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  1. Was epileptic man and the abulance drivers in on it? Was the the black lady who yelled to officer Baker, "They're shooting the president from the bushes," in on it? My study says; 1. Yes or 2. No, but she did die quickly(that night?)by someone who was in on it. >>Jim Root asks>>>>> How many Dallas police officers were involved? <<<< Its Plainly Proven, that the 6 or 9 dallass cops who claim they '''DID NOT''' see, or hear, or talk, to Officer Roger Craig, who we now know Provenly, stood 3 feet from them ... Conspired on him With Lies. IM sure some
  2. >>> Lamson >>> Despite Oswalds "accomplishments" he ended up a common laborer living in a small rented apartment. I think loser fits. <<< Fine then, but if Lee killed JFK ONLY because he earned minimum wages and had a small Apartment, then say that. Don't try to sell his fine accomlishments as bad. Mr. posner and yourself might want to be aware of some new info just in from Americas #1 Brainiac; "First, let me make it very clear, poor people aren't necessarily killers. Just because you happen to be not rich doesn't mean you're willing to kill." So see, eve
  3. Whoa! "Peter, "Me bad. I was going to say that for years you were a hero of mine, especially Peter for this specific quote of yours re Grand Juries: Peter Lemkin says >>>...... “The public generally would welcome this (court/trial), but are dis-involved with politics and passive, scared by the growing police state, distracted by the increasing struggle just to survive, and cynical. Without a huge public movement behind it it will be thwarted and endlessly delayed by a variety of means.” The Paragon Paragraph to obtaining Justice…I call it. I owe Mr. Lemkin a huge apo
  4. SENARIO: Its true. Dr. Alpha died March 14th 07. He was in the transfer room where the body was cared for soon after pronouncing the President was gone. He studied the body some minutes, then about 8 men arrived, and asked him for privacy. Dr. deceased, the only Parkland Dr. there said, "Best you go, alls is fine." But Parkland was not in charge. I saw him 12 minutes later and his wounds were completly changed to fit one bullet from the back. CAN WE HYPOTHESIZE: What does this equal? Will it shake goverment or Will it fade in a week from the news?
  5. Tim, Members, I believe its time to go Country and International size. Now, more than ever. (not an original a quote- but the Ideas here are original.) A vertict on JFK could stop a war and the wars to come in the next few years. Its the only thing that will beat propaganda and Diebold machines. We can enlist/join the 911 community now. TIME...is short! >Tim>> ...people interested in finding the truth to pool their resources and hire the best possible criminal investigator to pursue leads. <<< Al Carrier will be frustrated by the powers that be. "They've" had 43 yrs ex
  6. Tim Gratz ... where do we go from here? Bob Cox....... http://www.grassyknollgazette.com/wherenow.dwt. Alana Collins....Now that all of these questions have been raised ..." Does nothing happen as a result of this fervent research? " John Simkin ...."I would like to see all active members post on this thread. It will give us some idea of how many there are involved in this joint investigation." I believe this to be the best thread, on the best JFK Assassination website,:EVER! This thread has mass, something to do and touch. It is burden. It is payoff. It suggest that its the common
  7. __________________________________ Dear Richard Pullen THANK YOU for posting, you post has made my day. After reading the horrible news about Gary Webb, and reading some more bad news....I read your post. And thank you John- (again)- for providing this forum. The truth is out there and we need to unite and stay on point, connect the dots, and educate those who just don't want to know. Then, at least we will know that we have tried. Dawn <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ************** And Thank you Dawn, I know only what I read on the thread here of Gary Webb. I read it eagerly whe
  8. I doubt the U.S. peace movement helped or hurt anyone, anywhere, at any time. I see how the movement may have made the war last one day longer- or maybe, it was one day shorter. Irrelevant. Did you see the peace moves by some 1 million Americans protesting our Iraq invasion THE DAY we invaded?? They've been proven irrelevant, right? The mainstream press either ignored or lied about the number of protesters. Simply made um irrelevant and took the wind out of their movement in a day! KWEL!! The U.S. gov consists of 3 branches; the exec, ledge, and jud. Plainly we should see - If your not a mem
  9. Hello Mr. White, The universe's Greatest known fact; (Einstein) e... IS ...m or it's perfectly correct to say; m... IS ...e I believe it's fact; 11/22/63... IS ...911 or 911... IS ...11/22/63 Both equations sound scary, but their simplicities can be Very Easily understood by the average person. (i understand.) Lets plan to ILLUSTRATE to the people the situations and answers. They will understand and know what do to. >Jack White>>> If Mr. Simkin would start a separate 911 research category, I would be an eager contributor. <<< I agree 100%. But my fear i
  10. 1. (Hypothetical) A bona fide film showing Allen Dulles firing from the 6th floor into JFK has been found and aired on TV to all America. Personal opinion: Nothing will change. The government will report a small mistake was made in investigating. Dulles was the lone gunman, not Lee. Again, no changes. 2. (Hypothetical) You are told there is bona fide proof that Senators Smith and Jones coerced Booth to kill Lincoln. Without Smith and Jones, the assassination would not have happened. Personal opinion: Only some 50% of you, the finest assassin investigators, and only some 5% of average Americ
  11. Age 55, Vietnam, 69-70. Some college, Occupation - sales, marketing. Enjoys chess, golf. JFK assassination enthusiast since 1992.
  12. Age 55, Vietnam, 69-70. Some college, Occupation - sales, marketing. Enjoys chess, golf. JFK assassination enthusiast since 1992. I request registering because your JFK Debate site, with your management style, has produced the best, no, the only worthy JFK site that has capabilities of making a difference, in this, "the most important question of our time."
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