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  1. Thanks for your comment on the BL. Let’s keep an opened mind on Craig. We will go over on certain things. Let’s see where it leads us.
  2. Thanks for your evaluation of my Craig page. Appreciated. I have not logged in the forum since I posted this. I will reply to your comments in a few days when I have an Internet connection at home again. I am not here to debate but to find out the facts. If there are things in the page that I can improve or correct, I certainly will. Craig used to be me hero in the first years of my research. I was extremely disappointed when I found out that he lied so much. He went from hero to zero.
  3. I would love to have a phone conversation with Craig’s son. I have some hope that I could convince him that his dad just made up stories. I would talk to him if he called me.
  4. Was his son told that deputy sheriff Harry Weatherford had a witness that he was watching the motorcade from the corner of Main and Houston and not from the roof of a building with a rifle?
  5. I was blocked on The Deputy’s Film Facebook page. Surely I was successfully disproving or putting dents on Craig’s fake claims. Craig was a huge xxxx. This is a page on his claims. Enjoy. https://jfkassassinationfiles.wordpress.com/2018/03/29/roger-craig/amp/
  6. The interviewer is asking McHugh if the body had been left unattended. It’s because he knew about Lifton working on his theory of stolen body.
  7. The 1976 Radio Special of Thou Shalt not Kill radio program. Rare 70s interviews with General McHugh who was in the motorocade, Charles Brehm, Jean Hill,AP photographer Altgens, Senator Yarborough,and DPD dispatcher Murray Jackson on the microphone stuck and patrolman Stavis Ellis at Parkland. Tippit segment: A last clip of this Radio show. General McHugh gives his observations of what happened in the motorcade, at Parkland and Bethesda. He says he was with JFK's body all the time. I think he told Lifton that he may have been absent about 15 minutes. He is describing a frontal wound... Sorry for the occasional choppy editing.
  8. I can't remember who said Ruth was CIA. Not someone credible for sure. Her sister was, OK.
  9. This lady is either Reid or Eileen Ruby, Jack's sister. Some time before or after, Jim Underwood is sitting next to Eileen's sister Eva. The glasses are different, but maybe Eileen had 2 pair of glasses. How common would that be in 1963, though? https://postimg.cc/F1XC4cL5
  10. Someone who wants to prove that the lady with glasses in Wiegman film is really Reid. I’m not convinced that the lady in the color photo published by “you know who but can’t say who”, the one in the Wiegman film and the one with Leavelle are the same. But I’ve been wrong before although extremely rarely as you know.
  11. Because she looks somewhat like her. But she also looks like one of Ruby’s sister.
  12. This is the lady who some say is Mrs. Reid with Leavelle. This is on November 24. I only know of her visit on November 23. I've just done a screen capture of the film showing the lady.
  13. Can you expend on this? "There's more proof than this that the Craven film was not ruined, and Gary became aware of it before he passed away." What I found in Trask's The Pictures of the Pain: https://postimg.cc/Mnd1wQdG https://postimg.cc/Ty1g334J https://postimg.cc/HJN5cCGD
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