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  1. How many people did it take to assassinate JFK

    Was epileptic man and the abulance drivers in on it? Was the the black lady who yelled to officer Baker, "They're shooting the president from the bushes," in on it? My study says; 1. Yes or 2. No, but she did die quickly(that night?)by someone who was in on it. >>Jim Root asks>>>>> How many Dallas police officers were involved? <<<< Its Plainly Proven, that the 6 or 9 dallass cops who claim they '''DID NOT''' see, or hear, or talk, to Officer Roger Craig, who we now know Provenly, stood 3 feet from them ... Conspired on him With Lies. IM sure some of these sick cops only covered-up verbally. They did it to cover for their sick cop bosses who physically helped with 'it'. So we know this TRUTH! Cops will conspire to hide the facts regarding a presidents death in..., 1 minute or Maybe 6 minutes? Whats wrong with their brains I wonder? Whats wrong with anyones brain who denies or lies about these proven truths?
  2. Eject! Eject! Eject!

    >>> Lamson >>> Despite Oswalds "accomplishments" he ended up a common laborer living in a small rented apartment. I think loser fits. <<< Fine then, but if Lee killed JFK ONLY because he earned minimum wages and had a small Apartment, then say that. Don't try to sell his fine accomlishments as bad. Mr. posner and yourself might want to be aware of some new info just in from Americas #1 Brainiac; "First, let me make it very clear, poor people aren't necessarily killers. Just because you happen to be not rich doesn't mean you're willing to kill." So see, even our prezetent says Lee is innocent! >> Lamson >> The US lost 180,000 plus in battle deaths in the Atlantic/Europe. Add in the non-combat deaths and "hundreds of thousands" is just about right. << Yeah, but you said France. Like we did so much "defending" France. I suspect we lost at most, 10,000 before we reached Belgiam. I don't think they owe us, and seems they agree. And laying all that non-textile carpet on the civies because of Von-Lucks little 21st panzers that wouldn't move for 6 weeks, -- that didn't win much appreciation. ..Lamson >>>> Did the US "Hide in Fear" (from ww2) I think not. Indifference is more like it. Oh we were just indifferent- Thanks for the info, I didn't know! So we were in the neighborhood of 50/50 between axis & allies. OK, sure. And please don't say, ''I know what I believe. I will continue to articulate what I believe and what I believe—I believe what I believe is right."—" Thats already been said.
  3. Eject! Eject! Eject!

    Whoa! "Peter, "Me bad. I was going to say that for years you were a hero of mine, especially Peter for this specific quote of yours re Grand Juries: Peter Lemkin says >>>...... “The public generally would welcome this (court/trial), but are dis-involved with politics and passive, scared by the growing police state, distracted by the increasing struggle just to survive, and cynical. Without a huge public movement behind it it will be thwarted and endlessly delayed by a variety of means.” The Paragon Paragraph to obtaining Justice…I call it. I owe Mr. Lemkin a huge apology and I want get my peters mixed-up anymore, I PROMISE! But now that Im here let’s talk... I'll attempt to be EXTREMLY wordy also. >>>Lamson>>>>This whole ball of earwax got started when a French author (by way of gratitude, I presume, for the hundreds of thousands of Americans killed defending his country from a tyranny they themselves were unwilling to fight) claimed that the hole in the Pentagon was far too small to have been caused by a jet. It must have been a missile!<<< So the French were unwilling to fight? It seems to me the French were the First to Declared War on Germany along with Poland and another brave Country. This, while another big country hid in pure fear from the Nazi's. (i forget their name? Can you help Mr. Lamson?) I believe it was the French who gave over 30,000 dead to hold off the enemy while other brave countries troops survived the onslaught at a beach called Dunkirk to fight again. And fight again THEY DID! (All this while another country hid in fear.) It appears to me, the French were willing to fight, and were not a coward country like some others (that i can't think of w/o your help Mr. Lamson.) >>> Lamson >>>> ........ the hundreds of thousands of Americans killed defending his (FRENCH) country ....... <<<< GEZZ! Now I need help with math! Can you help with that too Sir? Lets see, 200,000 GI'S died in France? Now we know we lost more men on other fronts than France. We know it wasn’t the Japan front that the U.S. took the most casualties. We do know that, right Mr. Lamson? I believe it was a country that we went into--and never came out of. (i wonder why we don’t brag about that more.) Anyway, we did arrive, like you say, in Europe proper, 10 months before the end of the war. But since the fascist had been already been basically stopped by brave countries until they had their surrender shoes on, how do you figure they killed 200,000 GI's?? >> Lamson >>> Posner, by contrast, devotes almost half his book to Oswald. This is the heart of it, because once you fully appreciate what a pathetic loser Oswald was, the entire day makes crystalline sense. <<< Yep, what a pathetic loser Lee was; At age 9 -- IQ OF 120 Age 14-- member of Civil Air Patrol Age 16-- Speaks Russian Age 17--Marine Age 19-- Radar operator at spy base. Age 21-- Foreign CIA spy-- or defector Age 24 -- Infamous How pathetic can ya get!! Now me, when I was a kid-- I did things--I was exciting. Lets me and you write a wordy expose to the forum on what we accomplished by his age. Then they'll know what pathetic really is!! (you first, OK?) >>> Lamson >>>> What I am trying to do here is to build a chain of evidence to show a progressively deteriorating epidemic of world-wide insanity, of truly diseased thinking -- <<< In the words of another brainiac: MISSION ACCOPLISHED! LEMKIN-lamson Bet I don’t make that mistake again!
  4. SENARIO: Its true. Dr. Alpha died March 14th 07. He was in the transfer room where the body was cared for soon after pronouncing the President was gone. He studied the body some minutes, then about 8 men arrived, and asked him for privacy. Dr. deceased, the only Parkland Dr. there said, "Best you go, alls is fine." But Parkland was not in charge. I saw him 12 minutes later and his wounds were completly changed to fit one bullet from the back. CAN WE HYPOTHESIZE: What does this equal? Will it shake goverment or Will it fade in a week from the news?