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  1. Logistic question: Are we having disk space problems?

    I am presuming, based on the previous post, that it is not the uploader setting? In any case, Ramon: can you advise if you still have the problem? If so, I'll see if we can determine what is causing it and get it sorted. Cheers! Edited to add: I checked the uploader and it was correctly set to 'Default'. Thank you for the tip anyways.
  2. Logistic question: Are we having disk space problems?

    Ramon, Are you still experiencing the same issue with the EF? We encourage people to link to Photobucket et al but you should still have ample space available to you to upload here.
  3. Hiram Huesca

    Wow - SETI! That must have been fun, to some degree. So the question: is there some type of life out 'there'? How much significance do you place on the discovery of water on Mars? Cheers and welcome!
  4. Dan Gallagher

    Short but sweet; welcome Dan!
  5. WTC 6

  6. Hey Ken. I knew what the inference was and I understood Tom was frustrated. I've been on this forum since shortly after it's inception but I haven't been tempted to block anyone's comments yet. I want to hear everyones opinion, right, left, wrong, crazy and certifiable. I just won't sit with my back to the door. Chris, That is a commendable attitude. It is a shame that more people don't share it.
  7. Nutters come out regarding the latest MAS crash

    John, I believe that you consider that - in general - the western media reporting on MH17 is either deliberate disinformation or misguided belief in false facts. You also believe that the Russian reporting on the incident is far more accurate and truthful. I'm pretty much opposite though I don't know who fired the weapon; I think that it is likely that separatists fired the weapon. How they got it is anyones guess. Is there anything that you believe would make you change your opinion on this?
  8. Scytl Drives the New Implementation and Evaluation of ... www.pressreleaserocket.net/...new...online-voting...in.../281430/Cached Aug 13, 2015 - Australia leads the way in ensuring persons with disabilities are able to vote on equal terms ... Largest government online voting binding election: NSW Electoral ... Okay - thank you for that. It is only for State elections, not Federal. The State electoral commission didn't make it widely known.
  9. News & Items of Interest

    Have you see an article, blog post, website, etc, you want to share with Forum members? Post it here! If the post generates a great deal of discussion or debate, it can be moved to a separate thread of its own.
  10. NY Times editorial: Caring for the Other Refugees

    Yep - there is no actual discussion with you. I'm just trying to have a conversation but it seems you are incapable of that.
  11. NY Times editorial: Caring for the Other Refugees

    There is no reasoning with you, is there? Anyway, so you believe it is because those nations have some type of 'favoured' status? Or is it because those countries don't want any and the Western governments refuse to pressure them to do so because...?
  12. NY Times editorial: Caring for the Other Refugees

    Steven, Are you able to simply put forward an opinion, statement or rebuttal without using large coloured font, without using a wall of text from another website, etc? Or are you unable to frame your own opinions? Please, prove me wrong and just talk to me.
  13. NY Times editorial: Caring for the Other Refugees

    I'd still like to know why countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc, aren't taking any Syrian refugees? Sure they are donating large sums of relief money but how about taking some of these poor people? I can understand why Israel doesn't but other Gulf states? They have common or similar languages, are culturally compatible and the refugees are near their homeland.
  14. I tried and it wouldn't let me pay via PayPal or either of two credit cards. Go figure! Has anyone else been able to make it work?
  15. BTW - Are donations preferred in UK pounds or US dollars?
  16. Joe Bundy

    Hi Joe - welcome to the Forum.
  17. 6th doctor found dead in a month

    And yet those basic, pertinent and quite reasonable questions remain unanswered by you, Steven.
  18. That is debatable but as always, you are entitled to your opinion.
  19. Sorry but I can't be much clearer. You said a post was not visible. I pointed out that not only did you get the post number wrong but the post was visible. You then said "... can't you see the map..." and I said the map was visible. I can't be held accountable if your comprehension skills are not up to the task.
  20. I have no idea what you are talking about. There is no post 11851 in this thread. If you mean post 1851, it is here: http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=20879&page=124#entry310564 CORRECTED THANK YOU !!! GEE CANT YOU SEE THE MAP IN THE SAID POST # 1851 ???? . gaal Still don't know what you are talking about, The map in that post is visible.
  21. No probs. I knew where to look, which makes it a whole lot easier.
  22. Sure. The first is AS12-46-6740HR; you have to zoom in to see it. I have cropped a section from the HR image below. Click on them to open the full size attachment: The next is AS12-46-6741HR, Once again, a crop of the full size image: The same again but with AS12-47-6948HR:
  23. News & Items of Interest

    'Nuff said!
  24. DHS Preparing for Civil War In US?

    Like I said: food riots - did not happen Jade Helm takeover - did not happen Good to see you are maintaining your average.