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  1. Colder heart than Oswald who killed JFK?
  2. I was hoping that this photo taken about 20 minutes after the shooting would show Frazier's car. Unfortunately, trees are blocking our view of it. https://postimg.cc/PP1czM6D
  3. Weird that Frazier wants his lawyer present but parts of the interview took place without his lawyer present.
  4. My favorite researcher was Gary Mack. He knew so much. Wondering what will happen to his material. Probably donated to the 6FM. He was very accessible and a very solid source of information on the photos and films related to the assassination. His death was a great loss to the research community.
  5. «If you get too close to Joe Biden, he will sniff your hair».
  6. Alyea of WFAA was able to retrieve almost the majority of his film., fortunately.
  7. I think this is WFAA film. https://postimg.cc/qh8BPYJB https://postimg.cc/wRgxgVMX
  8. I did not post this "on his behalf". I was honestly interested in finally making those original films available.
  9. Robert learning of Lee's defection. http://postimg.cc/nj6PTGSf
  10. I've just learned that a certain researcher -who does not have access to this forum, would love to collaborate with Jim DiEugenio in order to obtain the original Wiegman and Darnell films from NBC Film Archives. He was told by NBC which requirements need to be met for this, but unfortunately this researcher did not meet those requirements. But the good news is that, according to this researcher, Stone's current production with Jim DiEugenio does meet those requirements. Lastly, according to him, Jim could obtain those films in a few weeks if he is willing to follow his instructions. I hope Jim does accept this exciting offer! Jim may PM me for details.
  11. Gary, Donna Schloss was not even working that day. She was watching the motorcade. Sharon probably misremembered who she was with.
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