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  1. Business and Maths have been added to the original Design Technology section. Science is working well with only 3 general websites. More sciences websites needed. 96 people have view this without suggesting any ideas! Tony
  2. I have just added a Business Studies section to my Educational Website www.eduscan.info/business/ Tony Bell
  3. Up-Date, DT Scan has had 25k visitors in 20 months searching 125k terms with 90% success rate from 3000 pages. It is now incorporated in my new whole curriculum search engine Edu Scan www.eduscan.info Tony
  4. Tony Bell


    Why Flash? SVG is a free open source alternative supported by Opera and Mozilla. It is a W3 Standards language compatible with XHTML. I'm writting an ICT tutorial for a y9 class. To time animations it uses part of another W3 lanquage SMIL. Now this is really interesting. You can combine/syncronise text, sound and video in one multimedia. SMIL = Syncronised Multimedia Integrated language. www.w3.org Tony Bell
  5. I have just launched an educational search engine to cover UK National Curriculum. www.eduscan.info It has developed from my success with DT Scan - "Searches the best websites for Design Technology" Over 25K visitors in 20 months searching 125K terms with a 90% success rate from 3000 pages. DT Scan is now accessible directly from Eduscan. I would like your help with obtaining the best websites for Science. The method of searching is open to your suggestions. I propose to split it up into Years, this comes from my time teaching in Science Depts. Tony Bell
  6. Launched Jan 2005 DT Scan www.dtscan.com "searches the best Design Technology websites" For the last 4 years I have been searching the net for the best websites for my own website www.techitoutuk.com. I kept finding a few good ones. Funnyly enough, some are members of this forum. I got fed up searching them one after the other so I built the search engine DT Scan. If you know of any other good sites, please contact me. Tony Bell editor www.dtscan.com www.techitoutuk.com www.technologyteachers-uk.com
  7. After 30 years in Engineering, Design, Sales and Management, I started teaching Design technology 10 years ago on short term contracts in W London and S Bucks. For the last four years I have been developing technology and content for Design Technology websites. On 1st. Dec 2004 I launched the unique "DT Search - searches the best Design Technology web sites"
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