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  1. I’m not disagreeing on the 4 ladies in the Z-film. In the second photo in the 6FM photo you will see the ladies about to leave the building. Carol Reed is wearing a white coat like one of the ladies in the Z film. And is Calvery holding her scarf in her hands? Same color as in the Z-film?
  2. He would be the first president with a mug shot. A creepy sicko.
  3. Just saw your post! I do not know how close. I lifted the sequence showing the doorway off Groden’s DVD. The complete film is available for viewing at the 6FM’s Research Room. Must be nice to see! I’m retiring in 11 years at which time I’ll have all the time in the world to visit places that have unique research material.
  4. It is hard to believe that is not Lovelady with the man thought to be Shelley. The shirt, the haircut, even the bald spot on the head. Come on.
  5. Always nice to see known people we have noticed in images. http://postimg.cc/fJ1xVGZW
  6. It used to be more obvious like "Curator's notes". Now it is "Label text" on the bottom of the page. This is what I get for one of the images: Color photographic print of six women who worked for the South-Western Publishing Company on the second floor of the Texas School Book Depository. This photo was taken in December 1963, shortly before Christmas. Karen Westbrook, who was a stenographer with South-Western Publishing in 1963-1964, identified the women as follows: From left to right in this photo: Gloria Calvery (red hair, with glasses), Carol (last name unknown), another Carol (last name unknown), Karen Westbrook, Karen Hicks in red, and on the far right, a woman whose name is unknown.
  7. Karen W. is the tallest one. She has big black buttons on her coat. Her coat has black on each side and her hairstyle is similar to the one in the photo you posted. The lady in red would be Karen Hicks. The one in dark blue and white would be Carol Reed. The one in an orange dress is identified as “Carol” by Westbrook. There is a Carol named Mrs. John L. (Carol) Hughes who was in the TSBD during the shooting and stayed there. She was 27.
  8. The photos are now available online. Click on this link. When the new window appears, click "Karen" in the search box. https://emuseum.jfk.org/objects/images;jsessionid=15B08AD1A4108A5B6B25F92F328C064B?fbclid=IwAR0-fLq_0hk8PQSBUUop74tJjS1vaimCf8Kz_GSigg2hLuObdcHeJ-5jR6k
  9. UPDATE: I put everything together including the scene showing Gloria Holt, Stella Jacob and Sharon Simmons and the one showing Marilyn Sitzman interviewed by deputy sheriff Bill Wiseman. The man with him is unknown to me. Denis Morissette JFK Assassination Fact Checker http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HS6D7iDr64I
  10. I bought a digital copy of this 1963 color photo from the 6FM. I can’t publish or share it without their permission. It is a very clear one. It is actually one of a 6-photo set donated by Karen Westbrook. Six ladies are standing in line in this photo. Two of them are identified as “Carol” by Karen. I don’t recognize any of them as Carol Reed.
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