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    Italian AS level

    Hi, I am a student at a language college in Sheffield. I am in my last year of GCSE's and am at the point of choosing my A levels. I am half Italian and half English, and last year decided to do a GCSE in Italian. My Italian teacher was really enthusiastic and helped me a lot. I managed to get an A*, one of the top five in the country i got 100%. I found it quite easy. I have already decided to do further maths, physics and chemistry at AS level and am hoping to carry all over to A level. I also have the choice of doing an Italian AS level. My Italian teacher really wants me to do this but i am unsure... would Italian AS really help me with qualifications? I did my GCSE in out of school time, and it would be the same with the AS. And BTW though i can read and write in Italian, it is slow and difficult so i would appreciate all replies in English. I have hardly spoken it over the last year.
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    Biography: Fidel Sciamanna

    I am half Italian and half English, live in Sheffield, UK, am 15 and am doing my GCSE's. I mainly want to ask questions/guidance.