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  1. Hello Paz: I look forward to the translation of this article. As a Canadian researcher possessing a long interest in the subject matters generated on this and other forums I can understand/sympathize with the frustration one endures in dealing with Library and Archives, Canada, though this is obviously not a "mind set" unique to this particular institution. I have been attempting to acquire information from Archives Canada concerning William Sucher and the former International Firearms Company, Montreal, Quebec for several years now and still have not obtained everything I have requested. I just yesterday completed a request for records that pertain to the Crown Assets Disposal Corporation circa 1954 to 1962 and have been told that a response could take up to five months! Oh well, carry on!! Gary Murr
  2. Mrs. Stanton, Mrs. Sanders, where are you?

    Hello Tommy: No problem - and I did see your reply to Andrej before my offer. No offense to Don Roberdeau and his map , which I am familiar with and is excellent. However, perhaps the information I have, coupled with Don's witness positioning can aid with the end results Andrej [and others] are trying to achieve. As I indicated in my prior response, the measurements I have were taken within two weeks of the assassination event, on site, with the aid of surveyors equipment. FWIW
  3. Mrs. Stanton, Mrs. Sanders, where are you?

    Andrej: If you [or someone] is able to indicate the position of the ladies in question relative to the four "live" oak trees that run along and in front of the Elm Street extension [that runs to the railroad yards] I have some exact measurements of distances from these trees to the front of the TSBD, measurements [with accompanying diagrams] constructed by SA Brent Hughes of the FBI Exhibits Section on December 6, 1963.
  4. Martin Hay Reviews Bugliosi Jr.

    Hey Jim: I haven't been able to test the Bugliosi fruit-cake explanation offered for the lack of copper found on the Tague curb mark, but given what I do know about 6.5mm Carcano ammunition manufactured by the Western Cartridge Company, and e-mail exchanges on this subject matter with former employees, this theoretical possibility is nil. On the other hand, a fellow researcher and myself did test the Posner village idiot proposition and found it wanting. I [hopefully] am attaching a link to images of a 6.5mm WCC bullet that was fired through two oak tree "twigs" from a distance of 50 yards, both of which were roughly 2.5" in diameter. As you can see the copper jacket stayed intact, as it most certainly should have. The only after-affect we noted was a very slight "toothpaste" protrusion of lead from the base of this expended cartridge. http://s1243.photobucket.com/user/GaryWCC/media/WCC branch test.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1 FWIW Gary Murr

    Thanks, Mervyn; I was aware that the Olga had been "chopped up" - current photographs make that painfully obvious. I was not aware, however, that the Justice Department was involved - very interesting. I will be in touch with you regarding sharing/exchanging information and documentation on the OP. I just have to finish this final editing work first. If there is anything specific you would like to know, just ask. Gary

    I thank you for your informative reply, Mervyn - much appreciated. Funny thing, timing is; I just happen to be in the process of the final edit/re-write of the particular segment of "Forgotten" that deals, in part, with the Olga Patricia story. It is a 177 page section titled "The Light We Cannot See" that examines in detail the relationship between the CIA and Sam Cummings of Interarms/Interarmco fame and just how the Agency accumulates and then distributes the machinery of war to those involved in their various clandestine operations. The Olga story is included in this section. It is nice to know that you found my initial work on this subject matter of interest. Is that you I see in a series of photographs taken with among others MvdV at the Offshore 50, Tattershall Castle get together in London, England, last August [2017]? If so, it looks like everyone had a good time! Gary

    Hello Mervyn: You may be "happy" to know that I include several pages of information on the Olga Patricia in my forthcoming work, "Forgotten." As you are probably aware, this particular vessel was not always called the Olga, my research indicating that it went through at least eight potential names changes over the years. And as you may also be aware, the Olga was listed in a JMWAVE office cable dated June 29, 1963 as a potential "mother ship" maritime asset useful to Manuel Artime in his CIA backed attempt to overthrow the Castro regime. Are you also aware that the Olga still exists, survives to this day, albeit in a somewhat modified form? FWIW Gary Murr
  8. Cubans sorted by name

    No problem; as you indicated, all of this material is useful. Gary
  9. Cubans sorted by name

    And further, Steve, "Cuban Mug book Vol III" has the CIA's 201 file numbers affixed to those on whom they, the CIA, had obviously opened a file. Gary
  10. Cubans sorted by name

    Hi Steve: In addition, see the two MF links below; they tie in with your "Cubans sorted by names" but importantly also contain fairly decent mug shots of everyone on these listings. FWIW Gary https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=77012&relPageId=2&search="Cuban_mugbook Vol II" https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=77013&relPageId=2&search="Cuban_mugbook Vol III"
  11. Seasons Greetings to all

    Yes it did, James! We only received about 20 inches over Christmas eve and Christmas day. Unfortunately in this instance, and given the wind direction out of the Northwest, Erie was on the wrong side of the lake!!
  12. Seasons Greetings to all

    Merry Christmas to all from the frozen northland of Canada - where the temperature was a balmy minus 26 degrees today! Best wishes for the New Year and to all, keep up the good [research] fight!!
  13. Lee Harvey Oswald's possessions

    Welcome to the forum, Zach, and an interesting first posting. Am I to assume, based upon what I see in your avatar, that you are potentially a fellow Canadian? Gary Murr
  14. Bloomfield Papers

    Hello John: I believe Jim is referring to a fellow Canadian here - Robert Charles Dunne - or as he is known, "RCD." When you get a chance check out some of his postings here on the Ed Forum; I think you will find his writings insightful. Gary Murr
  15. Montreal is more than Permindex

    As with a lot of what one finds on Wiki, information such as this should be approached with caution particularly if one seeks historical accuracy. While it is true that Century Arms was "founded" in St. Albans, Vermont, in 1961, the power behind this particular "throne" was William Sucher and Empire Wholesale out of Montreal. As I discovered, James Ouimet, who is referred to as the "President" of Century Arms was actually a figurehead put in place by Sucher and his associates to run Century on their behalf. Sucher had actually established a foothold in this same area years earlier, but got into trouble with the state and the ATAF for violating various arms/armaments statutes and got the boot out of the country. Century was his "back door" re-entry into the U. S. and the lucrative arms market he wished to exploit, which he obviously did with huge success. Members of Sucher's family continue to run Century out of Florida and have for decades. The oft-repeated story that Sucher started out as a typewriter salesman is contrived, at best. William Sucher was, from the very beginning, involved in the importation and selling of arms and ammunition - the "typewriter"/office equipment business was merely a front, a company he started simultaneously with his first arms/armament company and one that he had registered in his wife's name. In excess of 10,000 pages of my 50,000+ pages I have acquired in my search for the true history of 6.5mm ammunition manufactured by the Western Cartridge Company deals with Empire Wholesale, Century Arms, et al., including all articles of incorporation for all of the companies generated by Sucher and his associates. FWIW Gary