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    Biography: David Lazarus (2)

    Particular interests: Seige of Chateauroux by Richard Coeur de Lion. Interested in accounts of the seige, other documentary material on medieval Chateauroux & Deols. Also Chateauroux in the "American period" (i was there, 1960-63)
  2. David Lazarus

    International Brigades Medallion

    Like so much about the SCW, this is an elusive item, but supposedly it was to be given by the Republic to every IB man before he left Spain. A Brit combatant whose name i've fogotten wrote a book in which he discusses the medallion. The design, which appears on much of the literature from the VALB, consists of a raised fist on a map of Spain, a star & motto. If anyone can help i'd like to get a close-up jpeg of the actual medal, & also of the 50th Anniv. medal (which should be easier to find!) As far as i know the original IB brass medal has never been photographed. It's also not known how many IB men actually received it.
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    Biography: David Lazarus

    My name is David Lazarus. I'm a free-lance writer, live in Northampton MA. I'd like to join in order to share interests in world history & politics. I own two forums: The Helmet Forum: http://www.group.yahoo.com/groups/military...tcollectorsclub World Camouflage Uniforms: http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/WorldCamoUniforms