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  1. Never mind about an email address. James Files said to steer clear of Mr. Buick and I have no desire to contact him.
  2. – Deep Politics and the Death of JFK by PDS p. 276 The Plot and the Coverup ....two minutes earlier by Jack Alston Crichton, a right-wing Republican, oil operator, member of Army Intelligence Reserve (9 WH 106), and head of "a local Army Intelligence Unit" (WCD 386, SS 1058). Crichton knew Mamantov personally as a fellow petroleum geologist. He also knew him because Mamantov was a precinct chairman o the Republican party, for which Crichton became the 1964 candidate for governor of Texas. It is not known how many Dallas policemen were also (as is apparently a widespread practice) members of the U.S. Army Reserve. One such reservist was Detective Adamik (7 WH 203), a member of the party which retrieved the rifle-blanket from the Paine garage and later reported what he overheard at Mamantov's interview of Marina about the rifle ("She said that it looked like her husband's rifle. She said that it was dark"; 24 WH291). Another member of Army Intelligence Reserve was Captain W. P. Gannaway, Revill's supervisor as head of the Dallas Police Special Service Bureau (WCD 1426.26; 19 WH 120); Gannaway's secretary was reported by an out-of-town police chief to be "closely connected" to Jack Ruby (WCD 86.151). This story was plausible, given the close connection between Ruby and the SSB, including men who participated in the search of the TSBD and the arrest of Oswald. Since the protection of visiting dignitaries was one of the SSB's responsibilities (5 WH48), Gannaway was involved in the meetings arranged by Secret Service advance man Winston Lawson for the Kennedy visit (5 WH39; 7 WH 580). According to a news story in FBI files, in 1963 both Captain Gannaway and his subordinate Lieutenant Revill were assigned a special responsibility for "espionage and subversive activities" in Dallas. This was in conjunction with Federal Bureau of Investigation agents, military intelligence teams from the army, navy, and air force, and other federal agencies with investigators operating from headquarters here…The job of [Revill's] intelligence section in Capt. Gannaway's bureau…requires the closest cooperation with these other governmental agencies gathering intelligence on subversive groups suspected of espionage…With membership in a national police intelligence organization known as LEIU (Law Enforcement Intelligence Units) the local officers are able to get information almost immediately on suspected subversives when they move into Dallas. This information is exchanged by police units as these persons move from city to city…Employes in [industrial] plants are carefully screened by security conscious personnel officers, and in key jobs are given strict government security clearances. Industry is taking great strides to upgrade security practices. One such group in this area is the American Society for Industrial Security. 10 The possibility that Oswald was an informant for this centralized security team would explain his visit to the Dallas American Civil Liberties Union, a liberal group being investigated by Revill's intelligence section, in the company of an extreme right-winger (Michael Paine). 11. One can see how easily a false legend for Oswald could have been generated in the shared files of this coordinated security campaign, involving the Dallas SSB, FBI, military intelligence, and the American Society for Industrial Security. Such a centralized file system could be the source for the recurring (and unexplained) inversion of Oswald's name, as Harvey Lee Oswald, in the files of the Dallas police (e.g., 19 WH 438, 24 WH 259), FBI (e.g., 23 WH 207, 23 WH 373), Secret Service (16 WH 721, 748), army intelligence, and navy intelligence. 12. The most intriguing "Harvey Lee Oswald" document is Jack Revill's list of employees at the Texas School Book Depository, compiled right after the assassination, before Oswald had been apprehended for the Tippit murder. For some unexplained reason, Oswald's inverted name ("Harvey Lee Oswald") was at the very head of that list, accompanied by an address, "605 Elsbeth," that slightly misrepresented the address (602 Elsbeth) where he had resided a year earlier (24 WH 259). 13 The Elsbeth address does suggest that Oswald's data had been parked for some time before the assassination in an intelligence file, not hitherto identified. One possibility would be the files of the LEIU, the Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit, the intercity police-intelligence organization of which Revill as the lead local representative. LEIU's files, unlike ordinary police files, cannot be given to any civilian authorities and are treated as exempt from the Freedom of Information Act. As we shall see, it was also a frequent practice for the LEIU member intelligence units to collaborate with army intelligence. 14. Another army reserve officer in Dealey plaza may have been Winston Lawson, the White House Secret Service agent responsible for the choice of the Kennedy motorcade route (4 WH 318). Lawson's first three reports of what happened on and before November 22 raise considerable questions about his performance. ..... http://leiu-homepage.org/about/historyPurpose.php History, Purpose, and Operations click here for the PDF version HISTORY In the mid 1950's, local and state law enforcement agencies in the United States recognized that no single agency or organization was responsible for receiving, collating, maintaining, and disseminating information on persons involved in organized crime. These law enforcement agencies surmised correctly that organized crime would exploit advancing technologies in transportation and communications, become more mobile, and increase their spheres of influence and criminal activities. As a result, twenty-six (26) law enforcement agencies met in San Francisco, California on March 29, 1956 to discuss problems and possible solutions. The most important result of that meeting was the creation of the LEIU – The LAW ENFORCEMENT INTELLIGENCE UNIT and the development of an organizational purpose that survives to this day. PURPOSE The purpose of LEIU is to gather, record, and exchange confidential information not available through regular police channels, concerning organized crime and terrorism. OPERATIONS LEIU is an association of state and local police departments, similar in many respects to numerous other professional associations serving doctors, attorneys, journalists, and educators. LEIU has no employees and no capability as an entity to conduct any investigation or law enforcement activity of any kind. Each member agency is bound by, and acts pursuant to local law and their own agency regulations. The Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit is divided geographically into four (4) Zones, they are: Eastern, Central, Northwestern, and Southwestern. Each Zone elects a Chair and Vice Chair to serve as Zone Officers. Internationally, LEIU elects a General Chair, Vice General Chair, and designates a Secretary-Treasurer and a legal advisor who serve as International Officers. The International Officers, Zone Officers, past General Chair and two representatives from the Central Coordinating Agency make up the Executive Board. The Executive Board is the governing body of LEIU, and as such establishes policy and passes upon the admission of all members. The Executive Board is governed by a Constitution and Bylaws. LEIU membership is limited to law enforcement agencies of general jurisdiction having an intelligence function. To become a member, an agency head makes written application. The applying agencies must be sponsored by an LEIU member. Each member agency head appoints an LEIU representative to be the contact for the Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit. All LEIU member agencies are notified of an application for membership and have an opportunity to comment on the application. A background screening is conducted of the applying agency and the individual nominated to represent that agency. The application is voted on by the Executive Board. Termination of a member agency is provided for in the Constitution and Bylaws. Modern transportation allows an organized crime subject, gang member, or terrorist to travel from coast- to- coast in a matter of hours. Membership in LEIU provides a means of coping with the multi-jurisdictional investigation of organized crime/gang/terrorism information. To submit a suspected criminal subject to the LEIU automated system, a member agency enters the subject information through a secure intranet, which is stored on the Regional Information Sharing System (RISS) communications highway. The subject information includes, among other items, the subject’s identity, criminal activity, and criminal associates. All information submitted to the LEIU Automated File must meet LEIU File Guidelines and comply with 28 Code of Federal Regulations, part 23 (28CFR, part 23). The submitting agency must certify the subject meets established criteria, including criminal predicate. The Central Coordinating Agency (CCA) manages this automated file. CCA is housed within the California Department of Justice in Sacramento, California. The membership of LEIU is comprised of law enforcement agencies in the United States, Canada, Australia, and South Africa. Due to the rapport established at the annual training seminars and through multi-agency investigations, representatives of member agencies have established a highly professional relationship of trust and respect. This facilitates the exchange of confidential criminal information between agencies. Although the LEIU Constitution and Bylaws restrict the dissemination of information to non-member law enforcement agencies, it is the policy of the LEIU that every member shall assist any law enforcement agency making a valid request concerning organized crime/gangs/terrorism. This exchange of criminal intelligence information is completed only after establishing a “right to know” and a “need to know”. This policy provides for the security of the information and protects the privacy of individuals. In addition to gathering, recording, and exchanging confidential criminal information, the Central Coordinating Agency maintains an automated gaming index. The gaming index is a compilation of public information provided by member agencies that acts as a pointer system to assist in determining whether background information on individuals and companies applying for gaming licenses exist and whether the licenses for which the applicants have applied have been granted or denied. The existence of organized criminal enterprises (traditional organized crime, gangs, or terrorists) in a free society requires alert law enforcement to proactively gather and analyze data. The traditional reactive approach to crime control is not effective when dealing with the scope and nature of organized criminal enterprises. The ability to retain data and review material is necessary to prevent crime or determine if criminal prosecution can be obtained. While accomplishing this, law enforcement agencies must abide by the rules and legal decisions that relate to the issues of security and privacy. LEIU members are guided in this area by the LEIU Constitution and Bylaws, the Representative’s Position Responsibilities, and LEIU File Guidelines. LEIU is a professional association that is recognized and discussed in books, periodicals, governmental documents and news media articles (site ref #1). LEIU representatives have voluntarily testified before Federal and State legislative committees (site ref #2) concerning the LEIU organization, its goals, and its role in combating organized criminal enterprises. The importance of gathering criminal intelligence information has been stressed by at least eight (8) National Commissions (site ref #3). The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) has also recognized a need for the collection of criminal information. The IACP hosted a criminal intelligence sharing summit in March 2002, with the intent of enhancing the sharing of intelligence among various national, state and local agencies. LEIU was invited to participate in this summit and has been a leader in developing a National Criminal Intelligence Sharing Plan that will enhance public safety. This Plan recognizes and addresses the critical role that criminal intelligence performs in the implementation of effective Community Oriented Policing strategies within our communities. No professional organization is without individuals who may abuse their regulations. LEIU recognizes that there have been errors made by some law enforcement intelligence units. But the answer to such errors is not the abolition of law enforcement intelligence files and criminal intelligence units. A solution lies, rather, in establishing well-defined standards governing the operations of criminal intelligence units. LEIU supports this concept and recognizes that there has to be a balance between protecting our constitutional liberties and protecting our society against those involved in criminal activity. 1 Examples of Publications - “Crime Confederation”, Ralph Salerno; “Theft of a Nation”, Dr. Donald Cressey; “Police Chief”, IACP; “Combating Organized Crime”, Report of Oyster Bay Conference, 1965; “Task Force Report: Organized Crime”, President’s commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice, 1967; Newsday; Los Angeles Times; San Diego Union. 2 Example: A Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights of the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary, March 14, 1974. 3 National Commissions - President’s Commission on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, November 29, 1963; President’s Commission on Crime in the District of Columbia, July 1967; President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice, 1967; National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders, 1967; National Commission on the Causes and Preventions of Violence, 1968; President’s Commission on Campus Unrest, 1970; National Advisory Commission on Criminal Justice Standards and Goals, 1971-1973; National Task Force on Organized Crime, 1976. Thank you for posting this. I don't have the book Deep Politics and when trying to access the information at http://books.google.com/books?id=zWewDbarT...esult#PPA271,M1 the pages I really want to read are not available. Do you have the missing pages 272, 273, 275, 281 and will you please post them here? I'm working on some new information and will post it soon. Thanks again.
  3. *************** DPD Officer Joe Marshall Smith......also there for crowd control..He was at the corner when a woman ran up to him,yelling.. "They're shooting the President from the bushes".... He also thought the shots came from the bushes beside the overpass....... Testimony Of Joe Marshall Smith Vol V11 ......W/C......p.532- 535 http://jfkassassination.net/russ/testimony/smith_j1.htm B...... Hi B, Yea, I got Joe Marshall Smith, Edgar L. Smith (7H 567) and Welcome Eugene Barnett (7H 541), but none of them mention the advance car stopping to talk or what they talked about. J.M. Smith was a Navy man, but the other two were not asked if they had served in the Army or were in the Army Reserves. There may be a film or photo of the car stopped and which cop they talked to. BK Bill, I'm looking for a complete list of Dallas Police that were stationed in Dealey Plaza. Can you help me? Also, do you know if Welcome Eugene Barnett is still alive? What did he do in the years following the assassination? Although you mentioned above that the two DP were not ASKED if they had served in the Army or were in the Army Reserves, do you have any information on their military history other than J. M. Smith was a Navy man? Thank you. Pamela
  4. Does anyone know of a complete list of Dallas Police and Military Intel officers present in Dealey Plaza Nov 22, 1963? Rank and duties would be helpful too.
  5. James Files was mentioning he recently saw the TV special Inside the Target Car and one thing stuck out in his mind while watching it. He said some of the pictures of Dealey Plaza seemed to have very few people and he clearly remembers people standing shoulder to shoulder before the motorcade came by. He thinks the Zapruder film has been tampered with and some of the people, which were in the plaza near where he was located, have been edited out. He said some of the footage showing the car coming down Elm Street making the turn off Houston had lots of people standing on the side of the street and that is how he remembers it. Does anyone know if the Zapruder film was altered in regards to the by-standers, not just the footage of JFK getting hit? Files thinks there should be a lot more people represented in the film and photos in Dealey Plaza’s grassy areas getting on the ground to avoid getting caught in any crossfire. What do the photo experts have to say?
  6. Pamela Ray James Files Q & A November 22, 2008 Who was his commander in Laos? Col. Fletcher Prouty was the one basically in charge in Laos. James Files had a hard time remembering his direct commanding officer, but he said if he had to guess it would be Capt. Hayford, or Hillford. He didn’t really want me to put the name out there since he can’t prove anything and he doesn’t want to be accused of saying the wrong name. I also asked him if Ted Shackley was in any supervisory position at that time and he said no. He said Shackley was stationed in Saigon, not Laos, and Shackley had recommended Sutton/Files to David Phillips for work with the CIA. During the time frame 1959-1960 Files did not personally know Ted Shackley. He met Shackley later on but David Phillips is the one who checked him out of the Maywood Illinois Hospital where he had been placed for psychiatric evaluation after the court-martial incident from Laos. We talked more about Shackley, Tom Ridge and Operation Phoenix but this information concerns Vietnam in the 1960’s long after Laos and the JFK assassination in 1963. While at Fort Bragg, what special training or lessons did he receive prior to deploying to Laos? Prior to President Kennedy allowing the use of the Green Beret in 1961-62, Files said at the time, in 1959, the group was called Airborne Rangers. He said he learned special techniques for mechanical ambushes, combat, weapons and basically training the locals how to use them in different situations. He said it was done at a place called “Smoke Bomb Hill” there at Ft. Bragg. While commenting, I couldn’t understand a certain word Files said but it was followed with the word “reservation.” He also said from Ft. Bragg he was shipped first to Colorado, then California, and off to Laos. He thinks the date was July 10, 1959. When he left Fort Bragg for Laos in the summer of 1959, what was the mission's operational code name? Operation Mobile White Star. When did he redeploy back to the States from Laos? James Files said he came back from Laos in 1960.
  7. Correction: Mr Files didn't shoot the cop. His partner Dave Morley did. Was that an officer of the prison? Then she or he might get in trouble by your placing this letter on the Internet. Pam, Here's a suggestion to write back: Jimmy honey, light of my life, I love you and you love me. Please give Wim what he wants so I can have my books back and run off with the monies he gave me. That is, if you truly love me. xxxx, he could even come after me for the money I owe him. It's really a mute point, sweetheart. Wim showed me the releases you already signed and he has mailed them to you as well. They clearly state your consent for film purposes and re-enactments. The only reason he asks you to sign the proposed release is to exclude all possibilities that I will be in a pain in his ass by making baseless claims IF he would ever decide to make a feauture film about your story. You see honey, he just wants to avoid that he needs to waste more money on lawyers if I decide to be rabble rouser again in such event. That's the only reason why he wants to have it even more ironclad than it already is. Wim, being the stubborn hardheaded SOB that he is, is not going to bow down. He holds the cards, baby. There's nothing to gain for him from a new deal with me. Sweetheart, if you love me, think with the right head and just do it for me, okay? On the interview, I suggest we concentrate solely on the new information and not ask you questions that you answered over and over again. Now that Wim has found the identity of The Raven and you're willing to give us more information , it's very important that we can give the public something to hang a hat on. Hopefully now we can prove beyond any doubt that you're telling the truth with the identity and background of The Raven. I hope that his history is verifiable, with all this boneheads trying to rip your story apart. Darling, you know how important it is to me to prove that you have been truthful all along and was just trying to protect some people. People also want to know why you gave the info on Lansdale behind the fence with you not right away. You talked about David Atlee Phillips, so why not about Lansdale? That's what they wanna know, along with Lansdale's role that day. The queen of your hearts, Pammie Wim you are a piece of work. You have spent too many years with Bob Vernon and it shows - this is not a compliment. Why don't you simply add to my proposal a statement to the effect I can make no claims in the future production of a movie etc? Why are you making this so anal? Why don't you get it through that hardhead and heart of yours that James Files is very done with you? Rumor has it the person who gave you the name for the Raven's identity was never paid the $10,000 REWARD money. What's up with not keeping your word on that deal as well?
  8. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20081119/ap_on_...ation_witnesses "It seems like everybody around us was running up the grassy knoll hill," Gayle Newman said. "The police officers had their guns drawn." Do the couple feel a second gunman fired from the grassy knoll? "I do tend to want to lean in the direction that it was a conspiracy, meaning more than one person was involved. But so far, no one's ever come forward with concrete evidence," Bill Newman said.
  9. Letter #1446 November 14, 2008 I do hope and pray this Friday morning finds My Sweet Love and all of her loved ones in The Best of Health and High Spirits and also “SAFE & SOUND!” I also pray that your Brother will soon be healed and cancer free. I pray to God to reach out and touch Wim and have him sign the agreement, for you to receive the help and finance to complete the projects. For you to have peace of mind, find true happiness, enjoy life once again and to live happily ever after and for good things to come your way. AMEN! As for me, I’m feeling a lot better. Still under the weather, but getting better with each passing day. …There are a lot of people who want to buy the book but cannot get it. Our used books are selling for $50.00 plus…I got a letter last night from (name withheld) wanting to know when our next book will be available. I’m not sure, but I think she was asking about Interview with History. Also, young people are buying the book as well. They had a tour come through the other day, and the one young girl recognized me from the book and Internet and ask the officer with them if she could ask me a question. He told her to go ahead. They’re not suppose to talk to prisoners, but with the cop there, I guess that it’s alright. Anyway, she wanted to know if I had any regrets for shooting JFK. I looked at her, eye to eye and said, “No, if I have any regrets at all, it would be that we didn’t do it sooner.” Then the officer goes, “Mr. Files is not here for Kennedy; he’s here for shooting a cop that was trying to kill him.” The tour, a law class, all had questions they wanted to ask, but I didn’t want to answer their questions. But the young girl said she really enjoyed our book and that Ms. Ray was a very good author, that you did an excellent job with the book. I agreed with her and thanked her for saying so. Well, I finally got the phone, but they still haven’t turned them on up front yet. I just hope nothing is wrong, as they just announced that we are feeding in today. They said nothing about a lock-down status, so I’m praying I’ll get to call you. My Love, I want you to know that I’m very proud of you and that I appreciate everything that you have done. It has been one long hard road and you have had a heavy burden to bear as well while traveling it. I never dreamed of how many problems there would be along the way. I honestly don’t know how you have managed to stand up under all the strain and harassment while working and fighting to get the books to market. I know it has been a long struggle for you and heart-breaking results. I’m sooooooooooooooo sorry for how it has been. But had I been in the free world with you, then I’m sure it would have all been different. Just know that I love you and support you all the way and that what I want is for you and you alone. As for me, I don’t care about any of it anymore. I’m just thankful that we can put it all behind us. I know that both books were like your two babies, and in time, maybe they’ll be reborn again and you’ll still get them to the public. Bruce has made plans to have next Saturday free, so he can come and spend the one hour visit with me, being that is time of the anniversary (I don’t remember which one) for JFK. I could think about it and figure out which one, but I honestly don’t care that much, to where I want to think about it. …Bruce and me don’t give a sh*t what they made and are trying to market. I’m not signing a release for anything. As far as I’m concerned, JFK is dead and so am I…
  10. Wade, Thanks for the questions. I already know most of what his answers would be to these questions. Where I'm not sure I will ask him. I have been interviewing him directly and indirectly in our letters and phone calls for the last 10 years. I'll post the answers next week when I compile everything. Thanks again. Pamela
  11. Are you ready to make peace yet? I spoke with Zack Shelton this morning and if he and I can get along, don't you think there might be hope for us? He even thinks you are a bully and "you think you are god with your money." Jimmy and I have given you everything. Why don't you DO THE RIGHT THING? Pamela Ray & Wim Dankbaar Final Agreement (Proposal) October 17, 2008 Pamela Ray and Wim Dankbaar acknowledge there have been legal agreements and contracts in the past. Contract History: October 2002 Trine Day Agreement – cancelled Sept 2004 Pamela Ray author – Wim Dankbaar “Silent Investor” November 2003 Joint Venture/Revenue Sharing Agreement Wim Dankbaar – 75% shareholder of James Files 2003 taped interview Pamela Ray – 25% shareholder of James Files 2003 taped interview January 2004 – loan agreement between Wim Dankbaar & Pamela Ray – in loan agreement Pamela Ray’s book copyrights and ownership are mentioned – To Kill A Country – book rights involved Interview with History: The JFK Assassination – 2nd book Proposal: Wim Dankbaar has 100% control of the 2003 James Files footage. Pamela Ray owes Wim Dankbaar no money from previous contracts and all debt is absolved. Wim Dankbaar owes Pamela Ray no money from the sale of the 2003 James Files footage. Pamela Ray has 100% control of both her books To Kill A Country and Interview with History: The JFK Assassination. Interview with History: The JFK Assassination has been modified and is ready to be put back on the market. (Oct 2008) To Kill A Country has yet to be modified and will be put back on the market as soon as the modifications are made and Wim Dankbaar agrees to the changes. Pamela Ray agrees to present To Kill A Country to Wim Dankbaar for final approval once modifications to manuscript have been made. Wim Dankbaar releases all claims to Pamela Ray’s copyright and ownership to both books and will not claim now or in the future any copyright/ownership at Pamela Ray’s publisher AuthorHouse. This contract will serve as a notice to AuthorHouse that Wim Dankbaar’s claim to Pamela Ray’s books Interview with History: The JFK Assassination and To Kill A Country are no longer valid. Pamela Ray & Wim Dankbaar both agree that all previous contracts are no longer in effect by signing and dating this final agreement. Both agree no debt is owed by either party to the other party. Signed: Pamela Ray _________________________________ Date: ________________________________ Signed: Wim Dankbaar _______________________________ Date: ______________________________ Witness: Jeff Ankrom ______________________________ Date: _______________________________ Blessed are the peacemakers and God hates the oppression of the poor!
  12. to pamela11@flex.com, dank@xs4all.nl date Nov 17, 2008 12:27 PM mailed-by gmx.de Hi Pamela, Hi Wim, for the sake of your political responsibility to mankind as a whole you should distance yourself from personal disinclination and the games a conflicted, wounded soul in an inhuman prison is playing with you, and cooperate alltogether in a decent way, abolishing all harsh words out of anger and intentions to overdo the other. You should visit each other and talk honestly about your real wishes and best form of future publishing together, reaching the maximum for the truth and credibility. Therefore some questions for the interview might help, I wrote some of them in June already to you Wim, refering to your book, but they might be still relevant for you as well, Pamela: 1. Why did the CIA allow James Files’ confessions to be made and to be published at all? 2. If James Files would come out of prison, what would happen to him? 3. What does the “US-Marshall-detainer” really mean for him? 4. For the ordinaray, unexperienced reader in this respect it is hard to understand how the cover-up after Dealey Plaza could work so well while there are so many paticipants. 5. Are there persons involved into the assassination, James Files did not name in the 2003 confession, because they were still alive, but are not alive anymore and could be named by him now? 6. What did Chauncy Holt forget to say? 7. What does Jimmy Files mean by reaching “immunity” first in his letters to Joe West and Bob Vernon? I mean, would a man like James Files ever have reached a real immunity? By whom? Who could guarantee? 8. Why did Chancey Holt die so short after his testimony? 9. What did Marshall Caifano, Richard Cain, Luis Posada, Cesar Diosdado, Charles Harrelson where on Nov 22nd 1963?.”? 10. On the website theconspiracyzone1.blogspot.com/2007/11/part-... there is a drawn picture http://bp1.blogger.com/_7Bqr1I5gzyk/RyvQ_i...les+closeup.gif which wants to show Dealey Plaza top view and the location of the hitmen and the moving direction of the bullets. It says that the man behind the picket fence would have gone to the west and not to the TSBD after the shot. Is that allegation right? 11. Is it really possible that the hits into Kennedy’s throat and in the back did not go through the body? Were these low velocity rifles? 12. Where was Nicoletti’s exact position in the Dal-Tex? And the position of all the other shooters. 13. The very long way Files had to walk from the fence to his car into all these people and then Nicoletti and Roselli waiting for Files ... this sounds very improbable. What would Nicoletti and Roselli have done, if Files would have been stopped or not have come back? 14. Too few transparancy about Nicoletti's and Roselli's way back from their shooting position to the car. Also the curious fact that Zapruder had so many connections to the Dal-Tex and was standing so close to Files. 15. Could it be possible that Files is on Zapruder’s film? 16. Is an unfaked original of the Zapruder film still existing? And a place in the internet where you can see all frames? 17. Any chance to get the name of the two men close to Files at the picket fence, who stopped the police man with their IDs? Is that police man still alive? 18. The testimony of Malcom Summers having seen James Files is too important to leave it between the lines on page XYZ. It should be placed closer to the beginning in your book. 19. In the "Bell Movie" of the assassination you can see for a second a person walking from grassy knowl towards the schoolbook house. Could that be Files? 20. Is somebody trying to get the exhuming of Kennedy’s body now again? Does the Kennedy family help or show interest in your work? Why is there no big sponsor for Pamela? 21. Who actually paid the hitmen? The mob or the CIA or both? 22. All the descriptions of how the body of Kennedy was exchanged from one coffin to the other are still a little confusing to me. This should be told in exact pictures with arrows so that even me is getting it finally. 23. Didn’t James Files realize or consider, that this assassination on 22nd NOV 63 was a little different from others, it was the PRESIDENT? Didn’t he feel any scrupulous or being scared about the aftermath? 24. Wasn’t Files aware that Nicoletti was exploiting a young man’s loyalty to a maximum degree? 25. Telling a little more about Papa Bush’s role in maintaining group 40? A little more about Eugene Hale Bradings biography and connections to the Texas oil men? Leads to Bush? 26. In one chapter you write: “Remember how CIA drug smuggler and Iran-Contra operative Barry Seal was gunned down? If you believe his lawyer, Seal was in direct contact with George Bush. And the personal telephone number of George H. W. Bush was found in the trunk of Seal's car. (Proof?) They blamed his murder on the Medellin cartel, but he was scheduled to testify and there were a lot of rumors he had a video tape featuring Jeb and George W. Bush." 27. James Files speaks about Bush as his “second controller”. Did he really meet Bush some time in the early sixties or getsome order which he knows was from Bush? 28. Any comment from you to the chances that James Files might change his mind about helping the FBI in solving other murder-cases some time? 29. Oswald said to his girlfriend: “If I stay it will be one less bullet aimed at Kennedy!” Any proof for that? 30. Are there any photos Files made of Oswald in 1993? At one chapter you write that Joe West would have had more photos. Where are they now? Does Files have the pictures still, his uncle developed? 31. Who let the records of Oswald’s interrogation disappear? 32. Files transported weopons with Oswald in a dirty green pickup truck. When exactly? Where? Purpose? 33. George Collura = Wolfman, killed by who? 34. John Grady, a “historian of the 82nd Airborne”. What does that mean? What’s his profession and interest in the Kennedy-thing and military? 35. In the interview: when you show a photo to Files and tell that this would be 50 Seconds after the shots and asking Files whether this could be him. Why should Files stand on the fence for 50 seconds after the shots? 36. Are the ones who gave the orders for James Files’ killings protecting Files now as somewhat of a thankfulness in the unoutspoken secret order? Is there any protecting hand above Files despite all the trys to kill him? 37. It’s amazing that a group of 40 can do so many harmful things that it even changes the political landscape of whole Middle and South America. But nevertheless after all these years they did not achieve to kill Castro. I don’t have the knowledge to answer why. 38. The torture episode of Files: FBI-people not reckognizing that their victim is not dead? Didn't they watch him breath while driving him around? Was Zack Shelton deaf? 39. What does Jimmy mean by “Back East”and “MPI” in his letter to Bob? Who is “Don”? 40. Where are the letters from Bob to Jimmy? 41. Chapter: Bob Vernon: “I meet the assassin” : “Barry and I drove away ...” who is Barry Adelmann? What’s his role? 42. Some more proofs that the Remigton Fireball was in fact a delivered prototype in 1963 already? Where could this weapon really be now? O cross my fingers that James Files is giving as much truth to the public as possible, that everybody is reckognizing that nobody possesses the truth nor is it the main goal to make money with it. Have a good day, Christoph to Christoph Messner <Christoph.Hans.Messner@gmx.de> date Nov 17, 2008 6:42 PM subject Re: mailed-by flex.com Hi Christoph, Wow. This is some list of questions! Did I mention the length of the interview would be about 30 minutes? Hey it's okay since I can answer most of these without asking James Files. I'll make sure I post the answers with the other Q & A's. James Files is not playing a game from prison. James Files has kept his word and basically, Dankbaar did not keep his and proceeded to sabotage our publishing efforts at every turn. Maybe an apology and restitution would go a long way in mending the fences. All I'm asking for is no more interference at the publisher with To Kill A Country and Interview with History in exchange for signing off all debt and my 25% rights in the Ray/Dankbaar Joint Venture Revenue Sharing Agreement involving the 2003 footage Dankbaar wouldn't have AT ALL if it wasn't for me and James Files ONLY doing it under the impression that it would help our book get published in 2004. Yes, this would be a good start. In the meantime, while not holding my breath, I will continue to collect, post and publish information until my time on earth is up. Why is it that out of all the thousands of books written on the JFK assassination, the ones I published with James Files come under the suspicion of "doing it only for profit?" James Files trusted ONLY me to tell the public the truth regarding his role in history and that is why he asked me to write with him. He obviously never trusted Bob or Wim to do the job right or he would have asked them...don't you think? Wim never had our permission to publish our letters and all our hard work in his plagiarized version of the story. Don't forget, it takes a long time to get letters in to him, transcribing phone calls is tedious to say the least and you get the picture. Peace and Aloha, Pamela
  13. Besides involving some of the same people and covert operational techniques, the Orlando Letelier assassination provides a very detailed blueprint of how such an a political assassination is run through the US Judicial system. As was pointed out a the Wecht conference, this system is not concerned as much with Justice as it is with due process. The process - applied by dedicated and determined assistant prosecutors and a special federal grand jury, resulted with indictments and trial. You can study the Letelier assassintion in order to understand process and move the JKF assassination into the legal realm, but not to prove James Files credible. BK If anyone wants to read James Files’ comments regarding the Chile CIA sponsored coup and the subsequent Letelier assassination, just email me a request and I can send our book To Kill A Country in PDF. Needless to say, "James Files credibility" has been severely damaged by the likes of Bob Vernon and Wim Dankbaar. I asked James Files, years ago…how can liars help promote the truth?
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