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  1. I have been saying that for decades Doug. Nothing else makes sense. Dawn
  2. I knew Jerry back in the 70s then reconnected about 20 years ago when a mutual friend let me know he was living in Lancaster PA, where my daughter lives. Lots of great dinners with Jerry, Steve Jones and Mili Cranor. RIP Jerry, your voice is missed. Dawn
  3. How many clients have now said he acted against them? He's clearly a power broker or else he'd be disbarred. Dawn
  4. Of course McCord brought down Nixon, as he was likely told to do by higher ups. The tape was the clue- twice. No real burglar would make that error. He was trying to get caught. As for Trump he may be involved in some Russian dealings, but the Russians did not hack the DNC. This impeachment is a waste of time and shows how little the Democrats have. Except Tulsi Gabbard. You know that "Russian asset" Who wants to end all the wars. Dawn a/k/a Russian asset.
  5. No they won't Jim because then they would have to acknowledge Douglass' book.
  6. Just because those of us who can spot a Deep State coup when we see one does not mean we are Trump supporters. Hardly. My candidate is Tulsi and not because she called out Clinton for what she is but because she is the only anti war candidate running.
  7. Sadly Jim I usually sign my email to most of my long time friends back in MA "Your Russian asset" because they- all liberal Democrats who blindly believe MSM-fully believe in RG. Even Harvey- Yes- that one (Yazijian).
  8. WOW- I was stunned when I saw that. I knew that weekend it was conspiracy. I was 14.
  9. I saw it several days ago on facebook and was just thrilled. I have long been a huge Tulsi supporter. Dawn
  10. OMG yes. Let's all bring back Tommy too so we can have more Russia bashing. Former NSA head Bill BInney explained why it was NOT a hack, but that the emails were sent to Assange by an insider with the DNC. He also sued under FOIA for records between Assange and Seth Rich. They were denied of course but he did learn that there were hundreds of pages of such records. (WHY???) But, of course, Seth's murder was a simple robbery (where nothing was taken) and they FBI was not permitted to examine the computers in question.... and some "intelligence agencies" have told us it was the Russians. Of course, we can always trust our intel. agencies.
  11. I continue to be amazed by JFK assassination savvy folks who fell for the phony Russia gate story. I suppose Cliff believes Tulsi Gabbard to be a Russian asset too. (And I am NOT a Trump supporter). But I saw Russia gate for what it was from the start. Dawn
  12. Wow, I was not aware that Nixon made this incredible admission. From where did you obtain this tidbit Jim? Remember that film I told you about- "The Trials of Alger Hiss" ? I still am not able to find a copy to view or buy. It's been written out of existence, due to its sympathetic portrayal of Hiss. As for professional misconduct by the FBI- seems par for the course, sadly. I just ordered Joan Brady's book. Dawn ps Tommy why does Jim D need a profile pic on facebook? He has one here. Anyone who has attended a JFK assassination conference knows him. It's not like he is incognito.
  13. I used to get a lot of stuff from Sherman Skolnik in the early 70's. His long write up on the plane crash was excellent. He also put out tapes on the true history of the US. (Nazi links and backers). He and Mae Brussel were the go to people back in those days.
  14. Harold Feldman was one of the earliest WC critics. If memory serves I believe he was also the brother-in- law of Vince Salandria.
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