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  1. Search Engine for Science

    Business and Maths have been added to the original Design Technology section. Science is working well with only 3 general websites. More sciences websites needed. 96 people have view this without suggesting any ideas! Tony
  2. Web sites

    I have just added a Business Studies section to my Educational Website www.eduscan.info/business/ Tony Bell
  3. DT Scan

    Up-Date, DT Scan has had 25k visitors in 20 months searching 125k terms with 90% success rate from 3000 pages. It is now incorporated in my new whole curriculum search engine Edu Scan www.eduscan.info Tony
  4. Classtools.net

    Why Flash? SVG is a free open source alternative supported by Opera and Mozilla. It is a W3 Standards language compatible with XHTML. I'm writting an ICT tutorial for a y9 class. To time animations it uses part of another W3 lanquage SMIL. Now this is really interesting. You can combine/syncronise text, sound and video in one multimedia. SMIL = Syncronised Multimedia Integrated language. www.w3.org Tony Bell
  5. Search Engine for Science

    I have just launched an educational search engine to cover UK National Curriculum. www.eduscan.info It has developed from my success with DT Scan - "Searches the best websites for Design Technology" Over 25K visitors in 20 months searching 125K terms with a 90% success rate from 3000 pages. DT Scan is now accessible directly from Eduscan. I would like your help with obtaining the best websites for Science. The method of searching is open to your suggestions. I propose to split it up into Years, this comes from my time teaching in Science Depts. Tony Bell