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  1. Every lawyer in that case should have been disbarred. Especially Sirhan's lawyers who tried to shut down the autopsy evidence. (This was in the RFK assassination book by the great (and sadly deceased) Phil Melanson. )
  2. Moldea also interviewed Cesar back in the 80's where in Cesar admitted to having his gun drawn but denied firing. Of course (spook) Moldea believed him.
  3. Destiny Betrayed is by Jim DiEugenio not Mellen. And she totally trashed my dear friend (RIP) Nathan Darby who made the match in 1998. She called him a perjurer by saying he was not certified in 1998. I asked his Pastor son about this and he assured me that Nathan kept up his certification.
  4. Thank you Steve. Very well put and right on the mark. In a field where there are so many stand out books this one remains my favorite. Sounds like the poster above his come with an anti Kennedy bias. Hope he finishes the book and continues his study. Dawn
  5. Ya facebook has become very adept at pushing lies and censoring a lot of truth. Making me wonder if it's not just some CIA op to keep track of people like us. As always great article Jim. I really need to get RFK's book "Framed". I have found that the left has always been terrible on the assassinations. And refuse to be educated. (I did manage to get my professor brother in law to read JFK and the Unspeakable but he was quick to tell me this would never happen today...ah...he missed the point.)
  6. Indeed. It is called Deep Politics Forum for a reason. Lone nutters know zero about the study of the Deep State. By choice we believe.
  7. WOW Joe, I posted before I read this. You hit the nail on the head. Bravo.
  8. I totally agree. They will never agree with the truth. I have long wondered why so many lone nut advocates come to these forums. I have my own suspicions of course especially about the ones who post all the darn time. It is sad to see so many lone nut voices on a forum dedicated to serious discussion about the assassination of JFK. Last month our 15 year old grand daughter was asked to write a paper on this subject by her lone nut teacher. She did her own research and came to the conclusion that her teacher was dead wrong. She got an A.
  9. Imagine if all those polled knew all the truly great things JFK did, he would be counted the greatest. But history books, mainstream media and college professors continue the lies. Such as LBJ continued JFK's policy in Viet Nam.
  10. Very interesting tale of yet one more witness who only knew LEE Oswald. Thanks for bumping this Jim. Dawn
  11. Zero proof. Joan Mellen alleges this in her Garrison book, but I have been told she hated RFK so that may explain this allegation. Sheridan was CIA so you can guess who sent him to sabotage JG. EDIT: Once again Jim D. corrects the record with facts. David Talbot was still a newbie on this case when he was writing Brothers. I think he would no longer be so quick to give Sheridan a pass.
  12. Wow now I have to add this book to my growing list. I have always considered Sherman a bit of a fame whore but am just shocked at his lack of a cross exam. A layman would have done better. As a criminal defense attorney I am ashamed. Actually I need to make that former as I am closing out that part of my practice to focus on Child Protective Services cases. Had a great jury win yesterday on behalf of my kids, twins who turned four yesterday and a younger sibling. I am still feeling the joy of that moment, knowing these kids will be adopted in their forever homes very soon, after two years.
  13. WOW, thanks for posting this Doug. For those requiring proof this should suffice! I would post it at facebook but they blocked me this am for the crime of posting "Americans are so stupid". So for 24 hours I am locked out. I "offended community standards". So much for free speech on fb. Dawn
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