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  1. Hi James: The "four blind mice" - Givens, Bonnie Ray Williams, James Jarman, Jr., and Harold Norman. Gary
  2. FWIW: I wrote a 200 page chapter on Charles Givens and friends, which can be found in Volume 2 [Forsaken - Tales of Straw-men and Reconstruction] of my John Connally trilogy, "Controlling The Past" It is Chapter 26 of Volume 2 and is titled, "Disconnected - or Four Blind Mice?" Gary Murr
  3. This is indeed sad news. I had the pleasure of meeting Ian on two different occasions in Dallas during Lancer Conference appearances. He was most gracious and never failed to respond to any requests for information I made of him over the years. His work on members of the Dallas Police Department was a remains first rate. As a fellow "old guard" researcher he was someone I considered a friend and he will be missed. RIP Ian.
  4. Jim: As I have repeatedly indicated in both writings and presentations at various conferences John Connally never received an impacting missile wound to his right wrist. The terminology of "wrist" is now and has always been incorrect. John Connally did suffer a tangential wound of impact to the lateral surface of the distal fourth [Dr. Gregory's description] of his right radius. Put in different or more simplistic terms, the point of impact was on the "bottom" end of his right radius on the lateral/side surface. While it is true that this same missile did traverse from the "back" [dorsal] surface to an exit point near the largest crease on the "bottom" [volar] surface of the Governor's actual wrist, it did not "smash" in any way, shape, or form this same wrist. I covered this particular aspect of the Governor's wounding in great detail in Volume 1 of "Controlling The Past", replete with illustrations, X-rays, et al in the accompanying appendices. The X-ray image that Tony has posted in his reply is from one of the cadaver wrist experiments conducted at Edgewood Arsenal in April/May of 1964. FWIW Gary
  5. Hello Micah: What is handwritten under the SA Orin Bartlett line is: "11:50 p.m. (From Dep. Chief Paul Paterni & SAC Wt House detail Floyd M. Boring)
  6. Hey Pat: Sorry - just saw your message. Were you able to use the link provided by Micah? I tried it and it works. And thanks, Micah, for helping Pat out with this; much appreciated. Gary
  7. Just a quick FWIW - the final chapter [24] in my volume 1 of "Controlling The Past" - a chapter titled, "A Tisket, A Tasket, A Red In Warren's Basket?" -deals specifically with the "get Redlich" movement. And not that it is of great significance, but I did construct this chapter in 1999, long before the posting generated by Duke Lane, someone whom I have corresponded with in the past and in my opinion an individual who possessed a good analytical mind when it came to dealing with matters of evidence. Gary
  8. Bart/Chris: I thank you for the comments. Hopefully you will find something "new" in this volume. Gary
  9. Hello Everyone: I am attaching a link that will give access to Volume 2 of "Controlling The Past." There are six chapters in total, plus footnotes, cover, contents listing, and brief introduction. This link will stay active for one week [seven days]. If anyone has any questions, please let me know. I am in the process of starting to go through the third and final volume and hope to have it finished within a couple of weeks. I am also in the process of generating an index for all three volumes, but again this may take a while. Link: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/a5fcdbe71af37315db5d0b38ccb7d3b220190313151356/599b3f
  10. Not to interject, but for those who are interested, I have a 200 page long chapter on Bonnie Ray Williams and friends in Volume 2 of "Controlling The Past". I will be posting all six chapters of Volume 2, titled "Forsaken - Tales of Straw-men and Reconstruction", within the next two or three days. Gary
  11. James, Micah, Chris, and Gene: I thank you all for your comments. I do appreciate what has been said. As I indicated in my 2019 note at the beginning of this, volume 1, all of this writing was accomplished over a span of some two decades. Because of the vagaries of "real life" I was in the position where I was only able to write on a part time basis, usually in blocks of 3 or 4 month stretches. Over this same time span I made six trips to NARA, staying on half of these occasions in Frederick, Maryland, in order that I could visit Harold Weisberg and take advantage of his document collection. I had some trepidation in releasing this, a fear that some of the more accomplished researchers and writers who frequent this forum and have an encompassing knowledge of the events of November 22, 1963, might find some of what I cover "old" news. However, I hope that individuals new to the subject matter of the assassination event will find what is contained herein, and the volumes that will follow, of some help in understanding in particular the inner workings of those individuals and agencies given the task of examining the death of a president and the wounding of John Connally. There is, as James can attest, much more of this in volume 2 in great detail while volume 3 deals with what John Connally's aides titled "the Connally document" - the governors attempt to control his version of the past as it related to his wounding in Dealey Plaza and the aftermath that followed. Gary
  12. Hello Adam: The VLC media format is unknown to me. However, are you able to open a PDF document?
  13. Hi Jim: I had two brothers - both are unfortunately deceased. As far as reviewing my work... that would be nice [grin!]
  14. I thank both of your for your kind words. As you are probably aware, links to Volume 1, "Chained To Fate", have been posted today by myself. I am currently working on Volume 2 and hope to have it finished by the end of the week. Gary
  15. As per my email of yesterday, you will find attached herein a link that will allow access to Volume 1 of my three volume work on the wounding of Governor John Connally. I have tested the link, which is comprised of two zip files, one of which contains all of the chapters and footnotes for Volume 1 while the second zip file contains the first six appendices referred to in this work as well as a select bibliography. Both links were, as of this email, working fine. NOTE: This link will only remain available/active for one week, seven days, after which it will be withdrawn. Gary Murr LINK: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/2e80e581a0e41b53ab93a358aa6e49cf20190219145741/a24b26a978159066efcc6f5bd02d93e120190219145741/80ea29
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