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  1. Meticulous Visual Recreation Of Moon Landing Shows It Wasn't A Hoax By using its new dynamic lighting technology, GPU manufacturer NVIDIA has graphically recreated the Apollo 11 moon landing site — and the results are crushing a number of wild claims made by conspiracy theorists. Yes, it's a clever bit of self-promotion, but what NVIDIA Corporation's developers have done is actually quite interesting. To show off the power of its new Maxwell graphics processing unit (GPU), Nvidia's game demo team sought to digitally reconstruct one of Apollo 11's most iconic photographs — Neil Armstrong's shot of Buzz Aldrin as he climbs down the lunar module's ladder. Read more: http://io9.com/meticulous-visual-recreation-of-moon-landing-shows-it-w-1636757909?utm_campaign=socialflow_io9_facebook&utm_source=io9_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow
  2. Evan Burton

    "Politics as usual" -- is unusual

    The system varies from country to country, but here is a general guide. Something becomes classified when its unauthorised release can damage the government. The level of damage determines the level of classification. Anything that is not classified is unclassified. The general classifications, in increasing order, are: RESTRICTED CONFIDENTIAL SECRET TOP SECRET Sometimes there is need for additional details regarding the handling of the material. For example, there is Special Compartmentalised Information (SCI). This is a codeword that refers to a project, system or activity. The codeword normally changes between classifications. For example, lets say that there is a programme where submarines go out and specifically get close to foreign military establishments in order to do electronic eavesdropping. A report that contains details of where a submarine went, who it listen to, what it found, etc, might be be classified TOP SECRET BICYCLE, where BICYCLE is the SCI codeword. Now, just because I have a Top Secret clearance does not mean I can read the report. I must have the Need To Know. If I do have that then the classifying authority will 'brief me in'. I'll be given a general overview applicable to that classification, told about restrictions associated with the codeword (e.g. may not travel to Russia without written permission), etc. If I am briefed in at the TS level then I will automatically be included in the lower levels. For example, a report that talks about the surveillance equipment used on the submarine but does not mention any detail about where it gets used or the information gathered might be classified CONFIDENTIAL APPLE. The report itself is only CONFIDENTIAL but APPLE refers to the same programme that BICYCLE referred to. Each classification uses a different codeword. What this means that even if I only know the classification of an item (e.g. TOP SECRET BICYCLE) I know that the item is related to a programme (submarine eavesdropping). Another special handling caveat, mentioned by Greg, is NOFORN or No Foreign Nationals. Regardless of the classification, if it says NOFORN then no foreign national is permitted to see the material without specific authority. I think that when they are saying "Well, there's 'classified' and then there's CLASSIFIED." they could be referring to codeword / SCI.
  3. If Trump does get the nomination you can place bets on when he'll be assassinated. The most disturbing thing is that he makes Cruz look moderate.
  4. Scott, Don't talk about silly wagers. If you have something which proves Greg wrong then provide it so everyone can read it and make up their own minds. If Greg is making an unsupported claim, ask him to provide the evidence to support the claim. Once again, readers can make up their own minds.
  5. It turned out that it was interference between the VHF radios in the two spacecraft. They reported that it was only heard when the spacecraft were in visual range. Good story, though!
  6. Evan Burton

    Now I'm convinced it was an "inside job"

    That has to be a spoof, right? No-one is actually that whacked-out... are they?
  7. Evan Burton

    Mystery midget discovered in Willis 5

    I'll change the thread title to say Willis 5.
  8. Evan Burton

    Proposed Military Strike on Syria

    True, but when they all agree upon aspects of a story then you have some level of confidence that it is somewhat accurate.
  9. Evan Burton

    Proposed Military Strike on Syria

    It's true; you are posting pretty much only news releases from a single source and one which is in no way independent. I know the releases are biased and that adds a certain balance to other news sources we see however they cannot be relied upon.
  10. Evan Burton

    Richard Price

    Hi Richard - welcome to the Forum.
  11. I'm really disappointed by this. The very first record I ever bought was one of Bill Cosby's stand up albums. I loved his comedy and thought he was a role model for (USA) parents. To find out his failings are this bad makes me wonder about everyone.
  12. G'day Wade, You mention that the use of wood will become obsolete. As an energy source I can agree but wood has a variety of uses. I can see its use being reduced to a sustainable level but completely stopped? Or am I misinterpreting your point? I have not read all posts & links but rather just skimmed through rapidly. Don't have a lot of time to read except before bed!
  13. Russian air strikes in Syria have killed hundreds of civilians and caused massive destruction in residential areas, striking homes, a mosque and a busy market, as well as medical facilities, in a pattern of attacks that show evidence of violations of international humanitarian law, said Amnesty International in a new briefing published today. https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2015/12/syria-russias-shameful-failure-to-acknowledge-civilian-killings/ Russian bombers have “directly attacked” and killed at least 200 civilians in Syria and its campaign of air strikes could amount to war crimes, campaigners say. In a major new report on Russia’s intervention in Syria, Amnesty International accused Vladimir Putin’s government of knowingly targeting residential areas in “indiscriminate attacks”, before covering up the evidence and effectively lying to the international community. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/amnesty-report-russia-directly-targets-civilians-in-syria-killing-at-least-200-in-possible-war-a6783271.html
  14. Hi Wade, I've met you on other forums and want to congratulate you for your book. It takes a lot of effort and dedication to produce any publication of that size, and for that you deserve commending. Cheers!
  15. Evan Burton

    Apollo 16 booster found

    The crash site on the lunar surface of the Apollo 16 S-IV-B stage has been found in the LRO lunar satellite. http://www.sciencealert.com/the-crash-site-of-apollo-16-s-rocket-booster-has-been-spotted-on-the-moon
  16. Evan Burton

    Apollo 16 booster found

    Or even just have a hi-res camera do a low flyby. I guess the whole physics of the impact is pretty much known but to see it would be.... fascinating.
  17. Somewhere around MAR / APR 2005, Jack White published an investigation of some Apollo programme images on Aulis.com which he claimed proved that NASA had faked images of the Apollo moon landings. Starting APR 2005, I posted a large thread of rebuttals to Jack's claims explaining where and why in each claim he was incorrect. The Education Forum suffered some server problems in late 2005, and the entire thread disappeared. Let this be a lesson to you - if it is important, BACK IT UP. The Education Forum, like many other sites, can suffer disasterous problems which can lead to the permanent loss of data, a consequence over which they have no (or little) control. Foretunately, many people had read the thread and saved it's pages - my grateful thanks to those people (you know who you all are!). I saved many of the images that I used - though not all. Thanks to the people who were able to retrieve the data, I am once again posting the rebuttals to Jack's Aulis investigation. THIS WILL NOT BE AN EXACT REPRODUCTION OF THE ORIGINAL WORK Since my rebuttals, Jack has been asked by Aulis to withdraw or correct some of his original claims. He has also added some additional material to his investigation. My posts will generally start with the heading that Jack has chosen for each individual claim (i.e. LRVs Lowered Into Position), and each of my posts will rebut that claim. Please also note that since Jack's investigation is copyrighted, I cannot post the original claims here (unless, of course, Jack White - who is a member here - would grant me permission to post those claims). As such, correction or alteration to Jack's Aulis investigations on the Aulis website may take place. If such an occurance happens, my posts may appear to refer to absent or altered work. Additionally, there were errors in my original rebuttals to Jack's claims, which were corrected at the time but will now appear incorporated into my new rebuttals. Please be patient as this will be a "work in progress" as I revisit Jack's investigation, using old data when appropriate and researching new data if required. Please enjoy and remember - don't take my word for what I say here. Look at Jack's work on Aulis, look at my rebuttals, look at the links provided, look at the original images, study the science behind the programme, and wherever possible - recreate the images yourself when something is claimed to be "impossible" to see whether I am correct or Jack is correct. Edited to add: P.S. Excuse my spelling errors.... I'll correct them whenever I notice them.
  18. I see that the old "Kubrick admits he faked the landings" meme is rearing its ugly head again: https://youtu.be/T20DS4Bynt4 I can't remember if Jack White ever supported this (maybe it was Fetzer?) but it is easily disproven garbage. Despite how laughable this is, there are the weak minded who use it to support their beliefs without doing the most basic research on its authenticity. It reminds me of the mockumentry "Dark Side of the Moon" regarding Kubrick, where people were 'coming forward' to admit that it was faked: names like Rumsfeld, Kissinger, Haig... who all appeared in roles they never held or indeed for 'enemy' countries! (I think Rumsfeld appeared as a Russian spy or as the Soviet ambassador). It really is an indictment on the credulity of some people these days: "it's on the internet so it MUST be true!".
  19. Evan Burton

    Norman Sykes

    Hi Norman, and welcome to the Forum. Can I ask what you did in the aerospace field? Machinist... making what sort of parts for which types of aircraft?
  20. To bow to any corrupt system is to legitimize it and stunt your own thinking ability, especially when corruption in peer review is recurrent and proof of that is publicly available. When is this elitist charade going to be called out? I won't be lead to ignore the human biases embedded in the peer review system that is deliberately used as a tool by dividers and conquerors of society from an intentionally academic vantage point to uphold authoritarianism and crush dissension with a pen. Not only has the internet made it easier for anyone to publish a non-peer-reviewed book, it has also made it easier for "the establishment's" peer review participants to exert their bias with no immediate repercussions for doing so (I only link proven examples, but there are thousands more proven examples if you seek them out). Your constructs are very hard to follow. Do you really believe that all writings are of equal validity? Excellent point.
  21. If they were really serious, they'd team up the SF with the intel people and give them the green light to take out whoever was required to take ISIS down. There'd be no headlines, no media releases, no big airstrikes, etc. There'd just be people disappearing and slowly ISIS would be a leaderless, uncoordinated, impotent and frightened bunch of idiots.
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    Doug Buitenbos

    Hi Doug - welcome to the forum.
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    Roy Wieselquist

    Welcome to the Forum, Roy!