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  1. Jim DiEugenio spanks The Post

    OMG I LOVE Sean Stone and I love RT.
  2. Oswald mock trial drop box of CLE course materials

    WOW...you have just listed all of my issues with this trial. That said the lawyers are all well versed in this case and in spite of all of the above did very well. This case is simply far too complicated to present in two days. I did not know that about the cross of the state's sole witness, now it makes more sense. An whoever decided to do an ethics presentation as part of the opening was totally off the mark. You have to grab your jurors coming out of the park. On why your client is not guilty. A history lesson puts them to sleep.
  3. Oswald mock trial drop box of CLE course materials

    Jim you can email me dmeredith@austin.rr.com The clothing WAS presented by the state's only witness -that and the silly drawing of the bullet going from neck out of neck, more than once but it was left unchallenged by the defense. As for the Mauser, the defense said that was a mistake. A mistake when that kind of gun has its name printed on it. How could trained cops make that mistake? But I do commend the defense for all the work that went into the trial, perhaps TX jurors would never vote NG. They also plan to learn from the mistakes and do it again.
  4. Oswald mock trial drop box of CLE course materials

    Jim the site is down. I asked Maggie about it via fb message the other day... Jim Did you watch the entire trial? Will you write about it? I KNEW the prosecutor would jump all over LHO leaving as consciousness of guilt and that was left, no re direct to correct that. And when Bill said that we don't know that he was not involved I knew that the prosecutor would jump to the law of parties, which of course she did. I have so many criticisms of the trial but am too exhausted to articulate such in writing. Just getting over a terrible flu...I have enormous respect for the entire team but I would have tried the case very differently. Lawyers who try criminal cases know that too much technical stuff loses the jury. It was like they were trying to prove there were more shooters, NOT that LHO was a patsy.
  5. Oswald mock trial drop box of CLE course materials

    The trial was very disappointing. Too technical and they totally lost the jurors. Did not focus on the one thing every criminal trial is about: the non guilt of the accused. More later, hope more will chime in.
  6. Really. The level of back stabbing and ad hominem attacks on this thread appear designed by the Armstrong haters to dissuade readers from reading or posting on this thread. And the irony is that John is one of the nicest researchers I have ever known.
  7. Hi Glen...I don't do much personal email these days but yes I am a long time friend of Richard, since 92 or so. My email is dmeredith@austin.rr.com and I will get it to him. (I see you have just joined us at DPF too). Hmm not sure why you could not PM me... Dawn sorry for the h and L interruption.
  8. Agreed. The level of anger here is hard to take. Have any of these naysayers actually read Harvey and Lee? Jim it is very admirable of you to continue to support this evidence with so many posters attacking you. Dawn
  9. What's the deal with Michael Baden???

    I remember when Baden testified before HSCA. He was holding CE 399 and talking about how "DAMAGED and Flattened" the bullet was. A xxxx of the first order. I would not trust a word he said on any matter. Clearly a paid disinformationist.
  10. Death of JFK assassination researcher J Harrison

    Joe he might have told Walt what he found. And he did tell me about seeing Poppy Bush there but I had forgotten about it. Our mutual friend reminded me yesterday. Tosh Plumlee also told me many times he had independent proof of Wallace being involved but he has never said exactly what. I think J trusted Walt to do a lot with his files. But only Joan Mellen got access. Not blaming Walt for this as it is a lot of material and he had a very cryptic way of noting things. FWIW I trust very little of what JM wrote on the Wallace case. She disregarded so very much yet trusted the FBI and Wallace's daughter. And some "note" in Nathan Darby's file. I have long believed that to understand the TX. connection to this case you may have to live here awhile.
  11. Death of JFK assassination researcher J Harrison

    I learned something new yesterday while talking with another of J's good friends. He shared with her that he had picked something up that day in the Plaza after the assassination which connected Mac Wallace to the assassination. He never told her what it was stating that it was too dangerous for her to know. The other thing that this friend reminded me of yesterday was that J said he saw his distant cousin there too: George H. W. Bush.
  12. Jim Marrs

    Update on Jim Marrs. He is home and is on dialysis every night. He is blind in his right eye, but is trying to still be active. This is a troubling time for him and Carol. Please remember them in your thoughts and prayers. I'll update as I know more. from chris gallop on fb.
  13. Proof CIA did not plan or execute the JFK assassination

    Absolutely, as is Judy Baker.
  14. Proof CIA did not plan or execute the JFK assassination

    Exactly. No agency is in total lockstep, so perhaps there were a few in the CIA who would want to abort...Tosh is my friend but I have never really known what to make of his Dallas story. Anyone who doubts the CIA- at the highest level -being behind the assassination does not understand the hatred they had for JFK. And it's not like they did not have tons of experience in assassinating leaders.
  15. OMG Putin did zero re. the 2016 election. I am so sick of this silly lie. MSM keeps spreading it. Keep in mind its genesis : Julian Assange received hacked email from Hillary and Podesta. (Did you know Podesta's password was "password" ?) He has repeatedly said it did not come from a state actor. Couple that with the fact that there were several DNC staffers who were very angry at what Hillary and Co. had done to Bernie. I believe it was Seth Rich who sent the emails and he paid with his life. Assange has offered a large reward for information that will lead to Rich's killers. Glenn Greenwald has been very good on this issue. Dawn