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  1. Was epileptic man and the abulance drivers in on it? Was the the black lady who yelled to officer Baker, "They're shooting the president from the bushes," in on it? My study says; 1. Yes or 2. No, but she did die quickly(that night?)by someone who was in on it. >>Jim Root asks>>>>> How many Dallas police officers were involved? <<<< Its Plainly Proven, that the 6 or 9 dallass cops who claim they '''DID NOT''' see, or hear, or talk, to Officer Roger Craig, who we now know Provenly, stood 3 feet from them ... Conspired on him With Lies. IM sure some of these sick cops only covered-up verbally. They did it to cover for their sick cop bosses who physically helped with 'it'. So we know this TRUTH! Cops will conspire to hide the facts regarding a presidents death in..., 1 minute or Maybe 6 minutes? Whats wrong with their brains I wonder? Whats wrong with anyones brain who denies or lies about these proven truths?
  2. >>> Lamson >>> Despite Oswalds "accomplishments" he ended up a common laborer living in a small rented apartment. I think loser fits. <<< Fine then, but if Lee killed JFK ONLY because he earned minimum wages and had a small Apartment, then say that. Don't try to sell his fine accomlishments as bad. Mr. posner and yourself might want to be aware of some new info just in from Americas #1 Brainiac; "First, let me make it very clear, poor people aren't necessarily killers. Just because you happen to be not rich doesn't mean you're willing to kill." So see, even our prezetent says Lee is innocent! >> Lamson >> The US lost 180,000 plus in battle deaths in the Atlantic/Europe. Add in the non-combat deaths and "hundreds of thousands" is just about right. << Yeah, but you said France. Like we did so much "defending" France. I suspect we lost at most, 10,000 before we reached Belgiam. I don't think they owe us, and seems they agree. And laying all that non-textile carpet on the civies because of Von-Lucks little 21st panzers that wouldn't move for 6 weeks, -- that didn't win much appreciation. ..Lamson >>>> Did the US "Hide in Fear" (from ww2) I think not. Indifference is more like it. Oh we were just indifferent- Thanks for the info, I didn't know! So we were in the neighborhood of 50/50 between axis & allies. OK, sure. And please don't say, ''I know what I believe. I will continue to articulate what I believe and what I believe—I believe what I believe is right."—" Thats already been said.
  3. Whoa! "Peter, "Me bad. I was going to say that for years you were a hero of mine, especially Peter for this specific quote of yours re Grand Juries: Peter Lemkin says >>>...... “The public generally would welcome this (court/trial), but are dis-involved with politics and passive, scared by the growing police state, distracted by the increasing struggle just to survive, and cynical. Without a huge public movement behind it it will be thwarted and endlessly delayed by a variety of means.” The Paragon Paragraph to obtaining Justice…I call it. I owe Mr. Lemkin a huge apology and I want get my peters mixed-up anymore, I PROMISE! But now that Im here let’s talk... I'll attempt to be EXTREMLY wordy also. >>>Lamson>>>>This whole ball of earwax got started when a French author (by way of gratitude, I presume, for the hundreds of thousands of Americans killed defending his country from a tyranny they themselves were unwilling to fight) claimed that the hole in the Pentagon was far too small to have been caused by a jet. It must have been a missile!<<< So the French were unwilling to fight? It seems to me the French were the First to Declared War on Germany along with Poland and another brave Country. This, while another big country hid in pure fear from the Nazi's. (i forget their name? Can you help Mr. Lamson?) I believe it was the French who gave over 30,000 dead to hold off the enemy while other brave countries troops survived the onslaught at a beach called Dunkirk to fight again. And fight again THEY DID! (All this while another country hid in fear.) It appears to me, the French were willing to fight, and were not a coward country like some others (that i can't think of w/o your help Mr. Lamson.) >>> Lamson >>>> ........ the hundreds of thousands of Americans killed defending his (FRENCH) country ....... <<<< GEZZ! Now I need help with math! Can you help with that too Sir? Lets see, 200,000 GI'S died in France? Now we know we lost more men on other fronts than France. We know it wasn’t the Japan front that the U.S. took the most casualties. We do know that, right Mr. Lamson? I believe it was a country that we went into--and never came out of. (i wonder why we don’t brag about that more.) Anyway, we did arrive, like you say, in Europe proper, 10 months before the end of the war. But since the fascist had been already been basically stopped by brave countries until they had their surrender shoes on, how do you figure they killed 200,000 GI's?? >> Lamson >>> Posner, by contrast, devotes almost half his book to Oswald. This is the heart of it, because once you fully appreciate what a pathetic loser Oswald was, the entire day makes crystalline sense. <<< Yep, what a pathetic loser Lee was; At age 9 -- IQ OF 120 Age 14-- member of Civil Air Patrol Age 16-- Speaks Russian Age 17--Marine Age 19-- Radar operator at spy base. Age 21-- Foreign CIA spy-- or defector Age 24 -- Infamous How pathetic can ya get!! Now me, when I was a kid-- I did things--I was exciting. Lets me and you write a wordy expose to the forum on what we accomplished by his age. Then they'll know what pathetic really is!! (you first, OK?) >>> Lamson >>>> What I am trying to do here is to build a chain of evidence to show a progressively deteriorating epidemic of world-wide insanity, of truly diseased thinking -- <<< In the words of another brainiac: MISSION ACCOPLISHED! LEMKIN-lamson Bet I don’t make that mistake again!
  4. SENARIO: Its true. Dr. Alpha died March 14th 07. He was in the transfer room where the body was cared for soon after pronouncing the President was gone. He studied the body some minutes, then about 8 men arrived, and asked him for privacy. Dr. deceased, the only Parkland Dr. there said, "Best you go, alls is fine." But Parkland was not in charge. I saw him 12 minutes later and his wounds were completly changed to fit one bullet from the back. CAN WE HYPOTHESIZE: What does this equal? Will it shake goverment or Will it fade in a week from the news?
  5. Tim, Members, I believe its time to go Country and International size. Now, more than ever. (not an original a quote- but the Ideas here are original.) A vertict on JFK could stop a war and the wars to come in the next few years. Its the only thing that will beat propaganda and Diebold machines. We can enlist/join the 911 community now. TIME...is short! >Tim>> ...people interested in finding the truth to pool their resources and hire the best possible criminal investigator to pursue leads. <<< Al Carrier will be frustrated by the powers that be. "They've" had 43 yrs experience at hiding the truth. Let Ted Kopel mention this citizens trial-- then watch witnesses come to Al. >>>> Alana Collins....Now that all of these questions have been raised ..." Does nothing happen as a result of this fervent research? "<<< We've read the books. All the evidence that one needs to decide, is in. Lets do what can be done with the facts we know? I say, show it to 100 million people. There is a way. >>>Tim >>> I suggest a steering committee ....<<< We need volenteers, comitments, deadlines. Funding: We CAN get startup funding. We must show a workable plan. >> Tim >> Obviously a citizen's inquiry would never have the power of a governmental investigation since the inquiry would, for instance, lack the power of subpoena and the power to grant witness immunity. <<< Thats actually a plus IMO. Make the inquiry Honest... thats all the people want.
  6. Tim Gratz ... where do we go from here? Bob Cox....... http://www.grassyknollgazette.com/wherenow.dwt. Alana Collins....Now that all of these questions have been raised ..." Does nothing happen as a result of this fervent research? " John Simkin ...."I would like to see all active members post on this thread. It will give us some idea of how many there are involved in this joint investigation." I believe this to be the best thread, on the best JFK Assassination website,:EVER! This thread has mass, something to do and touch. It is burden. It is payoff. It suggest that its the common mans job now. That from the W/comish to the ARRB types...were never truthsayers on our side. And I believe thats true. How/When, we can ALL start, ...to finish this thread? Does anyone know "who else," (the preferred method,) to hand this thread off to? ......No, me either. Some say....Get more interviews: Okay, I'M for it. I, Richard Pullen, live in Tampa Fl. I would be proud to personally interview anyone that you deem in my area, even though, I believe it wrong strategy. But if Mrs. Allen Dulles gave us the interview of the century...it would equal nothing. The controlling culprits would reduce it to nothing and the people don't know, don't care, and can't figure why you do regarding this. (anyone below age 50, probably can't recall JFK.) Some say.... Do a encylopedia of all involved: Im for it. But we've done that for 42 years now. It WON'T end this. I BELEIVE: Correct statagy, is for witnesses to come to us - not we to them. That we have failed to market our knowledge. WHERE DO GO FROM HERE: Three proposals. #1. Have a specific place here on this forum, for 'Everyone' to sumit their idea of how best to accomplish their goal. Then, as a group, we can choose successful actions on the best of the ideas. There is ALOT of talent here. We can all hang together. (oops.) We can all work together. My goal ...would be to present to 100m Americans that the killers of our President ARE STILL HERE. That they DID NOT go away. It WAS a coup! I only want to present it. And let 43 years of your research EXPLAIN it. And let the country act on it. JFK The MOVIE Worked! It caused ARRB. #2. To interest the people in the case I propose: We have a" guaranteed proven "honest" Citizens TRIAL....On TV. Much behind the scenes- on streaming internet. The JFK case divided into 12 parts due to size and time. (4 months?) 12 jurys of impartial citizens. (144 people + alternants) (1 jury from a retirement home, 1 from a high school, college, 1 from England, Germany, Ireland,......) All start, all end, and announce there verdicts on questions at the same time. 12 foremen from each jury will have last Big Trial to combine knowledge and confirm past verdicts. It has kinks. Ligitimacy is not one of them. (OJ is innocent, ligitmatley. Let him tell that to his employer.) Funding is a kink! #3. Funding:It comes first. We need ideas. My Idea touches million of Americans. It says "Im a part." "Im interested" "I'll SHOW my friends." Any businessman can explain why it can't be publicly detailed. I'll be glad to explain details to any designate chosen and he can analyze and report if it has chances...or to go with another idea. Many researchers and intrested have faded to passivity. I think I notice even in this forum on fire some 6 months ago, a cooling. Rehashing the rehashing will make us generic. True...the hashing solved the case. Very true. Where do we go from here? We build a way to touch the minds of people. Let everyone bring their brick.
  7. __________________________________ Dear Richard Pullen THANK YOU for posting, you post has made my day. After reading the horrible news about Gary Webb, and reading some more bad news....I read your post. And thank you John- (again)- for providing this forum. The truth is out there and we need to unite and stay on point, connect the dots, and educate those who just don't want to know. Then, at least we will know that we have tried. Dawn <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ************** And Thank you Dawn, I know only what I read on the thread here of Gary Webb. I read it eagerly when I saw suicide. That's a bad virus in our community we know. Hopefully, someone will get feedback from a close family member regarding his emotional..... Im mincing aren't I,..... Whether it was suicide or another murder. There! He'd want us to know I believe. Im amazed our military thought they could invade an innocent country, Bomb them, burn them, beat them and be arrogant.... Then win their hearts and minds. Didn't they learn anything from the last time! I look at the net and see 100's of 911 sites and many of them are very enlightening and impressive. These kids are good! But 100’s.... can be cast to the wind. But one big combined site, one big person(s), with one big voice, would/may have weight. JFK researchers have produced some 300ish observable events that point to political danger. But it’s told in a whisper, with the backlash sounds of ‘black helicopters’ and ‘Elvis is alive’ in the background. Its plain- we failed to have a voice. We only had facts. Did we learn from that failure? I believe, send 50 JFK researchers to the 911er’s, explaining their mistake in never creating a voice, but armed now with a plan to gain a loud stereo sound…. And the 911’ers will sit-down, listen, be mesmerized and unite. It’s for our community to this. Not theirs. Did we learn from the last time? Unbelievable! 2 1/2 YEARS to start a government 911 investigation. Did anyone voice objection to....'that'? I heard no significant voice or screams. Unbelievable! I mentioned to a Grandfather of 11, that on Dec 9th a law was passed that beginning 18 days from now, all driver license will now have a biotech type ‘hickey’ on them. “Where to you get ‘such’ information,” he asked. He works hard to buy them Nike shoes. Yet he just gave his kids away. No voice told him it wasn’t a political good idea. And in the future, if one of his grandkids farts toward washington, he’ll be arrested for sedition, in his nikes. Once we went to war and changed a world over Tea. But it wasn’t really tea. It was just some 100 people who did something. And made them a voice. Richard Pullen
  8. I doubt the U.S. peace movement helped or hurt anyone, anywhere, at any time. I see how the movement may have made the war last one day longer- or maybe, it was one day shorter. Irrelevant. Did you see the peace moves by some 1 million Americans protesting our Iraq invasion THE DAY we invaded?? They've been proven irrelevant, right? The mainstream press either ignored or lied about the number of protesters. Simply made um irrelevant and took the wind out of their movement in a day! KWEL!! The U.S. gov consists of 3 branches; the exec, ledge, and jud. Plainly we should see - If your not a member of one these branches-... if your just a student people, or a working people, or a parent people, or a protesting people.....Your irrelevant. Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin, didn't want, nor write it this way in 1776. In fact they warned us irrelevants this could happen. Sorry for my part in making it this way. I don't even know what happened. How we became so irrelevent. (well, I sorta think I do.) Seems to me, young people have a war to fight. And its not in Iraq. Again, I think the 60's-70's peace movement, of which I was a part, did not help or hurt the VC. I doubt they knew it existed. And it changed nothing in regards to time or the style of struggle in VN. Richard Pullen (VN-69-70)
  9. Hello Mr. White, The universe's Greatest known fact; (Einstein) e... IS ...m or it's perfectly correct to say; m... IS ...e I believe it's fact; 11/22/63... IS ...911 or 911... IS ...11/22/63 Both equations sound scary, but their simplicities can be Very Easily understood by the average person. (i understand.) Lets plan to ILLUSTRATE to the people the situations and answers. They will understand and know what do to. >Jack White>>> If Mr. Simkin would start a separate 911 research category, I would be an eager contributor. <<< I agree 100%. But my fear is; 42 years later in 2042, thanks to (our) 911 research, 82% of the people may well think 911 was a gov operation, but just like 11/22/63 research, it will equal practically NOTHING in accomplishing righting the wrong. So I vote, COMBINE JFK and 911. Reasons: 1. The two WILL connect. 911 IS 11/22/63. (say bye-bye to anyone who may have been involved with 11/22/63, but escaped the (our) 911 investigation. Clean house of JFK perpetrators in our gov, or riding the 911 criminals will be small stuff. They will still own us--and just do it again, plus protect their 911 buddies.) 2. JFK public awareness comes first because, …you (we) easily have enough evidence for a verdict Now! 82% of the public already know there’s a JFK problem. Show your JFK evidence on TV! TEE VEE- is the mass educator. We best like pictures on TV or Oliver Stone movies, and then we act in mass. Remember? People power is a must in a REAL 911 investigation. It’s an unheard of power for over 30 years. "THE PEOPLE" will enjoy their part in cleaning out the dirt. Reach them! They are the ONLY power we have to force cooperation from gov types. PEOPLE will be upset when they see on TV, the hindrances given to JFK researchers by the gov. They will react if the gov is disobedient to a request for some small 911 information request from them. We need people as much as researchers at this time. Residents geo and jeb bush, will Never help us. We know that! 11/22/63 facts came in piecemeal, in books, with no coalition. Was that the mistake? Let’s not make mistakes this time. THE PEOPLE are numerous and Hot to hear what really happened. Plan to show them. Unite and involve People, JFK, and 911, on a TV show that is entertaining, educational, and fun. (Yes, there is a plan that allows Egos to unite.) I would prefer to submit to Mr. Simkin that along with a separate 911 research category that he also start another new category entitled, maybe, ... "101 marketing plans desperately needed from 101 people that show how best to excite and concern 280m Americans into gaining and involving their attention into 11/22/63--911 so they can even help researchers regarding gathering info and facts, and Mainly lending their essential People Power to the acquiring of the info and facts from the Sources who Own, Protect, and even hide those facts." (....Mr. Simkin, ok to shorten title. We must have "A PLAN" now. Put in motion Now. Right now. As you research. A plan saying, a "Peoples 911 coalition” is working and researching now. And will report. The People must know its coming, follow its progress, respect it, and read and understand it. They, with advice, will know what to do with it. Do you have "A PLAN" that explains how to get the 'People' into Wanting to see your report Mr. White or Mr. Marrs, so that it will have maximum impact? Okay if you don’t! Leave it to us 101 little marketing people to come up with a plan for you. You just research and write it. We've been waiting for three years for you and your community, you know? You have a good team here. We've lost a lot. We're available to you now, unlike 1963. Use us well. While you work, do you want us to work on 'a plan', to interest 'the people' of your research communities future findings, release dates, ETC? Richard Pullen Ps. Mr. White, I've read you for years. Wanted to say hello in other forums- but those weren't --really forums IMO. So I just watched. And waited. This is my second post ever to any JFK discussion, and I thank John Simkin. Courage is a quality all CT'ers have. I envy you courageous Mark Lane types. You’re wonderful. I must, in public, add my opinion of an extra adjetive to you, Jack White; Your just plain, "Unafraid" from what I've seen! Unafraid to hit, or be hit. Unafraid to be wrong. Unafraid to try, or to go first into unknowns. That’s Special! Hope I didn't embarrass. Thanks!
  10. 1. (Hypothetical) A bona fide film showing Allen Dulles firing from the 6th floor into JFK has been found and aired on TV to all America. Personal opinion: Nothing will change. The government will report a small mistake was made in investigating. Dulles was the lone gunman, not Lee. Again, no changes. 2. (Hypothetical) You are told there is bona fide proof that Senators Smith and Jones coerced Booth to kill Lincoln. Without Smith and Jones, the assassination would not have happened. Personal opinion: Only some 50% of you, the finest assassin investigators, and only some 5% of average Americans, would seek to learn of the new intricate details. 3. April 2002, was the date for a 7 state $331 million dollar power ball lottery drawing. I’m guessing less than 5% of members here cared regarding the results. Personal opinion: Next 300m lottery I’ll send every member (hypothetically) two tickets for the drawing. My guess, 90% of members will show interest in the results. Potential News…Dateline : 11-22-‘05’ An unusual amount of talk and interest is going on this year during the 1995 observance of anniversary of the assassination of JFK surrounding the Innovative webgame and new eBAY style site regarding this presidents death. Web site creator John X, along with help from concerned volunteers, randomly released two million game tokens free 10/22/05. He has offered to buy back each token for over $2 a piece! And there have been few takers since the trading on his eBAY style site is both more fun, helps what many consider a patriotic cause, and lets not leave out, more money. John X explains. “My dream of answering ABC’s show last year, regarding their conclusion of Oswalds guilt, is taking shape, and hopefully, if we succeed, I’m bringing millions of newly interested and future researches with me to see the first of our 52 weeks of TV shows.” I have studied the Kennedy assassination says John X, and have friends who are researchers. “ I feel there is more than enough information available on the subject and that people can make an informed decision now between the government and researchers explanations.” “And to play this game on our show, you’ll need to know both sides of the explanations.” “If we’re going to raise a new intensity, I say do it now while it means something and can possibly change a wrong.” “ “I think time is short. I believe some previous government investigations may have been deficient or even hampered the outcome in their conclusions of the Kennedy assassination.” “We’re also concerned if our government has employed to its full capacity their ability to answer the 911 questions.” We the people have a right to know these answers. In fact, it’s our duty to know.” “So we intend to help!” “Our year long TV show is for and by, ‘We the people.’ “It’s not my TV show, it’s the peoples and they are involved with every facet.” “I didn’t do this by myself,” explains John. “It took the innovative ideas of many.” “And the response from the entertainment and political world has been overwhelming.” “ The funding from the people, philanthropy and other organizations came easy when we showed the safety in the Not For Profit plan.” Remarks: One of the first tokens for sale on our new site, signed by four ‘JFK the movie’ actors, including Costner and Asner, is currently at $???.00 with 4 days left to sell. Several past presidents have sighed tokens to help our show stay afloat and will be for bid next week. Many actors have offered to autograph and then return any token purchased from the site. Singers, artist, sports teams, …the list is endless of those who are supporting the cause. So find the value of your token if you’ve been lucky enough to come across one of these interesting pieces. Or just take a shot at bidding on a token at John X’s web site. It’s a token John X hopes will make history. Own a piece! By the way, what’s your signature worth? If I were allowed to submit a paper its title would be: Reawakening and involving a nations conscious. “A PLAN” To think this type of “A PLAN” or something akin, isn’t needed, or can’t be done, is illusion. Many people have been involved with knowing the truths of 11/22/63 for many years. Now, many others are interested in the 911 truths. Is there a better time for ‘WE the PEOPLE’ to join in efforts? It may be that only this membership can or will make anything happen. Do you know of another? It would take hope, work and volunteers. As the last thing Jim Garrison (Costner) said in JFK the movie, “ITS UP TO YOU!”
  11. Age 55, Vietnam, 69-70. Some college, Occupation - sales, marketing. Enjoys chess, golf. JFK assassination enthusiast since 1992.
  12. Age 55, Vietnam, 69-70. Some college, Occupation - sales, marketing. Enjoys chess, golf. JFK assassination enthusiast since 1992. I request registering because your JFK Debate site, with your management style, has produced the best, no, the only worthy JFK site that has capabilities of making a difference, in this, "the most important question of our time."
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