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  1. Nothing wrong with not knowing. I was annoyed with your finding so many things strange. Strange photo, strange characters. Believe it or not, I didn’t mean to insult you.
  2. Seymour Weizman was also working for Robbie Love. He’s wearing a civilian suit with a hat in the Alyea film.
  3. Nothing strange about the man or the photo. Only your thoughts are. He’s a jailer working for the Sheriff’s office.
  4. That is Robert Edward. He was briefly interviewed in front of the TSBD at 12:50 by ABC reporter Bill Lord. He pointed to the TSBD saying he saw a man in a window.
  5. Can you work on this color photo taken about 20 minutes after the shooting?
  6. I was hoping that this photo taken about 20 minutes after the shooting would show Frazier's car. Unfortunately, trees are blocking our view of it. https://postimg.cc/PP1czM6D
  7. Weird that Frazier wants his lawyer present but parts of the interview took place without his lawyer present.
  8. My favorite researcher was Gary Mack. He knew so much. Wondering what will happen to his material. Probably donated to the 6FM. He was very accessible and a very solid source of information on the photos and films related to the assassination. His death was a great loss to the research community.
  9. «If you get too close to Joe Biden, he will sniff your hair».
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