation as part of the opening was totally off the mark. You have to grab your jurors coming out of the park. On why your client is not guilty. A history lesson puts them to sleep.