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  1. Hughes frame: Looks like Otis Williams standing next to Carl Jones and Roy Lewis on the concrete island. ?
  2. splitting the two films. Couch brakes to the left, Darnell brakes to the right. JFK Assassination - Darnel Couch SloMo[SD,854x480].mp4
  3. We have Groden to thank for the confusion regarding Couch/Darnell. In his assassination films DVD he spliced the Couch and Darnell films together and represented them as one film.
  4. If you watch the 3-kids running Darnell pans his camera to the right, while Couch pans his camera to the left, and follows the 3-kids as they run.
  5. Also the woman is NOT walking, she was running. The Darnell GIF shown at normal speed.
  6. This GIF i posted is NOT Couch. 🙄 It was created by me from the Darnell frames.
  7. Truly turns to his right after Officer Baker passes him. Truly-Baker
  8. I agree with your Truly identification. As for Joe Molina Molina-Composite It is my opinion that Molina is the person with the two arms up shielding his eyes from the sun, he is seen standing directly behind Otis Williams in Altgens 6 Otis Williams has his right arm up shielding his eyes from the sun. Shelley can be seen in a black suit and tie. Molina was 5' 7 1/2 " 160lb, 40 years old and balding.
  9. Toni Foster was seen in numerous assassination images including the Zapruder frames.. She was wearing blue jeans. Different running woman to the one bart is reffering too. Actually Toni Foster NEVER ran at all, she was walking across the grassy infield. ?
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