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  1. Evan Burton

    Time Team

    Apologies for such an excessive delay. I have created an Archaeology sub-forum under Curriculum Subjects > Social Sciences > Archaeology. If you like, I'll see about moving these posts to a Time Team thread.
  2. Evan Burton

    Vale Al Bean

    We lost another of the moonwalkers today: Apollo 12 LMP Alan Bean, fourth man to walk on the Moon. https://www.theguardian.com/science/2018/may/26/astronaut-alan-bean-fourth-person-walk-on-moon-dies
  3. Evan Burton


    Yeah, a VM. There are a number of free apps that will do it for you. I set one up for a mate as he had vital software that would only run under XP.
  4. Evan Burton


    XP? Man, you have to update to at least Win 7.....
  5. Evan Burton

    Moon Landing

    Yeah, it has been debunked so many times by so many people, it's a joke. If you have anything that you think needs addressing, just ask and I'll be pleased to respond to it.
  6. As someone who does not follow the JFK debate nor have any great understanding of it, can I ask: Was there anything in these new documents that people considered significant, important, etc?
  7. Evan Burton

    Apollo 11

    I'd like to see more manned exploration but I'm afraid there simply isn't the will for the the governments (stand fast China) to do it. Perhaps in some ways that is good: people like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are trying to make money out of it and to be honest, I wish them well. As long as we actually do it, and start colonising new worlds and establish an enduring presence OFF this world. We have been lucky not to have had something disastrous kill us all so far.
  8. Evan Burton

    Moon Myth Disinformation

    The various people involved can be interesting. Some people genuinely believe that it is all faked and their distrust of anything that contradicts that - especially "official" documents - will not allow them to change their opinion. There are those who genuinely believe the 'hoax' theory but they are slightly different: their own ego, sometime hubris, will not allow them to be 'wrong'. Next are the ones who are the bane to us all: the ones who saw something then can't be bothered to fact check: I saw it on the internet so it must be true. Of course, there are those who 'believe' just to be contrary, to be stirrers. Generally trolls. Lastly are the people we all hope to meet: those who have found things convincing and formed an opinion but are open to change. Often they will take up the challenge just to prove you wrong then discover that the science really does back up the reality, that upon close examination of the hoax claims the inconsistencies do become apparent, etc. Over time I have learnt one thing: try to be respectful and patient. I'm not always successful but with time I've learnt that direct confrontation often just causes people to 'raise shields' and achieves nothing.
  9. Evan Burton

    Time Team

    I don't see any reason that couldn't be done. Let me get approval to do that and I'll advise here when done.
  10. Evan Burton

    Apollo 11

    Just a reminder that 48 years ago, Apollo 11 was on its way to the Moon.
  11. Evan Burton

    Frank Rich: How a presidency ends

    There was an interesting comment made by James R. Clapper, former US Director of Intelligence, during an address at the National Press Club of Australia. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/jun/07/james-clapper-says-watergate-pales-in-comparison-with-trump-and-russia-scandal
  12. Well, I guess it didn't happen. I can see such an announcement but it won't as a lot of people would think. It will be one of the most important discoveries in human history, but it will be that microbial life or similar has been discovered. It won't be "take me to your leader" alien life.
  13. Evan Burton

    Steven Greer's Latest UFO/ET Disclosure Effort

    Actually, I simply mean credible imagery. I haven't looked at anything recent; perhaps there are images that people put forward as proof that I am unaware of.
  14. Evan Burton

    Larry Belmont

    Interesting you have a website for a searchlight battalion; I hadn't seen one like that before but very well deserved. Cheers!